Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Dec 2003 kait Hang yourself
16 Dec 2003 confused I am 15 years old and i just recently found out i was depressed. I've been feeling this way for a while but kind of just thought it was normal i guess. I've had my ups and very low downs for the past couple of months. I've cut my wrists a couple of times. A week ago my friend saw my cuts and made me get help. I thought maybe it would help but all it has done is make it worse. I'm so confused and so lost. I hate seeing other people happy. I want to be happy but i'm just not. i don't even have a hard life, it's just how i feel and i can't help it. It's so frustrating. Now more than ever I'm considering suicide, but if i tried i wouldn't want to come back.
15 Dec 2003 sick sad world I would like to tell you about our parents and about the role they have in their child's ├ęducation. I mean, parents raise their children only to use them as goal a precise aim. They direct less or more our live and we are not free to make our d├ęcison, (except suicide) But on certain case it seems that parents have not completely grew upand are still acting like children.

You don't believe me, you want some proof well let me give you some. I know a girl in my class well let's call it Jenny.This got two parents is not mistreated, but in a fact she is used by her mother in some terrible way. In fact her mother is married but on the otherside got a lover. And so,the mother uses her daughter to drive her top the lover and so implicate her in events she diagree with.

I mean, Jenny cannot do anything, she is frightened about teeling the truth to her father, but on the otherway she wants to act against her mother.

I am telling you all this because she went at school nearly crying, thinkin about running away, or doing some other things.
And so, i have been thinking about that all the day and I am worried about her. So I just write, ask for help how could i make her feel better . That is just the question I am asking you
15 Dec 2003 Justin Judith: slitting your wrists will almost definitely not work unless you are prepared to make a deep incision starting at the top of the wrist, then slicing down vertically - again, must be VERY deep to reach any major veins. Really, if you're prepared to accept that much pain, I'd suggest slicing your jugular (the major vein in your neck), you'll be dead very quickly with that method. As to pills, well, how many depends on which kind, which combinations, and many other factors. If you're really ready to kill yourself surely you can take the time to do some Googling to find the answers to this. Just please don't be one of these people who buy a bottle of tylenol and swallow them all, while calling and msging everyone on the planet they can think that might care about them, to tell them that you're going to kill yourself, then wake up the next day and be like "SEE!! I really _did_ want to die! it just FAILED, its not my fault tho!!". nothing worse than that. much easier, less pathetic ways to cry for help, get attention, find friends, or whatever other motive you'd have for doing that. ciao.
15 Dec 2003 Lance Invent a time machine and go back and kill your parents. As soon as they expire, theoretically, so should you. Et voila!
14 Dec 2003 MauvaisSouhait Days are getting shorter and even with knowing that, things seem tougher. Like there isn't an existence withouth some sort of difficult anxiety. Like when it's beautiful outside and you decide to take a walk and then it starts to rain. Or when you begin your walk and you trip and fall on something. You begin to bleed and see your life coming out of you. Slowly every bit of your existence is leaving. But it isn't much. You can wrap it up and get home in time to where nothing really happens. Or like.. when i'm smoking and i take a drawl and see the red lit part eat away at the paper... it's like my life is the cig. And then the pain takes a piece of me and eats away at me... and then i blow out the smoke and release some pain... like when i cut and release my pain. It's all the same. But will i ever get to the end of the cig? Will i ever take that last puff and breath out the very last bit of smoke... i wonder
14 Dec 2003 Steve Hey everyone. I haven't killed myself yet, but I fear I must do it soon. Too many troubles. Very few reasons to continue.

I'm surprised Mauvais isn't dead, as I recall her writing that she was going to do herself in the other day. Good for you, Mauvais. I hope you can find some true enjoyment in life and get past being suicidal. Even though I'll most likely end my life very soon, I wouldn't wish the same miserable fate upon anyone else.

I'd been seeing my doctor every once in a while over the past few months for depression. He put me on Zoloft and kept raising my dosage, until yesterday when he gave up on it and decided to refer me to a psychiatrist at the hospital for more specialized treatment because Zoloft didn't seem to help me at all. The psychiatrist put me on Effexor which is supposedly superior to SSRI drugs such as Zoloft. I have little faith in drugs though. Adjusting my mindset at this point would literally take a miracle, and I figure I'm doomed to commit suicide in the days to come.

What is the true objective of life anyways? Is there really any meaning to it? Are we anything but material beings only concerned with our possessions and physical beauty? I've come to believe that there is seemingly no objective or meaning in life, and we are only concerned with our own bottomless egos. People believe emotions such as love are sacred and apply true meaning to life, but is this the case at all? Sure, you may come to 'love' someone eventually, but when it comes down to it, is that 'love' based on anything more than PHYSICAL attraction? You may like their personality and intellect, but if they were extremely ugly or poor, you would no longer see them the same way. Let's face it, humanity seems pretty fucked. We can dance around the obvious as much as we like, but the only solid conclusion is that we only care about ourselves and life is one big, ugly mess. I can no longer deal with all the cuts and scratches of my everyday extistence. There's always been something amiss in my life that can never be found. I feel this must end soon.

Happy suicidal holidays everyone! I'll be returning and will hopefully be able to put in a post before I kill myself. Try and enjoy yourselves, I know I probably won't

everything's blue
everything's blue in this world
the deepest shade of mushroom blue
all fuzzy
spilling out of my head
14 Dec 2003 scarymonster try thinking about what other people think of you!!!
13 Dec 2003 Judith Why are you guys saying that slitting your wrists doesn't work? I've heard that it's the only safe method. And if I were to take pills, how many?
13 Dec 2003 Justin *laughing* Chris, my dear fellow, a tad bit defensive there are we? My my. My apologies for not being a "regular" at "how to kill yourself when youre under 13". I am utterly heartbroken at not being included in this elite forum. Please, accept my most humble apologies for besmearing your name to all the loyal minions beneath you. Get a life, my friend. Stop taking yourself so fucking seriously.
13 Dec 2003 Chris Justin, I'm sorry too for you are TOTALLY wrong. Some facts: I am NOT married, I am still a teen myself, I DO NOT have any kids. I think you are confusing me with the Chris who wrote on 26th November 2003 (The name Chris who's not me has cropped up some other times and I had warned that it wasn't me, I thought there wasn't need to warn again)! And I doubt if you read that carefully. He didn't say he has two kids but he has: "a beautiful 2 year old daughter". In his post he also says that after watching some documentary he: "searched and stumbled on this site" which clearly shows he was the first time here (and I am far from a first timer! He also left his e-mail address which I never do (I think that's proof enough that I'm not trying to "get action" from here) and over all what he wrote is not my kind of writing! And from all those really "gross pleas from female names" I can only remember two who have talked directly to me regularly in their posts; Leanne and Mauvais! Surely it's not that much. And I still respect and love them a lot. I have e-mailed Mauvais, but only on her request and I can swear I'm not playing up. And Justin, you haven't got the WHOLE point of For us long timers here, the What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13? is just a rhetoric question that can build up a train of thought. Yes, I've written about suicide but suicide is not all there is. As long as we're still alive things that make us either happy or sad are happening all the time and one would want to share his/her experiences. is our home. You are also wrong about the etiquette of this site. Anything, anyone posts is shown to everybody because everyone can have his say or opinion, even personal attacks, although they might hurt. You also said "offering help to people". I never directly did that. I need help myself (but then it was the other Chris who offered it directly too). You also call the Chris you're talking about a "gentleman" and then you imply that he's probably a: "sick man on this board hoping to find young, impressionable and depressed teens for some action)! I wouldn't call that kind of man a 'gentleman'! I think I have dissected all your message and proved you wrong all the way. Before you talk, read all evidence carefully, think and do your homework. Your post was a shabby piece made on lots of bits and pieces which are untrue (and can be easily seen as untrue)!

Looking at it more positively, I can make two points. Fist is that it's good to talk/criticise if you feel something is not right or not fully understandable, and maybe request an answer for some particular post. Second point is that sick people on this site should IMMEDIATELY move out. I hate peadophiles and peadophelia. If anyone thinks this is a joke or a game, fuck off. If anyone is playing around, he/she is a really sick, perverted player!

Can I prove that what I said is the holy truth? No, you just have to trust me! But then, I trust you that you are not a sick player yourself, that you are who you say you are. (The action is easier for you as people can actually contact you because you left your e-mail) and I trust you that all your mistakes were genuine and not to try and fuck me up!

Anyways, enough of that! For those who've been dying for the continuation of last time's post... wait some more, because I have ran out of time!

P.S Thanks Mauvais for that post. Couldn't have said it better myself but I just wanted to enforce the point!

See ya soon...
11 Dec 2003 MauvaisSouhait Justin, i'm sorry to inform you but Chris is not a bad guy at all. Maybe the Chris you were thinking of is perhaps someone different. This Chris, my Chris is a unique person. Not married, younger than you in fact. He's caring, sweet and wouldn't be on here to just "get action" seeing as how he does not leave his e-mail. This chat is not for just talking about how to kill urself if you are under 13. That is just something to get you to think. If you look at my comments you can tell, we don't talk about this much. The people who have been here for a while understand. It's alright to write about things other than that, to write how you feel, whatever it is you desire. This is a place to be yourself. I hope you understand.
11 Dec 2003 Jonio To me getting to the point of killing yourself is thinking you're better than everyone else (at least it can happen that way) i.e. thinking you are unique. It happens to people who have no feelings for material things. You start thinking about ethereal matters, and you may kill yourself. You feel like you don't belong in this world. But as for me, I'll never kill myself.
11 Dec 2003 MEEEEEE It really annoys me the fact that everyone thinks their life is worse than anyone else's. Stop being so bloody ignorant eveyone has problems and reasons why they might like to kill themselves you can't know what another person is going through exactly. Why is how shitty you feel a competition? Everything is a competition these days no one can just offer congratulations and actually mean it, you have to be better. Everyone I know argues that their parents are better then later they'll turn around and argue that they're more hard done by. Just because you've got problems doesn't mean that no one else could compare. Once you all start listening and understanding each other then maybe the suicide rate will go down and that would be better for all of us!
11 Dec 2003 thag warning about poison: I've read about the effects of a few things and the vast majority of them produce painful nausea/vommiting etc. Go to and search for "antifreeze" (or any other poison) and "ingestion" or "symptoms" to find out. Also there have been cases when a suicidal person has unintentionally merely blown their eye out with a gun so, to be effective, one should aim at the center of the brain, probably ideally wherever it is that processes pain. And one should research which gun is more than adequately powerful. I have not recommended anyone kill themself though.
11 Dec 2003 Lyndzee Take all the pills in the medicine cabinet.
11 Dec 2003 Thag I was definitely a miserable person for about a dulling decade. I hated myself and other people and felt like I had no soul. The reasons were probably all tied in with ill forced social interaction within in the school systems. At the time I was physically weak and probably mentally weak. I was then, an easy target for people who made themselves feel better by making others feel worse. Writing this is a catalyst to stir long suppressed memories, and now that I think about it, all of the pain was psychological. I don't think ANY of it was physical. I have several "incidents" of socially humiliating situations which have stayed surfaced in my conscience and serve as epitomies for the many other nearly daily humiliating occurances that my mind suppressed.

A recent change in my life seems to have drastically improved my subjective worldview though. Well, the first change was not having to go to school anymore. So if you're still in high school and hate it, your best move is just to stick it out. But the second change was to look for apartments on the internet (try that were really cheap so I could go live by myself on a small supply of income (200 bucks a week about). You have to spend time searching because typically rent is cheap where demand is low and demand is low where there is an unhealthy ghetto social atmosphere. I thought ALL cheap rent would be in some corrupt ghetto but I was wrong. Search for rural places away from major cities. You need to visit there and see if it's a bad area first. Now I have very little stress. I'm away from traffic, hectic work and the miserable school system. Just find some lame 7 dollar an hour job nearby. Some do exist where it is barely necessary to talk to anyone. People in rural places tend to be nicer anyways though. Then build yourself up by reading and excercising. You need to know. It helps to understand things. Think of anything that interests you and search for it at or Start with the topic of suicide perhaps. When you are on your own you can spend all of your time doing what interests you.

One fact I've read that made me feel better is that the brain is not capable of feeling physical pain. Therefore I conclude that a bullet in the head would be the most painless way. We're lucky we have such technology I suppose. What would a suicidal neanderthal do? Well for starters, a neanderthal would be free of most of the civilization caused depression. We could have a government that made civilian possession of firearms illegal. Or imagine a suicidal person on death row who is unable to because he's on "suicide watch".

I'm often skeptical about whether a site like this might mostly be people joking around, but maybe I'll help someone. And if you havn't discovered videogames you need to get yourself a used genesis at ebay. You can escape from everything in videogames.
11 Dec 2003 natasha grace This web-site is the most absurd and disgusting thing I have ever seen. Life is precious no matter how bad it is- and I know it can be very, very bad. You all need to go see a therapist and GET ON SOME PROZAC!!!!
10 Dec 2003 Rich First do something really bad so you really feel that you have to, like rape and kill someone else. Then take a coathanger, push it behind your windpipe, this hurts a little, then twist it back together and tie a rope to it, the other end to your bed then jump out your window. be sure to tie your knots good.

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