Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Oct 2003 tere the best way to kill yourself is by jumping off a tall building.
16 Oct 2003 Phyl Get Courtney Love to kill you and then say it was a suicide.;;or take drugs
GIRLS ATTTEMPT SUICIDE, BOYS COMMIT SUICIDE. If you want to kill yourself stop fuckin moaningggggggggggg about it and fucking do it, get a shotgun!!!!!!!!! It's not that hard these days and get some shells for your shotgun and blow your fucking head off! It doesn't take a genius, I hate all you fucking attention seekers trying to kill yourself, do it properly for fuck's sake and stop wasting hospital space and people's time.
Thank you Mouchette,
Love Phyl X
16 Oct 2003 Chris Now that September and summer are over... it can only mean one thing... it's time for my uncle to start boring everyone about skiing once again.

He took up skiing only five years ago at a time when he really should have been contemplating a more sedentary type of pastime. But you know how it is with men when they reach a certain age, they begin to feel the relentless march of time and as an antedote try and find something to convince themselves that anno domini will have no power over them. Sadly, most of them follow a predictable course and go out and either a) buy a bright red sports car, b) take to wearing clothes two sizes too small and a whole generation too young, c) start chasing after impossibly young girls with equally impossible asses or d) the old favourite booze. However attractive the above options are, I know that none would get past my uncle's wife (although I suspect she thinks that he does at least three of the above and has a red BMW Z3 stashed in a garage somewhere). So, my uncle took to the slopes instead. One of the few genuine regrets he has in life is that he didn't strap on a pair of skis twenty years ago. But it does have its downside (no pun intended), he has become such a bore on the subject, I find that he steers every conversation he's in around to skiing, he spends hours daydreaming about whizzing across the snow and worst of all he has to stop himself from wishing the time away until the season begins... remember he took up skiing in the first place because he was afraid that time was passing too quickly on his way to his own personal middle life crisis. But, his wife is happy, he goes skiing at every and any opportunity and she gets to have the whole bed to herself (instead of her normal 97% of it) for days on end. She just drops him at the airport and goes home to check that the life insurance is up to date. But his argument is "Which other sport has so much to offer? Clean fresh air, mountain scenery, bars and restaurants everywhere to refuel and on the chair lift up he enjoys a cigarette without bother from the Nicotine Nazis!"

And here is where my uncle has a good point. Although he is a bore on the subject, he is practising something good. Maybe the paradise island that my friend Leanne likes to mention is a little difficult to arrive to but we might go skiing, breathe the non-toxic, suicidal air, clear our minds, try to have a good time and while you're whizzing along the snow alone and with a clear mind get to know yourself more and try to get something positive out of yourself. It's good to know yourself before meeting all the other suicidal arses... although I still love the idea of the paradise island!

P.S Leanne, I've got a confession to make. This may sound lame like your friend's excuse about not giving you a Christmas card but this is the truth. I swear on a stack of bibles (or whatever you believe in) that I had the intention of sticking some kisses to you at the end of my last post but I'm so used to not giving kisses that I forgot! Actually I do blow quite some kisses, but always from afar. When I see a girl that once helped me in something or came to talk to me (not because she wanted something from me) I blow kisses from afar. Going up to her and hugging her and kissing her really is just not for me. First of all she will think I'm a nut (which isn't far off the mark really) and secondly she would be embarassed because she would want hugs and kisses from someone else and not from me. And after all people don't go berserk because they see someone who once helped them in a small thing or talked to them. But, you understand, for me it's so special because it happens very few times. Well, hope you believe me... these are for you xxxxx and by the way, Happy Birthday, (I know it's late to say it but I wanted to anyway), and I hope you enjoyed the cake xxxxx

See ya on the slopes...
16 Oct 2003 ronwelthy I could not stand this shitty life, those looks which said well thank you for you help, but you don't interest me. Those people who considered me as if i was a robot, a non human, a machine to which they could ask everything.
_Could you give me your book
_Yes, I always replied not to loose my place in the circle. Yes, I will let you take whatever you want, just ask.
This makes feel empty, a man without any feeling, except anger and pain. Those feelings will always stay in my soul.
But let me tell you more about the time I ran away from home.

Ye, it was rainy, and this fuckin weather made me think of the good old time, when I was happy, running everywhere in the house, did not care for anybody, when I could have all the things I asked. Yeah, childhood is the best time of your life, but then you become a teenager and black clouds hide the sun, this is the time when for the first time you taste your tears, when for the first time you feel like a cut in your heart when the girl you loved did not care about you

Yeah, my teenage years were the worst of my life, like this street all wet with rain. I wandered in the city, trying to think about what I could do, and decided to go further, it was time to cut my roots and to live a new life
16 Oct 2003 robert hose the best way is a razor or house cleaning products
15 Oct 2003 Lyndsay pretend you're a witch who has lost her power to freeze, then run out in front of a speeding car to prove you can freeze it and wait...
15 Oct 2003 leanne Just a Girl, thank you v. much for re-assuring me. we've all missed you here, no bullshit. none of us know where you've been or what has gone on but it was very good to see your name and message this evening. xx
15 Oct 2003 leanne Thomas, I'd just like to say Welcome, and that you are in no way alone here. forget people who dont seem to find you attractive out there and have made the assumption of you being gay... forget them 1)girls in this world.. in this fucked up place are just getting to be too much trouble, 2) they're only out for themselves. And be there for your mum. even though your family somehow blames you, that's not your fault, not your problem, not your concern... well it is a concern but not one you're responsible for. dont let people walk all over you for your mistakes, everybody makes them and hell... life is one big mistake... the way this world functions is a big fucking error and mistake. you gotta stand tall at work, dont let people take the piss, coz they'll lose respect for you and you'll lose it for yourself. when you feel shit&down, which is all the time with depression, you can always come here. there are good fucking people here, the best bunch you'll eva find and discover, like i myself have discovered. nobody judges anybody, or looks down on anybody, we're all on the same level and im sure we'll all be here for you... you wanna be angry, do that, scream,rant&rave, get it out coz nobody will understand you better than us. so welcome again and keep visiting.
15 Oct 2003 just a girl drops by to wave a hand to leanne...
15 Oct 2003   things do get better and there are better things to do than plan your death. i hope that you all find some kind of help from your parents, friends, or a doctor, or even the law could help. please quit this and think positive. im 29 and i came across this and i couldnt believe it. i just had to write and tell you that this is so sad to see so many people hurting. you all are in my prayers.
14 Oct 2003 Thomas Hi my name is Thomas and i have a problem. My problem is that i think about commiting suicide every day. I am now 19 and my birthday was only a couple of days ago. The reason i feel so depressed is due to the overwhelming stress i undergo everday. I appear to be thirty years old and not very attractive and it is heart breaking. On top of that everyone i know looks down on me due to my various mistakes. Also due to the fact that they think i am a homosexual. My mom also has become crippled due to an unkown entity that has retarded her body. I am seriously loosing my mind. And the other day i had somebody shoot at our house. Yeah shoot at our house. My whole family looks down at me and feels i am the reason to blame, and in a sense i am the reason to blame. I am very tired of living and am right now seeking help as a last attempt to regain some of the sanity that i have lost over the years. Please somebody help me.
14 Oct 2003 Leanne Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me-ee, happy birthday to me!.. Well actually it was yesterday but what the hell. (A bit of irony for you all here... I was born on the 13th). Something strange happened yesterday, my parents paid attention to me. It was wierd, it felt wrong, bad, naughty even. It's nice to see they are nice enough to pay the slightest bit of attention to me at least one day a year... awwwww. (If you're that desperate to know my age, do your homework, play Sherlock and go back in time.) Gay Punk, my hand is firmly up, coz I missed you. You know who else im missin... Just a Girl... seriously, this is bad, does anyone have an idea where she's got to? And Chris, I had a slice of cake last nite... and do you know what... I want another! Right now, there's an assignment heaped up in a pile to my left, it's staring and laughing at me coz it knows I haven't a clue what to do with it. So I'm taking up other more important activities such as saying hello to you guys in hope that it's gonna write itself or even better-disappear! I'm gonna look back at it now and I expect to see it gone... ..damn, it's still there. I dunno what else I can do to avoid it, I've done everything I can think of... such as cups of tea, seeing what's on T.V, silly conversations with my dog, what else is there? I'm not college material... what kind of polluted-intoxicating-London-smog-air was I high on at the time when I decided to enrol? And get this... I received another assignment on my B'day on.. 'Adolescence'! (Psychology-is that how you spell it?) :-(
Leanne xxx
P.S David Blaine is coming out of the box next monday! I'm thinking about going to that Paradise Island soon :-)
14 Oct 2003 molly whitlaw my answer is not just for people under 13. i have been suicidal for most of my life. i am 15 year old girl with a normal life and iv tried ODing 3 times (it doesnt work, but i have had my stomach pumped) and jumped out of several very high windows apparently i am lucky to be alive but i cant look at it that way. i seem to spend my whole life cutting myself up, looking for the next bunch of pills i can find, getting stoned or drunk. there is nothing else that makes me happy anymore i wake up each morning and cry cos im still alive. if i see pictures of war and suffering i feel guilty for hating life so much when there are people who would do anything for my life!!!, but i can't help how i feel. if anyone reads this who feels how i do please mail me cos it would be cool to speak to someone like me!!! cheers
oh yeah!!! i havent put how to kill yourself have i?................. i don't know. just don't OD it does'nt work neither does jumping out of a window!!!

but fixing the microwave to work without the door shut (stick a chop stick in the clip that shuts the door) and then microwaving your head would be quite interesting!!! please mail me and tell me if it works ??????? :)
14 Oct 2003 JinXy Run into a solid brick wall head first, going really fast on a skateboard.
14 Oct 2003 edith eating candies till you can`t breath
13 Oct 2003 Bartholemew first put on some nirvana on your portable cd player. then if you live in an apartment building that has more than 3 floors, jump through the crack thing in the middle of the stairwells.
13 Oct 2003 Dan - Go to a cemetary and fuck an ancient corpse, if the maggots inside your body don't kill you, the VD and sicknesses you get will.

- Put glass in your food and start eating. Yummy!

- Put your head in front of a door and slam it until you're head falls off

- Quick and painless: Jump head first from your roof. Don't be a pussy, if its not high, it WILL HURT. And if its not head first, you probably wont even die.
13 Oct 2003 Maura break into a marina and tie an anchor around your ankle and jump in the water
13 Oct 2003 bus des etoiles Put the head into a toilet water and flush water.
13 Oct 2003 im not telling u my name! for the last 6 months i hav been wanting to die. i hav tried at least 4 times by slitting my wrists, but its never deep enough. ok, let me get this rite, i hav the nicest friends ever, i hav a good family, and i go to a good school, but i still HATE my fuking life. there is only 1 reason why i havnt decided to totaly go thru wiv it, and that reason is because of ONE of my friends, she has kept me going thru all the hard times and has always stood by me, she doesnt giv a fuk that i am suicidal, and that i smoke and get drunk, and im ONLY 13!! she accepts me for who i am, she understands that my life is fuked up, and she is only ONE of the three ppl that actually LISTEN to me when im upset and angry. she puts up wiv my mood swings, she knows why i am sumtimes a bitch for! its hard to believe that ONE person has basicallly kept me going, the only reason i dont kill myself now is cos i know how much it would hurt her! shes put up wiv me for SO LONG and she wouldnt want me to just die,just like that. she wants me to live my life to the fullest, she hates to see me upset, when i cry, she cries too! so everyone out there who is thinking bout commiting suicide.... think about all your friends.... how much would they hurt! most of them would blame themselves! think of all the ppl u love, b4 u end your life!

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