Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Apr 2003 Liam Cunningham talk to sue harrison at furness college. that is very painful
28 Apr 2003 Michael Hello,
My name is Michael. I'm 29 years old and have contemplated suicide many times. I actually tried committing suicide close to a dozen times. My reasons are all in vain and I just cannot get out of slumps at times. I have a wonderful family and a g/f that adores me. She has meant the world for me for some time, but I decided to end our relationship a short while ago due to my selfishness. I feel like she may not be the one for me and she is wasting her time. She has given me so much to live for, but in the back of my mind I am not happy and want to depart from this world. I figure if I break up with her, then hurting her will not be so bad. My family will be devastated and I do not know what else to do. I was in a psychiatric hospital this past June for about 8 or 9 days. It was eye opening. I mean, I see people who are really mentally ill. I am your average guy. I think most people would never think I have the problems that I do. Of course, you cannot read someone's mind, but I think, most people see someone who seems unstable and can gather a clue. Anyway, I have just tied a noose around my pull up machine and have been looking at it for the past few hours. I have tried popping pills and carbon Monoxide, but it never worked. I honestly want a peaceful death. I am hoping little pain is involved and it will be like going to sleep. I feel terrible for my family and friends, but I am sooo unhappy with my job, my looks and other things I pay way too much attention to. I went to college and work at a job that I just cannot stand. It's hard to leave when you are making good money. Everyone tells me how attractive I am and I just do not see it. I have been thinking I've been going bald since about 8th grade. I still have full head of hair, but I start just really looking. Looking too much and it drives me nuts. I'm so vain. It's horrible. I'm very sad and wish life was just so much easier for me. That's the strange part. It's not a bad life, but I keep paying attention to detail instead of looking at the whole picture. I just wish these thoughts and pain would go away. I have taken medication but I do not like the feeling it gives me. i feel like a vegetable. That is not me. So I'm not taking that crap. For any kids that are 13 years old.... death is not the answer. You have so much to look forward to. Do well in school and the world is yours. I know growing up in a dysfunctional family makes things so much harder, belive me... I know. But when you get through the forest it opens up into a vast ocean. It's seemless and never ends. Find help within your friends if you feel uncomfortable discussing it with your family. I know that age is awkward, but stay focused and do what you need to to survive. Life can be an amazing thing if you play your cards right. Peace, love and happiness... Hopefully I will not see you any time soon!

28 Apr 2003 Felicia is a squeegie Madam Lucy. Please don't do away with yourself. You have much charming assets and why let them go to waste? Underneath the charming jewels is a bubbling beauty with full lips and a Marilyn Monroe figure. Just remember, you need to keep your diamond collection to a minimum. Don't go flashing them or you will attract "Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves". It's the terrorists getting to you. Their sexist remarks are dampening our lifestyle. And as for Saddam Insane, never mind him. He's probably rummaging through his oats. Or was that wheat and barley?
27 Apr 2003 --- i wish i could kill myself... i took an overdose of some shit i found and i didn't even flinch over it... now after 2 years i've been trying and trying taking more and more tablets yet i can't die... i've been cutting myself and i just want 2 get it over and done with... i don't give a shit and i want out...
i want 2 take over what i have taken so far but i can't find enough... i wish that all my friends would just give me the tablets when i ask 4 them... i want 2 get it over and done with it's just not fair...

i've tried suffocation but it never works. i want it end so quickly it never does...

what i really want 2 know is if i take another overdose but with 150 tablets will it hurt? if u can tell me plz e-mail me....
27 Apr 2003 Lucy Cortina Can you believe it? I'm still alive! A bit of emergency surgery helped me to come to terms with the loss of my warm friends, my breasts. That and a few whiskies. The boobie-cremation is next Tuesday. I am still in the mourning period, I'm not even eating (well, I did have a few packets of chocolate cookies, to keep blood sugar levels high). I have never been a fan of surgery etc.
But then I think of Tony Blair's hideous wife - her hideous letterbox shaped mouth! I mean, she's supposed to be the Prime Minister's wife, if she really loved her husband she would get some botox done. Or at least some collagen injected into those lips. Maybe she can be Tony's secret weapon against Sadham Insane. He could send her over to Iraq on Mission Kissing. She can pout and threaten to kiss every Iraqui soldier. Yuk yuk!! Why do these thoughts get into my head? Why can't I control this brain of mine?!
If I could open up my brain and let you all in for boat cruises, I would. But then you would never get out...

Suicide is still option number 3. I will tell you options 1 and 2 another day.
27 Apr 2003 Kim I've been depressed for about 8 months now. I have had several suicide attempts. Slitting wrists so deep until i'd start gussing blood. Even with all that going on I felt no pain. My depression started when my boyfriend left me for my best friend. And as much as she knew I loved him she still didn't care about my feelings and went with him anyway. Until a point where I came so mad I drank bleach and overdosed on pills. My mom came and sent me away to a mental hospital where I spent 11 days not eating or sleeping crying for hours telling myself how bad my life sucks. And even now it still does because she is still with him. I still want to die so bad. Any suggestions? email me please to help me end my misery
26 Apr 2003 mark overdose on sleeping pills with a bag over ur head while the pills make you fall asleep, plus it's quick painless, and accessible.
26 Apr 2003 Felicia He babysat me last night. I was putting on some negligee and he started grabbing my legs. Clint was a very excited. I told him to stop as I lay my head on the carpet. He was quite playful and nibbling me. Lola told me to not tease him. I told Lola that it was okay for Clint to be my babysitter for the evening. As Lola was trying to leave, Clint held the door closed and forced her to stay. He complained and started crying. As she left, Clint had a solemn look to his face. In the freezer I took out the honey breakfast sausages and fried them in the pan. I made some omelette too. I fed them all to Clint because he was quite hungry and we instantly became close. In the freezer, I grabbed a half pint of chocolate mint ice cream, picked up a spoon, and went to the living room to put on the television. I grabbed a quilt blanket. I sat on the couch and Clint was trying to jump on me. I yelled stop and told him to get down because he was getting feisty. He wanted a taste of my ice cream. I said, "No!" So Clint decided to lay low and be quite for a while. The room was warm, no one was in sight. The evening became longer.

...As I stroked his head and lay right next to Clint.

...The new love of my life ;o)

A german shepherd's affection and the coziness in front of a warm television watching cartoons.
26 Apr 2003 charlotte ok i must have tried overdoses 8 times now they haven't worked 4 me but i think if u take over 25 paracetamol that should work, that's my next try and if u fail it sucks they send u to ppl who dont help. good luck to all those unhappy feeling i know the feeling and it sucks
26 Apr 2003 RIchard Hatch ok, move to North Korea... it's only a matter of time
25 Apr 2003 Lucy Cortina That's IT! Today my new silky bra snapped - it was like Hangman, like those people who hang themselves and their faces turn all pale, like plucked and tanned chicken flesh. But it was my breasts that were hanged, they weigh so much as it is - I estimate each breast at least to weigh 90 KG. And I suspect one is heavier than the other, possibly by an extra 12 Kilograms.
Anyway, my breasts were dangling down after they lost the support of the bra. So you could call it Hangtit, or Hangbust, or even Hangwoman - it could be the new game. Anyway.
My breasts were aphyxiated (however you spell it - I never went to 'grammar' school, hehe). So without those blooming beauties, my career, and my heart, is dead.
My time to commit suicide has come. Or breasticide. No, sorry, that's already happened and is the reason I'm committing suicide, duh! =( has managed to maitain my "lust" (*ooh!*) for life for, well, about 2 years now, since my 16th birthday, in 2001.
Be proud. Be proud of yourselves.

For putting up with my self-obsessed, and sexually, breastually active personality for so long.

See you all in Heaven.

Cos I spent this life in Hell.
25 Apr 2003 Homicidal maniac The best way would be with a gun but you probably haven't got a gun so go and get drunk really smashed then pass out in the nearest swimming pool or railroad track motorway... etc... etc... etc... 'course i'm 15 so i didn't try any of these, would be cool if i was emailing from my grave
24 Apr 2003 Cayl Je l'ai déjà vu dans un dessin humoristique. C'est de lui offrir un costume de Superman et de l'inviter à s'envoler du 15ème étage. Bon, c'est pas vraiment du suicide et il faut que le niard soit limite limite. Mais ça peut amuser une réunion de famille un peu allumée au gros rouge.
24 Apr 2003 unimportant Since I could comprehend death and suicide I have wanted to die, perhaps because what follows can only be better than what is for me. I have since I was about 8 or 9 had an illness which doctors have not been able to determine, add to this the fact I have premature grey hair at 8-9 years old. I'm now 17, virtually top of the class of any college course I do, I get a job after the first day trial and people who know me like me. But every year the pain gets that much worse and the cure that further away. The illness means I am in constant pain but at a low level, to you it would feel like indigestion all the time, but at least once a week I'll be in so much pain i'll black out for a few minutes and i'll be in that pain for hours.

The symptoms are a high fever terrible stomach pains, migraine, high nausea and a variety of smaller problems. But of all my desire to die I have never even tried. I hear the cries for help of other people on this site and their problems seem like a dream compared to the hell that life is for me. I would be happier even if I just knew the name of my illness but of all the tests, check-ups and inspections all they can give me are some pain killers that don't work, some jokes that don't make me laugh and some time to cry in silence.

Don't pity me i'm already dead.
23 Apr 2003 J bullet to the fuckin head
23 Apr 2003 Monique Dearest Dan, judging from your suicide suggestion you are a man that likes to elaborate on his non-existent "female" experiences. You are fooling no one, the fact that you try to make yourself look cool by calling women "whores" is about as bigger insult that you pretending a woman would even dare look at you ugly little face. Please do not insult the female kind by calling us "whores" and please do not try and fool everyone by making them think you've ever slept with a girl because we can ALL tell your dick has probably only ever seen YOUR HAND
23 Apr 2003 AngelicWhore Tylenol does not work, I just got really sick and puked for about a week.Try stabbing urself w/ a fork and sprinkle some rat poison afterwards.
23 Apr 2003 amber im just so depressed. there is a lot of shit going on in my life and i feel like my life is worth nothing anymore so i tried to kill myself like cutting my wrists and then ODing on pills but none of it worked, i just want to die. help!!
23 Apr 2003 Monique If anybody here is From New Zealand, we have the highest suicide rate in the western world, this is mainly due to the fact most young NZ citizen are either drunk or tripping off some chemical substance whilst they do it. If one wants to commit suicide they best come to New Zealand.
I myself love New Zealand because we are the safest and cleanest place in the world but needless to say many pathetic people, for example-the person who wrote things about sleeping with 5 whores to die, are the sorts of people in New Zealand who kill themselves because they lay in bed watching too much porn because that is as far as they will ever get to the real thing. Sad, sad, sad!

To the young person who has stumbled upon this website trying to find a way to kill themselves I will tell you this out of my own experience, DO NOT attempt anything because (a) your life is not that bad, you are just being a whiny, self abosorbed teenager who has a bad case of "SELF CENTERED-ATTENTION SEEKERS SYNDROM" and (b) when you are over this phase you'll then think back to your attempts of suicide and feel like such a dick you'll blush even when by yourself and (c) in the time you took to read this over 1000 people died in the world and NOT by choice, you killing yourself is making a mockery of their deaths.
22 Apr 2003 meg arite listen, im only 12 and already attempted suicide multiple times. I slit my wrists horrbily at least 5 times, and over dosed about 10. The only real over dose ive ever had happened not long ago... i took a whole bottle of advil, people i didnt even know cried as well as my very best friends who nearly blamed themselves to death. an entire 360 pills i swallowed, its a wonder i lived. Doctors say that i had 15% chance of living but somehow i pulled thru. Listen if you're thinking about suicide think about this if you have friends what would they do? would they kill themsleves too? be miserable for the rest of their lives? and if you dont have friends, think about the future when your finally free of school, parents, people u hate. you can finally go out there and find people like you and do whatever you wanna do for the rest of your life. When you're older you'll be around new people they wont know your lonely past, a fresh start over.... just think about it

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