Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Jun 2003 k get old.......
11 Jun 2003 Ambrosja When you are under 13 (or over 13 for that matter) you should consider seeking help from an adult and/or a professional. The need to commit suicide is the result of chemical imbalances in the system and this can be corrected. Sometimes the situation corrects itself as hormones shift and level out... other times the desire to die will not disappear. I started wanting to commit suicide when i was 10 years old, right about the same time that i started my period. I remained suicidal throughout high school, but by my early 20's, the depression began to lessen. Sure, i have my days, but i don't focus on it so much as to actively seek ways to die. The best thing to do when you start to feel depressed is to take action on whatever it is that seems to be troubling you the most. Proactivity is a great remedy for many of life's problems. For those that want to kill themselves out of guilt, please remember that guilt is something that has been manufactured by christian based belief systems. The laws of life are not based on such belief systems. For those that feel suicidal due to disease, don't be ashamed to seek help. Doctors are not put here to judge, but to help. I can see myself in so many of you and i hope you can find a way to reach out for help. hang in there.
11 Jun 2003 Karla Please guys- this really makes me sick when i think of my family and suicide and reading some of these stories out here on this site makes me sick too. Hey i wanna commit suicide but i dont know how to because my family goes crazy if i say i want to be dead. I dont want them to be devastated and never go on with their life thinking about f*ckin me.
11 Jun 2003 will Fancy wanting to kill yourself, cos you are not having sex, or getting a fuck from your girl friend, you sad sad creature. most of us want to kill ourselves for genuine reasons, not for pathetic excuses like that. Sorry, i've said too much. Back up the loft.............
10 Jun 2003 the gay punk i have to reply on two somethings here. first, elizabeth, honey. you are fat (and so is half of the world and you can overpower us skinny people) but you are not ugly. if you are, then everyone is: vin diesel could be ugly, mariah carey is ugly, madonna is ugly (look at her friggin teeth), and britney spears, oh god please or i might puke to death for the thought of her. do not look down on yourself. if you do you won't accomplish the shit you'd wish you did. i know a lot of people in this "forum" that deserve to die, but you're NOT one of them.

and to the guy who wants to kill himself over that girl who won't fuck him. arrgh. he is the kind of guys that make gay people gay. selfish asshole. there are so many reasons you can think of to why she won't get in the sack with you.
1) you are ugly
2) you are a loser
3) your gf is a dyke, or if she isn't, you'll make her into one.
4) she doesn't really love you (why does she have to
5) you, as a lot of guys, don't deserve her

so please, shut up and masturbate with your stolen playboy magazine copy.
10 Jun 2003 christine why would you want an under 13year old to kill themself, they are too young
10 Jun 2003 the archbishop of hell run around with a lolly pop in your mouth! if you dont stack it properly you wont die, it will just fuckin hurt, alot. so dont fuck up!
10 Jun 2003 dick so you want to know the ultimate question of all time well after much thinking i have decided that this is the best way: strap a timed explosive device to yourself then fall asleep this will then explode while you sleep so its painless and leaves a hell of a mess. yay!
10 Jun 2003 fred unload an uzi clip at your face.
10 Jun 2003 Boozard Use 25 , 1 mg restlys and have 120 ml scotch and 30 actifieds and 10 crocins and go to sleep
10 Jun 2003 Brigitte im sixteen and i dont know what to do. this life is so useless to me. sure i have plans for the future but how can i go through with them when i already made one big mistake. i slept with some guy and now everyday i fear i might have something bad. i regret it so bad and the worst part is that i thought i loved him and he loved me. i hate this life. i have been thinking of ways of comitting suicide since i was ten. please i need to know. i want a gun so it can all just be over. actually i was thinking of falling off a tall cliff and fly before i die. i feel so dirty and useless. everyone thinks im so good and that i would never do anything like that but i did and that caused me my life. i want to die now!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 Jun 2003 Brendickle the answer is simple, come pay me a visit. I won't get violent, I will just subject you to my poetry. I am not as good as Mouchette, but it still might do the job of killing thee. here is a sample:
the sweaty cheese man
came down from the loft
to purchase a roll of floss

much to his chagrin
the shop wouldn't tell him the aisle, much less they wouldn't tell him the cost!
the loft dweller offered
to give over his life, or anything the cashier wanted.
your spikes your spikes
spike me with your spikes!
but the cheese boy looked away and was daunted

all i want is to floss my teeth! they are made of cheese and they're sweaty!! all you girls and your punk rock fetish, why are you all so petty?!
10 Jun 2003 just a girl now i am not usually one to critize.. (unless im critizing myself) but that is just not cool...
i come here to share my thoughts and feelings and try help others out a little, in hope that it will save a few lives (including my own)...
but then there are people like 'Guestar' who come here.. critize the site and say we're all sick.. (even tho he's writing in saying he wants to die?.. with answers of the best ways to..).. for a reason none the less.. of that his girlfriend simply won't 'fuck' him! my god... i mean i know we can get a little sex-obsessed (ay lucy!).. but that aint no reason to kill yourself dude! that is just plain pathetic!
so tell me why 'Guestar' we are all sick for wanting to kill ourselfs when we have damn good reasons for it.. other than our 'girlfriends wont fuck us'!? (boyfriends in my case rather.. not that i have one)..
'tick' (yes i have an idea).. so why dont u leave us people alone to worry about our serious problems and try to get some help here.. and u go get a life.. go use ur hand.. stop critizing us..... and just piss off! (anyone else agree? luce?)

thank you... that is all :)
09 Jun 2003 Elizabeth Hey I am not sure the best way to kill urself, i have tried so many things... i have to see some shrink, and i have anti depressant pills! My life sux i am ugly n fat! My friends ya dey nice, but once i aint in there sight they like 2 talk shyt! I'm 14 and i know i have a "long" life to live, but wats da point in livin a hard, fucked up life when no one gives a fuck about u, when ya can just end it... i know im goin ta hell for sinnin so much so commiting suicide wont change gods choice he already has 1 for me! 1 word of advice though, dont tell anyone anything, not even your closest friends, my closest friends took my secret and told a teacher, the nurse, the principal, and a counselor! When they saw my arms they sent me to a doctor because i had so many scars, and many of them very deep... Not only do i cut myself but i am bulimic... I know its hard, and i know dat no one really understands, even people going through many of the same things, no one can ever understand the pain sum1 is going through, i know no one understands my pain...
09 Jun 2003 the gay punk i assume everyone forgot about me. oh yeah i've been to niagara falls. if you want to kill yourself, hitchhike to niagara falls and lift your feet, and jump. it hurts, a hell fucking lot.

my grandmother crashed at our place friday. she's so ugly and annoying oh my god. and she's sleeping in my room so i have to sleep in the couch. well think about all your joys and shit before you kill yourself. losers. because i have it worse than you because

a) i can't fuck anyone (i'm gay, so that's strange, i should be having sex like bunnies at 15)
b) i am sleeping on the couch. i will be homeless in a little while
c) my dad "accidentally" punches my face while i was sleeping. fucker.
d) well, i can't think of anything else.

i have dreams. i want to be famous and be loved and that is sure not happening since my dad is working against my benefit (he wants me to starve!!!). he doesn't really care about me. my mom is a conservative bitch (think carrie's mother from carrie, the movie with sissy spacek). and so forth. fuck you, fuck you, fuck you fuck you, wait, you're cool, and fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, and you, fuck you too.
09 Jun 2003 Gabriella it's not real a suggestion but, trying to burn your school down does not work. believe me it does not work and it does not help when there are six formers walking around and noticing a little year 3 kid with flaming frass in her hands.
burning schools don't work, believe me it don't. i tried and i got halfway towards the main building.

i tried it, it started okay but when i got closer to the main building a bloody sixth former saw me and reported me.

does not work, don't try it
09 Jun 2003 Guestar i feel like fucking killing my self right fucking now to tell you the truth. but i don't know what to do, well i know how to die, i just don't know the best way to do it at the moment, that's all. i am 17 years old. plus i couldn't be fucking bothered to read every single thing everyone has wrote for ideas on the best way to die. i have severe depression. plus my girl friend has a really unusual way of loving me. one could say it is called extreme abstinence, and yes, i am losing my fucking patience because she won't fucking sleep with me and i just want to die because of that. 2 fucking months man, 2 months is a really long fucking time man. all i have to say is if she really loved me she would sleep with me. FUCK! no, but a-fucking-pparently, she is always to fucking busy. oh yeah. this site is fucking stupid. you people are all fucking sick. some girl at my school committed suicide on the weekend. guess how old she was? 13 years old! you people should never joke about death like that. it makes me sick, i feel like throwing up. that is the truth, her name was Janelle. and oh yeah, the best way of killing yourself when you are 13 is to jump of a really really really high building. later.
09 Jun 2003 craig you can choose one of two simple methods go to the laundry room and pick the washer or the dryer. start the machine climb inside and shut the door. The washing machine will drowned and poison you and the dryer will burn and suffocate you, what ever you prefer...
09 Jun 2003 shzam Dear Nicki,

You should try to avoid spending time at
your apartment. No clubs at school? Start a new one, to help clean up the environment. Throw all your energy into this endeavor and let your mother know that you have seen light. She can't help but agree that you should work hard on such a noble cause and if these means that you will be spending much less time together, it is the unfortunate price you must pay...
09 Jun 2003 Nicki Hey, this is Nicki. I posted a few days ago under the help column. I'm 15 and have never attempted suicide. But I think about it constantly. But I've come up with some steps to help whenever I'm thinking about it.

1. Take into account the sin you are comitting.
2. Make sure your whole family doesn't hate you. (I myself have my little sister to help.)
3. Come to this site, post your feelings... It's suprising how many people, who have never met you in your life... actually spend their time trying to help you.

I have never been to any site like this before. But now, I want to help anyone who needs me. It gives you a purpose. Every life is fragile, no matter how low you think of yourself. There is someone in this pathetic world that loves you, even if you don't know them. Don't OD, and please don't cut yourself. It only causes more pain. To others. Strive for a better day and a better life. I'm not the most religous person in the world, and I'm not gonna try and force my religion on anyone else. But I've gotten saved, just a few weeks ago. It helps so much to pray, and your prayers are usually answered. I prayed for help, just to be talked down. And I was answered with so many caring people. Thank you everyone who talked to me last night and today.

If anyone else out there needs help, I'm here... email me at or instant message me at Skiier2003, or NanashiYoukai

REMEMBER: You're not worthless

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