Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Aug 2003 Chris Have you ever thought about who was the first person to think about a particular thing? For example, who was the first person to look at a lobster and think, "I bet that tastes just delicious" or who was the first to decide that forty plus years of your life were best spent working, only coming to an end when you are not fit to do anything else? Who was the first person to take some dough, cheese and scraps of tomato, put it in an oven and call it pizza (I would build a statue to this guy), who was the very first person to take an anti-malaria medicine and mix it with an anti-constipation drink and call it gin and tonic, thus creating one of the world's most poular drinks (another statue for this guy), who was the very first person to look at tobacco and say, "I bet that tastes good and looks cool if you smoke it" and indeed, very important, who was the first guy who had problems and said "killing myself will release me" (another statue you say)! The list goes on and on. But no other field can compete with fashion when it comes to making the most bizarre idea cool and de rigueur.

Recently I was lucky enough (I think) to be present at the birth of a new style statement. I am talking not about fashion design but those little quirks which separate the ordinary people from the mega-trendy. Remember the time when everyone wore their sunglasses suspended under their chin? Now, ask yourself, who was the first person to look into the mirror as his shades dangled from his ears and thought, "Yes!, Yes!, Yes! That's the look for the summer this year!" A year or so back there was the short lived sunglasses on the back of the head but it didn't last. What about back to front baseball caps then... what is that all about and who was the fashion guru who thought that a reversed baseball cap was to the last word in style? Pullovers tied around the neck... what can I say except that I assume someone was so hung over one morning that he couldn't manoeuvre his arms and hands through the appropriate holes in his wooly and just gave up and tied it around his neck and tootled off to work, never suspecting that he had just launched the look of the decade, condemning thousands of men to never know what their jumpers look like worn properly. Of course no Italian male over the age of seven has ever been known to wear his jacket or topcoat any other way except draped over his shoulders. Could it be that the same guy with the hangover responsible for the jumper in a knot created this one too?

But back to my experience at the birth of a new style statement. Recently while on holiday for a few days I was relaxing at an outdoor cafe, enjoying the view and equally enjoying the parade of fashionable people ambling past, when I had a shock to my system. Low and behold, sauntering down the street was a chap with his head on backwards! I can assure you that there are few things more shocking on a summery day than seeing someone approach with his head on the wrong way. But my astonishment, happily, was fleeting because as he came closer it became obvious (even to me drinking Jack Daniels and strong red wine during the hot, summery daytime) that in fact his head wasn't 180 degrees out of synchronisation but he was wearing his jacket not only draped over his shoulders but draped over his front and not his back. As you can imagine this came as a tremendous relief to me (as much on his behalf as mine), a feeling that was rapidly replaced by one of elation... for it was at this point that I realised that I was in the presence of a true trend-setter, just at the point in history when he was busy setting his new trend. If I had been a little less awe-struck I would have stopped him and asked him if he was the jumper, jacket and back to front baseball cap guy but alas all I could do was gape in admiration as he proceeded on his trendy way down the street. As you can imagine my next step (after downing my drinks) was to dash back to my room and see what my own jackets and raincoat look like draped and back to front but sad to say the result was a very poor reflection of the wizard!

So you see, some time ago I talked about my bad looks at the beach with me looking bad in baggy swim shorts and a not very sexy tan and now this! Everytime I try wearing something sexy and looking cool I fail. I am anything but a fashion guru. Summer is really suicidal!

See ya, hopefully with a jacket draped and back to front (if you look good in it)...
30 Aug 2003 Jen 420 Best way to go is by taking benadryl, if u take enough it kills u pretty fast and its easy to get and relatively cheap.
P.S. Will, dont be dead!
28 Aug 2003 jacek why kill yourself, if we kill self always too late?
27 Aug 2003 Lucy Cortina It is my, uh, mid-years resolution now to steer clear of girls for at least a few weeks. I have nothing against lesbians, however, my theory is this:
Lesbian sex is like eating a wet lettuce salad when hunger demands that you scoff a big, juicy...

burger. (in a bun of course!)

So, I am on a little merry holiday of my own, Mouchette (take that!) I am on holiday with a good pal of mine, who happens to be a gay professor (to minimise all temptations).
However he seems to be mistaking my naturally flirty manner as having meaning.
Last night, I sat up in bed reading a Jackie Collins novel (a girl needs to get her fix somehow!)
Anyway, as I yawned, I said to the prof, "I am in bed professor.
Are you ready?"
Which was when he gasped and said "Ready for what????!"

And I said, "For switching off the light".

He seemed to relax then, and said "Ohh...yes".

We are staying in a caravan near one of those huge astronomical observatories, to look out for Mars, as it is apparently very close to Earth right now. I have got all my panties and bras stored in a special fridge, and I have a nice laptop PC to browse suicide websites.

Happy holidays to me!
27 Aug 2003 pascal HOLA
26 Aug 2003 anna suffocate
26 Aug 2003 Lucy Cortina Ooh! 1 day to go until our dear Mouchie gets back and announces he had a secret wedding to Kylie Minogue in Bali.
25 Aug 2003 hayley-j hi my name is hayley and i think about constantly killing myself, my life hasnt been the best but it certainly hasnt been the worst. i wont bore u with my shitty little life but i cant tell u how selfish i feel for wishing i was dead when i have a gorgeous little baby girl and a gorgeous b/friend. people are much worse off than me and i should be grateful for my life, i have never been raped or abused (well only mentally) but i cannot and dont want to begin to know how it feels. i dont want to die anymore i want to live for all those people who have killed themselves hoping they can see a better life through my eyes. maybe you should do the same please dont do anything to harm yourselves i know it sounds so easy with the words rolling from MY mouth when u dont know me but you dont have to know someone inside out to care for them and all u out there suffering im talking to u personally please email me even if its just to tell me how pathetic this email is cos' at least ur communicating with me i am such a good listener so please dont hesitate
25 Aug 2003 Alex Stand on the edge of a cliff, then get your friend behind you to play Queen on full volume. Nature willl take its course.
25 Aug 2003 UFO Tomando hasta morir
24 Aug 2003 leanne go to the butchers and and get loads of raw chicken and beef then get some eggs go home and eat the meat raw and drink the eggs
24 Aug 2003 Steve Listen to Nine Inch Nails. Trent Reznor has created some of the most emotionally relevant music that deals with suicide and self-loathing, not to mention the fact that it's some of the most amazing, well-executed music you'll ever hear as well. There's a reason why he is critically acclaimed.
24 Aug 2003 Jillian inject air into your veins with a needle. the air bubble will travel to your heart in minutes and you will die. this isn't a good idea if you want painful, because you won't feel a thing.
23 Aug 2003 Terri i'm nearly 16 years old. my life has been shit for a while now. everyday i have a battle with myself wether or not i should kill myself or not. i've tried but everytime chicken out. i have nothing to live for. i'm not like most cases, i've had boyfriends and i could get more if i wanted but no one understands me. i don't talk to people, i rather hate being in a crowded room if i'm not drunk. my parents are together but both act like they don't want me around. if they had it their way i most likely wouldn't. i find myself crying all the time, and trying my damndess to find something good in my life. but i never do. i need someone but no one cares. please help me, i only want to be happy. please.
22 Aug 2003 baliey take a bunch of percocet, like maybe 10-15. wait tlil they take effect, then walk out into the ocean

p.s. fuck my parents, their the reason i'm the way i am
22 Aug 2003 Smurtz Go to school every day and sleep. Your teacher will kill you, promise!
21 Aug 2003 the gay punk there was like a trailer in the parking lot of our apartment building, it's so hilarious. like it just crashed there, and the doors and windows were like barred it was so funny. and purposeless, like our existence (oh god) like, why the fuck do you need to bar the door of a trailer?
anyways i feel shitty again today. it was nice yesterday. i went out, met new people, one guy told me i was cute, there was this guy with his shirt off that i wanted to fuck, but as always, i was too shy to ask.
back to topic i feel shitty. better than suicidal, like i laugh at the days like last april when i was like, i want to slash myself (i never did, though i tried to strangle myself while sleeping). i laugh at that now. but though i still feel shitty. that's not much better isnt it?

ps will if you are dead i will smack you (joke), don't be dead honey please
20 Aug 2003 Nadia You know, I have heard a lot of stories in people actually commiting suicide, writing notes to their loved ones before they take their own life. I understand, suicide to me was the best option. Get out of this world quickly, efficiently, leave all shit behind and maybe start a new one, whether it would be on the other side or not... It is the best reason among others to get rid of problems... Listen, I'm bisexual, ok, and since I was 14 I knew it and at times I wanted to be a male so much I'd cry in the corner of my room till I could cry no more. I wanted to dress, walk, talk and act like a boy. I wanted to impress and flatter like a guy would, god knows I wanted to. Now imagine it, that is the one situation where you cannot take tablets to change your sex like you can take to depress a pain, you cannot change immediately when you feel like it, you have to LIVE WITH IT for the rest of your existence, whether you like it or not. Now that is one situation where it cannot be helped, am I right? Unless you consider major surgery you cannot. Telling my family... well, I would have none after that. I was depressed, but I thought to myself, why am I like this?? Why am I so negative? and there was no answer. So pulling myself up, I decided to have a go at being more positive in this life. I faced all positive aspects. I am bi, yes, but that does not stop me marrying and having children with a guy. And do I need to tell anyone? No of course not, because I will focus on the right side of me... Soon with my own mind, I felt better, I got up and smelt the fresh air and thought to myself, why not stay?? We were put on this earth for what reason??-to live, simple enough. Thats all we need to know, and that should be enough encouragement for many people. To tell me and others that you simply want to die, tells me you are weak minded and you do not have any immunity in you. So here's a bit of advice, also based on my experiences. To me, love is the most important thing in the world, without love for yourself or anyone else, existence is worthless. Learn to love yourself. Tell yourselves this: There are much worse off people in the world, there are people who continue to live in fear and hatred surrounding them, like living between four walls, people who cannot escape because there are no exits, but in myself, I can find a reason to stand up and go outside, and be positive, and I can survive knowing that my future is waiting for me and I will ensure that my life WILL be worth living, for the today is the begining of the rest of my life, and let that be a lesson not forgotten.
In other words dont sit on your ass, feeling depressed and filled with bad emotion, get out there, get help, draw a list of positives-and I know there is in all of you- and FORGET what went on in the past, leave it all behind. One person to look up to is 'David Pelzer'- Read his first book. And he survived... and so should you...
19 Aug 2003 the gay punk i'm sad right know, there is so much you can do in the internet. but i found instant boredom in 3 minutes, then i surfed some gay porn (long time since) which might scare the shit of whoever's beside me, i look at the dude, minding his own business. well at least his life might be getting better, which is the total opposite of my condition, slobbering on my couch with withdrawal symptoms. i feel better now. i might not be addicted to anything anymore, but i miss pot and dope. damn.

hey i have a solution to you suicidals, run away. most of all of your miseries come from pops who rape you yada yada. just hitchhike to another city and look for the government to place you to a happy family. i wanna run away man, fuck. i want to find eternal glory, kicking epople's asses. oh that's my life, adios
19 Aug 2003 someone who is positive towards life no one should be at this site it is very negative towards children and teens that view it. help me shut this site down permanently. i think this will promote horrible things in the world and depress who ever reads this garbage. this is a very large amount of trash and no one should think or write or do these kinds of things. life can be rough but life is not fair but think you were out here for a reason not to take your own life god decides that. be smart dont go to this kind of garbage. my father comitted suicide and my whole family is feeling guilty. so just answer this: how would you feel if your mother or father or some one you loved so much did this? so why would you?

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