Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Nov 2003 Steve I'm surprised that I'm not dead yet. I was pretty sure I'd have killed myself by now about a month ago, but I am still here. I don't know how much longer I'll be around though. I'm on Zoloft and though it seems to make me more calm and relaxed, it doesn't prevent me from feeling really low at times and wanting to end my life sometime in the near future. I'd like to speak to some of you, as I'm bored most of the time, so please email me at the address provided if you're interested.
08 Nov 2003 Steve If you feel you must kill yourself, then do it. Though the thought of inflicting deadly pain on yourself may be horrifying, it's the only way you're going to succeed, because pills on their own or even with alcohol are pretty useless. They'll most likely just leave you with some damage to your organs if anything. If you actually want to end your life then you're going to have to use something more reliable than pills.
08 Nov 2003 mauvaissouhait I'm ready yet again to die. shall i try?
08 Nov 2003 dewy I must admit that I am way above the age of 13 (by 10 years) but I too have the dream of suicide. My prefered choice of death is hanging, though I have not mustered up the balls to do this. But a way I have yet to try is asprin. I have read that 65 regular strength (not baby) asprin will do the trick. Shoot for 70 just to make sure. And good luck to all who try.
07 Nov 2003 The one Ok, go to psychiatrist with the parents, tell them you are depressed and obtain a prescription for Anafranil a potentially lethal tricyclic antidepressant. Make sure to get at least one pill for every pound of body weight, wash down pills with ice cold Grey Goose Vodka (Flavoured Vodka can add an air of tastefulness to the experience, I used citrus). Anafranil is hepto-toxic and painless but unfortunately juvenile livers have a remarkable resilience and that’s why so many pills are called for. I did this but am obviously not dead, although I couldn’t walk or contract any muscles for a while and was on a respirator. Damn pinche doctors always fighting to save your life so you might want to wait until you body will not be found for at least 12 hours. Peak plasma for Anafranil is obtained in about four hours at which point you will pass out and slowly stop breathing, a peaceful, painless way to go and your family can still have an open casket funeral. On the upside the Anafranil OD seemed to hardwire my brain differently not so depressed anymore however, I still firmly believe that your life is your own and no one has the right to tell you that you have to live if you don’t want to. Just make sure you really think about it, there’s no going back. Oh and remember to fill out a living will before attempting suicide (only 1 in 10 suicides succeed) with an Advance Medical Directive and DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) order if anything goes wrong you don’t want to be a vegetable ad infinitum, this will ensure prompt death. Of course this is rather selfish as your organs will not be fit for transplant as they would be with the old gun in mouth.
07 Nov 2003 666DeathChick315 After seeing for yourself that life isn't what your parents say it is (and seeing that they lied and they really do hate life) sit there and think very carefully about what they said to you through the years. Then when you decide that you really do want to kill yourself, think, do I like gory things or pleasant things? I myself like gory things so I would do it slow and painful. Just sit there and think about ways other people have done it. I've tried pills, cutting myself, hanging myself, and many other ways. But for some reason I just can't find the way that suits me. I think I need more ways. If you think about it, what's this world coming to everyone does if the same way? Why can't people come up with new ways. So I guess I'm not the person to ask but I would really like to think of some ways that no one has thought of yet. Yes, I got it (if you have seen the Texas Chainsaw Massacre you will know what I mean by this) take a nice big hook and hang it on the wall, get something to stand on or someone to lift you up, and the just ram yourself into the hook but make sure that the hook goes into the center of your middle to upper back, and (last part) sit there until you just bleed to death. HINT: make sure that you are alone for a few days because you know you don't want your parents or siblings to walk in and "save your life". That would suck. Just like life. But hey make the best of it and think of new ways to kill yourself and once you think of the perfect one go ahead have fun that is the best advice anyone could truely give you. Hey I can't tell you not to at least try because you wouldn't be the only one to try it. But one thing, just remember this, look at how things are in your life, how you want them (is what you want realistic?), and remember whether you know it or not someone always has it worse and think about how worse it could be and how good you've got it compared to that person. But if you really think it can't get worse then whatever have a ball.
06 Nov 2003 nisha i cant take the pressure no more.
so do you know easy and pain less way to die. im open for any options.
06 Nov 2003 REALITY YOU GUYS DONT REALLY WANT TO DIE BECAUSE IF YOU "REALLY" WANTED TO YOU COULD OF. SO, ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE TRIED, you Suck cuz You cant even do that right. Oh i tried 3 times oh, i tried 5 times what is that.... Get over it and do someting with your life.(you guys are soooooo dramatic ..... SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
05 Nov 2003 peach hey mauvais, u tried and u failed. . . maybe it means ur not supposed 2 go. ur needed 4 sumthing else? hold on a lil longer things get betta they do, how much did u take anyway?
05 Nov 2003 Destinee Martin hang yourself from a tree, and then kick the chair from under your feet.
05 Nov 2003 peach I decided if i was really determined which today im not then the best way is pills and alcohol. The other night I took a few pills about 7 and sum vodka and the come down from it was so awful so im guessing that the alcohol really helps so if pills arent working for u try adding a lil cocktail. im glad MAUVAIS is still here cos i dont wanna still be here 2 watch any1 else go. im selfish i know and eventually i will die because of the constant overdose i have been takin for 2 weeks so soon enuf it will take its toll and it will kill me. i wish so much it would just end now actually. i dont wanna go on anymore. i dont wanna grow up and have 2 work more. make it stop. plz. ppl talk 2 me
peach x x x
04 Nov 2003 MauvaisSouhait Chris, you'd be happy to know that what all those pills ended up doing to me is make me so sick i ended up throwing almost all of them up. Unfortunately i didn't die like i wished. But in those moments while i layed in my bed and prayed for the pills to take me quickly i thought of you and your caring towards me. After i'd thrown up a few times and there was nothing left in my stomach i fainted on the floor and im not sure for how long i was actually "out" but the moment i woke up i thought of you again chris and i was slightly glad to be alive because i want to be able to talk to you sometime. one on one. before i try again to kill myself. And about your dream. i would never make u leave, i would welcome u w/ open arms into my house and hope that you'd stay forever. I would never turn you away. I'd hope to be able to help you with w/e your problems were from now until our end. It is a shame tho that we didnt talk before i tried to kill myself just last week but maybe sometime soon before my next attempt. I love you chris and i'm glad for now that i didnt die. yet.
04 Nov 2003 Bily Tell your dad that you fucked your mom when he was nailin the chick that babysits you.
04 Nov 2003 Chris Shit just piles up, it's stinking and I'm deep in it. I just did another major fuck up. I promised Mauvais that we would talk and that I would e-mail and I never fucking did it. It was hard to find what to say to this girl. I really loved her and I really cared and I assumed (wrongly) that she wouldn't go before we would have talked. After all she came here fairly recently and most of us who have been talking about suicide for much longer have still not done it. But, alas, what can I do now except wish her luck? Like a priest who prays on someone who's dead or dying I'm going to try and make our last (exclusively, suicidal) 'prayer', 'words', call them what you like...

'Suicide is a person's attempt to give final human meaning to a life which has become humanly meaningless... Love does not cling to the I in such a way as to have the You only for its 'content', its object; but love is between I and You. The person who does not know this, with his very being know this, does not know love; even though he ascribes to it the feelings he lives through, experiences, enjoys and expresses. Love ranges in its effect through the whole world. In the eyes of him who takes his stand in love, and gazes out of it, men are cut free from their entangelment in bustling activity. Good people and evil, wise and foolish, beautiful and ugly, become successively real to him; that is, set free they step forth in their singleness and confront him as You.

Suicide is an act of communication from the dead to the living. It is man's only means, at this early stage of his development, to establish the telepathic communion which will eventually end his loneliness and crash through the barriers of pain he has created between the living and the dying. Only those who have chosen to die can unite the living and those living must try to achieve what others achieved in death. (That is why a hunger strike or threatining to kill yourself in some other way is the most powerful weapon of a persecuted minority). Confrontation with the dreadful truth that a person might wisely choose death is (or I hope will be in your case) an experience more productive of pity and terror and more purifying than the cathartic experience in tragedy.'

Well, where did that put me? Back to square one, I'm still standing in deep shit and I will have to carry this burden (piled up on all the others) through the rest of my life. And despite of all this shit I don't seem to have the balls to commit suicide. I know that there are some (and I mean very few) people who will be hurt and I just keep hoping (wrongly) that I would manage to get a new life. I feel I'm really stuck in a rut but suicide will hurt myself too. How can I do it? Will Mauvais ever forgive me? I think she shouldn't! Well, I wish her best luck, wherever she is and whatever she's doing, and I believe (and hope) that she would be wishing us best luck too.

B.I.H Chris (I think that's more appropriate than R.I.P) For those who haven't got it it's Burn In Hell!

P.S. I wish Mauvais was still around just to read this at least! Bye luv xxxxxxxxx

See ya all in hell!
04 Nov 2003 some one you will never know as i close my eyes for one more blink i think the thoughts that i shouldnt think 1 min. from death i think about my life and the hopeless lover without his wife and i cant take it i want it to end my wounds will never mend will i say good bye to my best friend would the thoughts of me fade then sink i cant not think these thoughts as i finish my final blink i blink and my lifes not done i am still here yet again with blood still staind on my wrists..... i cant i wont this gun will help tape my heart back together but when i speak to you my mind goes bleak for you i hate this life i hate this life why wont it end the virginity i will never get back the pride i lost my sanity ive wasted the blood ive tasted for what for nothin im sad and mad you all know this now... what to do kiss this gun and say good night try with all my might to die this instant to stop the pain and will never be the same forever hurting and internally insane never what to do what to do.....
03 Nov 2003 Johnny There's never a situation that is bad enough to kill oneself. Move to a different city or something, get a dog, watch porn, smoke weed.
03 Nov 2003 lynette questions questions hmmm... they should start with yourself. is there really nothing to live for? for some there isn't anything. cutting... hell i cut but does it solve problems? crying... does it really wash away your pain? the people who claim to care do they care or are they faking it? do you have faith? is there really someone out there some superior creature watching over you? i don't think so. does your life really suck that much that you want to hurt the people who care? do you want to stick it out and wait until your life is in the hands of another? do you want to end your life with a blade or a gun? these are a few of the questions i have but i think i should answer them.... and life does suck you just have to deal and when you can't find love and when that doesn't work death can be an option
02 Nov 2003 So What Eat pills & drink your mum's bacardi till u pass out with a silly smile on your face! remember to do it gradually or your body might reject it then you have to start again.
02 Nov 2003 Claudia I live in Los Angeles and I want to kill myself. I want to get a gun but I don't know where to get one. I want to shoot myself in the head. Can anyone help please... my back up plan is OD with my dad's diabetes pills. Thanks.
02 Nov 2003 Felicia was framed To Just A Girl, The Folks, Lucy

My Personal Vendetta

Today I made my involuntary resignation at a cow ranch, totally against my will. Next week, this coming Friday, will be my last day.

Yes. From the sting of it, I had run into a dead end unfortunate situation. I was indeed the target of four toxic villains, so I thought. Okay, make it three, counting off Cowboy Bob, who I thought was a culprit at first. The rest of the three varmints, Stud Boy, Silent Bubba, and that fat bitch Prima Donna, made sure to it that they kept track of every single mistake I supposedly made.

And Stud Boy lied.

I kept account of all my task quotas, and they said I didn’t brand enough cows. For the effort of saying that I was trying despite the brutal hoof kicks and burning cow hair, they wanted me out. It was obvious that they didn’t want me. First tears came in my eyes, then resentment. Well? Wouldn’t you feel the same if you had two mouths to feed, and a Ma who is about to fall off her rocker?

Afterwards at the end of the day I was plotting a form of revenge. To go postal by ordering a sawed off shot gun at the convenience store would be illegal. But to take revenge indirectly by advertising their competition would be the sweetest revenge. Word of mouth by rumor will kill the business. They happened to do it to me by dirtying my name for future employment, so it’s back to them publicly?

Yes, like a tabloid? Yes…(Brief moment of silence.) Well? Shouldn’t I?

Sigh…. Only in a perfect world.

- Yes, this is based on a true story.

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