Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 Jul 2003 davidcfs Honestly people, what are you doing? There are far more better routes to live the suicide. Run away, tell the cops or tell someone with responsability (sp?) who you trust. I am 15 and I know 12 and 13 seems kinda empty but if u look on the pros and not the cons even if there is one pro and 1000 cons. At least you can smile about it and tell the rest of the world to fuck off.
18 Jul 2003 *unidentified* Hang Yourself or slit your wrists and your neck. That's what i'm going to do.
18 Jul 2003 Brian Suicide should be taken from this angle: Why stay... not why go...

At 13, you have a future... you'll grow passed any current family nonsense going on, you're not alone, families squabble... seems to be their job.
18 Jul 2003 will hi gay punk. im still here, just. im seriously considering using my car for something. ummmm, get you guessing. i was reading my news mail from australian broadcasting corporation, that masturbation is actually good for you, if you're male. whats this gotta do with suicide i hear you say. well, nothing actually, i thought i'd just mention it........
17 Jul 2003 the gay punk molli, i'm afraid, she's dead.

well she hasn't gone on for a month, and for me, the only span of me not writing here is like 10 days. no, she was a cool girl with a lot of potential. we don't even know what city she lived in. you know what, she's not dead she's not supposed to be dead. i mean i can see a lot of people who go to this site who's supposed to be dead like people whining about nowt having girlfriends and people who want to kill themselves but have girlfriend

and let's not forget the dreaded homophobes, but why her, and will, will wherever you are i give you a kiss mwahh and hope you the best.

but molli let's have hope that she's healing somewhere, or she's not suicidal anymore.
17 Jul 2003 Whitney Gun in mouth 45 Degree angle ...pull trigger
16 Jul 2003 molli OMG where is "just a girl" last time she filled in the form was june 26 and she wrote: "actually, you know what will, screw it, screw the fucking world and screw everyone in it, cos they dont give a fucking shit about me anymore and i cant fucking play this sick game anymore.. what is the point? there is none.. we are all just checkers on one big chess board, with god and the devil being the players.. making all the moves..
well screw their rules.. cos i dont fucking want to play anymore."

I can't believe this I was so caught up with my problems that she has been not sent in a message now for almost a month and well she helped so many of us I wonder where she is... I didn't get a chance to communicate through this site with her as some of the other ppl have but I still wonder... don't u?
16 Jul 2003 trying to help if anyone wants to talk.. I will try to help u with anything.. just send me an email or add me to messenger if u need to talk to someone
16 Jul 2003 deadlypudding Before the date of April 27, 2003 I would have responded with a playful remark of some object for you to use. However, after the events of that day (which my cousin,15, commited suicide) I have to say I hope you are not seriously going to try and make that will you?
15 Jul 2003 the gay punk oh shit, the last time i wrote was exactly seven days ago?

yeah you know what happened to me this sunday, two guys were undressing in front of me, and they were straight (and oh to the fact that i wanted to kill myself that day). yeah remember i told you about my cousin and his baseball team? yeah after the game so his teammate or whatever just like took of his pants without a care and omigosh you can see his package in those pants. it was "kind" of him though it did creep me out i was like, "i know you're from small town america but hey, you should really think twice before you take off your pants in public/broad daylight). and there was this other guy who was fully on his boxers.

ok i'm not gonna talk about naked guys anymore, let's talk about the matter at hand: suicide. a hundred times i have been convincing you kids here, gay or straight to not do IT. WS, please don't kill yourself, yes you might be proving a point that those homophobic assholes are pressuring you and shit and you can't take it anymore so you'll do it, and they'll realize being homophobic is wrong. but it backfires, if you die (which 99% chance you are), there is one less homo in this world, and they win again, and we shall never let them win. and to just a girl and will, please post something, like a hi. just don't give me signs that you are dead, ok?

15 Jul 2003 lora I wish i knew... then i'd be dead, although i'd say prob jumpin off a tall buildin or summin
15 Jul 2003 jom when you're 13, be not aggressive! just go out fuck anyone you see! suck them even if they don't want to! then when they got angry just keep on doing until he will kill you on the spot! at least you will have no guilt feeling when you go to hell!
15 Jul 2003 Jennifer The reason that I wanna die is that well maybe I have problems and think of things in a different way than most people. I do not believe that I was put here for any reason at all. I think that this was all a mistake and I was put on earth by accident. I look to the stars each night wondering why and feeling this loneliness as if I was forgotten by a different race of people. I think I made a u-turn and it was an accident that I ended up on earth. I see things different. I sometimes think that I can hear and feel animals pain. I can read people. I feel the pain for people who do not see the earth as the shithole it is turning into. I speak my voice on abusing people and animals and I am laughed at. I have dreams of places I do not know and have not seen. I am not normal. I feel now that on my 21st year I have to die to prove a point. I want the world to see that they are all slowly killing the race of humanity. They are all going to suffer for how they treat themselves. I know that there are others out there who think like me. But I can no longer stay here. I was always told in dreams of my pregnancy that would take place on my 18th year of life. That indeed came true. And the child was taken away due to his father almost killing him. He was to be a child of the light. I am now told that because I let him slip away and this child almost died, that due to this on my 21st year I will die for not letting him be raised by me. I was to teach him the natural ways, Now it will all be lost and my point for being here is now totally lost. I will be dead soon. But the voices tell me that it will have to be by my own hands. What do I do?
14 Jul 2003 Chris I'm back! You thought that I commited suicicide, I didn't! I don't know why but I'm still alive. Last time I wrote something for my friends at Mouchette was at sometime in April! Oh what a long time. I tried to live without Mouchette and without thinking about suicide but I ended up here again and in these hot summer months suicide is very much almost at the top of the agenda!

Summer is really with us again and along with all of the excellent things that the long hot months bring such as barbecues, beers by the beach, busy bars and restaurants and long drinks during the long hot evenings, come the usual (for me anyway) disastrous things. What do I mean? Well, for instance, every year I buy a new pair of swimming shorts and every year I look less like like the guy in the brochure illustrating them. It doesn't matter what I do I can't make my legs look good in a pair of shorts. Which leads me to the next problem...

A suntan! For some reason unknown to the modern scientific world my body refuses to tan, I just turn a vivid, ugly pink then go back to my normal sickly pallor. Every summer I have arguments with sexy girls about the fact that I try to spend at least several hours in the sun at the weekend in my vain attempt to get a healthy colour, while ten minutes at the beach is about their limit. They turn a gorgerous golden brown while I remain a patchwork of varying shades of pink. Which leads me to my next problem...

Tummies! Everyone is obsessed by their stomach during the summer, I for one have now practically perfected the art of speaking while sucking in my belly button till it almost meets my spine, so if you encounter a little guy at the beach who looks as if he is critically constipated and is speaking in short gasps, don't worry, it's only me trying to pretend that I am Brad Pitt!

To make matters worse and even summer (where I should be enjoying my holidays) more suicidal I have to put up with the regular beach perverts and freaks. Where do these guys go for the winter months? Wherever it is they are back again every June through October gracing our beaches with their antics. You know the chaps I mean, they are to be found not more than two metres away from any attractive female on the beach (under eighty and in possession of a pulse qualifies as attractive in their book apparently) staring fixedly at her while practising their juggling under their towel, at least that's what it looks like they are up to anyweay! And can anyone tell me why it is that in these times of gender equality women don't behave like this when they see young men at the beach? I've certainly never been pestered but I imagine my ugly pink legs sticking out of the baggy shorts, my hopeless suntan and my growing tummy are explanation enough for that lack of attention.

I come up with only two real solutions. The first one is suicide! The second is, (now that I've heard from Felicia that Lucy has become a surgeon), surgery, you know, just take away some fat, create some built up body and somehow some sexy tan. The last idea (which is not a solution at all) is like Kurt Cobain said "I am ugly but (at least) so are you"

P.S I cannot give an e-mail address right now because of some problems.
See you all in hell, at a surgeon or disgustingly on the beach!
14 Jul 2003 Bridgett LOL are you guys serious or is this some kinda sick ass joke. Any ways if you wanna really killl yourself fast and easy take 100 zanax, 12 oxycots an drink some jeam beam. Oh make sure someone over 21 gets all this for ya.
14 Jul 2003 xxx eat lots of porridge
14 Jul 2003 Alin Pastrama Play doctor using real instruments, including lasers.
12 Jul 2003 Juliette Toutes les réponses sont en anglais. Je croyais qu'il avait une partie pour les francophones. Il y a vraiment des petits de 13 ans qui pensent à ça??? Ils n'ont qu'a faire semblant non? Fermer les yeux et dire je me suis suicidée. Moi je pense que c'est le meilleur moyen.
12 Jul 2003 Phil Good morning Charlie! Or good morning Moucchie, rather!! Ok time to get this serious, this aint charlies angels. I dont have an amazing ass like Cameron Diaz. I am not an amazing and beautiful singer like britney spears. oh hang on... shes not an amazing singer, thats right.
She came from a mickey mouse show and now christina aguilera is fisting her and riding on motorbikes..

even I can do better.

no i cant. well, i wanna organise a suicide group pact. I want to get the biggest group together ever to do a suicide. like in the Simpsons with David Blaine and they all died in front of the white house.
this may not be as glamourous.. but we can all die in front of Britney Spears' hotel room... and give her a shock.

It wont be long before she gets drunk on a park bench after poor record sales, and tops herself.
11 Jul 2003 Trinity Casey Take every goddamn pill or tablet in the medicine cabinet. Then wash it all down with daddy's best vodka.

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