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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Oct 2003 billy I tried to stample my balls to a wall and tried to run
10 Oct 2003 Lauren rig a microwave to work with the door open... put it on fullpower and place your head in it... alternatively if the microwave refuses to work with the door open... you can chop off your head and place it in the microwave... be aware that the microwave will no longer be the cause of death if you do this but just a way of making the body look "interesting" when they find you in the morning... :D
09 Oct 2003 Death Take a gun and stick it against the right temple and pull the trigger. The End.
09 Oct 2003 michelle hi, my name is michelle and im only 14 and i have try to commit suicide. im not like other people i have a bf and my family dont get along. my best friend have just recently had killed himself and i have been in running in to da law a lot in da pass 3 months but i found a way to stay alive and dat was my little girl vanessa. she is only 9 months and im living my life to be with her. i hope many others dont kill themself but just seeing dis web-site and reading wat people wrote is just where i belong here with other people who think and act like me. i need help!
thank you for ur time!
09 Oct 2003 Steve Linkin Park is a terrible teeny bopper band. Nine Inch Nails is the best; if any artist knows pain, it's Trent Reznor.
08 Oct 2003 shillbob dont do it dont kill ur self or pretend to. Its not a joke or any thing like that its not funny cuz some kids might use the stuff to kill them self
08 Oct 2003 molly whitlaw get so drunk that u can't stand up, cover urself in petrol and then go joyriding with the aim to crash.
i don't have a sick mind im just slightly twisted
08 Oct 2003 K OD
07 Oct 2003 Lauren Suicide is something I have tried numerous times and I have come to realize something. Just being depressed and hating life in your mind doesn't mean you want to die subconciously. I have always failed at commiting suicide and I used to try every week. I never could. That was when I was 13, too. I am now 20 and I don't want to die at all. I am sure I never really did want to die all the way. Just at the time, I was unhappy with life. All you need to kill yourself is wanting to do it whole-heartedly...
07 Oct 2003 Ronwelthy You see, I wanted to call this girl I am obssessed, so I look on internet, in order to find her phone number, surfing on all the pages, wanted to find a solution, but none of it came. I was sitting in my room, with only my true friend, my own desesperation. I looked up down in the street, all wet by the morning rain, and then think about my future

Just know that I see it like a long, very long highway, and nothing to guide, no one you can call. And you just have to run... Where?... Maybe in a wall, destroy it to find something better. Everything is planned, so follow the way, don't care what people tell you because they to tell to do that, it was written.

That's just what I was thinking, I did not want to do as I was told, so I took a coat, and put on my shoes, then I just started packing my bag... emptying my cupboard and filing it with all these clothes, my nike socks, my Ripcurl trouser, my abercrombie T shirt, and my eminem sweater. It made a weird feeling when I looked down to see this bag at my feet.
It was like I was taking a piece of this house to bring it with me, like a refugee who drag along his big suitcase.

I did not feel like that at all, I simply wanted to see if it was better away, I could not stand this hell and like a adventurous man I was ready to run for heaven... don't think i was a fuckin suicidal, no it was like I was looking for a better place where I could relax. But, I also took a rope and a washingstuff, but just in case.
I was ready to go
06 Oct 2003 Lisa I've been thinking about Suicide for over 2 years now. The only reason why I'm still here is coz of Linkin Park. I know that sounds pathetic, but their music makes me so much better. It takes me away from reality. 6 months ago I was going to do it, I had talked myself into it, but then I saw a LP interview on TV & they said they were coming to NZ early nxt yr. So I waited. I went through 6 more months of pain and depression for LP. A few weeks ago I heard on the radio that they're not coming to NZ, they're going to auzzie instead. Fuck, I was pissed off. Anyway I could have killed myself 6 months ago. I really wish I had now. High school is really hard, my friends don't really give a fuck about me, and my family hates my guts. Half the time there's no food in the house, my mom hits me and insults me all the time. But I don't have to put up with this anymore, in exactly 2 hours I'm going to take a whole lotta Panadol and slit my wrists. That's probably the most pathetic way to go but I don't care. The point is, if your life sux, and you wanna kill yourself, do it now, coz it ain't gonna get any better.
06 Oct 2003 it doesn't matter because of existence It's a good thing that absolutely nothing matters. We are all made of some fondamental fabric of existence, we all exist, that is the only truth there is. Most human terms are "descriptions" that we use for things, but they are vague and don't mean much, for instance, there is no such thing as dying, or living, furthermore most of what i am writing really means very little. God i love this universe don't you? Most of our emotions come from one basic "program line" that defines life, a strive for existence.
06 Oct 2003 notme Strap a bomb to your belly that will go off one second after you say the word "Immediately". Run into a filled restaurant and scream "I HAVE EATEN A VERY BAD BURRITO AND WILL EXPLODE IMMEDIATELY!", do this while you're holding a lamp in one hand, and a power drill in the other. Ohh and stuff walnuts in your buttcrack. (this will really baffle the investigators)
06 Oct 2003 Steve help, help
i'm drowning
get me out of here
05 Oct 2003 gael aller dans une scierie et se faire passer pour un jeune arbre en racontant qu'on aime les averses d'été et qu'on connait pas la mousse.
05 Oct 2003 josh i am 13 and if u have ever seen the virgin suicides then jump off ur house put ur head in a stove take too many pills go into ur garage turn on the car and sit there well hope this was usefull
04 Oct 2003 shuriken i being alone but i like being dead so i tried slashing my radial, carotid, brachial pulse but it suck damn me i'm still alive.... try it yourself but use a surgical blade but if you don't have some try a blade'''''
and if doesn't work e-mail me (
04 Oct 2003 shuriken the best way is to jump from the tallest building in your place, yeah!!! that's right because before you die at least you have felt the feeling of flying like a bird and when you hit the ground the crowd will stare at your lifeless ass!!!!!
04 Oct 2003 molli I have no clue if anyone will remember me at all because well the last time I visited this site it was well Agust 9th it has almost been two months since I came here and well i hit a turn around.. I am safe, I made it I don't want to die and well I don't but this is my good-bye and thank you to u all .. if it weren't for u .. I would have never made it and I wanted to let u all know u made a great difference in my life... I love u all!
04 Oct 2003 Kate You can take a million Asprin! That should do the trick.

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