Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Jul 2003 brody after readin my last entry i realised that i shouldn't be giving other people ideas and dwelling in my own self pity. you don't need to hear that i really don't think any of you should go that far. every1 feels worthless but i've finally realised that life can be so much better if u actually seek help from ur parents ect...
30 Jul 2003 katta cuando yo tenia 12 años queria matarme, no solo morir. habia en el suicidio un rito importante que coronaria mi muerte. para este cometido, busque en el botiquin de mi casa todas las pastillas que habian e hice un batido con estas y jugo de piña. luego lo tome y me acoste. desperte horas despues, nadie en mi casa habia notado que estuve ausente por tanto tiempo, desperte con un terrible dolor de cabeza y por spuesto no estaba muerta. tenia verguenza de mi ineptitud, dentro de las pastillas no habia mucho que pudiera matarne: un par de aspirinas. lo demas eran vitaminas, antibioticos, analgesicos, desinflamatorios, etc. para sucidarse cin medicamentos hay que tener ciertos conococimientos de medicina que yo no tenia y claro, menos romanticismo
30 Jul 2003   My dear girl, what is it all about? You have so much ahead of you. You have a wonderful life to live, for God's sake. Please talk to someone, Samaritans, your doctor, best friend, but please get help. Does your family know what you are going through?
I suspect your site is there to shock, and I can only hope that you are not sick enough to put a site on the internet to do that. But if you are serious, GET HELP. You poor kid.
30 Jul 2003 barry hienz tie a dog to your throat or a boulder with cord and chuck it out the window
30 Jul 2003 will Lisa, im not young. im pretty damn old, and still find it hard.
30 Jul 2003 freeze knight jumping
30 Jul 2003 will I feel like getting soooo drunk, and then connecting the vacuum hose to the exhaust pipe of my car. i bought some percel tape the other day. i can then lay in my car, and fall asleep forever:)
30 Jul 2003 father smashing your blackspots and swimming into the yellow purulent sea of pus emerging from your damned self esteem
29 Jul 2003 the gay punk bloody mary you're cool i can't believe i did not come up with that can i have you're email. (am i turning bisexual? scandalous)

and yeah my brains might be splattered in some sidewalk near a high rise building. if you live in toronto and see my splattered brains, well check if there's come on it
29 Jul 2003 Fuck off first of all you will need a garbage bag and alot of strong smelly glue. Fill the bag with the glue and then cover your face with the bag and goto sleep.. you may experience light headed.
29 Jul 2003   The best way is to wait. If boredom doesn't kill you there are a lot of thing will do, pollution, transgenics, Bush, drugs, cars, planes, killer bees... just wait...
29 Jul 2003 ulytia so this is darwin at his best!
i think we've all been genetically bred to weakness and many people need to die: the ones who would not survive in nature - like me. it's unnatural that we be alive and we know it, whether it be bad eyesight or something else altogether. i would like to kill myself but have thus far been too fucking cowardly.
i say - wander out into the snow naked and take a nap. this sounds like one of the most pleasant and interesting ways to die (cuz of the hallucinations and lack of pain)
but i live in texas now (which is probably WHY i want to die) and there is never any snow here. ever.
29 Jul 2003 crystal play dr. and prescribe as much medecine as you can to yourself and take it all at once
29 Jul 2003 molli O thank god yur still alive Just a girl I was worried there for a while... gay punk- u were right she was still alive wow hope might have done somehting...
but ya my life is getting more fucked up and I wish my parents would just split. they were fighting again today and again today... and also I had a heart attack today only a minor one but when it was over I ended up coughing up blood... now I find myself fighting to live for others I will never be able to live to keep myself happy .... but to make others happy...I don't want to die now but at the same time want to escape the pain and I have lost so much weight .. I am very sick right now and confused ... and just need some ppl to talk to ....
28 Jul 2003 Satan Find your daddy's gun, and use it. Stop whining to everybody that you want to do it, just go 4 it. Nobody cares anyway!
27 Jul 2003 Lisa I would just like to know why you all think that what you are going through is never going to pass. Surely there is someone you can turn to, a teacher, an aunty an uncle.... SOMEONE!

Someone must care enough about you to at least listen to your reasons - not necessarily try to talk you out of it, just perhaps offer another way of looking at things. Death is forever and you don't know what next month, next year, 5 years holds for you. You are all so young - you haven't lived long enough to check out yet.

Please try to find some help in coping.
27 Jul 2003 rachel i am 13 and i plan on standing on top of my school. on the edge of the roof and shooting myself. at lunch. when everyone's out there. hopefully i will fall forwards and land on somebody. that would be cool.
26 Jul 2003 bloodymary Hello. My name is Mary, and I am dead. I have been dead for two hundred and twenty years. One day, i was wishing that i would die, just to see what people would think. But... I got my wish. Later on that night, i was killed by a horrible monster, and now, that monster is my husband. The devil killed me, and if you do what I did, he will get you too. Best wishes to you and your suicide.
26 Jul 2003 Jen Hmm Well my best way is to overdose on anti-depression pills, slice your damn throat, and slip into the tub and the slice your wrist with your arm hanging out of the tub so that your blood drips to the floor...0_o *taste my blood*
26 Jul 2003 vicky Life is meant to be finished
I want some help only way to come out my miseries is to kill myself. I am dying inside with no one to speak to. 3 years back i came to know that my wife, whom i loved so much was having an affair with my cousin that son of bitch bastard mother fucker i wanted to kill that bastard and that bitch also
why it had to happen with me
she claims she is innocent and that bastard got after her
but i know she is lying
I wanna go and finish myself

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