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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
11 Dec 2003 Jonio To me getting to the point of killing yourself is thinking you're better than everyone else (at least it can happen that way) i.e. thinking you are unique. It happens to people who have no feelings for material things. You start thinking about ethereal matters, and you may kill yourself. You feel like you don't belong in this world. But as for me, I'll never kill myself.
11 Dec 2003 MEEEEEE It really annoys me the fact that everyone thinks their life is worse than anyone else's. Stop being so bloody ignorant eveyone has problems and reasons why they might like to kill themselves you can't know what another person is going through exactly. Why is how shitty you feel a competition? Everything is a competition these days no one can just offer congratulations and actually mean it, you have to be better. Everyone I know argues that their parents are better then later they'll turn around and argue that they're more hard done by. Just because you've got problems doesn't mean that no one else could compare. Once you all start listening and understanding each other then maybe the suicide rate will go down and that would be better for all of us!
11 Dec 2003 thag warning about poison: I've read about the effects of a few things and the vast majority of them produce painful nausea/vommiting etc. Go to and search for "antifreeze" (or any other poison) and "ingestion" or "symptoms" to find out. Also there have been cases when a suicidal person has unintentionally merely blown their eye out with a gun so, to be effective, one should aim at the center of the brain, probably ideally wherever it is that processes pain. And one should research which gun is more than adequately powerful. I have not recommended anyone kill themself though.
11 Dec 2003 Lyndzee Take all the pills in the medicine cabinet.
11 Dec 2003 Thag I was definitely a miserable person for about a dulling decade. I hated myself and other people and felt like I had no soul. The reasons were probably all tied in with ill forced social interaction within in the school systems. At the time I was physically weak and probably mentally weak. I was then, an easy target for people who made themselves feel better by making others feel worse. Writing this is a catalyst to stir long suppressed memories, and now that I think about it, all of the pain was psychological. I don't think ANY of it was physical. I have several "incidents" of socially humiliating situations which have stayed surfaced in my conscience and serve as epitomies for the many other nearly daily humiliating occurances that my mind suppressed.

A recent change in my life seems to have drastically improved my subjective worldview though. Well, the first change was not having to go to school anymore. So if you're still in high school and hate it, your best move is just to stick it out. But the second change was to look for apartments on the internet (try that were really cheap so I could go live by myself on a small supply of income (200 bucks a week about). You have to spend time searching because typically rent is cheap where demand is low and demand is low where there is an unhealthy ghetto social atmosphere. I thought ALL cheap rent would be in some corrupt ghetto but I was wrong. Search for rural places away from major cities. You need to visit there and see if it's a bad area first. Now I have very little stress. I'm away from traffic, hectic work and the miserable school system. Just find some lame 7 dollar an hour job nearby. Some do exist where it is barely necessary to talk to anyone. People in rural places tend to be nicer anyways though. Then build yourself up by reading and excercising. You need to know. It helps to understand things. Think of anything that interests you and search for it at or Start with the topic of suicide perhaps. When you are on your own you can spend all of your time doing what interests you.

One fact I've read that made me feel better is that the brain is not capable of feeling physical pain. Therefore I conclude that a bullet in the head would be the most painless way. We're lucky we have such technology I suppose. What would a suicidal neanderthal do? Well for starters, a neanderthal would be free of most of the civilization caused depression. We could have a government that made civilian possession of firearms illegal. Or imagine a suicidal person on death row who is unable to because he's on "suicide watch".

I'm often skeptical about whether a site like this might mostly be people joking around, but maybe I'll help someone. And if you havn't discovered videogames you need to get yourself a used genesis at ebay. You can escape from everything in videogames.
11 Dec 2003 natasha grace This web-site is the most absurd and disgusting thing I have ever seen. Life is precious no matter how bad it is- and I know it can be very, very bad. You all need to go see a therapist and GET ON SOME PROZAC!!!!
10 Dec 2003 Rich First do something really bad so you really feel that you have to, like rape and kill someone else. Then take a coathanger, push it behind your windpipe, this hurts a little, then twist it back together and tie a rope to it, the other end to your bed then jump out your window. be sure to tie your knots good.
10 Dec 2003 Daniel The best way to kill yourself would be to wrap yourself up with seran wrap. It works every time.
10 Dec 2003 Me Is there any painless way to kill yourself for sure? Please write back!!!
10 Dec 2003 KC I don't kno the best way to kill urself. i would actually like to kno so if anyone finds out please e-mail me at Thanks
10 Dec 2003 RUBBER BAND MAN The thought of suicide has been mind candy to me for a long time. Before I never had the conviction, I thought too much of those in my life, mainly my parents. It would destroy them and in a way I feel my life belongs to them. Things were never that bad and I put some faith that in the future things would magically improve.

I know life is a gift and a precious and delicate thing, but I cannot get around the fact that I can't make life work, I should enjoy it, I know, but it always feels like an endurance and I am so very tired. I feel like I am in hell and that some kind of curse follows me letting me appreciate how others enjoy life but not being able to emulate this myself.

I have read worse scenarios on this site which are humbling, but don't change the way I feel. I keep falling down getting back up and feeling positive, making a new start and then falling down again and falling further. Recently my few friends are strange around me. I think they feel awkward around me for some reason I can't wholly fathom. This latest development has made things unbearable, as I can't get any relief for my bad mind-set form them.

I have always felt this way though. If at some point in my life I was once happy I know I could get back to that, but I never have and so have no faith I can ever do so.

I guess I just want to hear from people in a similar situation, I can't talk to anyone about this I know for various reasons.

Best way to kill your self under 13?
You don't know enough about life until you have been around the sun at least 20 times to make an informed decision to end it. Teenage years are tough and for many outcasts, life after their teens is their making and best times.
10 Dec 2003 Jean-François Mouliet Grandir.
10 Dec 2003 Felicia The Great For Everyone During The Holidays,

This time of year is the most depressing. I recommend that you keep warm or if there is no electricity, take warm showers. Bundle up no matter what because more people have a tendency wanting to want to kill themselves when it is really cold. Before you contemplate killing yourself, don't. Instead, make yourself a warm cup of chocolate with marshmellows. If you're vegan, a warm cup of chocolate soy milk.

In this crazy world, most suicides are from the result of depression. I spoke with my Psychologist from Enborg Lane located next to Valley Med. He told me that depression is the result of a chemical imbalance and should be treated. I told him, drugs or prescriptions wouldn't do any good. I found that the key into getting over depression is this:

1.) Excercise - running, moving hands and arms, anything to build endorphines (Do it constantly everyday).

2.) Eating well - staying away from sugary sodas and stick to hearty soups along with decaffeinated teas or drinks, just plain water would do. Though I recommended hot chocolate, because it contains caffeine, it is not as bad as drinking coffee. Hot chocolate has more Vitamin D, and helps you to get rid of that holiday chocolate craving. For the lactose intolerants: Don't diagnose yourself and say you are lactose intolerant if you haven't been to the doctor. Take small doses per week and build up so you can be lactose tolerant. If you are strict vegan, get the soy milk that has Vitamin D. Vitamin D aids in preventing osteoporosis and a soother.

3.) Get out more. Sunshine helps to rid you of depression. Even if it is dark and cloudy, you still get sun rays. Of course use proper sunscreen.

4.) Move around and get involved in group functions. Volunteer and help others that need help. As one guy said,"Don't ask what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country" JFK. If you help out others, you'll soon feel better about yourself. Please keep busy and don't idle around.

5.) Don't hang with grumpy people that get you down. Stay away from relationships that are hurting you emotionally. Don't take guilt trips.Take a trip to the mall, a trip to see friends, but not to where the guilt is.

If you feel that I am just a bunch of hot air, then I am. Why do you think I keep warm all the time.

Sincerely to you. Have a safe Holiday and remember:

"Life is not measured by the breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away--Please remain happy and stick to your dreams".
10 Dec 2003 joseph chu This site is very disturbing, talking about suicide under the age of 13 is a very sick thought. Snowboarding off a mountain, drinking poisonous substances, shooting yourself, jumping off a building! I have never seen such a graphic display of sick people in my entire life. All of you people waste too much time talking about suicide when you could be doing something else and be doing something productive with your life. Sick bastards...
10 Dec 2003 MauvaisSouhait It was a beautiful day, from my bed i saw shards of brightness splintered in a water glass, oily rays of pik and yellow swirling in the mirror over the dressor, geometric patterns of sunshine on the floor. Even though everything looked so bright and cheery, i felt a weird sense of dread. The sunlight was too sunny. Later i realized that i had never truly been asleep, or maybe that i would never really wake up again. I was a traveller in a dream, and a dreamer on a dangerous trip. I had been somewhere in the night that i couldn't quite remember, but i had the mysterious feeling that i was still there, in the place beyond dreams, and that i was never going home. This is where it all starts to change. This is where the fatal error unfolds and blooms in that deadly, artificial way of a flower in time-lapse photography. This is the time when all the mistakes gradually reveal themselves, petal by petal. Giant flowers shattering on screen, opening their petals like wings. But the flowers are so beautiful you don't realize that they're poisonous. You don't realize that if you get too close they wll kill you. Anything that cares only for beauty can't handle getting close, because from close up, nothing is only beautiful.
09 Dec 2003 Enigma I had a Mr. Potato head once, but I lost it. I also had one of those Meesha bears (spelling?)--the olympic bears from the 80s--and my mom has it somewhere in storage with a bunch of my other stuff that I'll never get back. Just like that Barbie condo I got for Christmas one year that she never let me take out of the box. Maybe that's why I don't like Barbie anymore. It's probably worth money now.
09 Dec 2003 Justin I'm not sure what the etiquette on this board is and I hazard being accused of personal attacks here, however I intend it merely as a critique, however offensive it might end up sounding. Well, I have been reading through pages on this site, and I notice one particular person who especially seems to stand out. This would be the infamous "Chris". Now, I may be totally off-base here in saying this, but am I the only one who finds it a tad disturbing that this gentleman, married with two kids, is posting long posts with topics totally irrelevant to the topic under discussion, and then offering to be "help" to people. And then, scroll up, and read all these really gross pleas from female names about how they love this said Chris, or whatnot. I mean, I'm sorry Chris if I'm totally wrong on this, but I'm just telling it how I see it. I really hope you aren't some sick man on this board hoping to find young impressionable and depressed teens for some action. That's all. I doubt this will get posted anyhow. Ciao.
09 Dec 2003 Chris I ended up for a week in a rented room. It was supposed to be with friends but I always was alone while my 'friends' were out. While I was alone I began to notice noises. Maybe before I had never noticed it but now it seemed to me that noise surrounded, almost overwhelmed, my life. I woke up to noise and was aware of a crescendo until about one o'clock when there was a lull. Then the volume and variety grew even more slowly until between four-thirty and six-thirty came the fantastic din. The city shaking every noisemaker it possessed. Then another lull before evening had its own rumbling and, last of all, only a few lonely cars speeding down the streets long after midnight.

Now I was near the peak of the noon crescendo and lying on my bed one small rich sound, which it seemed odd I could hear at all, emphasised the rest of the din. I heard a bell, from a church or public building. In one pitch it struck four stately quarter-hours and then changed to a deeper voice for the long business of tolling twelve o'clock noon. It sounded beautiful. On its behalf I began to list its competition.

Traffic contibuted most of the clangor, a grotesque choir of unharmonised horns, whining differentials, outraged transmissions, suffocated screaming engines, frightened brakes. Then there were airplanes, whooshing or droning overhead, and, never long between them, sirens wailing human catastrophe. Voices joined in, gobbbling like turkeys, shrieking, shouting, laughing, pouting, humming monotonously some lyric to their thoughts, and voices and music from radios, telling the news, selling, giving, protesting, promising, lying by the hundreds of violins, agitating with the hoarse moan of saxophone.

My own room more humbly did its share. The window chattered in its old putty to a truck's throb in the alley, footsteps walked over a thin carpet to knock at or unlock a door, the floor always quivered from the surge of an automatic washer or dryer in a room on the street floor below; dishes and pans clattered and sometimes crashed in sinks, the bedsprings beneath me gave cricket cries when I moved and from the hotplate the salted water boiled softly among some potatoes I was cooking.

BONG and silence and whether anyone had listened or not it was definitely twelve o'clock. Hearing the bell it occurred to me that I didn't really need my watch. In my room I always seemed to hear the bells and on the streets many stores had clocks. I took my hand from under the pillow and looked at my watch, a good one, from my parents given to me on a Christmas many moons ago. I thought of giving it back to them and telling them that it only brings bad memories to me (although they will not understand) and the act seemed too childish. It took me a few seconds to realise that the watch didn't read noon but a quarter after, and when I took it off to reset it I saw that the gold was wearing thin here and there, that the face had darkened unevenly; and a watch which ran fast was more expensive to fix than one which ran slow (this watch had become like a reflection of my life, so shitty and weary). I could get some money if I could find anyone who would buy it. And ten minutes more for my boiled potatoes to be ready.

I heard my next door neighbour, a woman, come in for lunch. Betweem the time she slammed her door shut and I heard her opening kitchen cupboards was never more than a minute. Quick and efficient on her lunch hour. I didn't know what she looked like. I had planned to be coming down the hall at noon but I didn't care that much. The worst thing that happened since I was being left all the time alone was that I didn't want to see anyone more than ever. She turned on the radio and now and then when there was something she knew she sang, just a patch of it and then humming or silence as her hands became busy. It was impossible to tell her age from her voice.

I thought, for a kind of self-justification, that the morning had been a waste of time- but of course it hadn't. I had lay down on my bed observing and appreciating sounds and noises. So when you think you're alone, hear the sounds, noises and voices around you and you realise with the presence of life around you. The sounds are not gonna cheer you up but it may be better than the sound of silence creeping in on you like death, freaking you out and making you think more about suicide until you do it...

To be continued...

P.S. Leanne, that was really kool of you. You may feel so shitty with no enthusiasm to write here also but it's nice to pop in from time to time; say hello or say fuck off, anything, as long as I know you're still there. You helped me a lot although I will not tell you to write or not to write, to commmit suicide or not to commit suicide but until you're still here might as well say something. Love you always! xxxxxxx

So until the continuation.... See ya!
08 Dec 2003 Justin oops. meant to say NOT under 13
08 Dec 2003 ¬¬ First of all... you have to get raped... that's easy in this sick fucking world. And don't tell anyone, just you and your dreams, live with your pain some years. Then find a girl that has been through the same experience. Be stupid and think you can save her... maybe she can become your girlfriend, because she's desperate, not because your looks or your feelings. What a pity.
Then, watch her go down, depressed, and trying to kill herself. Eventually she will get a gun, and will show it to you... you can enjoy it, and then feel like all your effort is worthless, as everything you try. Then maybe you will be uncapable of loving another girl, you know, traumas are good. You might get your car and drive as fast as it gets, and you failed cause you are a great driver... wish you were your mom in that moment. Live without sleeping, without a healthy friendship, and hating yourself and your destiny... you can try to cut yourself sometimes works, but scars are scary and people don't like them very much, more when they get to know how you got them... then you find this page... in one of those days you feel like shit...

Isopropilic alcohol... used to clean cds... will surely kill you... and maybe you won't regret it... and maybe you will enjoy it...

peace out

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