Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Jun 2003 will awww, just a girl. i would love you in the real world. i may be gay, but that doesn't stop me loving people. what i do miss is being hugged. haven't been hugged for a long time. i believe lucy's computer is having probs! ummm, better be off...........
20 Jun 2003 naomi mikamura (note to just a girl...everything i say is now di dear ...uuhhh ...ill get back to u on that one...

anyway... i did my... 8th suicide attempt about 13 days ago... and do u wanna know a secret...? IT FAILED!!!... AGAIN!!!!! i mean what am i? oblivious to fucking physical damage or something...?! ... ~deep breath~ ... "1... 2... 3... 4... 5... 6... 7... 8... 9......... why the fucking hell cant i die?!?!?! ...~another deep breath~... (to avoid losing my temper... actually... it should me my head that is lost...)


1. i slit my wrists...
pain level: 4
2. i drunk so toxic liquid...
pain level: blacked out
3. i stabbed myself along the torso...
pain level:11
4. (u aint gonna believe dis one... but i was desperate) i shoved a knife up my ass...
pain level:12
5. (i got this one from this site #21) i induced vomiting which lasted about 18 minutes... (at the 11 minute point my i started vomiting blood...) then i blacked out... and indeed went into a coma which lasted at least 23 days or so... when i woke up i immediatly looked around and said "..... what the hell... ACK! aww... im still breathing... i was sure that would work..."
pain level:23
6. i went to this ski resort and pretended to go snow boarding... then i purposely got COMPLETLY lost (at this point... i knew there was no turning back...) it was cold... very cold... perfect... i got COMPLETELY naked and laid down in the snow... cold... so very cold... i started getting tired... so i said hey... mabye ill wake up in hell... then blacked out... i dont remember much after that.. .but they found me... unfortunatly...
pain level: 44 "OUCH!"
7. (i dont know what came over me...but i got naked for this one...) i got naked and took a skinny yet sharp knife whose blade was about 3.5 inches long... and shoved about 3 inches of that up my belly button... and yeah... there was alot of blood...
pain level:27
and last but not least 8. i simply beat myself up untill i bleed from my nose, mouth, and vagina (dont ask me how that happened...?)
pain level:30

....and well those are my 8 attempts... my question is why am i here typing this...? i should be dead!!! damnit... anyway i just wanted to... now i remember who this was too!!! its to "just a girl" and this "lucy"!!!!!!!! wish me luck on my attempts ok?
6 Jun 2003 Emily People don't understand that this isn't something people can just get rid of. It takes a lot of will power just to talk to someone. I'm glad this site is up- it helps people vent and listen. It's delayed my plans by at least a few days. Thank you Mouchette.
20 Jun 2003 Emily You know what always makes me feel better, no matter how bad I feel?

It's a Godsend.
19 Jun 2003 Short and sweet become an arsonist
19 Jun 2003 gisselle well i am 17 years old liked by many but i dont like myself i mean most people would never think that i would "commit suicide" because i dont get made fun of and i have a lot of friends but i dont like my life i dont like things i've done i've hurt my parents in soooo many ways and i am sooo depressed i just found out i am repeating the 9th grade for the 3rd time!! i wanna drop out sooo bad but i know if i do my parents will be sooo sad and i dont wanna make them feel hurt anymore besides i wanna finish high school i wanna go to collage but i feel like im not going any where im supposed to be a senior this year so i mean whats the point of living i dont know what to do can some help
19 Jun 2003 Angela I've never actually tried to kill myself but i think about it a lot. I think the best way to kill yourself is just to be in a giant hotel building 15 stories or higher and to just jump. You feel really free and before u hit the ground you pass out. It's easy and painless. I know you must be thinking how does she know that if she's never tried it? My friend commited suicide and this is exactly what happened to her she told me she was going to and i didn't stop her she was right.
19 Jun 2003 leanne hey just a girl, the only reason i'd postpone my suicide date is to check out ur daily contribution. despite the fact i cannot see the light @ the end of the tunnel and i cant see the greener grass on the other side, ur wording ways transport me in2 another dimension...1 wiv familiarization... 1 possesing complete sense. keep me alive.
19 Jun 2003 just a girl hmmm it seems i have 'fans' here mouchette?

if only i could get people to love me in my real world, then maybe, just maybe..
things would be okay. and id know what it felt like to smile again....
19 Jun 2003 Nollie hmmmmmm i just stumbled across this thing lookin for the best way to do it... umm well so far obviously, i have been unsucessful as well. but i find that the best way to get it out of your system is to do something stupid. like, get on a skateboard go try somethin u would never try, sOMETHIn that u know will have that risk of doing damage. it's the best way. and half the time u don't even hurt yourself. cutting yourself is a good way, but make sure u know how sharp the knife is . i was used to doing it with one knife, and moved onto a butcher knife, and it sliced through and snapped one of them little bones on your wrist. bled all over the keyboard too haha. that was the best one. didn't die but so, i really couldn't imagine how hard u have to cut yourself, but i guess just aim for the vein. but i like the skateboarding idea. so give it a go. and yeh catch
19 Jun 2003 Kyle AHHH...... all I know is I really hate living this life!!.... my life was pretty good until i was in the 6th grade... I finally came back to reality... and i woke up to a depression... i want to die so bad... but whenever somebody finds out they just start crying about how much they care about me and shit... well if they care about me so much how come they can't act like they do around me??... How come they didn't start to care until they realized i wanted to die?..... what's wrong with people... my friends ditch me for this stupid guy... who all he wants to do is get in bed with them... i really just wanna OD..... so please just tell me how much advil or ibeprofen i would have to take to die!!...
19 Jun 2003 leanne how bout combining the lot 2getha... overdosing, slitting of the wrists and hanging urself. that'll teach em 4 bein so blind 2 ur suffering.
19 Jun 2003 naomi mikamura ...lalala... hey just a girl... just wanted to tell u and everyone else im still alive... unfortunatly...
19 Jun 2003 cello hey all. i was reading all the posts here, and I wondered if I should give my input about my life. Well, for starters I'm 15 and live a fucked up life. My parents are always criticizing me, yelling at me. My friends make fun of me all the time. I'm ridiculed. I'm denied freedom. I couldn't go to my first sleepover until I was 13! I can't go anywhere, and when I do go somewhere I'm always getting chased down where I am. I don't have any freedom at all.. my parents piss me off. I need to find an easy way out of this, but overdosing and using a gun and stuff all scare the mess out of me. I was looking for something painless.. and if it has to be painful.. something quick.. that I will ony feel for a second or two. I've always dreamed of finding a vile like Romeo did when he killed himself. It seemed so easy when he died..
18 Jun 2003 Felicia On LIFE I soon discovered at age 13, life would begin at 18. At 18, after losing my virginity, I actually thought life in blissful matrimony would happen until I was 25. Ten years later I grew older and had a mind of my own, never married, never had any children, and went out with guys who decided to remain at the maturity level of13 years or younger who have no clue in reading books on better relationships and sex tips Though one can sure ace as fellow mastermind on Dungeons and Dragons, pretend in being some secret agent of a Matrix or governmental conspiracy, remain planted behind the boob tube, conquer video games, drool at porno flicks, guzzle down several bottles of Budweiser and reefers all in one shot…all in the presence of being taken cared of by a significant other, or their mommy. Oh yeah, dating a computer freak who downloads on newest movies never yet seen on film with a barely naked eye, only to be watched rather than waste matinee or evening price. You finally meet the right one and think the world of them, knowing that they are married. You thought they would be wonderful in bed, yet find that they are lousy, when they think that the second round is too soon, and actually found that foreplay was more on your court and you were the teaser. Then you reminisce on the 26 year old homeboy that kept pumping you till you were tired even trying, when you keep wondering where they get all that energy from, and the previous homebody before that who was only out for your buckaroos. Alas, you break it off for no apparent reason because you were starting to feel like an “A-hole’s Nancy”. Not to forget, the time you almost got busted with your pants down, smoking reefers with a guy nine years younger than you, and having your bum exposed to California Highway Patrol. Then you have a cavity search and the John’s look at your teeth thinking you are a crack addict, only finding out that you have calcium deficiency and you feel like a blithering idiot. A young cop folds his hands and rolls his eyes up his head stating, "Oh please! Stop your drama!" Then he looks at your chest. Then you get proposed to by a guy you feel most comfortable but not so in love with and you think about the married guy when you are doing the horizontal polka. Then you keep wondering about how the Osborne’s can have their daughter sing a re-hash of Madonna’s Papa don’t Preach.

And you contemplate committing suicide?

GAWD!!! I survived. If I can survive through all this shinola... then so can you.
18 Jun 2003 leanne what does it matter if u r under 13?? we're all suicidal and all feelin the same. fuk age. any1 knows how many sleepin pills will do the job??paracetamol etc sux. wanna chat 2 a stranger out of boredom??
18 Jun 2003 jomojojo hey will and just a girl and gaypunk and the other names i see all throughout this site, i mentioned you only because at a glance you guys/girls appear to be the only ppl taking this site seriously
to ppl like molli who say this site makes them sick.. too bad you're gonna die one day, why not choose that day.
i like the idea of suicide, not suicide as such but death (quickest, easiest way to get dead is suicide so they kinda go hand in hand) as sylvia plaith put it "I just wanted to be free, you have no idea how free."
to all the people that posted saying suicide is the 'cowards' way out i have two things to say 1. u try it 2. we're all gonna go 'out' anyway, i'd rather walk thru the door than fall thru the floor. but either way u end up dead
as for all the 13 yr olds and stuff, erm, that's just creepy i mean fuck you are 13, so what mummy's a bitch wait til you can move out, and if you think life is unfair at 13 u got a fuck load coming. why don't you wait and see if there is anythng that is worth living for. don't wanna sound high and mighty (cos i feel everything but) but some people have REAL reasons to kill themselves. real reasons don't include parents or school or some jock that beats u up,

fuck it go kill urselves i dont care but i bet if u wait till ur 16 u will laugh so hard at ur pathetic excuses as to why u wanted to end ur life

i propose that suicide become R16 so that people have a chance to experience the wonderous (shithole) life they had forced upon them
18 Jun 2003 robbie probably the quickest way to end it all is to get a gun prefably a pistol because it will be easier to hold and take aim just behind the temples and squeeze the trigger don't pull it because you could jolt the gun and then you will probably end up braindamaged so take it slow the best calibre is a 357 magnum. the expected time should be about 2 millisecond good luck robbie.
18 Jun 2003 Genevieve PPL don't understand how hard it is to kill yourself and everyone wants the easiest way. I don't have a gun to shoot myself, I'm not sure how to hang myself exactly, but I have only one question... does any kind of drug work to commit suicide by a drug overdose? I really need that fact on overdoses and poison because when I do it I want to make sure I don't live to have to try again. Please tell me everything soon! My life totally sucks and nobody cares, if you want to help me, tell me how to die by an overdose... that easiest, fastest way to die. I want it over now. I can't take any more shit.
18 Jun 2003 Debbie I'm sure you're not up for my story... but it sounds like you are totally obsessed with this demon we all know as suicide. My father passed away when I was a very little girl-which left my brother and I very close as children and adults. He was my best friend. In fact we shared an apartment for about 10 years while I attended collage. In a way-he became the only "dad" I knew. I could depend on him for anything. He taught me how to drive and even how to cook. Well here's where the story actually begins. I started to notice him becoming distant, off in his own world. He would watch tv but you could tell he had no clue what he just watched. This went on for about 1 year. I kinda thought he was depressed but never knew or dreamed to what extent. He met a girl which he dated for only a few months and things started to go down hill. I called him from work one morning just to chat about the day's happenings and he sounded absoutly fine. After work I went to my mom's to try to tell her about Ray's depression and I thought it might be more serious than "just a phase, as I'm telling her the phone rings and it was Ray. He was so angry and histerical that I didn't ever recognize his voice... he told me that he loved me and goodbye.... I flew home which was only about 2 miles down the road to find he had shot himself in the head with a 12gauge shot gun. I have never talked about what I saw that night because I don't want my family to know how bad the scene really was. The best way I could describe it is if you took the biggest pot of chili imaginable and threw it all over the entire house inside and out. There was a bullet hole on the outside of the house as well. My brother laid there dead with his brains hanging out of his skull... his pain had finally ended and mine had only just began. It has been 5 years since this has happened to me and not a day or even an hour has passed that he has not crossed my mind in some way or another. I still have trouble eating red meat, seeing scary movies, guns, dead animals in the road, blood... the list goes on. So my advice to you is before you end your pain, think about the pain you are causing for your loved ones... for the REST of their life. Your pain may end, but theirs will be just beginning. What you do has an enormous effect on other people. Good luck in you decision and God Bless you-you are not alone.
17 Jun 2003 just a girl oh will... if only there was something i could do to numb your pain...

and if only there was something you could do to numb mine...

but then again, if that existed, we would be able to numb everyone's pain...

and this wonderful site would no longer exist either :)

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