Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
17 Aug 2003 skippy Ya'll are some sick mother-fuckers. GO get a life. You buncha' dumb bitches. Fuck all of ya'll fuckin' fuckers.
15 Aug 2003 Fed Up Frieda The world has come to a halt and my laptop is running on solar batteries. The phone lines are still working, and the folks in New York are complaining about the power outtages. I keep thinking to myself with all this new technology coming to progress, we still can't figure why things are still coming to a standstill when the lights are out. Does Solar Energy ever come to mind? There are so much of these kits out there that are hardly ever utilized. Somebody out there, make your own Solar kit for God's sake?!!!
14 Aug 2003 victor drinking liters and liters of whisky (intoxication with alcohol)
14 Aug 2003 Deadrosedecay Well, im 14, pretty damn close. I have tried committing suicide about 3 times, each with heavy sleeping pill, anixety pills, and such. DON'T do it with pills. 9 times outta 10 it will not work. My next attempt will be the old slash my wrist one. Or maybe jump off a bridge. Or even better! Jump outta an air plane without a parachute. Have fun, i know i will. ;(
14 Aug 2003 sol smelling gas i think, also you can eat crushed glass
12 Aug 2003 morgan razor blades
12 Aug 2003 steve the best way to kill yourself when under 13 is to first have your parents hate you and blame everything on you even stuff that happens when you're not there. get a rope and go to your back yard and hang yourself on a tree or overdose or pills cut your wrists or neck if you want the most painful death stab yourself in the stomach or just jump off a bridge. these are all the ways i wanted to die and include the phrase in your note i hate you all you have all caused this i wish you nothing but pain and suffering
11 Aug 2003 MAGICA A KNIFE
11 Aug 2003 ly pills and alcohol..... very nice.... and painless
10 Aug 2003 camp gordon Mouchette, when u say, '*bisou*', do u mean ur a bisouxual?
10 Aug 2003 jesse go tanning until your sunburn blisters and get melanoma when you're 45. a very subtle idea for of suicide that will pass as a death by natural causes so you can be buried next to your mother.
09 Aug 2003 the gay punk hi it's me again.

oh shit, why am i writing this? most peole might read it until 2 weeks or something, then it's like buried in page 3 or something. but i know you all love me. if you don't i'll scour the world for you and kill you since whoever hates me and writes here is suicidal him/herself.

anyways my sister thinks i'm a porn addict now. and i'm like what? and she's like you're watch it all day. and i, like that's impossible since there is no porn at 2 in the afternoon and we don't have a vcr and since we live in canada, no penis is shown until like 9 in the evening. and the only "porn they show in daytime tv is exercise infomercials and soap, which shows no dick

i hate her. life sucks
09 Aug 2003 bloodymary Dear mouchette,
Well, thank you for putting me at the top of your list. Feel free to email me. I realize now, by wishing I was dead, that it was the greatest thing i ever did. It's a very hard choice. Live and suffer, or die and suffer no more. I never quite knew the meaning of life, because I was tortured so badly. But, some may think, that you die and burn in hell, but you don't, you just sit and think. that's all, you think about your life.
09 Aug 2003 molli life is really confusing a part if me loves it and wants to live yet the other wants to be through with is and give up so what is really keeping me here what is keeping any of us here? honestly I don't know and i wonder if any of us know...
being on this site and knowing i am not the only one out there makes me feel good sometimes and being able to communicate with some of u helps too..
09 Aug 2003 will snow hi everyone. well, the time this gets posted, i should be sleeping permanently. im sorry if im alarming people. thanks gay punk:) but sorry for letting you down. take good care. byeeeeee
07 Aug 2003 Magica Take a knife and cut yourself
07 Aug 2003 the darling-

forget about so-called sin and guilt and anyone else's god and the temporary (though seemingly eternal) pains of life and the numbing, lulling pull of comforting, unchallenging negativity and self-pity, remember every time you've ever felt like smiling without even knowing why... and the fact that you have experienced (relatively speaking) NOTHING yet- and it ain't all bad- swear. (and i have had some CRAP to deal with- the least of which i can give you a sense of in a quick letter)
my only sister just got diagnosed with m.s. last year; this year her husband with prostate cancer; we lost our mom when we were, respectively, 7 & 8 years old; our dad was an alcoholic with a bad attitude (to say the least) who married the step-bitch from hell; i've been raped left by an abusive husband after ten years of marriage and will never have children which i've wanted my whole life; i have no job; no money and my honey lives three thousand miles away.
he called me (just a few minutes ago) and told me our friend's sister (35 years old and beautiful and smart and obsiously very unhappy) killed herself a couple of days ago. not THOUGHT about killing herself. not TALKED about WANTING to kill herself... she is G O N E.
no goodbyes. no chatting. she will not be able to consider any options of any kind in the future. there is no future for her. nor for her 4-year old daughter in terms of a mommy.
if i may call you 'darling' again (i mean no condescending or patronizing address- i just feel so like i want you to feel love- it is out here- all over- however hard to find sometimes) you need to find a person to talk to- and you need to allow yourself to listen to them too. you're here.
my sister, who i treasure more and more every day- and who has shared more of herself since her illness than since we were YOUR age (ok- that sounded condescending- but it isn't- swear!) is HERE (and i bet her kids are glad- i KNOW i am). and however scary and uncertain her future- she still has choices- about her health and who she loves and who she can be loved by and what she sees and feels and tastes.
hell- you have no IDEA what you are trading in this reality for now do you? no CLUE! (no one does- not einstein- not gandhi- NO one!) so what's your rush?
if you just need someone to talk to, you can certainly e-mail me- i will do the best i can to tell you what i think you may be pissing away- though i promise you this- i don't have any answers about how painful and unfair and lonely and difficult things can be at times...
but i bet you have someone in your life you just aren't giving a chance to. but seriously- if you feel you don't have anyone who gets it- i will try to tell you best i can why i think you're being a mush and should hang in there.

i DO know what the alternative is: when my friends have 'checked out' (and i have lost a few- and miss them every day- and are pretty mad at them still for leaving ME!) they are GONE. bye bye. forever. no recall. and not a ONE has checked in to say things are better on the 'other side' whatever that may or may not be.
so i just suggest hanging in there, lame as it sounds.
it's work.
sorry honey- no smooth ride- no angels offering a lap and cotton candy- but i promise you- there's some pretty cool stuff ahead- if you have the guts... (and i pretty much guarantee loads of hugs if you know how to ask for, and GIVE them... hugs can be better than ANYTHING- from the right people)
and there's art and travel and great new foods and kisses and eventually (took me a long time) feeling SAFE and making OTHER people feel good and music and so many things you wouldn't believe it!!! (and i have NO reason to lie) NONE.

so- you can write me here if you want- but i promise you this- you are going to have to make the choice and do the work and have the backbone to get through what's making you so sad. no one else can do that- but lots of people will be around for you if you DO.
(and just ot show you how crazy a world i KNOW this is: i'm no fool either- if this is a scam or a sham and you write me- i'll make you wish you never learned how to SPELL).

but seriously, if not- and you have a problem, i send you hugs and you can write if any of this made any sense and helped at all.

love yourself first- the rest follows.
06 Aug 2003 Jade place fishing wire around your throat and pull quick and hard
06 Aug 2003 staurblindur Windows & a way out - out of my mind - mind the step - step lively now - now is the time - time flies when it's all blues and grey - grey skies threaten - threaten and barter - barter your soul - soul sucked dry - dry and high - high maintenance - maintenance free - free forms - forms shape - shape ship - ship slitting - slitting torn - torn shades - shades of windows - windows & a way out
06 Aug 2003 drake (jackie packie) jumpin in front of a nice car and getting hit!!

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