Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Jul 2003 Deaths Secret Stick your dick in a blender and chop away. Use this technique if you're a pain freak.

Stick a hose in the tailpipe of your car, start it up. Put the other end of the hose in the backseat. If you're in a garage close the garage door. You'll pass out in 10 minutes. Then you'll wake up dead and realize you still exist, just without a body.
11 Jul 2003 shyann i dont see why anyone would try to kill themself if they're under 13. i'm almost 17 and trust me when i say shit can get better trust me. i've slit my wrists and all that shit before but i look back on it now like i was such a dumb ass! keep yo head up!
11 Jul 2003 Rosanna If you really think about it there is no best way to kill yourself. Because in killing yourself you would ruin your future that can change your life. You need to quit being childish and live to see what the future holds for you. God has a much better future for you if you let him into your life and quit thinking negative thoughts.Things that happen bad in your life are for reasons to make you stronger in the lord. so just think about what your talking about.
11 Jul 2003 Rosanna There is no best way to kill yourself when your under 13. Because no matter what there is no future. So your beter off just trying to change your mind about killing yourself. God has better plans for you in the future.
10 Jul 2003 W S i really wish i had the guts to kill myself. it would have to be quick, cos id hate to suffer. athough, having said that, i would deserve the suffering!!!! i wish i knew someone with a gun...........
09 Jul 2003 will hi gay punk. well, i made a mistake with the registration papers of my old car i sold. when it goes to court, i will have a huge fine and possibly imprisonment. makes me suicidal thinkin about it......
09 Jul 2003 gabi hauke enhale water constantly
09 Jul 2003 W S perhaps if we all killed ourselves, the world would be a peaceful place. well, it would be without me, because truthfully, no one would miss me. and im being honest now. why was i not born dead like my brother? well, i was born to suffer. in punishment for my sins. im gay, i got CMT, a muscle wasting condition. i was given this for being evil in a former life. i let people down all the time. sorry everyone...
08 Jul 2003 Felicia had a breast implant done. You know, I was always wondering about Lucy Cortina and Billy the Freak. I read all of Lucy's posts. Then I read Billy's. Yes, Madame Lucy, I am but nosey rather than big busted and I'm one of your greatest admirers who wished to have replicas of your wondrous casabas.

One night I was looking at the SPICE channel for a good hour. I analyzed it and realized that all these entertainers had breasts enlargements the size of cantaloupes with marshmallow-like qualities. Most of the girls were lesbians I suppose, so if I stared long enough, no doubt, I think I might be lesbian; However, I like men at the same time, especially the ones with effeminate qualities like Clay Aiken of American Idol. (Sorry Clay, you kind of stick out like Barry Manillow in the crowd. But I bought the front cover of you for the Rolling Stone. I still love you though.)

Well anyways, one day, I took a trip to a breast surgeon. Paperwork had to get filled out and I was wondering if I had insurance coverage for extensive cosmetic surgery. In the charts, I was advised if the surgeon can suck out the fat from my tummy and stick it in my chest or use that silicone stuff that Demi Moore and Carmen Elektra uses. I decided to go for the works. In a display case, I saw the silicone models and picked up each one to feel the texture. One felt cushy like a slipper sea urchin. It wiggled like jello and it slid out of my hand into the plastic case. The second one felt like a sandwich bag filled with silly putty. It just felt so artificial and pokey. The third one felt like a silk glove, so I chose that one. It balanced so perfectly in place. After my selection, the doctor got a marking pen and placed circles and lines all over my upper chest, and I was given chart diagrams for particular breast sizes. Staring in the mirror for a long amount of time, I looked like the directional chart for a football game strategy itinerary.

That final day came when the anesthesiologist put the triangular orifice over my teeny flat nose and mouth. Under my hospital gown, my boobs were covered. A breathing respirator was to my left, and a needle was placed in my right arm. The anesthesiologist directed me to count from 100 backwards. I did.
100...99...98....(my head started buzzing and everybody sounded like children on helium.)

(Then lights out.)

I slightly woke up again and felt my head circling from nausea. There was Lucy Cortina standing before me in doctor garb. OMIGAWD!!! She's a doctor. She took her doctor hat and facemask off and whispered in a sweet voice;

"Now Felicia. Abracadabra! You now have wondrous casabas!"

An hour later, I was then wheeled to the recovery room to have relief from the surgery. Three weeks later it was time to have the stitches removed. Bandages were still in place and lights all pointed to my chest. Dr. Cortina removed the bandages and removed the stitches, and later I stared into the mirror. My mouth flew open wide.

- to be continued till next week.
08 Jul 2003 in need of a way out i just dont know what to do, i screwed my own life up so bad. im sick of hearing other people whine about how they life sucks and its not their fault cause they can do something about it. me, i personally did screw up my own life. i had the best girlfriend, she was amazing, beautiful smart and was to commited to me, you wouldnt believe. after her mom told her she couldnt see me anymore cause she was afraid she was becoming too obsessed with me, she tried to kill herself with an overdose. she almost succeded but i found her in a park she lived nearby. i told her that id always be with her no matter what and that ill always love her. she forced some of the pills up via forcing a vomit. she still had to go to the hospital and ate charcoal for me. that was so scary but i knew that i had someone for the rest of my life. then a few months later i proposed to her. she said yes of course cause she had been asking me for some time when i was gonna propose. i just knew life would be good. then in a few months school started. we ended up going to different schools but still had the same relashionship. these girls that used to be her friends would come up to me and talk to me. i would talk back a little but not much at all. them when i talked online to them i had one of them on my buddy list. then when one of my old friends that was a girl was leaving to go live across country, i was going to have a little farewell for her, so i had another girl over that my girlfriend hated so i didnt tell her. i ended up having her a my house which was a stupid mistake. then my girlfriend found out which i guess i wanted because i dont know if i wouldve told her or not. i told her the reason for her being over and she didnt care which i knew was ok. then after that whole fight a few months later she found out about me talking to her old friends which she knew were sluts and whores. i never wouldve cheated on her NEVER. but she didnt care because she didnt trust them. she got so mad that she called a bunch of people and found out about all the girls i talked to. they were just friends and i wouldve never done anything with them but i dont know if she knows that. i just hate my life. i knew this would probably happen but me and my stupidity brought it upon myself. now were broken up and she keeps saying shes doing everything she can to not be with me. she keeps saying how i never loved her and cheated on her. this sucks because i would never cheat on someone. i was just talking and most of the time the conversations were about her!!! i just need to know some way, anyway that is mostly painless to kill myself because ive been through so much pain and cant take anymore of it. i know that alot of guys would just go find someone else but im not like that. i promised myself and God that i would find one person and one person only to be with and share love with. and i dont want any chance of me breaking that promise. dont make me wait for an answer im going through so much pain and i cant handle it much longer. sure im scared of what will happen but fear is better than suffering everyday without anyone to talk to because i dropped everything in my life for her including all of my friends. please email me.
08 Jul 2003 the gay punk oh PC, it's you again. i thought you were dead. pls find another boyfriend. with a different name. like jason, or brad, or willy wonka, just not derek.
hi, its your favorite faggot again, and your favourite faggot is very depressed right now. it's not even funny. i was happy for the past like two weeks, and now i'm sad again. it was dark outside. i am getting bulkier, though my shirts are too big for me (bad shopping choices). i wanna throw up. are a lot of you my dear mouchette readers if you are too depressed you get depressed with only a simple sad song or the weather or how you look in the mirror and you have no idea why you are the person you are now coz you are too fucking fucked up for a very long time.
i have no fucking idea how i got out of the closet. i have no idea how i started smoking. i have no idea how i got into this self deprecating (i don't even know what that means) state or how this started.
owww. there was someone who just disrespectingly banged the fucking door in my ear. I HATE MY LIFE. what is left to do. or if there is, would i have the guts to just do it.
i went to barrie ike two days ago. it's this town an hour outside toronto. i had to be there to support my cousin's minor league team. but all i really want to do is fuck his straight baseball teammates. anyways in the game the people from barrie are so loud you can say that people from barrie have like annoying alcohol levels. i want to kill them all. and they were all so ugly. it's like you don't want them to take speed coz they'd jump around too much, kind of like you don't want to see courtney love to take her clothes off.
so will how did you get banned from every store in your hood? that sucks. i hate cops. i hate all of them. and judges too.

07 Jul 2003 crystal truthfully, when asked, it's hard for me to come up with direct reasons for wanting to commit suicide. it's a mixture of fear, confusion, rejection, and loneliness. and you all know how that goes. i've always been the type of person that wants to please everyone but it's so goddamned hard to do! and the fear that permanently resides in me can not be explained. it just is. people wonder how i could ever think about killing myself with all i have going for me... i am engaged and have a pretty bright future. but they must remember that i have been diagnosed with clinical depression and sometimes the urge cannot be helped. my fiance worries about me constantly... he's counted pills to make sure that i don't take too many and also locked me in our bedroom at night so that i couldn't leave when he was sleeping. i know i should be glad that he loves me and that i have loving and caring friends and family but i'm so fucking confused. one minute i want something and the next minute i want the exact opposite: example: sometimes i want to marry my fiance asap and sometimes i want to wait a while. and i get mad at him for not knowing what he wants! how can i expect from him what i can't do myself? i am such a goddamned hypocrite. i've attempted suicide twice by OD and i know that if i succeeded it would be again by OD. it seems so easily accessible (esp. with my array of medications) and it goes so fast. if any of you have any words of wisdom, gimme an email. thanks.
07 Jul 2003 Brad Quit whining!!! All of y'all!!! My life is worse than any of you! I am in debt about 3000 dollars, the only girl I have ever truly loved left me for her ex, I'm stuck in a shitty job, I can't find a love as deep as before, MY ex-ex is all over me for attention (but I care for her) so I can't kick her to the curb but I don't want to be with her, my grandpa died, my parents want the money I owe them, my ex-gf is still on a lease with me for 2 more years so I can't move into a new place, I'm stuck living with my parents, I feel like killing myself with the guns my dead grandpa left me, I have little money left, my friends all betrayed me because they hated my ex and I lived with her, and finally, I work 10 hours a day five days a week because my grades suck and I NEED out of debt!!!! This is a reason to kill yourself! Not because of your stupid internet girlfriend won't respond back to you!!!! GROW UP!!!! Am I dead yet??? Well, not yet! And I have worse problems then all of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
07 Jul 2003 Felicia, your daily advisor. One night, my heart was pattering so fast because I thought of this one guy, who I thought, digged me. Then I kept rewinded the thought in my head, the bittersweet words he spoke: " I was just using you for sex." Now just thinking about this would make anyone feel like ending it all. In short, some of you would say, "That's really fucked up! Chuck the bastard!!"

You know that thought...

It's like having a water hose stuck in your left nostril with water pressure on full power. Of course, literally, it would help you wash those awful thoughts away, and actually you would end your life by drowning, which I don't recommend.

Rejection is a daily cycle of life in which we all have to accept. We cannot force anybody to love us any more or any less. If things always happened our way, we would disturb the "natural order" as quoted by our dear old friend, Shakespeare. The world would be utter chaos if things always happened our way. If we tried killing ourselves, we would take life into our own hands, and cause a disturbance in this world.

If you tell yourself that you don't matter, it would be the same as telling me that I don't matter. We have a purpose to this society whether it would be negative or positive.

Don't contemplate that portal to self destruction. Why? Because down the road there may be something in store for you that you will really miss.

...And that would be finding YOU.
07 Jul 2003 becky run in front of mister softy's ice cream truck
07 Jul 2003 molli hello everyone-
it has been along time sense I last filled out one of these forms but even though I have not been responding and shit I am here and I am reading everything that has been written and hope with highest hopes that we live on I know this past weekend I almost pasted away ...... my 14 th birthday is coming up on tuesday and I can't believe I made it this far and I thought I would never see 14 ... but this rate I am hoping I will make it to 16... slowly I can feel my depression trying to take me slowly and kill me but it is slowly working even though I am fighting I have been throwing up the little that has been in my stomach and I haven't really been eating and every time I try to eat it just comes back up even when I don't want it to..... my life with my friends and family is getting better but I can't live with a fake smile on my face asking questions that only the loved ones can answer.... I hate me and my depression so much that it doesn't matter what they think any more or how the treat me.... so I am now "saying good-bye to hollywood... I am going to hell, who's coming with me?" but before I go will some one answer this for me.... How can I love others more then I love myself? How did they find the me myself can't find it?
07 Jul 2003 perverts should all be KILLED I have been hurting inside for 2 yrs now. i was abused by my best friend's dad. i felt worthless and he told me it was my fault, he took something so precious away for me so i felt i didnt want to go on. on christmas day i took 20 pills and then cut my wrists i dont know how i managed to survive but i did. so for months i cut myself it felt like the pain from my arms took the pain away form me hurting inside then i started college and met my boyfriend and everything got better, then last night happened i had my drink spiked and my uncle took advantage of me and blacked out so i dont know what happened but my boyfiend walked in and saw it now were not talking so now my arms are bleeding again and i have no pills left i fucking took then if u hadnt guessed already they lighting doesnt stik twice well i it does. TO ALL THE GIRLS OUT THERE BE CAREFUL ITS A BIG BAD WORLD OUT. AS THE PERVERT SAID TO ME LIFE IS LIKE A BED OF ROSES JUST MIND OUT FOR THE PRICKS! he said that just b4 he abused me
06 Jul 2003 will had the worst day in my life. i may have to go to court. and i was told i will be banned from every shop where i live. so im frightened and sad
05 Jul 2003 P C I'm only posting this 'in case'. I'm going to overdose on my meds soon. I am 100% sure that it wont kill me. But if it does, well, ....
I am posting this in case.
Derek, I love you more than anything else in this world. I'm doing this to get help so that we can have a great future together. If this doesnt work....
well, ..I'm evil.
I would never do this if I wasnt so certain that it wont kill me.
I love you sweetie.
05 Jul 2003 Tempest Smith What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?
Copy and paste the link for a story about a 12 year old who used a scarf to hang herself from her bunkbed in 2001. She was driven to suicide by the relentless bullying received from classmates who found her unacceptable because of her Wiccan beliefs and her style of dress. The article says she was kept alive on life support long enough to harvest 50 of her organs for donations.

RIP Tempest

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