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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Jul 2003 molli hello everyone-
it has been along time sense I last filled out one of these forms but even though I have not been responding and shit I am here and I am reading everything that has been written and hope with highest hopes that we live on I know this past weekend I almost pasted away ...... my 14 th birthday is coming up on tuesday and I can't believe I made it this far and I thought I would never see 14 ... but this rate I am hoping I will make it to 16... slowly I can feel my depression trying to take me slowly and kill me but it is slowly working even though I am fighting I have been throwing up the little that has been in my stomach and I haven't really been eating and every time I try to eat it just comes back up even when I don't want it to..... my life with my friends and family is getting better but I can't live with a fake smile on my face asking questions that only the loved ones can answer.... I hate me and my depression so much that it doesn't matter what they think any more or how the treat me.... so I am now "saying good-bye to hollywood... I am going to hell, who's coming with me?" but before I go will some one answer this for me.... How can I love others more then I love myself? How did they find the me myself can't find it?
07 Jul 2003 perverts should all be KILLED I have been hurting inside for 2 yrs now. i was abused by my best friend's dad. i felt worthless and he told me it was my fault, he took something so precious away for me so i felt i didnt want to go on. on christmas day i took 20 pills and then cut my wrists i dont know how i managed to survive but i did. so for months i cut myself it felt like the pain from my arms took the pain away form me hurting inside then i started college and met my boyfriend and everything got better, then last night happened i had my drink spiked and my uncle took advantage of me and blacked out so i dont know what happened but my boyfiend walked in and saw it now were not talking so now my arms are bleeding again and i have no pills left i fucking took then if u hadnt guessed already they lighting doesnt stik twice well i it does. TO ALL THE GIRLS OUT THERE BE CAREFUL ITS A BIG BAD WORLD OUT. AS THE PERVERT SAID TO ME LIFE IS LIKE A BED OF ROSES JUST MIND OUT FOR THE PRICKS! he said that just b4 he abused me
06 Jul 2003 will had the worst day in my life. i may have to go to court. and i was told i will be banned from every shop where i live. so im frightened and sad
05 Jul 2003 P C I'm only posting this 'in case'. I'm going to overdose on my meds soon. I am 100% sure that it wont kill me. But if it does, well, ....
I am posting this in case.
Derek, I love you more than anything else in this world. I'm doing this to get help so that we can have a great future together. If this doesnt work....
well, ..I'm evil.
I would never do this if I wasnt so certain that it wont kill me.
I love you sweetie.
05 Jul 2003 Tempest Smith What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?
Copy and paste the link for a story about a 12 year old who used a scarf to hang herself from her bunkbed in 2001. She was driven to suicide by the relentless bullying received from classmates who found her unacceptable because of her Wiccan beliefs and her style of dress. The article says she was kept alive on life support long enough to harvest 50 of her organs for donations.

RIP Tempest
05 Jul 2003 will thanks gay punk. i havent had fun for years, let alone gay fun. i lark about sometimes, which lands me in trouble. i went to a vicars party tonite. that was fun, NOT. apart from booze. hmmm, that landed me in trouble last time, but it was great being pissed.......hic.......
05 Jul 2003 Jason Ok, first of all, eat breakfast, watch your favorite TV show (cartoon programs) and go to the arcade during the afternoon. Talk with your friends and family during the supper and during the night, take a knife and cut your neck. Your will be dead in a few seconds (but you will probably pass the best day in your young life)... but don't try it. A guy who read an article about the suicide japanese pact.
04 Jul 2003 basti take sleeping pills!
04 Jul 2003 Josef i don't want you to kill yourselves. i tried and found out that i am such an important person.

i really gave all my efforts toward ending my life and i realized at the end of a tiring day of failed hang attempts that it's just not my right or within my power to stop the breathing of such a precious creature as me.

i've been in a psych ward all week (that's where you end up if your suicide attempts fail and you really meant to do it). while there i brought joy to at least five people including an elderly man that said i reminded him of himself when he was young. he wanted to end his life and so we met there. now that i've been released and convinced all the doctors that i can "commit to safety" and ask for help if suicidal thoughts recur; i am going to help the elderly man i met with all of his problems. they seem so trivial compared to mine and the mere suggestion that i'm there for him makes him want to live.

i was wrong, friends! life is precious and i'm sorry i had to wait so long to find that out. i'm sorry i had to break ropes and wood with my neck all day to find inner strength and to find proof that i'm worthwhile.

help someone that wants to die, see if you still want to die yourself.
03 Jul 2003 Gina walk out in the middle of the road into oncoming speeding traffic.
03 Jul 2003 Lucy Cortina For some reason there are a lot of wobblers in the town where I go to college.. I think it must be a special fat town, like when they have special beaches for people who like to go nude etc.
Not that I'm complaining.. life could be worse.
03 Jul 2003 Juliette C'est une idée stupide. Il faut le prendre au second degré non ? Comment peut on avoir de telles idées à cet âge. Manger des gateaux... toute la journée.
03 Jul 2003 will hmmm, no such luck phil. my other half swallowed lime scale remover today! she thought it was lemonade, duhh. even im not that stupid. well, most of the time im not. believe that and you'll believe anything lol.
02 Jul 2003 Cheryl Just pretend you already have. Every method that you think up - see yourself there in whatever state it is that the method of killing yourself has left you. Perhaps it will be like the young man across the street, who blew half of his skull away, then left himself for his little sister to find. See your mother like I saw his mother, crumpled in the grass and nearly out of her mind with grief. These people will live with what he did to them for the rest of their lives. I live across the street, and the young man and my son used to be friends when they were younger. He would spend the night at my house, and I can still see his little face, peacefully asleep on my couch -- I would cover his feet with another blanket, because his feet were always uncovered. I remember his life and energy, and it is hard to know that, if he'd just waited another day, week, month - waited for the pain to pass - he would still be here. His suicide, though I am just another Mom across the street, triggered my depression that has lasted for three years. I cried for a year, every night, for him. No one would ever guess that I would do that, and no one ever knew.

I am 50 years old, and I have two sons. Knowing about depression, I have considered teaching a child about it as important as anything else. I told my sons that no matter what has happened, and no matter how horrible you feel about yourself, the pain WILL pass. All of you here need to know that depression is a chemical imbalance. Many of you describe an unfounded depression - life is good, but you feel so badly about yourself, and all you want to do is escape through death. Many of you do not have a good life, but instead you have to contend with abusive parents, or illness, or failure in school. I hear some of you say you are stupid, yet you write with intelligence. Failing in school can come about simply because depression makes you not want to do anything, and especially studying. Depression interferes with concentration, so you can try to study, but you read it over and over because it doesn't sink in.

These conditions have names. They can be depression, bipolar depression, schizophrenia complicated by depression, obsessive/compulsive disorder complicated by depression, ADD or ADHD complicated by depression. Underneath your illnesses, the real you exists - the person who can feel contentment, not give a damn what anyone else thinks, feel joy, look in the mirror and see a wonderful image - whether beautiful or not - a unique and beautiful creation. You are all here for a purpose, and your purpose may or may not be made clear in the next few years, but if you seek it it will find you.

One of the worst things about being young is being self-conscious. You feel that everyone is looking at you and thinking bad things about you. Guess what? They're thinking about themselves about 99% of the time. When you come to this realization, you will be free. When I was young and in school, and the teacher would call on me, tears would start running down my face, it was so painful. I barely talked, I was so shy and thinking people did not like me. I thought I was disgusting and not worth anything. Now I look back at the girl I was and cannot imagine how I thought I was ugly and worthless. What a waste of my young life!! I mourn for the child I was, because I never got to be a child. Now when I hear the young people here saying they are worthless, ugly, stupid - it is gut-wrenching for me, and I mourn for your lost young life. When you say you are already dead, or that you may as well be dead, maybe you are expressing what I just said. Your life is lost, because you cannot feel joy and excitement and just peace.

School is hard for some of you, and a bad grade on a test can feel as if it is a life-ending matter. I made straight A's in school, and I did it when nobody cared or noticed. It was my obsession, being smart. But as soon as I was out of school, there was no way to tell whether I had done well or badly. No matter what your grades are, just try as hard as you can to improve them to get through it. Just get through it, and then get through college or junior college or trade school. When you are an adult, there is no way to tell whether you made good grades or bad in school. Now, they matter if you want to get into a particular college, but even if you can't, did you know you can start all over in junior college, make some good grades and go on from there? You may have people around you telling you it is the end of the world if your grades aren't good, but I'm here to tell you it is not. Bill Gates was a terrible college student, from what I read, and he dropped out. Later, he finished his degree, but only a couple of years ago. But you DO need an education in this world today to be able to show somebody a piece of paper that says you can make a decent wage. Year in technical school - whatever. So what if you don't go to Princeton? You will join the 99.9999% of us out here that didn't either!! So lighten up on yourselves about school. Do what you need to do to get through it as best you can. Nobody's keeping score after you're out. If you have trouble reading, take yourselves or insist that somebody take you to reading help - adult education center. My son, volunteering, helped a boy who could not read, 12 years old, read like a pro in 6 weeks. Whatever your problem, it is not a mountain - just a little hill to get over. There is a solution to every problem.

Please, please live. I cannot see your faces, but I know they are beautiful. Everyone is unique and beautiful. Just for today, take yourself out of yourself for just a while. Go for a walk or a run. Go somewhere isolated and scream. Then sit quietly, close your eyes, and ask for peace. Peace may be death, but we don't really know, do we? But peace in your mind, and contentment in your soul, you can bring about. I know. I was raised by one of the most abusive people on the face of this earth, and daily I was told I was all the names you choose to call yourselves that are so ugly and hurtful. My mother once sat on the edge of my bed and told me that one of these nights, she would come and slit my throat and enjoy doing it. I lived in hell, but I made it out of that hell, doing whatever I could do just to get through. I thought I was the lowest form of life on earth - after all, who is lower than someone whose own mother cannot love them? Now I know she was ill, and I'm so glad I didn't let her make me kill myself. I found love, had two boys who are so wonderful it hurts. I grew up to make two young men know they were loved every second of every day, and I was a great mother to them. They will tell anyone that. My husband is crazy about me. I know I'm OK. But I used to be like you, and feel the way you do. Still I am bothered by depression when something goes wrong, and everything is going wrong right now. Suicide is not an option. Why? My life's purpose was to love people, and that's maybe why I was denied love as a child. See, a reason for everything. We are here to learn, and some of us have harder lessons, but we are the lucky ones. Without knowing pain, knowing joy is just so much more exquisite. All the hard lessons just make us more grateful for the good when it comes. And it WILL come, I promise you.

As corny as it sounds, God really does love you. I think when you cry, God cries, and you can't destroy His creation. Care about Him, if you can't care about yourselves for a while. There is medication for you, and if you get a medication that makes you feel like a zombie, open your mouth and tell your parents or the doctor that you want to try another one. One of my neighbors told me that she takes Zoloft for her depression, and that she'd probably have to take it the rest of her life. I nearly fell down, it was such a shock, because a happier and more enthusiastic person you never met.

Say this:

The light of God surrounds me.
The love of God enfolds me.
The power of God protects me.
The presence of God watches
over me.
Wherever I am, God is, and all is

I am sending my love to all of you now. Please live. Just tell yourselves that killing yourselves is not an option. And it isn't. It is not an option because you won't do that to those you love. It is not an option because you have no idea what happens after you die. What if you will be doomed to repeat the worst parts of your life for eternity? Could be - I don't know, and neither do you. If you don't believe in an afterlife, just know that there are few deathbed atheists. I don't believe in Hell as some fiery torture chamber, but I believe it could be separation from God. Live your lives and work at getting better, and tell people you need some help. That is your first step toward becoming a healthy and happy person. You can do it, and you do not know if it is right around the corner that you will feel like you wish you had 200 years to live. Some days will feel that way, and others not so good. It is the human condition. It is true that suicide is a permanent answer to a temporary problem. I care that you live a good, long life.

Be here tomorrow.
02 Jul 2003 the gay punk hi, this is for will

honey, no i am not trying to make you jealous, but PRIDE WAS SO MUCH FUCKING FUN LAST SATURDAY.

holy shit. i got drunk, i had a date with a drag queen, i got my best friend laid, i gave this really sexy dude who was the doorguy from black eagle a nice blowjob (i.e. he was groaning like he was in heaven) and many more. it was a glorious time. will honey, i want you to have the best gay fun in your gay life, since i am gay, i want you to have gay fun too, like

1) hook up with a drag queen, like me
2) get yourself/ your best friend laid
3) in your situational problem of white trash bible thumpers who won't leave your faggot self alone, burn their bible and do other sacrilegious things.

and then always, we can always go back to the dilemma that a lot of gaykids face: suicide

trust me, I WANT TO DIE, I REALLY WANT TO DIE. i have a lot of problems, my dad won't stop at nothing to erase my state of homosexuality, i ask the wrong people for commitment or sex... i have talked about this for such the LONGEST TIME. life sucks for the both of us. i know. but just don't look at the negative side for a minute.

and another message to Roo and other suicidals:

please, if you're gonna "kill yourself" but you are talking about your boyfriend/girlfriend as reasons to hold on to but you can't handle it anymore yada yada yada, isn't it justification enough to live if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend tong on to.

guys, out of everyone in this site, you make me sick. you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. here's what you do: take away that string/rope/pills in your hand, run away some place where you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are left alone, and fuck him/her like there is no tomorrow. at least you have someone to fuck, not like me. i have to go to some parkette/sauna to find sex and have chance to be victim of a hate crime.

alas, i must get the fuck out of here, fuck a guy, and kill myself if i had the mood

the gay punk

p.s. where's just a girl, are you still alive? please be still alive
02 Jul 2003 Phil when someone helps u Will, give me a bell... I wanna die too..
02 Jul 2003 Lin I would wait until my parents weren't home, find a steak knife, and stab it in my head. Nice little surprise when mommy gets home.
02 Jul 2003 artie pills while driving a forklift
02 Jul 2003 Jo i have come to this site regularly over a few years, reading everyone's opinions and writing some of my own. I have realised many things during these few short years. life is full of pain, no matter where you go or what you do you will get hurt, you will suffer. We live in a corrupt world. i do not condemn anyone who wants to get out, i have tried several times, staying in this world can destroy your soul. But there comes a point where you accept your predicament and you learn to live in this meaningless existence. Such is my life, though there are the times where the carnal mind takes over and i can exhilarate in the pain it brings. Bleeding is my temporary escape from this hell where i and most of you are ultimately condemned to stay.
02 Jul 2003 Bear Anybody from San Antonio, Texas? If you are, I need to talk to you. Please.

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