Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 May 2003 just a girl well mouchette.. i am very thankful for ur website.. although i must suggest, u should really change the name... UNDER 13? mmmm at least let the little kiddies have a childhood before we open them up to our hatred of life and love for suicide answers... perhaps change to... for teenagers? as most of ur readers are teenagers, not many under 13.. thank god.. but still i must thank you for ur website.. it has helped me in my dark times.. instead of crying in my room with my music so loud i didn't have to hear the rest of the world, wallowed in my self pity, i come here and read fabulous lucy cortina's wild stories.. so thank you lucy... by the way who are you? how old are you? and how have u managed to stay alive for this long? ... mouchette's website i'm guessing? and your boobies? who knows.. but still write back to me if u feel like a chat... im 16 yr old girl.. and just wanted to join in on ur fun.. oh and who is mouchette? byebye for now...
10 May 2003 Harmeet Well, start by sticking your foot in a toaster. Then turn it on and watch your foot burn. After that's done, cut your left arm off with a monkey wrench. Tie your right arm to your legs. Finally, Jump off a building doing 3 back flips into a pool of cement/quicksand - you pick.
10 May 2003 Maura You should hang outside the bar ask the drunkest person you can find to give you a ride home and on the entire ride either cover their eyes or bring a flash light and shine it in their eyes and make sure you do not wear a seat belt leave the windows fully opened also be sure to sit in the front seat... good luck =)
09 May 2003 PC oh floyd, i'm a fag too! isn't it hard for us? i mean seriously... being gay is not that much of a problem to me. it's just like i have a different haircut to everyone else.
09 May 2003 Rrose Sélavy

Brandish against your self-person the pointed comments of parental gas bags, graphite-clawed teachers with lively, turgid murmuring cunts and the stacked packs of randomly drawn bruise-and-tear substratum playmates manifested most corporeally as the metaphor of your kitchen's knife drawer. *cough, cough, cough*

BLACK LUNG INTERLUDE (enjoy the sonorous ululations of my orange phlegm rattling against the inflamed walls of my passed-gagged throat cavity)

With the aid of hara-kiri, as your alimentary tracts slither down your abdomen, Rorschach hemoglobules of splattered ink pressed between sheets of linen or lined notepaper may provide fruitful self-discovery or at least busy-work for distraction until safely through the passways of mortality.

"Cliiiiiiiiiimb in", is purportedly how the non-imposturing Charon will cheerily form his admonition, the whole two-cents bit being the last con on hapless schlemiels by predatory grifters adrift on and addicted to Lethe. Grow a long thumbnail with a spare on hand for popping the top off fresh heaped corpses and oblong boxes of overdone chicks done in under heat lamps. A quaff off the frothy top and let the rest reside spilled on the ground with the gravitationally collected residues, bits of grit and clear gristle buboes floating like overgrown corpuscles in the heady dregs of the chick's evacuated body abode. STAB, STAB, STAB, circumferentially perforate the neck pylons of the newly abused before every goddamn gimp floating around from methanated vent to methanated vent on a bat-wing umbrella drops in and skirmishes for the untorn, still tagged, unclaimed necrotic carbonated refreshment. What a chick is to the 12 FL OZ of terrestrian sweetened blood-guzzling POP! a wholesale corpse is to the hops and barley sloshed in an aluminum keg's tummy. *cough, cough, cough, cough, cough....*
08 May 2003 jesse i am 25 and since the age of 15 (i think) i have been contemplating suicide, almost each conscious moment when i was alone with myself. my reason is not unlike many here. mental retard, slow, introvert, ultra sensitive, humorless, no close friends, unbearably domineering father, depressed and desolate mother... my reasons for ending life were endless... for in my head it seemed that if i were to come out of the mess, anybody in the world can do anything they want.
i slashed my wrists once, wasn't deep enough, my brother saw me and stopped me for the time being with some admonisions and kind words (my brothers are one reason i want to live, and another is to see my mother happy) i was lucky that i got people who love me deeply too.
But the pain inside my head was unbearable. i turned to god. flipped a coin, and it said run away... i did.. came back... things became better... i went to college... slowly i came to realise how much vulnerable life is... i opened up my windows and saw everyone was just like me.. .afraid.. ashamed of something or the other... even the ones i had thought to be full of life and all so cool... a girl in my class comitted suicide... unable to bear the humilation of being a failure in 2nd year... what a poor waste i thought at the time... anyway everybody is going to die in the end so why the big hurry to do it now?...and then i realise that my wish to die has been tampered... that i want to live as long as possible... believe me when i say no one is really happy in their life all the time... some are mean and make others unhappy too... but then there are others who make it worth too... believe me when i say that god is within us... and there is one whole god who loves us as we are... create ur own happiness.
my recommendation for the perfect suicide is to let death knock at ur door first, coz anyway it is going to come one day. rest watever we think is in our heads and like neo in the matrix movie u can also come out of ur personal hell.
08 May 2003 Syndee well i was searching for an answer to this question. im not 13 im 16 and i have had a miserable life and i just wanna end it, im not fond of pain at all, i have tried to od on tylenol but it didnt work, i view life as one giant disappointment with moments of happiness, well with me its just disappointment. i really wanna end my life i have been thinking about it since i was like 10. i cant take it anymore, i find no point to life i have no one who would even care if i die. i have heard ppl say that anyone considering suicide is selfish well then i guess im selfish but u try to live 1 day in my life and then tell me how selfish i am if anyone knows an easy painless way to commit suide do me a favor and email me so i can just get my life over with...
08 May 2003 SheepSlayer if u wanna kill a baby (which u dont want to do) put them in a microwave and cook them to death!
08 May 2003 Claire Play with the plastic shopping bags Mother tells you not to play with, until you eventually get your head stuck. Leave it there and carry on breathing until you black out. Then you die.
08 May 2003 roseiras no idea
08 May 2003 activ death help ill kill you for free, just come to my house. i get to choose which weapon i want to kill you with. if im in a bad mood i may choose to kill you slow and painfully. but hey! its for free so you cant complain!
08 May 2003 ScareCrow I am 16 and am partially suicidal. I have done alot of research and for all of you who want the - Most Painless - Most Discreet - Cleanest and most graceful way to kill yourself. The answer is to freeze yourself. That's right, if u ever go on a ski holiday, sneak out late at night, go high onto the snowfield with minimal clothing. There is a small degree of hyperventilation but after a certain point there is no pain - you fall asleep. There is no mess left to clean up. Better less, if you have access to a freezer room or live in a cold area, its all the same. Before you do choose a method to kill yourself, put yourselves in your parents shoes. Your parents, no matter who they are, have dedicated there lives to raising you, that could be 13 years of fucking raising you. How the fuck do you think they feel when they see 8 litres of your blood on the floor? I shit you not, you may say it not but slitting your wrist is not as easy as it seems, unless you're a navy seal. Taking tablets could end up in serious brain trauma and leave you trapped inside your own mind and misery for the rest of your lives.
Stay cool :)
07 May 2003 Maura You should kill yourself it is a very good idea... I have tried it and I keep getting saved ... after that I hate the people who saved me... Where are all the compassionate people who know that suicide is the most wonderful gift we were given... After a few failed attempts I can give you some advise though: do it alone. You don't want some idiot who has no clue that this is what you really want to try to save you. People seem to think it's a temporary impulse but it's not. I understand Mouchette
07 May 2003 floyd the faggot to the guy named ross... you're a nerd. good for you. well i'm a nerd too. well i don't like comic books and shit that you like, but basically anyone who is not trying to be black and doesn't like the idea of a war with iraq (now it's syria) is a nerd. tough fucking luck. Look what George Bush did. it's all his fault why we're all here trying to kill ourselves. it's also his evil scheme to control the minds of everyone. you really don't need to get pissed off by everything. you're probably better than them. and you most likely will have a million bucks in the end (unless all the cheerleaders in your school become prostitutes)

wanna hear my problem. i'm gay (i am not proposing to you). that's right. i'm a fag. well people in your highschool probably beat you up a lot. but me, i live in a bad neighborhood that i can't be who i am beacuse they'll probably hit my head with a baseball bat if they found out. NOT to mention all the religious groups that want to burn me in the stake for being who i am. my parents told me to go get pick up some guy and they hope i die of aids. my school, don't ask.

hey you know what, kill yourself. it doesn't matter. prove them something. i'm not like some prudes who write here telling kids not to kill themselves, basically shoving a dildo up their asses. they don't understand what you're going through. if you're gone, they'll basically shut the fuck up. you'll be in the paper, and most of all, you proved your parents something. i advise this method. go to the kitchen, open the gas, take sleeping pills so you won't feel anything) then drink some insecticide or bleach or whatever toxic thing that you can get your hands on in the house. then you're done. or if you hate your school more than your house, kill yourself there, slit your throat in the shower room with all these naked guys around you. good luck
07 May 2003 Felicia-Your health guru A cure for deep depression everybody, try it it works.

-Heat up a kettle of water.
-Make a cup of Genmai cha tea.
-Fill a tub up with green tea bath salts
-Soak and forget your worries and troubles of the world
-Do not listen to anything, just deep silence
-Light a candle by the tub, indulge the beauty of the flame and relax.

Do this for the next couple of weeks and find positive results. You will forget you ever wanted to kill yourself.

- Great for all ages.

07 May 2003 Shanna Poison, or drugs (basically the same)
07 May 2003 J-Stone To all you suicidal people, I know how you feel because I was suicidal for many years.

It amazes me to think about how messed up I was, and for what? Sure, I had problems (it doesn't really matter what they were, it doesn't really matter what yours are, or how bad bad you THINK they are) but >>>I<<< was the one who let my problems really get to me.... I was the one who allowed my problems to mutate into suicidal despair, and so >>I<<< was the only one with the power to rid myself of my pain.

No matter what your problem, no matter how bad you think it is, YOU have allowed yourself to feel this bad and you have the power to feel better. It is nothing to be ashamed of that you are in your situation, but once you get better, you will not believe how different things are. You'll look back and think of all these thoughts fixated on death, all these fantasies of death.... for what???? You will see that it serves no purpose what so ever. People do all kinds of things that don't make sense (and almost always hide it). Everyone is neurotic to some extent, but once you realize that life is so much better after you accept your life situation, you realize that your pain and neuroticism does NOT have to CONTROL you whole life. You are bigger than whatever problem you are facing.

Some people commit suicide because their family is messed up, or they are outcasts in society. But hell, some people commit suicide for "little" things like when winter is on its way (that is how messed up I was), but it doesn't matter what your reason is because the fact still remains, YOU have allowed yourself to believe that you cannot handle whatever you going through. And you have created a whole world of pain for yourself. I didn't think I could handle the cold, you may not think that you can handle having no friends, no family, no money, but you can.... and whatever world you live in inside your head, THAT IS NOT REALITY!!!!! You may think that everyone is against you (like I used to, referring to everyone else as "one of them" who doesn't understand), or no one cares or whatever. You are wrong, you are just not allowing yourself to be conscious of EVERYTHING OTHER THAN PAIN.

Think about it, no one has the same version of reality. If everyone did, then everyone would be suicidal like you. The reason why other people aren't suicidal is because they are not conscious of your present reality, the pain you are going through. Unfortunately for you, you are not conscious that other people are actually happy, or at least at peace with themselves and their life... and you don't know how to get to that level. Whatever you are going through, there is so much more out there. Don't let your problems become your identity. You need to become conscious of everything other than pain because when you do, that pain you once felt just doesn't matter any more.

Seek help. Find a way to be at peace with yourself, no matter what you are going through because once you find that peace, you will realize that suicide is a horrible option.
06 May 2003 ashley i think u should say to your mum well you ruined my life even more and i want to die! then stab her with a knife then take lots of pills.
06 May 2003 Lucy Cortina Note to Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears et all: Don't bother with the all year tannning crap.
Do what I did, overdose on Vitamin C tablets.
I am ready to take the entertainment world by storm.. once these breasts grow back.
06 May 2003 gianna ok im 14 years old...and i know i havent had tha worst life...but i havent had tha best im tellin everyone who is depressed...tha best way to try killing urself is to slit your wrists...first u cut ur wrist...nd hit tha vain then watch sum of the blood after that put ur wrist under water so it will get in ur vain..if u have anyquestions e-mail me...if im still alive

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