Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar How would you define Eternity, Lucy ?
04 Jan 2003 Tina fuck me and you'll find out!
04 Jan 2003 dana slit their wrists or get hit by a car
04 Jan 2003 Lucy Cortina Hell, my dear Michael, is running out of mascara and eye-shadow, and forgetting to put your bra on before going to school. Trust me - I've been there.
04 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar Should i dare to awake before the aftermath of the impending inevitability, i feel as though i already know just what the most conniving flames of hell have in store for me...................... no recollection of You.
03 Jan 2003 Vivai Find an organs' dealer, (the internet will fit the bill) then tell him/her you want to sell a kidney, then another piece and then all your organs. You're making happy a bunch of sick rich people and the "organization" is likely going to provide the painless dying you're looking for. Tell them your gain must go to some people you like or to your favourite charity. Try threaten if they do not receive the money, some letters you have left to a friend or an attorney with records and evidences about them will be gotten by some papers (playful the Washington Post) or police departments.
03 Jan 2003 Lucy Cortina Ps - I thought Kylie Minogue wasn't very.. er... 'big' in America, Felicia?
I thought the Americans deemed her too sexy and so expelled her from your number? (much like myself, when my affair with Bush gets out, no doubt)

Mind you, America gave the world Britney Spears - Mrs Plastica Titties, of which I am the anti to.
What have we ever done that is so wrong to deserve such torture?
03 Jan 2003 Lucy Cortina I've done the broncho thing, Felicia. It played haddok... or rather havoc with my tights, and gave them ladders. Being sexy - as I have stated many times - is a tough job. It is not for the faint hearted.
I know a woman at my impatient-unit who hurt her back from too much sexual activity. Oh yeah, she's a vegetarian lesbian too. She said the other day to everyone:
"I'm just off to do my bits..."
We gasped in horror as to the implications of that statement. And I almost died in horror on the discovery of her laying on the floor outside the doctor's office "doing her bits" (exercises for her bad back). Ughh! She also has thighs like blocks of concrete from all the bike riding she does.
Anyway, as to PANS, Felicia, I only ever use a pan for one thing.

Frying sausages.

(and the occasional egg - although I am not too qualified in that profession, you understand - so don't get any ideas).
03 Jan 2003 sickofit i dont have any suggestions, i want to know a quick and painless way to suicide, i'm sick of my life, don't post anything stupid, all i want is the best way to commit suicide
02 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar i am vacant from this world in a moment of solitude. i wish to apprehend strength from the ever exhaustion of others. my energy has been sucked from my bone marrow and harvest upon by the vultures of wandering eyes. i now can acknowledge where the strengths derive to arrive from ones lack of intensity and ingenuity. okay, i rest and reserve my strength within the regions where my soul cautizes and dissimulates growth. the best element i have come to comprehend is the measurement of Time. the vultures do not dare conceive time as a gift but a force that damages their waking existence. i now know i can walk, walk out my door and see what i had never dreamed of seeing at the start.............................. GAOLACH DIA the depths of winter longing are ice within my heart/ the shards of broken covenants carve deep into my soul/ the wraiths of long lost ecstasy still tear us two apart/ these sullen winds of bitterness now keen from turn to pole// the scars and twisted tendons the stumps of off-struck limbs/ this aching pit of hunger and throb of unset bone/ my sanded burning eyeballs as light within them dims/ add nothing to this torment of lying here alone// the shimmering flames of fever trace out your blessed face/ my broken eardrums echo yet your voice inside my head/ i do not fear this darkness which crawls toward me apace/ i only dread the loss of YOU that comes when i am dead.... Happy New Year!!! another year to kill... within the forgetful remembrance of how it feels to be alive. ~in the end we tend to love our desires and to loathe what is desired~ Sometimes i feel as though our god must actually be the god of slumber, and that all this blasted time is simply some horridly morbid wet dream that she is going through. Either that or god has become the mother of reverse atheism. What with being responsible for the creation of Infinite Fallibility (aka human consciousness) who could possibly blame her for self inducing some wicked strain of amnesia as means to maintain a shred of sanity. Good Heavens! What a strange matter of humanity being conditioned by time to lose faith in the necessity of a god.... and god, through the distanced romance of eternity, convincing herself that she never really believed in humanity to begin with.
i have had an odd experience involving the consequences of Selbstmord. i had lodged myself in my station wagon, within the midst of a perfectly concealed surrounding upon the outskirts of Pleasant Prairie. The exhaust was pouring in through my father's shop-vac hose and everything was beginning to compose a well conceived silence. It somewhat suddenly dawned upon me that i was far too young, so i pulled myself away. Yet i find it all rather strange since more than 45 minutes limped by before i made my supposed escape... from my escape. i find myself feeling as though perhaps i did succeed. 45 minutes in the throes of such resplendent reasoning is far more than enough time to bump oneself off... perhaps the aftermath of a self-induced disposal is simply a subtle shift in the profound indifference of time/logic. i don't know, perhaps i have been dead for quite some time now, even though i still fancy myself as being so young. Perhaps reality is far more heartless and more conniving than any of us... discontents... could ever dare to imagine. All we have to do is provoke it. The tricks life plays those who are sick enough to take it seriously are far more absurd, no question. imagine
02 Jan 2003 Felicia Lucy, I'm surprised you left so early to catch the Pan Am 3:13 pm flight to LAX airport from San Francisco and took the Pan Am first class at 9:00p.m. to New York and an adjacent flight to London, a day before Christmas Eve. Hope the jet lag isn't ruining your beauty sleep. A check for $161.07 USD? You can send it in attention to Mr. Frank Abagnale J.R's trust fund. If you can catch him if you can. Besides, you should save it for an affair to remember in Paris or for those Agent Provocateur lingerie modeling assignment photoshoots. Be sure to do a side shot like Kylie Minogue on a bucking, mechanical bronco. Just don't let the Margaret Thatcher look-alike intimidate you because of your nice swinging nuggas. Before you reach for the box of diet sugar-free bonbons tonight dear, Happy New Years for 2003. Please don't feed any chocolates to George. You may need a lead and pulley to deter his addiction to Toblerone chocolates. Steer him far away ...far, far away from the Belgian chocolates. You know George cannot eat "just one".
02 Jan 2003 Marius Mackellar Let us pray that nature has developed her sense of discretion, and that she makes good use of it when transmitting the profound fumblings of our history... Lest she blind the very stars with such resplendent unsightliness.
02 Jan 2003 Nomed Cilegna i happen to know that HELLO DOLLY is an effective means for coping with suicidal inclinations.
02 Jan 2003 michele take AXE deodorant spray and cover your body in it. then take a match and light yourself on fire.
01 Jan 2003 digusted_pyscho mouchette, Im disgusted that 30 % of this site belongs to miscellaneous americans, 50% to a european hottie called Lucy, and 10% to some loony french people. I have no idea what the remaining 10% belongs to.
why oh why?
01 Jan 2003 fucked up little bitch Does anyone know where i can get valium from? i u can get some i will pay u.
Thats the best way to die i reckon
31 Dec 2002 Lucy Cortina I'll be there, shaking my bonbons, Felicia. Actually I will be in Leicester Square (in our beloved capital London) drenched in champagne and draped over a ford cortina. Yeah, they had the decency to name a car after me! I think the advert reads "The drive of your life - guaranteed to leave the competition lingering on the hard shoulder of the A1!"
Although, Felicia my darling, I do hope you are on no hard shoulders - you deserve a lot better. I gave you that bra in an understanding that it would bag you the best of the blessed (I'm not talking about vicars, you dirty people!)
But Felicia, my darling, I urge you to invest in some Bold Ultra (that's washing powder to Americans) and get out those chip-fat stains. It may be useful if you've bust a tyre, and park up in a greasy spoon cafe. But when you're invited to one of my dinner parties with my husband George W. Cortina, it will mean zilch. It's time to get out the old cheque book again...
say, I forget the bra toll in America these days... would £100 cover it?
31 Dec 2002 Felicia We were at Union Square in San Francisco, Lucy Cortina and I. She saw my downtrodden face as I gazed upon my small bosoms. She was truly blessed. We went into Victoria's Secret and saw laying upon a shelf...Low and behold...a box of fake rubber boobies (fakies shall we say?) They were displayed in two colors: porcelain shade and tan. I took the tan beauties out of the box, slowly,, they were "My precious". I felt the texture of the fakies and had wishful thoughts of wearing them, forever. The rubber was so pliable and there among the tips of each one was a fake nipple. I told Lucy that I would be in the fitting room trying them on. In the fitting room under the incandescent lighting, I slipped each fake boobie under an underwire bra. They stuck out all right, like a twenty-one gun salute. Then, I shook them and became ecstatic because they looked so real. So I decided I'll take it. At the register, I took out my wallet to pay for the fakies and black underwire bra, but to my horrific horror, a piece of hair lint and a moth came out of my wallet. The cashier was very impatient and looked unimpressed. Out of pure embarrassment I said, "Omigawd!!" and hollered "I forgot the eighty dollars that Billy left on my dresser!! Augh!!" Well, I remembered that one day, Billy took in an old friend that was down in his luck to my apartment. The next thing you know, the old man was gone, well anyways, Lucy felt really bad for me, so she purchased the fakies and the black underwire bra. I said, "No Lucy! You shouldn't have!" She stared at me as if I were crazy, so I gave her a big hug. To this day I am still wearing my fakies and the black underwire bra. They are the best Christmas presents I ever had! Thank you dear Lucy, my Angel of Mercy! Should I wear them tonight for the Exotic Erotic Ball at San Francisco? Am I going to meet the Prince of my dreams?
Oh Billy!
Where are you?!!
31 Dec 2002 Liza I really don't know what to say on the subject, either way. I've tried to kill myself before, but was stopped by so many things. One of my friends is just like me, depressed, lives in a fucking hell hole, and hangs on to life by a thread. And I only saw that when I realized how close I was to killing myself. Because that thread was me. She told me once, and I didn't believe her, how she would become a damn whore, selling herself out if I were to die. But I get that now. And she's not the only one that depends on me. My girlfriend ( what, you have a problem with me being bi? )... she used to have problems like that. And I know that if I killed myself, she'd flip out. Start hurting herself again. She might even kill herself. And I would feel like such a damn fucking asshole if she did that. Because I care about her so much, and... and... I wouldn't be able to stand the thought of her dead.

But telling someone that they're being stupid for wanting to die... that's not helping. Pointing out all the people that would miss you doesn't help much either. My parents have a problem with me being who I am. A girl who loves another girl. They've banned me from going over to anyones house, from seeing anyone outside of school, and they've tried to ban me from talking to 'her'. And they fight. God, I'm sure some of you know, a lot of you know how this feels, but to those who can't understand why anyone would want to die... have you ever come home to a place where your parents are always screaming at each other? Where you can't tell what's going to happen the next day? And you can't even leave that awful place, because your parents want to punish you for being who you are? It hurts, damnit. It hurts a lot. And no one understands... they all tell me to stop, to quit hurting myself, not to kill myself, that so many people would miss me. Well, to a point, fuck them. It's not fair. Your life shouldn't be hell.
30 Dec 2002 fucked up little bitch Hi...i live in the uk and i'm nearly 18. i wanna die cause my life really sucks and i hate myself and this fucked up world! i NEED to kill myself i've worked out 2 good ways that i want to do...but i need help. i want to overdose on valium (bout 50-60) pills, but i cant get a prescription cause i aint epileptic or have a serious anxiety disorder. Can anyone help me? i am ready to pay cash to whoever is willing to send me some or helpin me to get some! the other way is to get REALLY high on lsd, go right 2 the top of my flats and fly!!! i'v tried doin that be4 but i chickned out! but if i'm high i will do it. If anyone can get me any lsd, email PLEASE!!!
please help me if u can and we'll discuss how much money u want me to give u. THANK YOU>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<<<<<<
if anyone has tried overdosin on valium be4 and it didnt work, let me know. Is 50 tabs enough? LATERS.

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