Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Nov 2003 Aliyah I think that there is no way that exists that is the best way to kill yourself. There is more to life than dying. we were put on this earth to help each other and to achieve something but most of all to live the life that we hope for. To be honest I am suicidal but i've decided to stop after getting help from my family, friends, and elders. i had a problem for so long involving my boyfriend and my mother. To me i felt that my mother was abusing me, every day when we had arguments i'd get a bruise and it really hurts. on the other hand my boyfriend and i were having tough times which built my mind to commit suicide but then i thought of seeking help and by that way i found out that there is more to life than death..
28 Nov 2003 Rey what the fuck i am soo tired of being ignored.
27 Nov 2003 Becky Show The pain is such a sudden rush for me when i slit my wrists and watch them bleed.
take some pills with vodka and choke up the pain inside.
Jump from a building, it's easy to die.
tie a rope around your neck secure it to the school roof jump when everyone's looking die with style.
wanting to die makes you see the truth,
that the world is shit and no one gives the fuck about you.
27 Nov 2003 will get to 41 like me and feel depressed
27 Nov 2003 Jenny This would take some planning and preparation, but besides that the only thing you'd be needing is a bridge over some kind of deep water.

The younger you are, the less planning is needed. And you shouldn't try this method until you're old enough to have gotten rid of those reflexes babies are born with to make sure they don't breathe while under water. At least not if you would like to succeed.

For starters; make sure no one ever teaches you how to swim. This might be hard, considering that most parents have this idea of keeping their children alive even when they're not able to watch over them. If they still pursue that you should learn how to swim, you can always let them believe (falsely or truly) that you are recklessly afraid of water. They might bring you to a shrink or something to work on that, if you are convincing enough. But if you are convinced enough that shouldn't be a problem for you.

With these preparations, all you have to do that day when life's not worth living anymore, is find the bridge, and jump off it. The broader the water is, the better. Make sure not to hit the water too close to the bank, since there is a slight chance that you might end up on the bank before you drown. Aim for the middle.

You also might want to make sure that there's not much people around. People, generally, have some kind of eagerness to save people's lives. Very rarely they bother with saving someone's death, though. Especially if this someone wants to die.
27 Nov 2003 nikkilea hello everyone, none of you realise what i feel like when i read your comments. yeah your life might be upside down but don't you want to grow up get married and have kids? i do feel your pain (honestly) you can make your life work! the best way to die is to let it happen in its own time. love u lot nikki xx
27 Nov 2003 Jonathan First off I would like to say that this is a very helpful and direct question. Instead of the ohh-soo popular, "What is the best way to kill yourself?" one. There are so many ways to off yourself, but under the age of 13, hrmm lemme think a second.

I can't really say which is the "best", but here are a few:

Walk out into oncoming traffic "Preferably the interstate or any other highspeed road"

Look up some highly toxic common household chemicals and take a few shots

Take A LOT of your parents' valium, saw into your wrists with a kitchen knife, and then plunge your hands in hot water "increases circulation (you die faster )"

If you are only 13 hanging may be a nice choice.. Your body is not yet matured fully and therefore your neck may snap easier. Though since you are 13 you may not weigh enough, so... Get a chair and tie a noose to a pretty high, well structured brace. Tie some pretty hefty weights to your legs and attempt to pull yourself up the rope and/or brace. The higher you are the faster you'll die. And just let yourself drop and hope your neck snaps ( or not if you enjoy pain )
27 Nov 2003 Suicidal piece of shit! First of all i would like to say that my advice is for humour purposes only and i take no responsibility for someone ending their life from this!
Secondly i would like to say that the last paragraph is 100% true!
Well i wouldn't recommend a child to commit suicide as they have got a lot more shit to go through first. But if someone under 13 wanted to commit suicide then i would have to suggest taking a mixture of pills and (get an adult to buy) loads of alcohol. Once you are really pissed, sniff loads of aerosols. When you get really high and pissed out of your brain, i would then suggest hanging yourself.
Oh and make sure that no one knows that you are going to do it because they'll only try to stop you!
I have thought about suicide a lot and on the 25th December of this year I am actually going to succeed!
God bless you all!
26 Nov 2003 why? this is just getting stupid. i feel like i'm watching everything through a window. i'm on the outside looking in. but inside i'm crying. i don't understand my ways. i don't understand the living. i don't get why i'm here. I DON'T UNDERSTAND ANYMORE
26 Nov 2003 Sasha Beddall this is a sick website and i think you are the most disgusting person in the world!! if anyone should be dead it should be you!!! you're sick in your body and mind. why do u think u have the right to tell people how to kill themselves? people should die naturally not buy your stupid little pathetic ideas. WANKER!!!!!
26 Nov 2003 Bryan Sanor I think this is a great site, have for years. Listen we all need an outlet for the taboo. If you are anti-suicide then leave this site alone, it is a sanctum where we can laugh at our ridiculous circumstances we call life.
26 Nov 2003 Chris Well, what can I say about this site??? I have just finished watching a documentary about suicide chat rooms on Channel 4 (UK TV) and was inspired to check out some of the message boards. I stumbled accross this site and must say that you guys and girls are doing a great job... Getting your feelings down on paper (or on-screen) can be the first step. If you want to know a little secret... keep reading.

I suffer from depression, comes and goes, highs and lows, good and bad, happy and sad, from wanting to kill myself to wanting to kill others... I have been through most of it in the past.

I am now 23 and am married to a fantastic woman, WHO LOVES ME FOR WHO I AM, and I also have a beautiful 2 year old daughter. I am just so glad that in the past when the feelings arose... I COULDN'T DO IT... that was not to say that I didn't want to... I just couldn't, so was left with no option but to fight... mainly myself. I AM SO GLAD THAT I DID.

I know how the feelings come, and sometimes they're worse than the day before... but 'sometimes' it's not as bad as last week. That last week is where you need to be looking just now... accept that you will have bad days and say to yourself... it WILL get better. It may not get better quickly but IT DOES GET BETTER. I am no longer on medication and have started a new job today, stacking shelves in the local supermarket. Not much... BUT... a BIG step, considering that I couldn't get out of bed for the crushing desire to end it all only a few months ago. It makes me feel PROUD that I have beaten the beast back again... I don't know if I will ever be 'that down' again... but I can tell you, I WILL NEVER FORGET.

If you are sat in your chair just now reading this, then why not take the next step... write it down and click send... whether you send it to me or just to the message board, because there ARE people out there who WANT to listen to you... no there isn't, I hear you say?... then why would I be spending all my time writing to YOU... we can only help, if you give us the chance... let us help, send that email... what have you got to loose?

Email me:

Take Care and Stay Safe,

26 Nov 2003 Hope THATS WRONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

You can get help, I've been there.
25 Nov 2003 MauvaisSouhait It's yet another one of those days when you wake up and barely remember falling asleep. You half stumble your way through the house just to get to the bathroom, make yourself up to go out and face the world. Then by the time you get home you're yet again so tired that you decide to sleep, but you can't sleep because you have too much work to do. Then you decide to take a walk, relax and so you go outside and walk and walk and by the time you realize that you walked away from the comforting path you were on, it's too late. It's dark and cold and you're lost and don't know how to get home. It's one of those days where you wish you could forget everything, where you wish that you could take a walk and stray from your everyday path. Everyone in this world (or so it seems) is too comfortable walking their everyday path. but why?? Why would you want to have everything the same and never change?? Are you really that scared of change? Everything changes in one way or another. It's a beautiful thing. Just think about when a caterpiller changes into a butterfly. How would that ever happen if nothing changed? One of our problems is that we don't take chances, we don't change. Why? I'd rather take a path unknown than always be the same. I don't just want to be another sheep in the herd being led by one main person.. being a follower. Why would you?
24 Nov 2003 Brian Play with traffic, blindfolded.
24 Nov 2003 billy the one and only it has gotten to the point... where i believe that the only way to fix my problem, is not to kill myself, but to kill every one else. i have a all or nothing attitude... and personally i want it all.
24 Nov 2003 skiss666 Va voir ta mère!!!!
24 Nov 2003 Chris Nasty things have a way of happening even though intentions may be a compilation of the very best. Think of parents saying and doing shit that they think make you happy but in fact they depress you so much. Think of the Chinese government. They thought their one child per couple scheme was going to take care of over population. What they didn't count on was the creating of a mind-boggling number of Chinese only children all being spoiled by their own parents and extended family.

Today's kids are competing in the spoilt child olympic games. Qualifying for the spoilt child olympics takes energy, grit and dtermination, with continous support and cheering on by stupid doting parents and grandparents. Kids are becoming rulers of the here, there and everywhere, including street, school, house and the bathroom. And their expectations are high and lordly, expecting an all singing, all dancing performance from even the most mundane object, such as the bloody automatic toothbrush. (Everythiing's gone automatic, they'll probably soon invent an automatic ass cleaner!). Giiven that the only physical exercise most children get these days is brushing their teeth, why give them toothbrushes that do all the work? It won't be long before they will be demanding automatic contraptions to blow their noses for them.

Kids even dictate eating family habits, with cereals created to resemble little waffles and fried potatoes in the shape of super little heroes. They also dictate what stories to be told before going to sleep and the choice always falls on bloody Harry Potter or such like. Parents might either comply by ferrying their children to activities, sheering offspring and keeping them and their clothes clean, or they can avoid this by encouraging children to take up a variety of hobbies. These will keep kids occupied, and parents poor! Any form of rebellion from the parents would only lead to historic shedding of tears. Extra points in the spoiled child olympics are always given for children turning blue in the face or throwing up.

And there go the parents, buying useless shit for the kids again. And are the kids ever happy? No, they are not! There's nothing else that these kids can do in life because everything is ready made. There's nothing original. Their stupid parents just want them to do well in their exams. Some of the kids cannot make it. Those who do are covered with gifts. Those who don't are jealous for the gifts. There's a lot of shouting, screaming and crying from both parents and kids. No one is happy. Parents work kard to get money. Kids don't really give a fuck, they get what they want, get pissed with it, break it and forget all about it. When they reach that special age of thirteen they have either adopted the face with the stupid smile of senseless happiness or either have adopted the sad, depressed suicidal face. Then there are a few like me and most of you who all they need is a damn good hug, a damn good kiss, a damn good day and some damn good love and I will live.

I know what you're thinking. Aren't most of us of a young age? So are you saying we are spoilt, stupid brats? No friends, I'm not saying that. From what I read here I realise that we are the people who know what real life is. We've seen and felt pain and we are still living through it. And I can hardly say I always got what I want. I think I have always been reasonable but others do not want to be reasonable with me. With me, it's always less rather than more. Believe me, I never wanted more. I'm proud that I'm not a spoilt man with a goddamn stupid face with a stupid smile.

It's quite terrifying when a three year old appears to be the most powerful person in a room. It's equally frightening to see that all primary school children have computers, televisions in their rooms, all totemic of parents over-compensating for their own less idyllic childhood. Not to mention birthday presents for four year olds which include mobile-phones to talk to their friends, anytime, anywhere. What happened to the odd bicycle race around the block or an evening spent in lazy corners as means of communication. Call me so 20th century again but this shit is making kids more depressed and suicidal. The children's appetite for whatever the market offers is also created by the market itself which targets children as the new, all powerful consumer group. No wonder Gucci has recently launched its new children's range, with a mink coat or a leather jacket on offer for just 1,125 pounds! This is the price we are paying for a 24-7 society where things to buy are on offer any time of the day, from actual or online shops. It's the price we are paying for having more money and being more affluent. Put unparalleled affluence alongside a willingness to indulge, and you have the most sad, spoilt generation ever brought up. Blame the parents, and Freud.

But their sadness has no real basis, not like us. Life is just sad for them. You know why? The very accomplishments and good fortune parents so despeartely desire to share with their children put them at risk. The body cannot learn to adapt to stress unless it experiences it. Indulged children are often less able to cope with stress because their parents have created an atmosphere where their whims are indulged, when they have always assumed that they are entitled to everything and that life should be a bed of roses, something which we all here have known all along. The spoilt kids will get to know it later, and disappointment can be greater. Spoilt children grow into arrogant car drivers who bump their way through traffic as if the road was theirs.

I don't think we want more of that. Life is already too depressing. So you see we have a shithead generation that came before us and a shithead generation coming after us. Are we perfect? Of course we ain't but I don't rule out being the best. When you want to think positive think: 'I'm not the one who should commit suicide, the rest of the human poulation should'. Impossible, but nice!

P.S. Asshole, sorry to say this but you chose the perfect name, because you talked like an..... asshole. I never said or tried to show that I know everything. Actually, I barely know anything. Just enough to feel the pain and be real. And another thing. (What I'm going to say has already been said but it's worth telling again). Look up suicide kit in your dictionary of choice and what do you find? Hey, presto....nothing! (If you are so keen on references look back on the site for someone named Phil/Lucy for the exact quote) So I write what I feel and if there is someone being shallow, narrow and naive, I think it's you! As our Phil/Lucy friend would have said, don't talk pap!

Mauvais, Harry, Leanne, etc I love you but can you reduce the 'wonderful writer' talk please? It's nice to know that someone reads this shit and cares, but say different stuff.

Love u all

See ya, and don't be spoilt kids....
24 Nov 2003 ye olde buttfuck get a gun call the cops when the cops come point the gun at their cop faces.

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