Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Jun 2003 charlene to drink bleach
30 Jun 2003 will aarrghh, im feelin real low again. i look in a mirror and i see my horrible dad. hey, if i was rich, i could have plastic surgery. hmmm, on second thoughts, i might end up looking like Wacko Jacko! gee, im so ugly..........
30 Jun 2003 will oh no, did i see someone mention "GOD". oh please. the worlds problems are always caused by religion. and i have it rammed down my throat. LISTEN UP, god doesnt exist. if he does, why isnt he helping the world. i constantly get told that im goin against the fuckin bible because im gay. urrgh. im goin..........
29 Jun 2003 Ben 37 iron tablets, a few panadol, and a cold and flue tablet wont do the trick. so dont even go there u will just be wasting your time. people dont understand why we want to end our lives and the first thing they ask is why? but that just makes things worse cause we dont want to explain ourselves baecause as much as we are hurting, it hurts more to then start talking about it, then they go and tell there parents who go and tell your school principle, who goes and tells your mentor and then she just has to start asking questions, you would think that if they were your friend then they wouldnt tell since u did ask them not to and they promised. Well i can tell u right now, if my parents find out that i want to die and have tried to commit suicide then i will definitely do it and i dont care if i hurt the 2 friends that i care about most cause at the moment they are the only ones that are keeping me here at this point of time but i hate myself that they know cause i feel that i ruined their lives, and i know that i have hurt them in doing what i have done. the last thing that i wanted to do was hurt them nut i am also sick and tired of being in this world, i dont deserve to be here if i make the 2 people that i care about most hurt well at least i know that his girlfriend hurts, i think that he just cares a lot and thats cool. i guess that as much as i want to die there is still a little bit inside me that isnt ready to leave and i hate that part cause it is the part that makes me keep feeling all this pain inside.
29 Jun 2003 will hi all. im still here im afraid. i get moaned at at home, cos i wear makeup and im gay. because of that, im a freaky creature!!! so i get told by one person. yeh, i shouldnt take any notice, but im too sensitive, always have been and always will be!! c ya.......
28 Jun 2003 Lauryn i dunno but over doses dont wrk!!!! so ar ive taken shit loadsa pills n all it did was make me feel shit!god ma life is fuked mayb its not so bad but i tried 2 kill ma self so much but every time i fink of dis 1 ting i cant do it. is dat sad?
28 Jun 2003 jess hulon put a gun to your head and pull the trigger.
take 74 aspirin and tylenols.
cut you arm 30 times on each arm.
drown yourself.
hang yourself.
run in front of a semi tractor trailer truck.
drink a bottle of bleach
stab yourself
stop eating all together
i think that should be enough ideas to keep you busy
28 Jun 2003 vivien Mais qu'est ce que c'est que ce site de merde!!!?? , et ces personnes à la con qui trouvent le moyen de répondre, vous me dégoutez tous, j'espère que cette page de merde va disparaître!
28 Jun 2003 Ben well slitting your wrist just doesnt work cause i tried twice and no mater how hard i pushed down it wouldnt go deep enough, and if u choose to od and use panadol try more then 32 tablets cause that just didnt work for me and i was pissed off cause all it does is make u vommit, i say jump infront of a train so that it is quick and u wont know what hit u
28 Jun 2003 derrick Hey, I keep trying to email ya April, but it won't go through. Is your email messed up?
28 Jun 2003 mute invert almost one year ago, i met this girl in a chatroom. i fell in love with her just after ive talked to her a bit, even before i saw her what she looked like, which is beautiful. we never even met, but i know i love her. she said she loved me, until two months ago, when she became distant, and when i told her i love her once more, because i thought it was something i had done, she just replied that love is such a strong word. i didnt realize what that meant at first, but then it finally came into my cynical mind that she didn't love me anymore. i kept talking to her, mainly because that was the only thing that acually made me happy. ive cried a lot even. i told her still that i love her and that she was the only girl i love and that i would wait as long as it would take for us to be together. she said she didnt want to wait five years just to get a boyfriend. i asked her if she wanted a boyfriend, because i would be okay with it if she did, but she said she doesnt want one. three days ago, on tuesday, she just popped up and said "guess what, i got a bf". i tried to act as though i was okay with that, but i instantly lost all that was left of happiness in me. she said she didn't want a boyfriend, and she lied, thats what hurt me so bad. i still talk to her, since she is my only reason to live anymore, or more like the only reason i have to live is hope that we will end up together, but even though i know she will never love me again, if she ever did love me, i still think it possible, defying all logic. but not all the time i talk to her, i just feel like crying, and sometimes i even do. i dont know why i still love her. i act cheery when i talk to her, so as to not appear jealous, but i am so very much so, when my one true love is dating someone else. the only song i can listen to is kim, but its only for some unknown relief, i would never hurt her. in my whole life i tried commiting suicide four times, strangling, but i can never do it since im a fucking pussy. since she stopped loving me, i wanted even more to kill myself. i swear i would have if i had a syringe, by injecting carbon dioxide in my bloodstream, a almost painless death. i think about cutting my wrist all the time i dont talk to her, but im too scared of the pain, so i instead scratch my wrist frequently, again for a type of unexplained relief.
i know some people have problems way worse than mine, who have managed to cope with them, but i really dont care. i love her, shes the only girl in my world.
28 Jun 2003 molli soory everyone for that outburst I just had I am just upset and shit .. thankx for everything everyone I love u all!!!!
28 Jun 2003 molli FUCK!!! I found out the only person I love and cares for me thinks that I don't truly care for them and how does this make me feel like I want to fucking kill some open. I love him so much and he is my world and everything in it. I have known him for almost 6 months and in that short time he has saved my fucking life 6 times and why the fuck he did that I don't known. why the fuck he puts up with me I don't know and why the fuck he cares about me I dont' know but now he is afraid I don't love him any more. what the fuck did I do to make him think this what the fuck do I need what do I deserve? and he is the one who got me to go break on my meds. and to go on and to stop the cutting and he even force feeds me and now he tells me this when all my pain could have been over months ago well fuck the world!!!!!!!
28 Jun 2003 Michelle i wanna fuckin die so bad but at the same time i don't. i have family that cares about me, but yet no one seems to notice that i've been fucken depressed for the last 3 god damn years. i care a lot about my family.. maybe that's why i haven't killed myself yet. i think the best and quickest way to kill yourself is to jump off the highest building you can find. i always wished i could fly so thats the way i would do it. everyone thinks im just a sweet and inocent little girl. they don't realize that im miserable and hate life and wanna die. im 15 by the way. i have 2 brothers who i blame why me being depressed started. but no they don't realize that. they put me down so much. that's all they ever did. as long as i can remember. and only when they're drunk, which is when they're full of SHIT. they say they love me and they're sorry. well then why the fuck don't they act like it. when they're sober they're just right back to being how they were. i know my parents love me but they think im still like 9 years old. im not allowed to do anything therefore i have no life, no friends. and am depressed. i have a couple friends, but they're my cousins. thats the only reason theyr'e my friends. and they don't care about me. they're really not my friends. they never call or anything. i have to call them. i wanna die so bad but i don't because i care too fucken much about my family. i don't want them to be sad. im ugly, never had a boyfriend. well my old best friend and i used to hang out all the time. and one guy said my so called friend was the looks and i was the brains. and im not even smart so that was just great. i know this is so dumb and pathetic because a lot of you people who write here have real problems. mine are nothing compare to some but idon't know. im just a sore loser who wants to die.
28 Jun 2003 simon OKAY, first of all I'm not gonna go off cussing and all saying how it's stupid for someone to want to commit suicide. I see both sides of it all. I have wanted to kill myself many times. NO, you are not a selfish person, nor are you a sick person or a retard for wanting to kill yourself. But it's not necessary. Suicide is so permanent. The truth about life is (and I know everyone has heard this but) life is extremely temporary. Everything will eventually even out. And if you don't know God you shouldn't commit suicide, unless you want to go to Hell which I promise you don't. Anyways, enough preaching. All I have left to say is that to all those people who believe the depressed are sick or selfish or a waste, you are WRONG! Depressed people are just like everyone else, okay? We feel feelings of sadness stronger, and I'm sorry if someone here has a family member or someone they knew or loved that committed suicide, but you shouldn't blame them or anyone else or yourself. It was there decision, and yes, it should have been prevented but it wasn't. So please don't hate everyone else who contemplates the idea, it just isn't fair. Though I am terribly sorry for your loss, and no, I can't imagine that, except two people in the last 2 years have killed themselves at my school. My mom died when I was 3 months old and my dad does drugs, so I have been adopted. Yes, I know what real pain is... you can't even imagine what others have to go through.
28 Jun 2003 FUCKING IMPORTANT PERSON There is no way you would want to do that. ... FIRstly because, being under thirteen years of age means that you have not reached adulthood. most percentage of the time, you change and life looks up to be better! so whoever made that question is fucked in the fucking head! and all y'all who answered are also fucked in the fuking head.. because you act so innocent.. buh you were probably looking for a way to commit suicide like i was and then you found this site where it is.. so you shouldnt be talking then... anyways whoever is actually looking to kill themselves like me... DO NOT BECAUSE THEN YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO TYPE MESSAGES LIKE THIS ON OTHER FUCKED UP SITES :d
28 Jun 2003 josef what the fuck? i did the research all day on the net. found that pills would be a mistake unless experienced. already knew guns and monoxide were impractical.

so i choose hanging which turned out to be very terrifying. i learned the scary looking noose, tested a cord with all my weight and hung it from a strong wood beam. the cord broke and i didn't even soil the adult diapers i bought. two more stronger cords broke and by now i was even more terrified and exhausted. i went and stole some expensive nylon rope and cried at the bottom of the closet floor when the beam broke. needless to say my throat is fucked and i'm now worse off cause i don't know if i'm meant to be here or just a loser at this too. (none of the cords or beam should have broken they are all strong).
28 Jun 2003 becky jump off a bridge in the winter with a ope around your neck attached to the're guaranteed to die! you'll neck will probably break, but if you dont die instantly if someone sees you, but the time they pull you up you'll be dead, and itf they cut you loose you'll either crack your head open on the ice or break through it and drown
27 Jun 2003 MAC CHRISTOPHER What do I search for to answer the questions? My hope is that any reasons other than terminal illness that involves extreme pain can be overcome with care and thoughtful dialogue. I've been dealing with extreme depression for almost 30 years and constant pain for over 20 - but I can still find valid and hope-filled reasons to stay alive another day.
27 Jun 2003 Lucy Cortina Just agirl and co, life IS what you make it. If you think it's shit and you're a freak, hell, you will be. Ignorance is bliss, and what you think becomes true.
Like me, I kept on using daily affirmations and saying to myself "these former boobies WILL grow back to their former glorious selves". And surprise surprise, they are back! Ok, so maybe a surgeons knife gave them some assistance, but that's life innit!
My life is full of madness all the time. I used to donate sexy pics of my boobs to porn sites. I pressed my hefty weighty breasts onto the scanner, and they came out as big as Pamela's. And that wonderful thing my nipples do when I press them against a cold window! It's so glorious! I was reduced to this just so I could afford some NEW boobies.
But I take it all in my stride. Boobies, bras, my sister, poop in my bed, it all happens, and I get suicidal.
Why else am I on this website.

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