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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Oct 2003 MauvaisSouhait I'm not so sure that I can continue trying to live life. I know we all say.. today's the day and all that bs but idk. I finally started cutting on a place other than my arm. It hurt worse on my thigh but atleast this way i can wear short sleeves again. Cutting isnt much of a good way to die tho. Just to feel pain. but if u do cut, take it deep from ur wrist upward to atleast the middle of ur arm. but make it up and down, not side to side. why not try something dramatic though? There are bound to be snakes outside.. why not go to the woods.. find a snake take ur shoes and socks off and let it bite u.. make sure its poisonous. sounds fun huh? very interesting. Not that anyone really cares if i die or not. if they do care, they dont show it. oh well. i was apparently just a mistake, as i've been told numerous times.
26 Oct 2003 becky take a bunch of sleeping pills then fall asleep on the train track thats what i wanted to do
26 Oct 2003 Jose Age dont matter when you want to commit suicide. i am 21 and life doesnt mean anything to me. my whole life has been nothing but pain, hurt , drama, when you have so much sadness for some people suicide is the only answer. i have tried committing suicide plenty of times and of course i have failed and was sent to so many different shrinks but i dont care i still see no point of life no pill or shrink cant take away your depression if is this how u are i think depression is my happiness i am just waiting for one time a big problem comes and i finally do what i told people. not everyone is happy, its the cowardly way out but you wont be here anymore. i have a fine wife and a beautifull 2 months girl and i still feel like world is nothing to me one good thing to say when depress is "f*** da world"
26 Oct 2003 Felicia I am still alive. Unfortunately the spiders under my mattress don't think so. Been reading into Chris's posts which are quite interesting. He outbeats my sense of humor, and overthrows me with his genius. I have been reading into the Witchcraft stuff and casting spells on ex-boyfriend's by turning them into toads. There's one at my window sill right now.

Be right back....

(Smash!!! Accompanied by rabbit screaming!!)

Okay the bad spell is gone now.

Carry on my wayward wailing Banshee!!

Hail to the Gay Punk!
26 Oct 2003 Oliver Hardwick Fill a bath up with salt water then drop electrical appliances in it, then sit in it.
26 Oct 2003 talli down a bottle of toilet cleaner
25 Oct 2003 Leanne2Chris Chris, I'll quite happily sit next to you on the bus. You'd be the one I'd want to dance with in a club to a romantic song and if it were possible, my shoulder will always be available just for you. But this is the really real world and IT HURTS.
25 Oct 2003 ronwelthy Yes it's me again, the new gothic. I wanted first to change my name, to make it sound more gothic, but if I do this, nobody will recognize me anymore so I keep the name of the offspring's drummer. A punk.

In away, punk and gothic are the same in a way, they criticize our world and want a change and I agree we really need a change, and not in 2000 years but now, but they are different on the way they deliver their message. I mean gothic are more individualist, more secret and just try to change their own personnality, to ameliorate their own life with no care for the others. Punk are more violent and are less individualist, they want to make everybody change, so they wear flashy clothes, torn trousers.

And those two movements are the only one who want a real change, who try to deal with the shitty world we live in. And I mean, people who want to kill themselve are like them, they are shouting at the face of the world, You see, you see where all this shit drives me to, now I want to see if it is better somewhere else. So, to all the people who want to kill themselve, just tell people why you really want to kill yourself, throw at their faces what you think, and you will make think about how they could change their lives in order to make the world a better place.
Suicide is in a way a real act of protestation and the greatest one you could do in your life: first it the choice you make yourself, then it is a protestation against the world you live in..

Let the revolt go on
25 Oct 2003 jerry do yo uwant to die with some one join my party at
24 Oct 2003 alex i just found this site and i can really relate to most of these people here. im only 15 and i have already tried to kill myself 3 times. twice with pills and once with starvation. starvation wasnt really a smart one. then i already finished all the pills i can find in the house. there are many reasons why i just wanna die. im different i have always been, im mexican and i cant even fit in with the mexicans its funny really... i have friends but all they do is not accept me for who i am and backstab me. i have nothing going for me in life. i havent even been on a date! much less kissed the a girl. my mom is constantly yelling at me when i rarely see her and always threatens me, i was beat horribly when i was a kid, and i also saw my only friend get gunned down in a drive by ever since ive always been alone. im as dumb as a stick and i am as attractive as a lump of green mold. the only decent thing i can do is play guitar. and im just decent... but if anyone has any advice or some form of easy painless suicide e-mail me.

and the best way to kill yourself under 13 is umm... choking on playdoh?
24 Oct 2003 Larua Life. Whats the point? I just got out of a 2 year relationship and can't seem to get over it. But the relationship really isn't it. I've tried killing myself at least 5 times and was never successful. Nothing in life even matters anymore. I know that sounds depressing and many of you are probably like... dude get over it, life is great, life is grand.... everything is just falling down in my life. I've tried so hard in everything for 20 years, for what? Everything that I ever loved and everything that I ever wanted was a waste of time. I've wasted years of hoping and loving and do you know what? It got me nowhere.
24 Oct 2003 claire c'est très simple, il suffit de prendre des médicaments, de la drogue, de l'alcool et de sauter par la fenêtre. Facile non??
24 Oct 2003 chris jump out the window
24 Oct 2003 my name doesn't matter It's impossible to say what the best way to kill yourself is, it all depends on your resources. When I was 13 I slit my wrists... at 15 I took 1000 mg of Haldol (if you don't know what that is... then look it up)... now at 17, a college freshman, I'm thinking of a slow death of binge drinking might be the way for me to go. If you really want to die and your daddy has a gun.. there ya go... people tend to want a quick death... but these type of suicide attempts never work... you always get caught.. trust me.. between my brother and I, we've tried all the conventional ways of a quick death... if you really want to do the job... do it slowly unconspicuously..
24 Oct 2003 Christian Hidalgo crayons
23 Oct 2003 Leanne Last night (or shall I say this early morning), it was one of those nights again.... and you all know what these nights consist of... where your head is buried in your tear-soaked pillow, stinging cheeks from the salted tears and you ask yourself ... "what the fuck am I doing here?" I wrapped my quilt so tight around my body, I felt I were a sandwich wrapped in cling-film... perhaps in a desperate attempt to compensate for just a single hug... my quilt was my substitute for what I longed for... just a hug. Even if I was hugged so tight it would've killed me, it would be worth dying for. It's needed everytime I walk the street on the way to a mistake called college.. the little things I spot on my journey... I take note of the cracks in the pavement decaying in bad english weather, the black polka-dot pattern on the path before me which were once fresh-spat-out-gum and I start to wonder whose mouths they'd belonged to. I look up at the sky still walking my tired little steps, sizing up the dark clouds' potential to start pissing down with rain... these stupid thoughts just get too much. A hug is needed for my best efforts to stay in the same room as my parents, following them around the house like some needy pet, doing my best not to allow myself to be in a room alone... so terrified of being left alone with just me&my insignificant thoughts ... yet seriously loathing their company hearing their converstations of bills and work... knowing one day unfortunately, I'm gonna be just like them, saying things just like that, only not to a husband but to myself. But to be in a room alone...... having the ability to think 'is this the day?' 'Has the time come?' 'Is this the absolute maximum of shittyness I'll ever be able to handle?' 'Or have I had worse?' No I've had worse days, blue-er moods, darker times. I can handle being here alone, tonight, I'll pull through, today is not the day. Resist the temptation. "Leanne, it's a doctor you need." The 'good friend' says. "No, it's not, it's a boyfriend." Says the Bro. NO! Doctors are just as fucked up as we are, only they avoid it... and boyfriends- no, I'm no good, I'll just poison them with my negativity. All I need is a darn good hug and a darn good day and I'll be ready to face the next.
Why do I obsess of death, yet strive to live? Why the effort if I loathe this place? Shouldn't I wanna be left alone in a room? But I do, but it's bad. Why do I NEED my family so much and yet not WANT them at all? Why am I staying alive for certain individuals I'll never have the honour of meeting face2face? How can a website keep me breathing? Why do I let the past hold me back? Since when did I have to force myself to write things down to distract myself from committing suicide? How does an Atheist pray for help whenever she hits rock bottom? How is it possible for an exhausted person-mind tired, muscles weak and energies low- struggle to fall asleep each night? How can the mind tolerate such bullshit? My back is stiff as a board, muscles are so tensed and that headache's back again. To make matters worse... I'm out of Vodka, looks like there won't be any sorrow-drowning tonight then... :-(
Nothing to numb this pain. No friends to call. Why-oh-why did I top up my credit yesterday? To convice myself I had friends perhaps?... Half-term has started so it's back to my bed, re-living my 3 month summer holiday and blowing my nose into heaps of tissues.
I'm off to my room now... self pitying time has just kicked off.Ta Ta Folks.
P.S-Chris, for a minute there, I had the feeling you left to go on a permanent vacation! .......Mwah. xxxXxxx
23 Oct 2003 MauvaisSouhait Another meaningless day has passed by and again the only feeling i have inside of me is hurt. And to what Chris was saying about how it hurts, he is perfectly right. I refused to ride the bus home because i was always mocked, not even the junior high kids wanted to sit w/ me. At school when I go into a class and we sit where we want, there's no one who wants to sit by me and that hurts. I end up alone in the corner in the back of the room and all i do is write. I try to ignore all the comments and whispers i hear behind and beside me so i put myself into my writings or my books and it hurts to just know that i have to do that. I'm not popular at all, though my cousins who go to the school are. I don't try to be everyone else, i quit basketball years ago because popularity sucked and so now i'm just myself and by being myself i've noticed that i've lost all the friends i thought i'd had... including my family. When your best friend forgets all about you for her boyfriend and then comes to you when they have a problem it hurts. And it seems like all my friends have someone and i'm the one w/out. I'm not ugly, i'm not stupid, i'm just myself and i'm guessing that no one wants that and it hurts. Maybe a slow death would be worth it, maybe i should take up smoking like so many others and become a follower in the path of death. Sometimes i'm glad for the pain and suffering and all of these problems because it gives me a story and w/ that i can write. But then again all these problems are things i can't seem to get a handle over and maybe i should just kill myself. It doesn't seem like anything is worth while. With my luck i'll end up dropping out of college and never getting married. And i ask myself why anyone would want to be w/ me. I don't even want to be w/ me. But then again in another twisted thought, i'd rather be myself than be any other. Everytime i try to OD on pills they do nothing. i took a whole bottle the other day and didn't feel a thing... why isn't this working for me? why? And Chris, thanks
23 Oct 2003 ronwelthy I went to a shop where they sell Magic articles and T-shirt of heavy metal and rap singer with my friend. He wanted to get information for a friend who was exactly like me: he wants to know what real happiness is and wants to escape the hypocrisy of life. He has gone throught difficulties. So we started to talk whith the salesman and he told us that when you believe that something could give you what you want, for example that a stone can give you love, it will, most of the time work and you'll find yourself talking to the girl of your dreams, or it can help you to face other difficulties.

But I won't bother you with magic stuff. If I write, it is just because I would like to tell you that I would like to be a gothic.
_Ha what a weird man, he must be crazy!
No, i think i am not, but I think gothic philosophy suits me well, in fact gothic people believe that life is kind of an ordeal, and so you have to stay stoic in order to resist, it means you have to resign, to tell yourself that some people have to cry while other dance and laugh. That's hard, i know, but then you will see death as a delivrance the perfect happiness. Yes, a moment where you don't have to bother about anything, where you float peacefully without any worries in your mind.
23 Oct 2003 Chris Visiting my local newsagent to buy a mobile-phone top-up voucher the other day, I was amazed to see a poster full of savage heavy metal lyrics pinned up behind the counter. As I handed over the money, I could distinctly detect the savage lyrics: 'Slow Death!', 'Immense Decay!'

But after adjusting my varifocal lenses to study the scene a little more closely, I realised that I was looking at racks of cigarette packets emblazoned with government health warnings.

Now, I know these cancerous cautions are nothing new, but since when did they become so predominant and explicit? Both smokers and non-smokers are probably shocked to see how the Marlboro logos and such like have been shrunk to the size of postage stamps to make room for giant messages that tell people they are going to die soon.

They say the world is turning into a nanny state- and it's absolutely true. These days, wherever you go, whatever you do, you're encouraged to be in mortal fear for your life. Why cannot people die quietly? Why should people fear death when this life is so full of hurt?

When I'm looking for someone to talk to to kill the time but find no one it hurts. When I ask for cooperation but I'm just laughed at it hurts. When I'm on a bus and the bus is full except the seat near to me but for some reason everyone prefers standing up than sitting next to me it hurts. When I pass a group of girls (or even boys) and they start laughing it hurts (What the fuck is so funny? Can anyone fucking explain?). When you see people that you know avoiding you so that they would not talk to you it hurts. When you're at a bar or party and a romantic song is played, everyone grabs his partner and dances to the the rythm. Only thing I can grab onto is my beer bottle. That hurts. When people come find you only when they need something it hurts. When everyone (even the ugliest people on the planet) seems to find a girlfriend or boyfriend except me it hurts. When people have a friend's shoulder to cry on but the only thing I can cry into is my pillow at night it hurts. When you're just bitched and mocked at by everyone for no apparent reason it hurts. When people make fun of you because of some defect you have it hurts...

Ok, I may be yelling and screaming like lots of you do. Ok, this might not be the writing that goes into the favourites. This is the broken heart of a broken man and I had to get it out and I don't give a fuck who likes it or not! I am dead but biologically alive. Might as well be dead among the biologically dead! Why don't they let us fucking die?

R.I.P Chris

P.S. Mauvais Souhait, just hang in there, I will send an e-mail or write something especially for you or do something. I don't know what I'm doing or saying but believe me I will, promise! You're a writer and a poet? It's not that we are born excellent writers or something, I understand that. Happy people don't have stories to tell, We do! Some call it depression, We call it a song!

Leanne, thanks for the Good Souls bit. Love that song. I had stopped believing in love. Since I met you, I think it might really exist xxxxxxxxxx And Mauvais, just hang in there luv

See ya all in hell!
23 Oct 2003 Elizabeth like some of you, i have not been raped or had any other traumatizing experiences. except that my aspiration is still to kill myself. i hate my life, even when it is moderately normal. i imagine ways to murder myself and the reactions everyone i know will have, and i get truly excited and happy. although i know i'd feel bad for my parents and my sister.
it's true that there are many others who are worse off than me, but i'm not as strong as them. every time my life falls apart (which it never fails to do), i try to begin anew. i jump from old personalities to new ones and they still all manage to go to shit. i continually think, if i were dead, everyone i've ever known would realize the truth and feel like a dick. the only reason i haven't committed suicide yet is because i'm too pussy, which makes me think, maybe i'm not meant to. this thought is so depressing, because i hate being here, and i'm so tired of trying to make thinks work. i spend all day worrying about saying the right things and making funny enough jokes and looking hot enough. i just want to not have to agonize about everything anymore and show everyone, see what you did?! because of you i had to kill myself. you murdered me. i wish i had the balls to do it. for years i've been dreaming about the day i could finally suck it up. no matter what happens i can't help being depressed and i hate it. it's just time for me to end my life, i'm sick and tired of going on.

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