Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Jan 2004 James Hmm. Let's see. I once slit my wrist with a scissors in class. It was over some corny thing.. but i was stressed kaoz of a school project... anyway b4 i knew it i was slashing my wrists... i had to go see the vice principal for that.. this was back in 1995. 19 now.. in a few months 20. Honestly? no different from then. I didn't understand life properly then.. and now, i think i do. only problem is that i don't think i want to be part of it. walked in the sea once dried to drown myself... full clothed.. until at the last minute i chickened out. my scars are never permanent kaoz i cut using penknives... so they heal.. and leave a small line. so wat IS the best way? pop about 40 paracetamols, coke and vodka. after that lock urself in your room. you can take more paracetamols if you want.. hell, if ur going to commit suicide do it the right way. if u got no balls to do it then just fuck off and live life instead of being a suicidal wannabe. Here's to all Singaporeans out there.
26 Jan 2004 Felicia Born in the Monkey Year Hi Joe Lee,

Happy New Chinese "Year of the Monkey" to you too. People call me lousy because they think that people born in this monkey year is tricky and hard to fool.

I get tricked all the time and I am made a fool of most of the time. And being a Gemini too is a lot worst. Now everybody says I am tricky, hard to fool, and two faced.

All I need is a cheer up and some chinese new year money to come my way. But I haven't been to Vegas yet and don't know how to play poker or yatzhee. I don't know how to play chess either and scrabble for that matter.

Sad. Sad. Sack. Oh well.
26 Jan 2004 loveyourself I think the best way to kill yourself is to... not... because life is beautiful..i am beautiful.. you are beautiful... and whoever wants to kill themselves are just craving attention... stop being so immature about it..... LIFE IS GREAT .... LOVE LIFE .. i love life because MONEY is what makes the world go round.... so if you feel depressed..... and you're a girl go dance be a stripper for a year save all the money, invest and you will be the happiest girl ever ... !! i promise ! Just save money buy a house a car ... a dog.. AND LIVE BABY! xoxoxox
25 Jan 2004 Mackellar Mr. Lee~
You might unearth a great deal of amusement for yourself, as well as your cat, should you study what PSYOPS has discovered about the factual nature behind a schizophrenic mind.
25 Jan 2004 Anton Do it the slow way. Live your life ...
25 Jan 2004 amy hi. i'm nu here. i think its really kool the way all you guys like almost talk it thru- the way you feel and all that. ive been suicidal for years- i got put on anti-depressants which made it feel better but they don't let you do anything you want to. so i took an overdose with those pills in my pe changing room- there was about 55 but my teacher came in and i got taken to hospital and now everyone knows. but im not embarrassed. this is something i really believe in. so i can stand next to a person and i can say straight to their faces 'i want to die'. the worse thing than feeling like you are is when you try to kill yourself is when you don't succeed and you have to go thru all the pain- only from the beginning this time. it goes on for the rest of your life, so you have to end that life and die- end all the pain- end all the suffering until you're not there anymore. if you want to cut yourself and bleed to death, loads of people say go across with the knife but you have to slash every bit of vein you can see on your body. i dream of suicide all night and all day and to me, dying is my greatest ambition. people see you in the street and they don't know what you're going thru and they cant help you get thru this- only you can do that. you just need someone there for you- to help you over it. life isnt worth living if there is nothing there for you. i hate this world and everything it has done to me. i hate my mother for bringing me into this world and most of all i hate myself for letting me get like this. suicide only works if you believe in it, if you put your greatest effort into it. if you want to die you go the whole way and do that because no one will stop you if you are that desperate. i have tried to kill myself 7 times in the last two months and see how fucked up i am- so fucked up, i can't even take my own life. those people who come up to you and say you're stupid just for feeling the way you feel. if you want to, you go ahead and do it cos no one can stop you doing it if you just believe in yourself. i hope that you will all get your wishes and end your life the way you want because i know how painful it is if you don't. by the way. if you get put on pills, don't take them because they stop you killing yourself- they mess with your mind- please take my advice- if you're going to do it- do it properly- end your suffering and others and one day we may stand united in death.
email me if you have any suggestions. i need to get out of this world from where i stand alone, looking through this tiny window seeing all the pain and suffering and through my eyes all i see is pain, people dying, me dying inside. in my heart. i hate this world will someone please help me dye. this room i stand in is full of suffering and my own pain. i know not where to turn and all i think about is dying- ending it all i'm sorry. help yourself help others like you- who want to die. i hope you all get your wish of suicide because there is nothing in this world for those who believe there is nothing
25 Jan 2004 xxxx I cant believe that this is even here on the net. I do understand because when I was under 13 there was one time i thought about it for about 10 seconds. I was never really serious. I helped lots of my friends who thought it was the way out and helped save one friend who wouldnt talk to me after that. Life is a precious thing and I dont blame you kids. I blame your parents! I dont understand how a parent can let a child get depressed.
25 Jan 2004 Lauren ive just taken about half the pills. thanx 2 whoever readmy wemails.someonr actually listened for once. thankyou. once i've taken them im going to the bridge and im going tohhang my serklf. thankuo. everyine on trhgis site has reaklly unfkluerncved ne buty uity werenmt enuf. respecially chris. sorry
25 Jan 2004 Lauren chris- sounds stupid but your writing/the way you talk about all this shit is so REAL. you give a shit bout most of the guys on this site and unlike some fucking shrink you actually know what people r going thru. how old are u cos the way you rite its like your more than 30
25 Jan 2004 Lauren to Chris- how old are you?
25 Jan 2004 Lauren im going to hang myself tonight- i don't think theres any point in going on anymore because no one loves me. i was put on effoxer three months ago and it makes me feel all dizzy and wierd. i've tried to kill myself loads of times before. i hate myself. but this time im going to go up to that railway bridge tonight and jump off it with a rope tie around my neck. this time it will work and tomorrow shall never come for me. if you believe in it strongly enough then you know you can do it. thankyou for reading this. if you ever succeed in your dreams for suicide maybe we could meet up if anything exists on the other side.
24 Jan 2004 Lauren i don't mean to put anyone off- i really believe in suicide im just saying hanging is the best way because after the first time you have taken an overdose then the second time your body just resists against it. hanging is the quickestand most painless way.
i love you all- even if no one else does and im going to test the hanging method and i know- i just know i'm not going to be here tomorrow to tell you whether it worked. luv u
24 Jan 2004 Lauren to hang yourself off a railway bridge- thats my perfect dream. some bitches take the piss out of you for being who you are. i tried to kill myself in school once- in the changing room before pe, but i got found by the teacher and taken into hospital. what makes me feel the best is when i get pissed off then i take like 24 paracetamol and it makes you feel like your going crazy but it makes you feel great. i think you lot try it when you get angry cos then you don't know what your doing then you try to kill yourself. i swear on my daddy's life that everything i say is true and i know i will hurt people when i do die of my own hand but i'm past caring any more. people joke about it but its not funny because they don't know what its,to want to die every second of the day- to dream about it when you finally sleep. life is not worth living when there is a shadow following you around, making you feel lkike hell and if the father of the kid is on line right now and reads this i just want to say he must have had a reason for it because he wouldn't have done it for nothing. your son was probably a great kid but at the end of the day we just can't take it- thees nothing we can do, it just takes over you, your not yourself any more. if you can- just e-mail me and tell me how he died. theres a link between us in the form of suicide and i just feel i need to know all the details of suicide. im the same age as your son was and i just feel i need to know. if you think im being nosey im not, suicide hurts me too except im effected by it in a different way. i want to die- and hell it helps me to talk about it. when you you cut yourself, when you bleed- as the blood drips out of you, it feels good, all the tension goes and you get addicted to it- your own form of painkiller that works on you. im not trying to preach- im just saying i feel the way you do angry at this world- you want to die- like theres no point in living life. my e-mail is or my mobile- 07950986646 you need to talk or you want to know anything just call. i hope you do- it would help me a lot. i'm always here for anyone but i know i'll be gone someday soon.
i'm sorry.
24 Jan 2004 Michael Fannon WHAT IN THE HELL IS THIS?
24 Jan 2004 Joe Lee Welcome to China where life isn't worth a dime unless you are foreigners!

The ten ranking for the value of human life in China for the year of 2004!

1. United States
2. France
3. United Kingdom
4. Norway
5. Switzerland
6. Canada
7. Japan (price negotiable if you or your parents involved in World War 2)
8. Sweden
9. Canada

You should be honored if you are the lucky citizen of these great countries. I welcome you, the citizens of top ten countries come to China and commit suicide! Your life cost a lot! We will have the honor of killing you and your family members. Money doesn't mean anything to you, you deserve only the best way to die. Checks or visa available in 2004 for citizens of France, Japan, Finland, Greece, and Luxembourg.

If you are unfortunately the citizen of following countries:

North Korea
Sierra Leone
East Timor

Year of the monkey is the year for people from destitute countries! We will kill you for almost free if you can ever make it to China. Please prepare your own body bags if you don't want to be made into fertilizers.

And yes, we prepare diverse killing methods way beyond legal boundary for the top ten countries. We are the best in the business of euthanasia if you are too weak to do it yourself. Eu-than-asia... I love this word. aisanahtue - sounds good even if you spell it backwards! Best wishes and hopefully see you soon!
24 Jan 2004 Joe Lee I am Chinese!!! I don't know english very well. I am also a Chinese who is depressed, psychotic, narcissistic, or schizophrenic. (sometimes all of the above combined!) I been seeking ways to cure myself without any success.
I saw a psychiatric doctor before, we talked and talked. She told me I am screwed up in the head at first! Then she gave me an IQ test, to her suprise, I have an IQ of a genius. So now she thinks I am just trying to get a date with her, telling me when she will be off work.

I am crazy! I can't think straight!! People don't understand my mental condition, and think that I am just lazy. Don't know how to keep myself busy, how can i do that when I am taking it easy? My psychotic mind is anything but fuzzy!
But after all, it's not like I have to work in order to survive. My life is not too bad till now, probably smooth sailing all the way until I die of a natural cause... DAMN! that's when it hit me, I am a human being! Why can't I be a tree or a rock or a sea turtle? Facing self limitations is the catalyst of my depression, and the reaction goes far beyond depression.
Yesterday I bought some tuna and cod liver. Tuna for my cat and cod liver for myself. As I dined with my cat, I realized that the cat was depressed too. We just stared at each other without talking. Then the cat gave me a determined suicidal look and meowed. So I mixed some sleeping pills, my anti-depressants, two hits of LSD, quarter of marijuana, half bottle of asprin, vitamins, laundry detergent, toilet cleaning products... anything in powder form chopped up together with tuna and cod liver deep fried in fish oil. She ate slowly and walked out the door with a satisfied meow. I plugged my ears not to her painful cries for help, for freedom, for a quick end.
I am very sad and depressed today because that damn cat ate all my pot and dope... and she is still alive. Apparently healthier than before. So the lesson for you kids today, "cats don't have nine lives, but they are sure pretty damn hard to kill"... plus I can't even do my laundry now.

... well kids... very important and implied lesson you should learn from my cat is "DONT DO DRUGS!" because you might becoming an immortal, thus making suicide even harder. So please don't kill yourself by taking drugs. Give them to me! I will suggest other painless ways of suicide for you in return. Free of charge of course, because I am Chinese.
24 Jan 2004 Justin I little something i like to call gi joes and cough syrup. First drink all the cough syrup in the house, then send one of your gi joes on a covert mission to recuse the penny you swallowed when your where 5!
24 Jan 2004 sarah jump off a two story house or building
24 Jan 2004 cristal well, get really high and wander around at night, someone is bound to rape even kill you. well, at least that's what i want

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