Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
23 May 2003 faku_sun with a knife under a chair with loud techno music
23 May 2003 will snow perhaps drinking petrol or injecting myself with petrol may work. a sort of fuel injected suicide!!!
23 May 2003 hopeless im so depressed i OD'd and got alcohol poisoning, ive cut myself but nothing seems to work. i just end up back in the hospital whenever i hear the word rape or slut or anything like that i cry. i hate my life. someone tell me another way to kill myself please. im only 14 i had a chance with life but fuckers keep ruining that chance for me they keep tellin me to press charges on the guy who raped me but it would bring back to many memories so fuck it all i just wanna leave this fucked up world
23 May 2003 jessica all you people that are sayin its dumb to kill yourself obviously dont know what its like to feel like no one cares about you. why are you on this web site anyways....... think about it
23 May 2003 jessica 1 Quart of bacardi and 50 wake up pills
i tried 30 pills when i was 13 and i didnt work so i guess 50 should work
22 May 2003 Felicia - Your advice person 2-May 2003 -

Response to Liz.

Thirteen is a young age to think of suicide. But no matter, young or old, you should not think about this. Being a teenager is horrible, nonetheless. You are going through changes, mingling with peers, having to live to everyone's standards by being popular. Visualize yourself in the next five years after you graduate from High School and realize at such a precious age you have so much to look forward to. As for me, which was twenty two years ago, I had to struggle to get by in Junior High dealing with pesky 8th graders. It was horrible having to school everyday without the support of parents or peers. I was completely on my own, until I got involved in a music program with the school marching band. Yes, so it may seem geeky to some folks, and I am not advising you to join a marching band on the account of me, but there are so many programs to get involved in your school and so much counseling sessions to go to. Am I asking you to seek the assistance of professional help? No. But there are cheaper alternatives to deal with better subjects that involve outdoor activities or more.
Suicide is not the answer. It's only a false solution.
22 May 2003 Lucy Cortina PS - You are probbaly all wondering why I needed to steal bras, since I departed with my beloved only last week.
Well, a girl learns to move on past the pain (and burning boobies).
I have booked into a clinic for new boobies. And they are gonna cost me a bloody fortune, cos the nice lady told me that they used to be *inside* Britney Spears.

Make of that what you will.
22 May 2003 will snow a high percentage of gays feel suicidal. and im one of them. and religion sucks
22 May 2003 Laura Tomarse una tortilla de aspirinas.
22 May 2003 goldstrap don't breathe
22 May 2003 my faint pulse hey, here's a clue. if you don't agree with what we are here to accomplish (which, for most people, is suicide), well then don't be in here! what the hell are you doing involving yourself in some game you can't even understand?instead of calling us sick, depraved people, why don't you find some other forum full of sad people you can depress. no one wants you in here. it's people like YOU that push us even closer to the edge...

you'll never know how we feel until you go through it yourselves...
21 May 2003 Lucy Cortina Wow, I thought I was crazy. This week I was done for shoplifting panties and bras, so I get pissed on a secret stash of vodka and spend the night on a park bench thinking how crazy I am.
Then I come back to this den of naughtiness. And my actions pale into nothingness. Oh well..
21 May 2003 Felicia is dilly dallying Absent Minded me.

Ravishing through a tinker box full of sots I encounted an item that I have long forgotten... a box of macaroni with boobie shapes, weenies, and tiny butts. (No kidding!) And there will little bugs embedded on them. Ewwwwk! Gross! As I decided to toss them, into the garbage can they went. As I sashayed upstairs into the swimming pool, there were bugs, mosquitoes mind you everywhere! I screeched again as the varmints floated against the surface, awaiting to suck me dry. The heat beamed on the ground making the concrete hot to walk on. Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! As I skimmied down the stairs, like a scittish waif, away from the bugs and the rays in the background, Elton John's song "The Bitch is back" was lingering in the soundwaves of a small, small radio. Thank God for MP3's, I didn't need to change a song. My player played on a remote through an FM transmitter. Thank God for this neat technology.
Through the hot torrid heat of my Cabana, I finally stepped on a poor slug. How sad it is to step on such a slimey thing that siezes to live. The slug had no choise to contemplate its demise.

So it is the beginning of Spring.
21 May 2003 naomi mikamura dear "just a girl",

...uhhh... why am i doing this again... oh yeah... when you're alive... you're not really on earth... you're in hell at the corner of 5th and 6th in a dirty manhole talking to rats and trying to catch a deadly virus cuz u have no better way to waste your pathetic pointless life... by the way... i know you're a little bit crazy/plain stupid... but don't let it get to your fish (it's already gotten to your head...) ...because i think we all know who the crazyest person in hell is... that's right... naomi mikamura!!! SO BOOYAH!!!!!!!!

with death,
naomi mikamura

naomi's day alive...

(i wake up)...naomi:"...crap... i'm still breathing..." masami (my brother): AHAHAH!!!!! naomi: what are u laughing at? masami: had another hangover i see... AHAHAHA!!!!! naomi: 1, i wanted to die instead of get drunk and 2, what the hell are u doing in my "torture chamber" (my room) and 3... masami: hi jake!!! jake: what's up masami? masami: nothing... just having a little chit-chat with naomi! naomi: heheh... i know u didn't just interrupt me... masami: heheh... ops... talk to ya later jake!!!! jake:...? masami: Aaaahhhhhhh!!! naomi: now where was i? oh yeah... and 3, i hate u...... NOW BEAT IT!!! masami: YES MA'AM!!!!! (i fall out of bed landing on my... well u get the general idea.. .and i put on my "I HATE THE WORLD" shirt... and skip breakfast in an attempt to die from food poisoning, and go meet my "friends" in the alley by my hellhole (my house)... my "friends" are a bunch of thugs that beat the living nightlights out of me (the daylights are out of order :))... and there u have it... that's my stupid life... pointless huh?) well that's it for now... i'll see how my suicidal friend "just a girl" is doing tomorrow... if i'm still alive... who knows... mabye i'll make a wish to the grim reaper and i'll get hit by an armoured truck or something among those lines... until next time... NAOMI MIKAMURA SIGNING OFF!!! ~hi i'm naomi!~...oh god...
21 May 2003 the gay punk oh my god all you sick anti suicide people! first of all do not, and i say do not use the word faggot. do you have any idea of what percentage of homos kill themselves? very frustrating! and it offends people too. as if i've had enough dealing with my homophobic teachers and principals. and derek.. oh derek i hate you. i fucking hate you!!!

second of all counselling does not work. do you think talking to some 45-year old rapist of a shrink who knows nothing about what you're going through can help you. nooo. so if you don't have any fucking idea what you're talking about (since all of you anti-suicide people are just boring punks who like rap and anything awful in this world) don't go to this website talking about how stupid we are. because you're dumber than we all are.
21 May 2003 just a girl on another note... what is with the people who bother to write in "you guys are all sick fucks and i hope u burn in hell blah blah blah".. what the hell are u doing on the website if u think it's so damn sick?
21 May 2003 just a girl just a quick note to - "naomi mikamura"

am i fucked in the head? hmmm tough question, why do u ask? and arent u? and no i dont think i am really.. just living in a fucked up world.. u try losing ur virginity to ur rapist at 15 years old and see how ur faith goes from there...

maybe i am a bit fucked up in the head, or maybe im just scarred by things that have happen to me.. i dont know.. all i know is i have no trust in anyone anymore.. and i come here to get my thoughts and feelings out because i know that the people in my world would turn around and ask me exactly what u just have...

so thanks alot..
21 May 2003 filosofica injection of air. goes directly to your heart and then is over
21 May 2003 Will Snow well, im certainly over 13. or at least the last time i looked. i want to know the best way to end it, as i deserve death.
21 May 2003 PUNKCHIC411 Well a really stupid way to kill yourself and I know that a 13 year old can afford it is by eating paper till your body can't take it and it kills you, so it's a slow death but at least a 13 year old can buy it. Oh and the website is great

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