Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Jan 2004 Litsa i psonara If you want to live forever contact me
21 Jan 2004 kimberly watts I want to dye. what's life worth living for anyway? life is just sick. What is the easiest way to kill myself?
20 Jan 2004 umm siera...poem here is a one i wrote...

Last night I died because I commited suicide, I couldn't hide it anymore my life just slamed the door. It didn’t bother me, I’m glad I can just be. Here in heaven where I belong, here where the angels sing their song. I gave up on life, I took one chance with a knife. It killed me, I saw the pain that murdered me.
Last night my dad came home, he saw me on the bathroom floor, he picked up the phone, it was too late. Everything now was turned into hate, he looked once again from head to toe, and thought how was this so, I guess it was time for me to go. He wonders now, why I slit my arms, why I would harm such a body as mine. He asks god why, why did I have to die.
20 Jan 2004 siera... Hey... i hate my freaking life...
i just want my life to end. someday i will take a fucking knife put it to my wrist and punch it in. 2 huge gashes will be bleeding and bleeding... till i die, laying there in hell feeling that pain for all the world's time. my dad will walk in and just sit there crying... in that puddle of blood that i made. fuck life... it has no meaning.. i have no meaning, we work in school so fucking hard for what exactly! i mean we could get shot and have a much better time in heaven, fuck life!
20 Jan 2004 siera Hey, i'm 13 years old and i have tried to commit suicide before. but this site thing has helped me so much. someone said if you commit suicide then you go to hell. and you feel the worst pain you will ever feel, you well be as scared as you have ever been, and as sick as you could ever get. and i thought... that's worse then what i'm going through right now. i would rather feel what i feel right now than that pain and fucking sorrow. so please just think about that. you might think everyone hates you everyone wants you to die. but trust me they don't if you really think about it you KNOW there is someone that cares. it doesn't matter if it's just one person. you will hurt them just as much as you hurt yourself. it is kinda selfish really to do it... but it's your choice, and ON ONE can stop you. but out of all seriously think about it first.
18 Jan 2004 Felicia on advise I hear of many people wanting to kill themselves. Unfortunately, I was one of the few. There are going to be some tough times ahead, but we must have the ability to handle it.

In dark moments like these, even after the holidays ended, and it's now 2004, we seem to shift in the mode of excruciating emotional pain. I know that some of you or most of you are sufferring the loss of loved ones involving broken relationships, family quarrels, and identity issues. I know you all hurt because of these ordeals and there is no way I can take away that pain all of a sudden from you folks.

If the pain is so deep that none of you can't handle it, please ponder this thought...


1.) Breathe and relax... take in deep breaths and let your mind remain blank for a period of 30 minutes. Think of something positive. Write it on paper.

Repeat it in your head. Say it out loud.

2.) Take a long walk. Walks are good for you. If it is late at night, flip on the television set, play cards, read your diary, talk to friends, take a nice shower, pamper yourself, work on a hobby... distract yourself with whatever possible "will" to keep your mind occupied. Please do so, your brain needs clearing.

3.) Talk to a loved one, whether it be a pet, parent, grand parent, uncle, aunt, cousin, friend, brother or sister, someone who supports you. Be away in staying away from grouchy people and ones that drag you down. Do not engage in arguments, because you don't need fuel to feel negative about yourself.

Have the courage to move on and relax. Realize that today is the first day of the rest of your life and that you are a different , positive person that you desire to be.
18 Jan 2004 Felicia born in the year of the Monkey I missed you Phil! I thought you were gone. But you didn't appear in my dreams, so I assumed you were still alive. As one of my all time favourite posts posters please feel free to email me. I'm laying on the bed wallowing on my back, gazing at my protruding tummy.

Hi Billy. My name is Felicia. "Lucy's" talked much of you because she has big boobies. To be quite honest, you are so funny! I had a blast reading about your overview on the "Mayan" civilization which involved crossed eyed babies with stones in the middle of their foreheads. I laughed so hard on both you and Lucy's comments, I almost busted a stitch and my guts almost fell all over the floor.

Hi Elaine. You have a nice name. Please don't give up visiting this site because people still do care. If you need a woman to woman talk I am right here. But don't worry. I'm not lesbian. I'm strickly dickly. Ask Lucy about me and she'll give you a good word about me.


Please get started in writing your book which is a bit interesting. I don't know how you do it, but you write pretty long... and that's a talent that should be well spent on a good novel.


For dealing with me and deleting my gripes on loud cultural shock music and my bouts with shock therapy. Yes, I am coming of age. And yes, I am born in the "Year of the Monkey" which begins January 22nd 2004.
18 Jan 2004 Ivan guyz you are all crazy im here to help you. When i was a teen my life was nothing but shit, bullying and i was just hopeless. i even tried to jump off my apartment when i was 13. now im 28 and ave a job, wife and a 2yr old girl. I now know what life is meant to be. At first i doubted any girl would talk ot me but now im married to a nice babe and life is going good for me. So please hold on, think. think about the feelings of those that love you. If no one loves you then you must make the effort of staying alive. i promise you things will get better in future.
17 Jan 2004 billy the freak so i'm sitting in the library making good use of the public internet system. i was thinking up a composition for the kit and fell face first into some writer's block, then it hit me, but it wasn't divine inspiration. it was the horrid odor of the fatso sitting at the terminal next to me. the words van halen stretched across his massive back. soda bottle glasses complemented his acne in a grotesque way. i can only describe him as ugly.
then a doctor comes in. i could tell he was a doctor because he was wearing green scrubs and a long white coat.
i don't remember exactly what he said but it was something like this: "i'm a big important doctor, i need to email my beautiful wife at our big mansion in the hills. i forgot my two thousand dollar laptop at my office. however i don't have a library card, i don't even belong to this library, i'm kinda pressed for time so..."
the librarian said. "sure go ahead i'll let you on even though i didn't let that man over there get on when he didn't have his card last week." i mean, basically thats what they said.
so the doctor comes over and dramatically moves the chair away from the terminal on the left side of me and starts to hop around while he fiddles with the computer.
how can i think with all these distractions? on my right i got stinky pete the whale who loves van halen. on my left i got dipshit the dancing doctor. then dipshit's phone rings not once, not twice, but three times. now everyone in the library is looking at him.
"i'll just take this to the lobby" he said in a voice like superman. thanks for saving us, and it's a hallway asshole. anyway, it was time to take a stand. i grabbed his keyboard and quickly typed bam!, and i hit search. about thirty seconds pass and a older librarian comes by. the look on her face was unforgetable when she saw long dong mr. ed banging barnyard betty.
"who was on this computer?" she asked me as she made the the filthy porn disappear.
"it was that doctor out there in the lobby." i answered with the widest grin.
"you mean out there in the hallway?"
"yeah, the hallway."
"thank you young man."
i gave her a nod as she hurried past me torwards the hallway. now the look on the doctor's face was priceless when the old woman told him they didn't appreciate filth here and and that he would have to leave. one down. now it was time for tubby. but then i saw he was on a website i fancy and figured i would let him enjoy it. but i had to tape about six of them pine tree air fresheners to his fat ass back. everything was fine and i began to write...
16 Jan 2004 cyrill well, if you are under 13 - tons ov metal, i guess it could work.
16 Jan 2004 Phil This is my first time looking at this site for a while now. And ohmygod, Billy, you are BACK!!! Finally escaped from that hell they call the pub, eh?
Yay, I didn't kill myself! I'm still alive and thriving now. Well not exactly, but I have my boyfriend and that's all I need.
I was in hospital around Xmas, and I will share it with you all. The first night there, a young asian doctor was doing his rounds. There was a deaf old man there who had just been in a plane crash. The doc went through the routine questions, until he came to "How are your bowels?" and of course the old man, bless him, could not hear him. So the doc shouted "HOW ARE YOUR BOWELS?!" But because of his strange asian accent, it sounded like he said "HOW ARE YOUR BABBELS?!"
Apart from that there was the lady in the bed opposite us who up until the point she burped, we thought she was just a corpse being stored out of the way. She even apologised and said "Pardon me!"
Then there were the nurses who were shocked at us two boys sleeping in a bed together, but I will tell you more about that soon....
16 Jan 2004 siera Hey I'm 13 and dude i have tried to commit suicide more then 5 times... i slit my wrists a lot. and no one makes anything better (not like i'm wanting them to) but it seems like no one cares. some day someone will find me laying on my bathroom floor in a puddle of blood. yeah it sounds gross but it's true. i silt my wrists at school even... i had this razor, but i lost it and now idk what to use i have tried everything. but i started slitting my wrists and it's kinda like drugs, if you start you can't stop. you know what's weird, and this will sound so like selfish or w.e but so many guys think i'm hot, and have a great personality, i mean i'm always happy... till i go bed or something, then i start slitting my wrists. i do good in school and i have a GREAT boyfriend. but idk what's wrong with my pathetic self. i'm a retard that is looking for the easy way out. i wanna live and die at the same time. idk what to do with my stupid life. i think shooting yourself is a good way to do it... it's like fast, or slitting your wrists, if ya want pain. i may not be an EXPERT hah but i have had more then 200 cuts on my arm that i have made. every smile i make it's a tear that i will cry. i hate being so depressed around my friends. i want this to be to myself. i hate it. i just want to end my life... and be done with my problems. well my friend is anorexic.. and went boulimic... and idk what to do... she's as skinny as a fucking string, she says she's so fat but i say she's not. so i finally gave up and stop saying a thing. now she's friends with this goth inda girl thats boulimic.. and so we're not best friends now... idk what to do, people ask me for advice.. and it's kinda weird cuzz i'm the one with all the problems! i just want to be left alone.. or well idk what i want. IM me on my sn Light Pink88 if ya want you can help me or umm talk to me and i can help you.
16 Jan 2004 Curt The best way to do it is too deprive yourself of the future. It hurts so bad... I know... but hold on. Life is so cold without a blanket. But maybe you can find warmth. Just let someone try.
15 Jan 2004 billy the freak elaine,
can't stop. are you addicted. claim you only dabble in it. well, jump in head first. it feels good. that's why i do it. lucy is still here. a matter of fact i think lucy is still posting, only as someone else. kill the old to make room for the new i always say. maybe lucy was tired of being lucy. maybe she wanted to change her style and felt she couldn't do it with the name lucy cortina, beautiful big breasted lucy cortina. i guess i can say i miss her too. even though we didn't start on the best of terms. well it is a new year and it is time for new things. i am still a slave to my my job. i'm still drinking and doing drugs. i still have sex with many different women. however, i have decided to grow a beard.

your friend billy
15 Jan 2004 Kasey My boyfriend killed himself on Dec 11, 2003. I felt the same way as all of you not that long ago. My hope is that none of you experience a loss like this. He took a 12 gage, double barrel, sawed off shot gun to his throat. He was 16. I am 19. I lost my soul mate, I was his for 19 months and battled depression with him for two years, he gave up one day. I f you need help email me. I love all of you. Don't hurt yourself like I almost did. I think that now Nick can see all the people that really loved him and supported him.
15 Jan 2004 Interesting Little Girl This is the funny thing: my life is perfect. Haha. I love the way the sun plays off my hair. I love the way people smile at me. I love the way the cars speed by and the way the wind touches my cheeks. I love my poetry, I love my school, I love my best friend and everything we share.

And you know what? I fuckin want to die!
What's the best way to kill yourself, what's the best way to kill yourself?

Throw yourself off a cliff, shove a pencil in your throat, cut your wrists completely off with a hammer and bleed to death, screaming in your bathroom (lock it tight)
Better yet, suffocate in a plastic bag.
Lala... dead dead dead.
I will die soon
Will you?
15 Jan 2004 ------- what kind of question is that? i mean god put us on the planet to kill ourselves or live life!.... if ur not having a good day or maybe a couple of bad days then shut urself in a room and scream it off, don't take a blade to your wrist so everyone misses u and wonders if it was them that made u come to the conclusion.... And under 13? what the heck is the whole point of being born if ur gonna kill yourself as baby pretty much, i mean 13 is just turning into a teenager. U haven't got the experience of college yet, u don't know what your wedding will be like all u know is ur stupid and u do anything to get in trouble... junior high and highschool should be the best years of your life not the years when u hate the world and all u want to do is go home and blow your brains out so u can be missed...
14 Jan 2004 Wolf of the Lost I wrote this one night while thinking of suicide. Maybe it will help those of you who think it now....

In the mirror
I see no reflection
In the room
They see me not
I pass them all
Living, Breathing
Yet I am a ghost
To them all

My heart does not beat
It remains cold and hard
My love for her
She never knew
I was a coward
I took the easy way out

Now as I watch
They prove what I knew
They never cared
It is all true
I am still alone
As I have always been
I am a ghost
They never see

She cries at night
I know not why
Could it be
That she misses me
I was never alone
I had a chance
I was never a ghost
Yet now forever
A ghost shall I be

This is a message
For all who dare to read
Think not of life after
But of the life that you lead
Some things may not appear
To be what they seem
Let thy love be known
And live unlike me...

Life sucks, we all know this. But there are things in life worth living for. I will tell you my reason... YOU.
14 Jan 2004 Mark Poor gas all over your body and lite a match, When you burst into flames, run out into a busy street and run head on into a car or bus.
14 Jan 2004 Ghod HOLy horses!!! Reading all those messages and stories really moved me in a way that I want to help you all... unfortunately all I can offer you is my e-mail address if you need to express yourself.
People who are depressed "suicidal" are actually the most sensitive and realistic people on earth... why? well because they see life more clearly than others; they see the shit hole mankind made earth into and made our societies into. The people who seem to survive are those that see "la vie en rose"... they tend to distort reality in way that helps them see the positive out of everything. It's actually not that hard to do... you just need a little imagination and some hard liquor.
My point is... well... suicide sucks. I've thought about doing it myself but then I realized that I could use my 'angry/depressive/feeling sorry for my ass energy' towards making some use out of this life I didn't ask for... work with what you've got... I can't drive, i still live with my parents, I don't have an education, I'm single and depressed but I know that there's still some fun out there. I can get an education and maybe teach and travel; that's not hard to do.
I'll just take it one slow day at a time. That's all.. just have some strength.. exercise, volunteer, help others, follow what you like doing, teach and travel, work fulltime (make money to get out of the house and eventually get a real job) or do something to make yourself get some self freaking esteem that you deserve - YOU BECOME WHAT YOU GIVE YOURSELF THE POWER TO BE.. WE are allllll capable of this and allowed to it.... don't let society, your "friends", your dead beat parents or siblings tell you otherwise.

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