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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
02 Jul 2003 the gay punk hi, this is for will

honey, no i am not trying to make you jealous, but PRIDE WAS SO MUCH FUCKING FUN LAST SATURDAY.

holy shit. i got drunk, i had a date with a drag queen, i got my best friend laid, i gave this really sexy dude who was the doorguy from black eagle a nice blowjob (i.e. he was groaning like he was in heaven) and many more. it was a glorious time. will honey, i want you to have the best gay fun in your gay life, since i am gay, i want you to have gay fun too, like

1) hook up with a drag queen, like me
2) get yourself/ your best friend laid
3) in your situational problem of white trash bible thumpers who won't leave your faggot self alone, burn their bible and do other sacrilegious things.

and then always, we can always go back to the dilemma that a lot of gaykids face: suicide

trust me, I WANT TO DIE, I REALLY WANT TO DIE. i have a lot of problems, my dad won't stop at nothing to erase my state of homosexuality, i ask the wrong people for commitment or sex... i have talked about this for such the LONGEST TIME. life sucks for the both of us. i know. but just don't look at the negative side for a minute.

and another message to Roo and other suicidals:

please, if you're gonna "kill yourself" but you are talking about your boyfriend/girlfriend as reasons to hold on to but you can't handle it anymore yada yada yada, isn't it justification enough to live if you have a boyfriend/girlfriend tong on to.

guys, out of everyone in this site, you make me sick. you have a boyfriend/girlfriend. here's what you do: take away that string/rope/pills in your hand, run away some place where you and your boyfriend/girlfriend are left alone, and fuck him/her like there is no tomorrow. at least you have someone to fuck, not like me. i have to go to some parkette/sauna to find sex and have chance to be victim of a hate crime.

alas, i must get the fuck out of here, fuck a guy, and kill myself if i had the mood

the gay punk

p.s. where's just a girl, are you still alive? please be still alive
02 Jul 2003 Phil when someone helps u Will, give me a bell... I wanna die too..
02 Jul 2003 Lin I would wait until my parents weren't home, find a steak knife, and stab it in my head. Nice little surprise when mommy gets home.
02 Jul 2003 artie pills while driving a forklift
02 Jul 2003 Jo i have come to this site regularly over a few years, reading everyone's opinions and writing some of my own. I have realised many things during these few short years. life is full of pain, no matter where you go or what you do you will get hurt, you will suffer. We live in a corrupt world. i do not condemn anyone who wants to get out, i have tried several times, staying in this world can destroy your soul. But there comes a point where you accept your predicament and you learn to live in this meaningless existence. Such is my life, though there are the times where the carnal mind takes over and i can exhilarate in the pain it brings. Bleeding is my temporary escape from this hell where i and most of you are ultimately condemned to stay.
02 Jul 2003 Bear Anybody from San Antonio, Texas? If you are, I need to talk to you. Please.
01 Jul 2003 mollz well since im thinking about killing myself id have to say hanging slitting ur wrist or suicide bomb
01 Jul 2003 lonley gurl well kids under 13 are more depressed than adults. we get like that because when our parents are depressed they take shit out on us kids. so u find yourself 13 feeling lonely and sad like the world is on your shoulders. it suckz to be a kid. nobody listens to you, it's like you're not even there. so police find kids killing themselves. but i say you can always find 1 thing to stay alive. if you just want to feel lots of pain but don't want to kill yourself just cut your wrist. but if you want to die....... i have nothing to say there are many wayz but it is not worth it . i know all i do is cut my wrist and my arm when i feel like shit. but i alwayz find a reason not to shoot myself
01 Jul 2003 ???? i will be dead soon, yay:)
30 Jun 2003 will snow can someone help me. i wanna die.......
30 Jun 2003 cate decaney i'm 14 and i have had enuf i want to kill myself yesterday my step had hit me cause i had a argument with my mom and now i have just had it i am not looking for attention i hate my life when my step dad was beating me my mom just watched him and did'nt do a wor he hates me and i wish that it was all over so please send me some idea's that are short and sweet not a lot of pain i just want to be out of this world asap
30 Jun 2003 will hmmm, im feelin really depressed again. i hate feelin like this:( i feel as though im sinkin in a hole. its kinda weird, but then i am........
30 Jun 2003 short and sweet 1.become an arsonist
2.during the running of the bulls (in spain) run just in front of the bulls start leaping about and scream at the top of your voice 'IM A PONY!'
3.go on a serious sugar high but make sure you have a knife in your hand and as soon as the sugar gets to you drive the knife right in to your eye sockets.
4.DONT TRY AND SET THE SCHOOL ON FIRE IT DONT WORK! two tubes of toothpaste.
6.brush your teeth with a mach 3 razer
7.if ppl ask why you do it just say 'life goes on, the world goes round, shit happens'
30 Jun 2003 charlene to drink bleach
30 Jun 2003 will aarrghh, im feelin real low again. i look in a mirror and i see my horrible dad. hey, if i was rich, i could have plastic surgery. hmmm, on second thoughts, i might end up looking like Wacko Jacko! gee, im so ugly..........
30 Jun 2003 will oh no, did i see someone mention "GOD". oh please. the worlds problems are always caused by religion. and i have it rammed down my throat. LISTEN UP, god doesnt exist. if he does, why isnt he helping the world. i constantly get told that im goin against the fuckin bible because im gay. urrgh. im goin..........
29 Jun 2003 Ben 37 iron tablets, a few panadol, and a cold and flue tablet wont do the trick. so dont even go there u will just be wasting your time. people dont understand why we want to end our lives and the first thing they ask is why? but that just makes things worse cause we dont want to explain ourselves baecause as much as we are hurting, it hurts more to then start talking about it, then they go and tell there parents who go and tell your school principle, who goes and tells your mentor and then she just has to start asking questions, you would think that if they were your friend then they wouldnt tell since u did ask them not to and they promised. Well i can tell u right now, if my parents find out that i want to die and have tried to commit suicide then i will definitely do it and i dont care if i hurt the 2 friends that i care about most cause at the moment they are the only ones that are keeping me here at this point of time but i hate myself that they know cause i feel that i ruined their lives, and i know that i have hurt them in doing what i have done. the last thing that i wanted to do was hurt them nut i am also sick and tired of being in this world, i dont deserve to be here if i make the 2 people that i care about most hurt well at least i know that his girlfriend hurts, i think that he just cares a lot and thats cool. i guess that as much as i want to die there is still a little bit inside me that isnt ready to leave and i hate that part cause it is the part that makes me keep feeling all this pain inside.
29 Jun 2003 will hi all. im still here im afraid. i get moaned at at home, cos i wear makeup and im gay. because of that, im a freaky creature!!! so i get told by one person. yeh, i shouldnt take any notice, but im too sensitive, always have been and always will be!! c ya.......
28 Jun 2003 Lauryn i dunno but over doses dont wrk!!!! so ar ive taken shit loadsa pills n all it did was make me feel shit!god ma life is fuked mayb its not so bad but i tried 2 kill ma self so much but every time i fink of dis 1 ting i cant do it. is dat sad?
28 Jun 2003 jess hulon put a gun to your head and pull the trigger.
take 74 aspirin and tylenols.
cut you arm 30 times on each arm.
drown yourself.
hang yourself.
run in front of a semi tractor trailer truck.
drink a bottle of bleach
stab yourself
stop eating all together
i think that should be enough ideas to keep you busy

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