Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Jan 2003 Seigfried Mackellar Like a pawn on the eternal board/ who is never quite sure what he is moved toward/ i walk blindly on/ and heaven is in front of me/ her heaven beckons me enticingly/ when i arrive its gone/ the river flows/ destiny knows/ ...i follow You. ~Dave Gahan
14 Jan 2003 Drinker get urself drunk with your parents booze, hot wire a car and drive like a maniac through town, and don't forget a gun, to shoot yourself with in case crashing the car doesn't work
14 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar Yes, well i've been thinking about swapping my wagon in for a new Honda S2000. Has anyone ever driven such a car? i almost took a silver one for a test-drive yesterday, but the fact that i could hardly afford to buy enough monopoly money from the local KB toy store to pay for it, even after the focking trade-in, sort of made the whole scene reek with ridiculousness. "Une femme est plus belle que le monde ou je vis... et je ferme les yeux." ~Eluard.
Becca? We met at our crossroads. Remember? ... i lost your Time in a corner of that darkening sky. Forgive me. i've been thinking of you at a rate which approximates perpetuality... Please write. Your words can still stave-off the inevitable.
What an interesting poem i've been working on lately... involving a young, slightly sociopathic girl who somehow manages to extinguish the Sun. The overture based loosely upon her Afterlife is a soul-curdling page turner. Odd. Another one revolving around a man who suddenly realises that his depression is entirely due to the fact that he has the most absurd dysfunction. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot convince himself to fall asleep without first finding a time and a place for it.
Narcolepsy, in this day and age, is probably a sure sign of Saintlihood.
14 Jan 2003 Lucius Mackellar Reve Eveille Dirige... Daylight licked me into shape/ i must have been asleep for years/ and moving lips to breathe Her name/ i opened up my eyes/ to find myself alone, alone/ Alone above a raging sea/ that stole the only girl i Loved/ and drowned Her deep inside of me... ~Bob Smithers
14 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar SYMPARANECRONENIAN FAVORITES. VOL. 20 How much the same human nature is! With what innate genius a little child can often show us a vivid picture of the larger scale. i was really amused today by little Frodo. He sat in his tiny chair and looked about with visible delight. Then the nursemaid, Maren, walked through the room. "Maren!" he shouted. "Yes, little Frodo," she answered with her customary friendliness and came over to him. He tilted his big head to one side a bit, fastened his enormous eyes upon her with a certain roguishness and then said quite phlegmatically, "Not this Maren; it was another Maren." What do we adults do? We shout out to the whole world, and when it approaches us in a friendly manner we say, "It was not this Maren." ~Soren
13 Jan 2003 je préfère me fondre sous le voile protecteur de l'anonymat l'étouffement sucré au carambar. ingérer de manière rapide entre 7 à 10 carambars original (les autres ça marche moin bien) et mâcher nerveusement. les deux machoires se trouves soudées et la gorge obstruées. (avec des lego ça marche aussi)
12 Jan 2003 joyce od on ex
12 Jan 2003 frodo sorry i woz a bit delicate last nite. but why do ppl talk in frenchish?
as everyone knows, the french are snobs
11 Jan 2003 frodo Lucy Cortina's new boyfriend there's no easy way to say this michael but PISS THE HELL OFF WITH UR CRAP!!!!
11 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar SONA Ag breacadh an lae do chumar ag suil/ aoibhneas an tsaiol amach romhainn/ clocha draiochta chomh geal lenar suile/ casan ag glioscarnach duinn// Suaimhneas na coillte is ceol inar gcroithe/ macalla fuaim an tsruthain/ duilloega fomhar mar ghuth ar an ngaoth/ se nadur is cuis lenar ngra// Anois ta realta a'rince sa speir/ is an saol ina gholadh go samh/ aislingi aille i ngairdin mo run/ briongloidi thart orainn ar snamh// Suile sior lasta le solas... suile faoi gheasa na run... taibhreamh ar sheoda an ghairdin... iontais nach sceithfear go buan// A'taisteal sa choill seo ar fan is ar fuaidreamh/ realta geala eolais ag lonradh don ri/ A'taisteal sa choill seo ar fan is ar fuaidreamh/ clocha bana ag lasadh ar sli Mick O'Brien
10 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar Devenir.
As long as mere enumeration is the only factoring necessary for fully comprehending the purity of the lifeforce being driven by the inclination, suicide can be a waltz through the park at any age. The most... conventional method for invoking such a mockery of self-fulfillment, is to willfully cave in to the thoughtlessness of modern social-engineering. Yes, just kill all your time by seeking one desensitizing distraction after another. Forget about all the Ageless souls who dare not fathom the depths of such resplendent shallowness. Forget Them... and focus upon becoming what you are Not. Cast aside the silly idea that the meaning of Life may be to Live for others. Laugh in the face of Reason, and feel free to rip its tongue out should the sounds begin to form, explaining that Depression is growth... of Virtue. Ever so soon, the music shall recede away, and the Waltz of Mind will rush through decay. Here... you will look back and understand that suicide actually proved to be rather fruitful. For you, who now lies silenced among the shattered masses, never really had a Life of your own to take... yet somehow, you managed to take it splendidly.
Suicide cannot be the answer at any age where enumeration fails to yield an encompassing definition. Consider the idea involving Death and Suicide as being two different things... Differing, perhaps, as perfectly as Love and Hate. If you feel as though you have absolutely no choice but to commit, at least take the time to place it in the appropriate perspective beforehand... And that involves the realisation that it is not Yourself who is doing the killing. ~i feel that it is a good idea to Listen to the music of "Belle+Sebastian", at least enough to memorize the lyrics to all their songs. And if you have yet to listen through the soundtrack to "Requiem For A Dream", at least a hundred times, please do so. i suppose if you haven't heard the latest album by "Information Society"-called "Don't Be Afraid", you've really got no business leaving so soon.
There, with all the passion you have found within and without to summon... See how Beautiful our world was meant to be... And share the Truth you feel... with Everyone.
10 Jan 2003 nosaM legnA SYMPARANECROMENIAN FAVORITES. VOL.21 The talk that suicide is cowardice is for most people nothing but a leap under a stage. Those shrewd and proud commoners who have never known that it requires courage!! Only those who have had the courage to commit suicide... can say that it was cowardly to have done it.
10 Jan 2003 Ichabod Mackellar SYMPARANECROMENIAN FAVORITES. VOL.242 Most people rush after pleasure so fast that they rush right past it. They are like that dwarf who guarded a kidnapped princess in his castle. One day he took a noon nap. When he woke up an hour later, she was gone. Hastily, he pulls on his seven-league boots; with one step he is far past her. ~Soren
10 Jan 2003 elise armentier je prends un crayon de couleur (c'est plus rigolo), et je l'enfonce un petit peu dans mon nez. A partir de là, je donne un grand coup de tete sur une table de manière à ce que le crayon transperce le cerveau. Et voilà!!!
10 Jan 2003 Depressed Di i have no idea i am 13 and i have 19 scars so HA i beat that gurl way bk @ the begginin of the page. i dont have a clue what im doing but i dont reealy no how 2 kill urself i dunno if i even want 2 i just like slitting coz it kinda reminds u that u can hurt more than life does and YOU can hurt yourself more than OTHER PEOPLE can. btw, try not 2 let your m8s see bcoz 1 of myne clled becca she found out and started cutting herself 4 no reason so i spose i gave her the idea and also my boyfriend at the time saw it and he did it till i stopped so i dumped him :( i am a heartless whore..but hes stopped now and hes lovely we're still m8ss and he doesnt no i do it and he doesnt nemore neither does becca but btw the person who made this site must be a fucking terrorist coz this is sick why am i telling u this?? and plz dont email me unless u are sane and a fairly decent person and want 2 talk about things i care about...thanx y'all....XxX
09 Jan 2003 Angelface Yeah man... I need some VALIUM TOO! CAN anyone get some for me.... I WILL GIVE YOU GOOD MONEY!!! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!! no bullshit tho, i know what valium tablets look like OK? hey sort me out .... I'LL LOVE U FOREVER!!!

Things you will need:
Loads of booze (alcoohol)
Loads of cigarettes (if u smoke)
A tv and playstation.
A computer
A stereo
A bucket and toilet paper.
A matress
A very small room with no day light
Loads of razor blades.

So when you've got all dat, move all that stuff into the small dark room including yourself and lock the door and swallow the key (get rid of it).
Listen to music, tv, etc...
Dont drink anything but alcohol cause it dehydrates you, and don't have any food either. Otherwise you won't die. your life should be over in about two month. If someone saves you, you will be dead anyway from spending that much time alone without human contact. Don't forget to cut your wrists everyday.
09 Jan 2003 Dark Soul if your school has more than 1 story, like my school, or is near a cliff, u can jump from the highest place u can find so that all your friends can see it and so that the school counseller can see that he didn't help worth shit. if you can't jump bring a knife from home and slit your throat in the middle of the school yard so everyone can see and that the teachers that were going to fail u, even though u tried your hardest, can see what they have caused.
08 Jan 2003 fer hang yourself from a tree
08 Jan 2003 Michael Mackellar SYMPARANECROMENIAN FAVOURITES. VOL.1 Virgilius the sorcerer had himself hacked to bits and dumped in a caldron to be cooked for 8 days in order by this process to be rejuvenated. He arranged for someone to watch so that no interloper would peer into the caldron. But the watchman could not resist the temptation; it was too soon, and Virgilius, as an infant, disappeared with a scream. i dare say that i also peered too soon into the caldron, into the caldron of life and the historical process, and most likely will never become more than a child... ~Soren~

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