Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 May 2003 Taina People should stop judging others. Just because u think it's stupid doesn't mean it's stupid to others. Some people just weren't meant to live. if they wanna commit suicide let them. I would just OD on a bunch of pills, quick, simple and no pain.
25 May 2003 naomi mikamura (a.k.a. sakura mikamura) dear "just a girl" and "lucy",

u poor fucking addholes... i hate u and i hate everyone! fuck me! i hate myself! i hate this fucked up world!!! anyway... i wanna commit suicide cuz..... welll..... when i was born my dad died of something, and my frustrated mom who couldn't hold things together abandoned me and my brother masami. after that i got drafted into the military in kyoto, japan... now im a bodyguard... i can't tell u who but the motto here is "u protect the host with your life, or we will kill u instead"... to someone who wants to kill themselves, this is like "heaven"...but where i am... it's serious HELL!!! u get raped and ruthlessly beaten up daily... and u can't let anyone who tries to help you out, will get killed... then they'll kill u too! that's why i'm not telling anyone where i am... i don't want anymore people getting killed... besides... u probably dont believe me anyway... no one ever does... that's why im still here... cuz no one cares... so i really wouldn't be surprised if u didn't care... i don't know where my brother is... anyway... that's why i hate this fucked up world... cuz here in kyoto... doing this kinda stuff... ISN'T AGAINST THE LAW!!!!!! so the next time u think your life is hell... think of me...

at the tip of the most deadly assault weapons imaginable,
naomi mikamura
25 May 2003 FaKu_SuN when I answered the first time this kind of question I really didn't know what to say. But now if someone ask I would say that the way doesn't matter. The fact is that... there's not a fact.
Suicide is a thing that you don't think and if you really wanna do it you simply don't ask this you just do it in the right moment in any condition.
...write if you want...
25 May 2003 naomi mikamura (a.k.a. sakura mikamura) dear "just a girl"...

you're right... i am crazy... but i'm not stupid! by the way i went to the hospital a few days ago... for my 8th suicide attempt... damn calcium! why can't i die?! am i invincible or something?! i mean, geez! i've tried everything! injections, falling, stabbing, more falling... but i'm not dead!!! what the fuck is up with that?! my pets keep leaking my attempts to my well-meaning and yet unbelievablly annoying brother masami and he busts in to save my life! fuck his life savingness!!!!! anyway i went to the hospital for shooting myself... i almost went to jail... i still hate u u fucking fuckholer...
25 May 2003 shannon on may 10th i posted an answer that disturbed a lot of people because i got a whole bunch of e-mails from people telling me not to do it, they told me hey you have to think about all the people you are going to hurt. which is such bullshit. i actually tried that night to kill myself but i didn't take enough sleeping pills. needless to say it didn't work. all im saying is that life sucks but im too chicken to kill myself. that sux!!!
25 May 2003 will snow perhaps the pope can't be screwed, but his blessed darling priests love screwing boys.
24 May 2003 Lucy Cortina *assumes London-Cockney accent* Bloody 'ell Mouchie!!!
'as the suicide kit become a dating board, or even a forum? How many times do I see "Dear this, dear that, dear tits, dear whoever.."?

If that's the case, I may as well leave my details.

Name: Hmm well by birth, Lucy Cortina. But my mates call me 'officer boob'. Or my Danny calls me 'agent 00 oh oh!, madame boob'.

Age: Well, I'm only 17, but don't tell anyone cos that will mean I won't be able to put up any X-rated pics. It seems that you must be over 18 in the UK, or 21 in the US to have a naked picture on the net. Which puzzles me, as kids ar losing their virginity at age 12+ where I live. At least if we were all shagging over the net, there would be less newborns to pollute this already baby-infested world. (Which reminds me, the other night I slept rough with a friend. We slept in the baby-changing-unit at an all night Supermarket. Because, as my friend said, there will be no babies shopping there at night. Fair enough, I thought!)

Occupation: Ex-boob-pornstar. Wannabe Britney Spears. Super Secret Spy Sex agent. Exhibitionist. Part-time nudist. And of course, a full-time volunteer who contributes to

Interests: Maintainance of boobies. How to grow new boobies when your old ones have died and gone to that great 'boobie home in the sky'.
(That reminds me - I am currently trawling the web looking for breast growth remedies. And not stupid hormone thingies. I'm not a bloody shemale after all! - yes, I'm referring to YOU, Abel!)

Ok, it seems I'm too unconcentrated (as opposed to concentrated orange juice) at the moment to bother with the rest of this profile. Besides, I always start rambling about other aspects of my life, and I may reveal too much... the fact that on an SSSS mission, I stole an antique dildo from the Pope. As Marianne Faithfull once said, "Screw the Pope!!!"
Oops, now he can't be screwed.
Ain't I just one naughty lil' minx....
24 May 2003 just a girl 'dear' (u not being so friendly!!!) naomi mikamura...

your pets sound like a handfull.. i have a lion king :) he is beauitful and i love him dearly.. he said to say.. "meow"
any daily suggestions on the topic at hand u would like to share or offer to me? just counting the days that pass me by....

oh and whats that u say.. u hate me? (dont let yourself become another 'skank' i must count.. im running out of fingers!!! or did.. along time ago!!!)
and all this counting is making my pretty little blonde head ache.. off to have a bath..

a suicide too maybe :)
24 May 2003 SUNSHINE in front of all ur friends or in front of the person who annoys or bothers u the most...... take a knife... but first start talking and try to convince that it''s all their fault for u doing this.... and then when u see that he/she is convinced then take the knife and stab it right on ur chest/by the heart in front of that person.....
24 May 2003 kat i don't know what the best way is... all i know is that it hurts when no one cares... i've been cutting for two months and my closest friends are aware of it and what have they said... nothing... they don't give a fuck.. it's bad enough that i feel completely worthless my friends showing that they don't give a fuck about me doesn't really help... why won't someone just care? that's all i want... for somebody anybody to just care
24 May 2003 naomi mikamura dear "just a girl"

i have LOTS of pets!!!!!!!!!! i have a crab called Krabbi, a parrot named Lancalot, 2 goldfish, a bat named Opeium, a jellyfish named Jellibelli, a pufferfish Gopper and 5 kittens!!!!!!!! Trust me, taking care of so many pets is a D-R-A-G!!! the second i come home my kittens jump all over me!!! and Krabbi has a reputation for getting into trouble!!! they're a terrible burden trust me!!!!!!! anyway i hate u so there...
23 May 2003 mohamed i am thinking of killing myself because i loved this 15 year old girl called Candice who goes to the jewish free school JFS in London and is in year 10. she hated me and when i tried to talk to her she called the police. her friends always harrass me and i love her a lot that i cant get over her. i cant get through life any more and want to commit suicide possibly by slitting my wrist tonight or early tommorrow morning when all my family is sleeping 23-24 may 2003. i heard Candice is going to Australia next week but i am not certain her friends could have lied but if she did its even more depressing but hey i am dying 4 her. i love you alot Candice i really do i meant it alot b4. i will watch u from heaven all the time bye moh
23 May 2003 just a girl oh and naomi mikamura...

i not stupid!!! and i not crazy!!!
i'm not crazy.. i'm just a little unwell :)... but you... hmmm yes.. u are crazy!!!

and gaypunk.. good to see u still alive :).. (if that means anything.. coming from a chik n all)

peace out dudes

p.s lucy......oooooh noooooo BRITTNEY SPEARS BREASTS!!! NUHUH.....!
23 May 2003 just a girl "walk away"

Everyday is the same..
It used to be different.
It used to be exciting.. enlivening even.. inspiring and mesmerizing.. as the day and the people around me would absorb my essence and i would absorb theirs..
Now.. there is nothing left to absorb. the sponge is dry. it has been wringed so profoundly that nothing is left.. although it was once drenched and saturated with the dripping liquid of life.. it is now dry.. and dead.. and empty. everything that once was has been exceedingly consumed..
And now there is me.

And now, everyday is the same.. skool.. skanks.. skool.. skanks.. (and u know how i feel about the skanks at my skool).. but i still go.. god knows why (there is no god), but i still do.. i still get up in the morning without my fix of danoz direct adds, boobie-dooer's and prozac to go to that hell hole.. and for one reason.. there is a bridge just near my skool :) and everyday is the same, and everyday i wait for that bell to ring.. for that heavenly sound to explode in my ears.. so i can get my scrawny ass out of that place (away from the skanks).. and look at 'my' bridge.. just look at it from a distance.. so i can ponder.. and contemplate what it would be like.. not to be up there.. but to be falling from there..

Today was no different than any other day.. endless minutes spent counting endless skanks with fingers that don't exist (yet).. and waiting eagerly for my moment to be alone with her.. with her beauty and with her grace, and with her little ounce of hope that she brings me each and every day...
"DING DONG!" (woo-hoo).. and i am outa there.. and as i walk through the scrub and out onto the road carrying my particularly heavy skool bag filled with the books (lit' buggers) who are evidently going to be the ones responsible for my entire education and place in life (if i ever make it out there into the big bad world)... i can't help but imagine her and if she has changed over night.. (or if i have changed?)
once i get to my desired destination i stand still, and i can't help but stare at her, and marvel at her beauty.. taking every piece of her in..
"Is today the day?" i ask myself.. (a now common repeatedly proverbial question to me).. and everyday is the same.. and everyday my answer is the same..
"I don't know".. i never know.. but it still doesn't take the fun out of it! as i stand on the corner of the busy highway in front of me, i watch the cars and skool buses go by me (no doubt skank is somewhere in there) and i can't help but want to walk out in front of one (that will teach skank!) have my blood and guts splattered onto her perfectly clean windscreen.. (litterally).. and i also watch the pre-skoolers and primary-skool kids from across the road.. all little and cute.. all innocent and sweet.. all fucking clueless and naive (yes kiddies, santa is true.. hmmm) and can't help but feel sorry for them.. for how many of those little kiddies will soon to be.. standing on the other side of the road.. standing.. and thinking like me..
i realise i'm getting off track and turn my focus back to her.. and she is beauty.. all covered in rust and dirt.. and oh so high up above all those pretty shinny clean cars.. occasionally she gets banners! oh yea.. all special and loving.. usually with messages such as "Happy Birthday Baby!!! I LOVE U!" or "Happy 21st sez.. love the girlz" either way i wonder about those people in the cars who get to see those banners.. (will i live long enough to see a banner of my own?) and think of how loved they must feel..
it is cold.. and i am still standing here.. watching her.. waiting for my mind to make up..... its mind!
"Is today the day?".. and the same scenario runs through my twisted mind.. i walk.. i watch.. i step up.. up.. up.. and down..... down..... and way down.... (splat?) and once again i can't help but think what it would look like? how great would it be? my insides plastered on the road and near by passing cars.. then they would see.. oh yes they would see.. all my insides that is!!!
but still.. my feet don't move.. and my mind doesn't change.. and thanks to a certain *someone* who will remain un-named.. a song runs through my head..
"..and its so hard to do.. but so easy to say.. but sometimes.. sometimes.. u just have to walk away..."
in any other situation i love this song dearly.. for it provided me with the valuable information that indeed it is usually better to walk away from most things.. (scrag fights with skank).. but in those times.. i never can.. i am the type of person to stay.. to stay and fight.. to work things out.. to battle till the end (damn skanks).. but i never can "just walk away" when i really need to..
but when i'm with her.. i can't stay.. but this time i want to.. this time i want to stay.. i want to battle till the end (the very end).. but i don't..
so everyday is the same.. and everyday i ask myself..
"why oh why do i stay when i should be walking away.. and why oh why do I walk away when i should be staying?”
but still.. everyday is the same.. and everyday.. i just..

walk away..
23 May 2003 faku_sun with a knife under a chair with loud techno music
23 May 2003 will snow perhaps drinking petrol or injecting myself with petrol may work. a sort of fuel injected suicide!!!
23 May 2003 hopeless im so depressed i OD'd and got alcohol poisoning, ive cut myself but nothing seems to work. i just end up back in the hospital whenever i hear the word rape or slut or anything like that i cry. i hate my life. someone tell me another way to kill myself please. im only 14 i had a chance with life but fuckers keep ruining that chance for me they keep tellin me to press charges on the guy who raped me but it would bring back to many memories so fuck it all i just wanna leave this fucked up world
23 May 2003 jessica all you people that are sayin its dumb to kill yourself obviously dont know what its like to feel like no one cares about you. why are you on this web site anyways....... think about it
23 May 2003 jessica 1 Quart of bacardi and 50 wake up pills
i tried 30 pills when i was 13 and i didnt work so i guess 50 should work
22 May 2003 Felicia - Your advice person 2-May 2003 -

Response to Liz.

Thirteen is a young age to think of suicide. But no matter, young or old, you should not think about this. Being a teenager is horrible, nonetheless. You are going through changes, mingling with peers, having to live to everyone's standards by being popular. Visualize yourself in the next five years after you graduate from High School and realize at such a precious age you have so much to look forward to. As for me, which was twenty two years ago, I had to struggle to get by in Junior High dealing with pesky 8th graders. It was horrible having to school everyday without the support of parents or peers. I was completely on my own, until I got involved in a music program with the school marching band. Yes, so it may seem geeky to some folks, and I am not advising you to join a marching band on the account of me, but there are so many programs to get involved in your school and so much counseling sessions to go to. Am I asking you to seek the assistance of professional help? No. But there are cheaper alternatives to deal with better subjects that involve outdoor activities or more.
Suicide is not the answer. It's only a false solution.

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