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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Apr 2003 fuck you go fuck yourself. you have no clue as to what it is to reach a point in your life when death seems to be a better option
10 Apr 2003 John Bonham I can understand the thought of ending this life of mine, certainly thought of it a few times, life's a bitch sometimes and those sometimes when you're in it seems eternal. I feel as though I'm doomed, like I have a curse on me or I did some bad shit in a past life and I'm paying for it in this one.
The pain, frustration and helplessness I feel, undescribable. I must say I thank God for alcohol, don't always work but usually it does, or some exercise, bike ride, whatever, I try to change my mind set, one thing that helped is I typed in depression on my search engine and started reading all kinds of shit on depressive thinking, it's amazing how much my own mind plays a role in this drama and the funny thing is once I started to understand this, it was a lot easier. I still get down, suicide has flewn through my mind on occasions, much less serious than in my past, when I get really down to the point of no way I'm reading or doing any exercise I will get hammered, drunk, better than that fucking nightmare feeling of being in some eternal fucking pit, shit pit I should say and the next day I'm usually fine then I proceed to work out and do some reading or watch some good comedy shit, comedy with some cocktails will almost surely give a good temp solution on a bummer life feeling for me !
One last thing, I remember back many years ago when I was a lot younger, I had a rifle to my head loaded, cocked and ready to go, I had it right at my head with my finger on the trigger all I had to do was pull the trigger and this thought came over me, what if I did this and ended up in a after-life scenario, it was exactly like it is now only a hundred times worse, and if I shot myself in that life it sends me to another hundred times worse, hmmmmm, thought who knows, I have no clue what happens when we are dead here, do you, does anyone, no, no one does, I do not give a rat's ass what any religon or any psychic says, no one has came back with a description of the after life, if there is one, so I figured why take a chance, I think I'll just hang out and see what happens, I think this thought of maybe this could be the worst thing to do, it could be even worse after I exit here, hmmmmm, could end up like a real bad acid trip, seems how I liked the good ones I'll see how I can make this life a good one. I still find it hard at times to make the best of things but I'm always opened for new info, one thing that helped me be open to learning new ways was being sober for 5 plus years, I'm no longer sober by choice, I try to do what I can to get by, I'm starting to investigate people who seem to succeed in life, find their secrets cause I want money, hahahaha !
Anyway just thought I'd throw my 2 cents in, I really hope no one pulls the trigger, you may have a purpose here and you may not, just remember it could be worse on the other side, who knows ?
10 Apr 2003 wayne A gun straight to the cunting skull?.
10 Apr 2003 Riah Hilton Lucy Cortina, I am Danny's mum. please contact me on icq #145614610.
09 Apr 2003 MrMystery Staciey, aka sai, you're e-mail is full, I want to talk to you.

Here's my message to you:

"You say you are afraid of people, then why share your feelings on the internet, with 100's of 1000's of people online at all times.

I think inside you want to talk, and that you don't want to kill yourself. So I have an offer for you, talk to me and in return I'll tell you the best painful / not painful way to die.

Fair trade, give me a chance :) "

E-mail me:
09 Apr 2003 Carly I attempted suicide and i'm only 13. I took an overdose od tylenol because I thought I didn't want to live anymore. I know that my life probably isn't as bad as some of yours but it sure is a lot for a 13 year old girl to handle. Things started to get bad for me since I entered seventh grade. I had boy troubles and the whole nine yards. Because of that I, mentally as a person, changed. I didn't like the way I was acting to my friends and everyone around me. I have a family that cares about me although some of you might not. When I was in the ambulance on my way to the hospital, I realize what a let down this would be for my friends and family. Some of you might not have a family who cares about you as much as I do, or they might you just think they don't. Still, that's no reason to kill yourself. God gave you a life of happiness, and even though you don't see that you will sooner or later in life. Every one was put on this earth to make a difference. Whether or not it's to have children or grandchildren who find a way to make world peace, you were still put here to make something of you selves and do it right. Don't abuse your life because you were in a bad place at a bad time. Get past that and move on. Believe me it's hard but you can do it! I STILL, to this day, think about killing myself but i know that things will get better for me and i can be the doctor I always wanted to be. Just please, take it from me, killing yourself is NOT the answer!!!!
08 Apr 2003 the new and improved billy the freak wow! in my absence i have become a double agent. lucy, i believe has become a weapon of mass destruction, bush is the bad guy, saddam is the good guy, danny keaton will get his ass kicked if he says i have homosexual charm again. so what should i do? i'll do my best.
08 Apr 2003 MadMan No serious, suicide is a bad thing to do. I knew wrist slitters, and pill poppers, and a guy that tried like 10 times! Okay.

You want to talk, then the best person to talk to is a stranger, but a nice one, not some crazy stalker dude. Just find some guy / girl online and just talk to them, most people are very nice an open online, and can help you deal with problems just by giving advice.

So gimmie a hollar if you need help, by the way, make the e-mail subject something with a key word like HELP, or TALK TO ME, all in uppercase, or I may discard it with the millions of junk mail I get.

Peace, live life to its fullest, and enough every moment even on the worst day of your life.
08 Apr 2003 Clay Inject a needle full of air. In five seconds you will be dead because your heart can't take it.
07 Apr 2003 Lucy Cortina As I sat eating breakfast this morning - 1 sausage ad 2 boiled eggs (*oh!*) - I had a sudden, and shocking moment of fearful realisation. My inflatables (breasts, that is - what else?) are ENORMOUS. I have become accustomed to sellotaping two bin bags together as a bra fow a while now, yet this is not what I see when the modern singers of today perform on music shows, like Christina Aguilera. That's because she doesn't have a bra - she never wears any clothes.
I flicked through my copy of Spanking Digest, but found nothing. So I picked up my latest copy of Incontinence Weekly and spotted the page I was looking for:
"Psychic Pam - able to read the cosmic breastial powers, and tell you things about yourself that you already know".
The phone number was £50 a minute, but as I was depertae (and I can foward the bill to Super Secret Spy Sex), I tapped in the number on my phone.
The tones for each number are different, so to amuse myself I tried playing "Frere Jacques" on the keypad, when suddenly a stern voice yelled "I am not able to read your breasts at the moment, I am dealing with a client named Pamela Anderson". Here we go I thought, I will be on this phone waiting all day if she's reading Pammy's tits. A tune started playing on the phone. It was Britney Spears' hit "Baby one more time". I ran into the cupbord, grabbed my old school uniform and did the dance moves to this incredible work-of-art of-a-song. By the time the psychic answered the phone, I was sweating like a waterfall and my breasts had already shrunk 3 sizes. And it hit me! They only needed a little of the gas inside them releasing! I guess you could call them little "breast farts". And the dancing had helped the wind escape. So, my breasts have farted, and shrunk, all because of a Britney Spears record (It shocked me too!). I guess I better follow the wise one and book myself into a clinic as soon as possible. No tits = no career. Although Britney is the biggest tit I have ever seen, so I guess that's a contraception. I mean contradiction!
There's never a happy end to a happy ending!
07 Apr 2003 frank i'm sorry i ever came to this site... but now im so disturbed that i must comment on this. the best way to kill yourself if you are under 13?!?!?!? COME ON!!! 13 yr olds do not know the meaning of depressed. I WAS IN NAM! 15 OF MY ARMY BUDDIES WERE SHOT DOWN BY THE VIETKONG AND 25 MORE WERE BRUTALLY MURDERED IN THEIR SLEEP AND STUFFED DOWN A WELL! i am forever scarred by this but i am able to move on. i am haunted everyday by the visions of my friends dying... visions of others dying... i know some of you are seriously depressed and have problems... and suicide may be the only way out for you... but i mean 13????? i wasn't 19 when i was drafted for the war... 19 and i experienced more death than you can imagine...
I know it was my own free will to come here and i'm sorry for speaking out against your tortured pre-teen souls.

07 Apr 2003 darkness okay.. so what i will tell.. i am 18 years old girl, and i think that my only choice is kill myself.. i cannot take this shit anymore!!! i'm so fucking sick of it.. life is not for me.. it's only hell, day after day.. well.. nobody knows me, and that's good.. and nobody wouldn't care if i die.. TODAY IS THAT DAY!!! I WILL END MY LIFE!!! that's all.. goodbye...
07 Apr 2003 Jayne I'm actually almost 19, but i've been anorexic with severe depression for four years.. i tried to take an overdose when i was sixteen, but my parents found me. A little later i tried to slit my wrists but again, my mum walked in on me. I h8 life 2, i've had so much shit since i was a baby, everything else has just piled on top of it.. shit happens, all i can do is swim through it. There is one way to die that is possible at 13. Get a syringe a half fill it with air and water, then inject it into the vein in your neck or arm- i would suggest the neck- it will cause a little pain but isn't that worth it when it'll all be over soon?
The reason i haven't done it yet is because of my dad, but he is dying so once he's gone, i'll go 2.
we're not alone, but we may as well be.
06 Apr 2003 kay its weird, im 20 years old, and lately ive been feeling down about my life. im a sociology major at my school but i think i want to change my major... but it led me to thinking, god i want to just get the hell out of my school. i just want to get the hell out of this country and go to some island with palm trees and set up a little grocery store and a little house by the beach and be happy forever after. sounds crazy? then i started thinking, god i hate my personality, i hate the fact that i have this fear of speaking in my classes, and in front of new people. i hate the way i have this fear constantly running my life, it has built me into this person i dont want to be. i want to be this, i want to be that, blah blah. all my life, since i was in junior high school, i remember being in this endless depression cycle. i remember getting these migraines from all the stress i was putting on myself by not facing my fears. i hated the way i looked, i hated everything about myself, i hardly had friends. so i changed. in high school it got a little better, i started forcing myself to do things that i would normally be afraid to do, like talk to someone who would intimidate me. i mean, but the change was sLOOOOW, but i see myself now as im writing this and i see a totally different person, maybe not the person i want to be but one who would be crushed if i was the same as how i was in junior high. but i remember there was a point in time where i would wake up and take the subway to school, and every morning i would feel like (even though it sounds mad corny) rejuvenated. like, damn its so beautiful outside, and im so fucking glad to be alive and be here, i can do anything i fucking want to because i have total control over my life and only i have total control over my own happiness. not anybody else. not my parents, nothing. as i write this, i feel like, damn i wish i had those feelings running through my veins again instead of this dead feeling. i feel like im stuck, and i feel ashamed to think of suicide because it seems like a self pity tactic. but you guys, you guys have your whole lives ahead of you. you're too young at age 13 to think of dumb things like this. yea, sometimes you're gonna feel like nobody gives a shit about you or that you wanna just get the fuck out of whatever situation you're in, or that you want to make people feel responsible for your unhappiness.... but your feelings are all a part of your perspective. each and everyone of you have the ability to be insanely happy and live the life that you want to live. only you have this control, fuck everyone else, live your life and dont give someone else the satisfaction of seeing you down. its weird seeing me write this. my boyfriend had a pep talk with me about this stuff last night cause i felt like i was going crazy. but sometimes being happy seems so far away from my grasp, and he says that its really all mental. im going to try to change.
06 Apr 2003 otto Don't do this man!
Go get some firearm + ammunition and give hell to who makes you depressed like this, be advice!
Don't kill yourself dude, killing others is a good way to solve your problems.
Don't get fuck man! Do some fuck! Give them suicide! Make their heads cracked open!
06 Apr 2003 Chad Just put a WHOLE lot of pills together drink it with vodka. drink it and sit for 10 mins and then go to sleep and u will NEVER wake up again. im going to try. see yall in hell.
06 Apr 2003 ticran macdonalds, nike apparel and other instruments of american imperialism
06 Apr 2003 serban simply live another day, then another and so on. you won't commit suicide but you will kill the wish to die.
05 Apr 2003 pills blow not pills.. pills is the WORST way to kill yourself.. well i can't say the worst cause i haven't had experience in every other type of suicide. but if your overdose.. and "nothing happens" then that not overdose.. if you start puking.. then you know it's working. people don't seem to realize how pills kill you. you don't just fall asleep and not wake up.. you basically trip out in your head. like music and stuff just is too intense. fall asleep.. and wake up hurling fuckin shit everywhere man, u don't wanna puke your guts up for hours and hours.
I've been reading through and so many people are asking how can they kill themselves with pills.. so unless you're willing to puke for 7 hours straight ( that was 7 hours straight when the hospital was making me better so if i hadn't have been in hospital most, it likely would have been longer). don't overdose.. if you don't mind the violent throwing up, go for it, it's definitly the best way man. i'ts slow... very slow.. not painful.. just sickening.

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