Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Sep 2003 Helen Stop eating
Stabb yourself with a kitchen-knife
Run under a car
Blow up your school (if your father is a terrorist that should be no problem)
Take daddys gun, kill your family, then kill yourself, now no one will miss you
Eat your teddy and choke to death
Make your toast in the shower
Burn up a house with you in it

There's so many ways!
30 Sep 2003 RedAlice Some days Michael would wake up crying. His first thoughts would be of God and the emptiness he felt without Her. Those were the darkest days. The days when the pain of Her rejection reached back and formed an alliance with his earliest childhood memories. The God who couldn't love him now and the God who couldn't love him then, working together like a Sino-Soviet monolith lumbering toward total Michael domination. So, bright boy that he was, he worked hard, drank hard, and chased soft women. Anything to forget. Anything to kill the pain. Until his dream came true. Until that amazing day when God came to him and said She had been wrong, that Michael was indeed the man for Her and She wanted them to be together always. Which is when Michael suddenly realized that God was nuttier than rat crap in a pistachio warehouse.
...Michael still wakes up crying.
30 Sep 2003 Felicia in Paradox There’s writers’ popping out everywhere. It's all beginning to make sense to me now. They (the people of this website mind you) should name a different name. Apparently, this site kind of reminds me of high school "Shakespearean" times, when minds were fresh, the young were experimental, and contemplating suicide was only a recreational hobby.
30 Sep 2003 Will2Leanne Thanks. sorry, I cant get here often now, cos someone kindly disconnected my internet. they dont like me talking to any one :( Thanks for your message. Im at a library. Well, I gotta go. Take care folks :)
30 Sep 2003 joe blow i dont know . but i do know that my time has come. i have no choice now but to end it all.. i have nothing left in this world.. i have made my mind up it was a hard choice but now it is made.. goodbye world ..ill never see my mother again or all the things in this world.. the navy hates me and wants me dead too be it..
29 Sep 2003   We recently remembered the tragedy of the twin towers. On such occasions the world stands still.

This is what worries me- when a few thousand rich westerners die, the world stands still.

In Africa, Asia and Latin America just as many children die for want of a few dollars, food and health-care and the world does not stand still. It is business as usual. We are not talking of thousands every year, we are talking of thousands every hour. So as I have said so before fuck you Bush, Blair and all the governments for not doing anything.

We may come to a conclusion that the terrorists did something wrong (I doubt it with us Mouchette people) but everyone can surely understand what drove the terrorists to do it. Maybe the towers would have favoured their cause more had they painted them red rather than destroying them. (I like this idea. Imagine America waking up to red twin towers...).

Unfortunately, if the children are to be saved, they need the help of rich people. And, as the old saying goes, you do not bite the hand that feed you...

See ya
29 Sep 2003 Steve You're right, Chris. I received a letter from my former high school that I graduated from last year asking me to stop by and pick up my year book in a couple of weeks because they're having a sort of brief get-together for all of last year's students while we pick up our yearbooks. I was pretty much set on not going, and after reading your message, I know that I definitely won't go, because nothing good can come of it. I figure the last thing I need is additional emotional trauma when I'm already suicidal.
28 Sep 2003 Kutzow When Krisha figured out that the universe truly was an illusion, she was quite dumbfounded at the simplicity of the insight. Unless some sort of awareness exists to perceive the whole shabang, the whole shabang effectively does not exist. It could be an infinite space filled with stars and planets, or a plaid snot rag wrapped around a bottle of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride. Or, to put it another way, when a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it, there is no sound. For a sound to be a sound, there must be some sort of ear hooked to some sort of intelligence that says something like, "What was that?" Otherwise the sound might as well be a plaid snot rag wrapped around a bottle of pseudoephedrine hydrochloride. So now Krisha understood that energy and mass only exist because of awareness, which means they have no inherent existence.
Of course she had this insight while fighting a bad head cold, so that might have had something to do with it.
28 Sep 2003 Leanne2Chris "See you 'disturbingly'..." Oh no Chris, it'd be an honour to come across you and all you other suicidal arses. Let us retreat on a deserted island, get to know each other, put a face to a name and a name to a face. Hear those voices you speak silently with here, see and feel your tired hands of endless typing from a time of dispair and longing. Let us finally breathe non-suicidal&toxic air, take a break&have a Kit-Kat. that is of course, after the Primary/Highschool Hell-on-Earth experience. After the routine stock up on stationary (which in 2 weeks will only get nicked anyway, when your asshole 'friend' needs to borrow a pen). After you've purchased file paper which will only be doodled on, after the uniform the Mother buys which is twice your size 'to grow into' she says, whilst you're getting lost in it. And after you throw away the sandwiches Mother prepared. Most importantly after.. we all get ditched for the more popular and genuinely fab kind, as peoples' dark side finally surfaces when adolesence strikes. Girls hips get bigger as their appetites conveniently get smaller. The boys unbutton their shirts in the summer in an attempt to show off their non-existent masculinity. And yes, Chris... after the dreaded reunion, where old 'friends' make you feel important, welcoming you with open arms.. (that is, after they apologise, after mistaking you for someone else). Where you grab the nearest alcoholic beverage to ease the pain of the upcoming events later on. Gulp,gulp gulp.. (Aarrrgggghhh-too much blood in my alcohol stream!!!!!!!) Hours of standing in the corner, ignored by the crowds........ hhmmmm... we've been here before, nice to see things don't change. Standing awkwardly in that dark abandoned corner, looking down at the floor, conforming to your role as 'the kid nobody wants to play with'. You remind yourself one more time of your own pathetic existence.. feeling yourself being torn to shreads by some invisible force. You hit rock bottom inside coming to the realisation ''yes, they did approach me only for my lunch money, yes, that was me that paper ball was aimed at every morning, no, nobody did notice I hadn't attended the Highschool prom, no my face did not appear in the year book. '' Well there's only one thing left to do... leave this place over-loaded with bad memories. Go home, pack my bags, call you all up, get on that plane and retreat to this paradise... If you can make it, I'll see you all there. xxx
28 Sep 2003 Mouchette I am pleased and moved to hear that it was so meaningful to some of you to enter my "favourites". I wanted to point out a new feature I made on the index page: try to roll over with your mouse on my little photo or just wait 2 minutes and you will see one of your texts appear in a sort a transparent "think bubble". This text is chosen among my favourites of the moment. I wonder if anybody has noticed it, it's there since a couple of months already. I might have made the feature too discreet....
28 Sep 2003 D. Ben Noble Something, a trap - perhaps - which occupies me whilst drunk.
28 Sep 2003 Jody taking pills
28 Sep 2003 Sara M. C. Go to the homecoming football game, stand on the lights and in front of every one take two whole bottles of pain pills, wash them down with vodka, slit your wrists and after you have bled for a while, say peace, love and empathy, Kurt Cobain forever, then jump to you death while shouting damn you all.(this is how I would do it, I'm 14)
27 Sep 2003 Chris Where does a 13 year old spend most of his/her time? Basically it's either at school or at home. So we ask can a child be suicidal about school? Of course he can! It's just that the 'child' only realises years and years later that his school days were not the best days of his life as we are incorrectly normally led to believe!

It all begins when you start assuming that your old school mates want to see you again. The fact that at school you were irrelevant and might have been forgotten doesn't enter your head. Meanwhile, you start lingering over the stationery and pleated trousers, take out your primary school excercise books and the old tie signed by all your back bench companions and scribbled with old cliches like "Keep in touch" and "We'll never forget you."

Two days later the nostalgia gets worse, so you send a tentative e-mail to a 'girl' you went to school with, wondering whatever happened to her and all those school friends you lost touch with. You immediately demand all the contact details of everyone and start firing 1,000-word epics across the country. "How about having a school reunion", you say. "Come on, it'll be fun". Of course, you're wagging your tail all over this school reunion business. After all, weren't you drop-dead popular at school, carried upon the shoulders of young lads with shining eyes and flushed cheeks? Didn't girls queue up after school skipping on their toes for just one glimpse of tousled hair hero you? Weren't you the up and always coming star of the football team?

Oh no, that was your friends. Suddenly like a rush of bad breath it all comes back to you. You were only there when it happened to them. And after all the inspired brain storming involved in the choosing of the bar and restaurant, after you send the last e-mail and hang up the last caller, realisation comes upon you that planning the school reunion was a very big, big mistake.

At school-leaving, you set controls for the heart of the sun. Years later, you have either taken the whole solar system with you or been frazzled to a crisp by the sun. And you find yourself at your school reunion, the one you planned, looking more like facing a job interview than someone on a fun night out, nervously chatting over your drinks (yes, you need a lot), balding heads and wrinkling faces. This wasn't what you had in mind when you started plotting on a Shakespearean scale. You hardly envisaged that you need strength for school reunions, because you need to be fairly secure to lay your life open to the scrutiny of your earliest critics. After all no one likes to admit to failing to become an astronaut or a rock star. And what if you turn up and everyone is richer, thinner, 'better' somehow than you?

School reunions are false hope. School reunions are unkind, all the more so since certain people may have stumbled on hard times, lost their jobs, looks, marriage or hair. School reunions are cruel reminders that you have been forgotten by all your companions, and when you return home, generally sad and with all dignity lost, you question not only the night out but the whole first part of your education and ponder- Are primary and secondary school days really the best days of our lives that our faith in history leads us to believe?

We start off with kindergarten and primary school, those seasons of cartoon character satchels and new pencil cases. For mothers, there's a clucking flurry of last-minute shopping for school clothes, sport shoes, colour coded plastic covers and stationery. For fathers, it's filling up the petrol tank for taxing children to school prior to a day at the office (but they are glad that they are going to get rid of you and your whaling, "at least for school time"). Children are excited, anxious, even terrified at the prospect of a whole new year- new teachers to know, new subjects and new expectations to wrestle with (yes, you're so stupid that you like the idea of work and challenges!). Some will be indifferent and envisage endless SMS tournaments on their mobile phones. Most of them are mourning the end of summer holidays, when there was more time for eating and playing, for laughter and silliness and sleeping to the max.

For thousands of children, school marks the start of that endless, boring to hell routine- up at seven, off to school 45 minutes later, home at two with homework, television, piano practice, television, some kind of evening class (religious, ballet or something), football training, television, supper, and another hour of blurred television screen before mum gets up and heaves them to bed at a reasonable hour. Next morning it's same thing, day in, day out until summer dawns again and thankfully it's the time when nothing much happens. Compared to summer holidays the other breaks are insignificant. The Christmas break is full of anxiety: too much money spent and family tensions rise to boiling temperatures. Easter may be a celebration of spring, but it's usually spent in swotting for the upcoming exams and too much chocolate eating. Summer, though is the season of sun, sea and sleeping to the max. It's blue sky, ice-creams, yellow sand and suntanned faces for three whole months.

But as all good things go, summer holidays get shorter. Year after year, parents start becoming pushy bores, and children find themselves in that awkward age marked by a new deep voice, hairy hands and limbs (not to mention the pubic area) and voila, they are suddenly ready to go to secondary school, going on 13 and already bored with life. One minute they are children, the next they are considering the mysteries of shaving and opposite sex and thinking that maybe they should have enjoyed their childhood more and not have started school at three and took the risk of being sucked into schooling too early. Maybe they shouldn't have taken a million ballet, piano, football and private lessons. Another bicycle ride would have been nice, while that first kiss should have been followed by a second and a third. And young Lucy would have made a nice girlfriend and Lara's special Sunday leftover shouldn't have gone unstolen. But then, it's not the children who decide what is best for them.

So off to secondary school the children go with a daily grunt. They wallow like treacle in bus stages, easily distinguishable in their colour-coded uniforms. The private school children speak poshly, and have neat hair matching expensive sports gear. They cringe and pucker up their faces at everyone including state secondary school students staring at them. They are all navigators of uncharted territory.

On leaving primary school, children are not just one year older, but embarking on a whole phase of life, which least to say is more depressing. Starting secondary school feels like the official opening to the small adolescent's games (knowing in your heart that you were never a good athlete).

Fascinating phenomena appear, like pimples and the discovery, in single sex groups and far from the madding teachers, of the mythical other sex. New friends (which years later you realise were no friends at all) are made and innovative disciplinary methods like after school hours tried and frequently tested. There are new subjects like history and languages. Boring ones like sports, for those like me who never saw the point of running unless you're being chased. Mysterious ones like geography, that ability to trace maps and a capacity to rote learn the names of such fixed and ambigous places as rivers, cities, deserts and oceans. Yes you might find it amazing as you are still too stupid to realise how worthless it is.

Secondary school years are for children like the seven years of worry (they do sometimes repeat). Some fret about whether they'll make the basketball team. Others feel the heavy breath of the nearing O level exams down their neck. "Homework", screams the teacher. "Home", orders mum, "straight after school and no lingering with your friends". "Work", disciplines dad, witholding promises of a new computer, which is only supposed to be used to help with the homework (the naughty boys and girls end up searching suicide websites...). "Help", children shout in the direction of guidance teachers and counsellors (this is done only to distract the teachers and parents and manage to get away with not doing the work, after all, real help is only found on good suicide websites). Secondary school is a time where bullies appear on the school yard horizon, like the Beano Bash Street Kids, promising violent fights and riots, dark revenge in obscure corners of the school ground, cruel and puerile, but let's face it, these are the only real exciting things about school. And while all this is taking place, 'friends' always seem to be running outside having a good time.

So you think that your schooldays are the best days of your life? Think again and you realise how depressing and suicidal they are. But come the end of summer and me and all the other students have to go back unfortunately, though I've passed my primary and secondary years thankfully.

Moral: If you survive and you're still alive years after school is finished don't ever organise or attend a school reunion! It'll completely break you down.

P.S. I have to say something on everyone's comments about this site changing. Yeah, this site has changed but it just has got better. My story of this site reflects the story of the site itself. First time I came in I just had a sight, put in a cruel, stupid joke and left, second time I did the same. Third time I realised that this site wasn't so stupid so I decided to write something a little more tasteful and I started messing around with poetry. I ended up in Mouchie's favourites and kept doing poetry for some time. Then I wrote some stupid shit, tried to forget about the site but came back fairly recently and anyone who reads my stuff knows what I write today. I have come to realise the potential of this site and today it means much more to me. This site helps you unlike the all the other sites that tell you that you should contact their counselors for help. That's all shit. Sometimes this site may look as some 'blind leading the blind', or rather 'suicidal leading suicidal' idea but you know? It works. The reflection in the site's story is here. In the beginning people used to come in, write stupid jokes and probably never come back, then things got better and people used to log on more than once and they were writing more serious stuff. Today anyone who logs in for the first time is hooked because the site is much more mature and entertaining. Occasionally you still find some bullshit. Even Mouchie's tastes have also changed. Leaf through the 'favourite' pages and you'll notice the difference between blasted suicide ideas (which I admit still make me laugh), and better, more mature stories and ideas building gradually through the years. Not that I will ever complain of Lucy's stories. And for all those crying their hearts out on Lucy, now that I know that she's not real I can do without any more Lucy stories because now they will sound stale. I am gonna get criticised for what I said but I suggest another thing, maybe Lucy or Phil or who the fuck it is may log on with a new name and give us other delightful stories. And for those crying on Felicia and Billy, they are with us and they have written only recently. So shut the fuck up (no offence to anyone! That's just my aggressive manner of speaking) and be proud that you make part of this excellent, or should we say classic site, as it is supposed to go down in history, which just gets better every day.

And Leanne if you are not fed up of my speech by now and still reading, thanks for naming me. At least I know that I'm not talking alone. I'm saying this as in my history here (which is getting quite long now) I remember only three times were there was a reference to me or my writing! Thank you, maybe somebody does care after all!

See you disgustingly at school, college, university or where the fuck you're going! Unfortunately I'm gonna be there...
27 Sep 2003 Felicia I did see Lucy Cortina on the Tranny website. My GAWD! The boobs look so real. And they are bigger than mine.

Shall I trade for some new ones?
27 Sep 2003 Obscene put on your favorite swimsuit fill up the bathtub and play who can hold hold there breath the longest with your pet fishy YOU HAVE TO WIN!!!!
26 Sep 2003 Spit on your grave The reason I want to kill myself is because stupidity or malice of another person that ruined my life.

Well, guess what, they been dead for 150 days. 150 DAYS that I've been alive and they are not. 150 DAYS I saw the sun rise and they didn't. 150 Days when they have been relegated to the fumes of extinction. If I live till tomorrow, that'll be 151..

Get this, they thought they were going to "heaven". I know better..
26 Sep 2003 victoira i've thought of blocking off the exhaust in a car and sitting inside it with the windows and all wound up would put me out of this misrable fucking worm hole existence.. i don't care about the ones who plead "no one cares" i know for a fact every individual cunt on this miserable existence is looking out for themselves. and i don't blame theMMMM! i do too, the only reason i haven't killed myself already is i'm too gutless which makes me just as pathetic as all the fucks that come pleading ..i hate this stinking fuck of an existence! I would give anything to see the disgusting politicians that i see on tv every night who fucking get paid a FORTUNE! to make those of us with no money work even harder to get even less!!!!!!!!! Unfortunately I am too fucking dumb and illiterate (coming from a dumb and should be illerate family) to even describe the disgust i feel in my soul when i see these "people of power" make decisions for the general population. And to be 100% honest i am made physically sick seeing these people running our country! Pauline Hanson was the only one with the balls to say what every gutless cunt on this miserable fuckhole of a planet was thinking! and god i hope you are all forgiven for your greedy self centered fuckhole way of thinking!!!!!!!! fuckyourself.
yours in death, VIC!
25 Sep 2003 Already Dead The best way to kill yourself in this messed up excuse for an existence is to simply stay alive. With the culmination of rampant killer diseases, terrorism, hate, crime, the toxicity of the environment, our pathetic social system, and the overall apathy we all share, you are bound to find death by simply staying alive.
25 Sep 2003 Dr. D. Breast Dear suicidals. Welcome to the lesson for the day: "There's a Lucy in all of us".
I am quite sure you all know Our Lucy, a fine specimen from the new Psychology texts.
All humans have thoughts, feelings and ideas that they dare not express. All humans have the potential to be evil. All humans are the same.
The mentally ill are no more "freaky" than the average dull-looking person. They are just a lot more magnified if you like, or "enlarged".
The crazy, maybe even disturbing thoughts that lie undiscovered behind the 'sane' persona can sometimes build up to toxic levels, which is when you are declared "insane" and sent into psychiatric care.
Now dear people, do not fear, there is a solution! and the solution is very simple.

Do a Lucy.

Yes, you heard right. Do a Lucy.
Use our new invention called "Lucy Cortina" and get the outrageous, maybe even disturbing thoughts out of your system. Write them down, make a diary. Post them on suicide forums. Post them to the Queen of Austria...
This will lead to a rich and sane life, with all demons expelled. Mental illness will decrease dramatically.
And people like me won't have to choose a career which makes us as crazy as our patients.

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