Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
01 Mar 2004 Gabby The best way to kill yourself is to slit your throat.
01 Mar 2004 suicide chick slit yourself in every way known to man and drown in a bucket you've collected of your blood. Dont forget to leave a note for your friends and family telling them that you simply didnt want to live anymore..... this one is for you will and chris i love you guys with all of my heart and would be proud if you died this way...... with me of course
01 Mar 2004 princess lightaewter drink rubbin achool and windex and cleaning supplies
01 Mar 2004 michelle Are you guys serious? Ya'll need to get help, you guys aren't even starting your life yet! your only 13-15 or what-ever. Don't do it, it's not worth it.
29 Feb 2004 john nite lie under the front wheel of your mother's suv when she's about to drive off to work. Note, this won't work in anything smaller than a jeep cherokee..
29 Feb 2004 Paul Byrne I'm not under 13, i'm 15. i've been feeling suicidal for too long and im starting to think of killing myself. my reasons are i can never get a good job because of the exam papers are lower tier, i'm unattractive and i'm picked on. thinking about it i hear the world after school is tougher and if i can't cope with now how can i cope in the working world. i've been put under pressure over many thing except suicide. i've never actually tried to kill myself just yet but i'm thinking of overdose but that's a slow death because it rots your liver and sometimes your kidneys. my problem with death is i cannot stand any type of pain except short pains. i would like to tell readers if i do not comment in 5 days i am dead
29 Feb 2004 ... Stare at the sun for an hour. Don't blink.
28 Feb 2004 Amanda Hello people i want to die cause i am abused and i love pain so if i die in pain it's good anywayz. the point to this fucking thing is no one in this damn thing pro. don't know the half of shit when u cry urself to sleep every night and pray to fucking god that u die and that he is the one that put u there in the first place and ask him why he did it, does he like to see someone in pain and love to hear someone cry for help or something?... and then u have brothers and family that tell u that u are a fucking accident and that u were never meant to be and they hate u and they want u out there fuckin home then u say u want to fucking kill urself. don't come in this fucking thing make shit up cause u think it is fucking funny cause the shit is not funny i have tried to od, tried to fucking hang myself, tried to fucking slit my wrist but i was stopped by one person and it's the only person that cares for me. she is my best friend and that is the only fucking reason i am still alive. she has stopped me and she cares for me and if ANYTHING ever happens to her i will kill myself. the point of this is don't fucking talk about killin urself unless u are really going to do it because it is bullshit to say something just to get attention or some shit or another. just rem. u alwayz have one person that cares for u and that will be ur best friend for life well for now later. by the way i am not 13 i am 16!
27 Feb 2004 Heartless i need to know the best way to kill myself without it being messy, I want to be heard, i need to be heard, I want my husband to know that he hurt me dearly and now i want to hurt myself to show him what it felt like, if anyone can help email me please.......... I WANT TO DIEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!
27 Feb 2004 Alex Swingle It doesn't matter what age you are at. Suicide will always be a bad way to die. But you don't always have to be good ;). I have gotten horrible grades ALL my life. I'm a freshman is high school. I guess i just can't help it. i try AS HARD AS I CAN and it still doesn't work. My dad is always telling me to do better and always making me feel about and All i want to do is end it all. I feel really stupid and embarrased about it though. The only reason i wouldn't want to is because of my boyfriend, that I love ever so dearly. And i dont really care about anyone else, if they are sad.... GOOD.
26 Feb 2004 El MacFearsome tell your drunken, abusive father that you think you're a homo and try to tongue-kiss him
26 Feb 2004 your kidding right? wow.... suicide? take your own life away 'cause you have it sooooo bad' to ruin many many other peoples lives? YOU HAVE NO IDEA. just because you don't like ONE stage in your life and things arent good? ANYONE can start making their life go the right way. suicide is pitiful, there are so many more options and being depressed and trying to find ways to die is ridiculous. If you are 'under 13' you haven't even barely lived at all! this is nonsense
25 Feb 2004 laron mouchette - do you have a skipping rope?
25 Feb 2004 Nadine I am not a teenager anymore. I am 27 years old. I wish I could say life gets better as you get older but for me that is not the case. Many doctors visits, hospital stays, and sucide attempts later I am still here and a total negative. An empty shell of a person who is tired and pathetic and full of self- loathing and annoying self-pity who just can't lie down and die. I'm not as brave as I was when I was a teenager jusr flirting with suicide. I wish I did it right and ended my life back then.
25 Feb 2004 ashley Simple answer, shoot yourself. It's fast, and painless as soon as it's over! If you can't do it, overdose. It's not that hard, just get the balls/guts to do it
25 Feb 2004 amber i am not under 13 i am almost 17 but i have cut my wrists and i guess u could call me a cutter but anyway the best way i have decided (and i am gonna try it when i get done writing it) but i wanted someone else to know bout it so here it is: cut the sides of ur mouth cut ur wrists and light urself on fire but see i also wanna go slow and i want a very painful death of if u dont wanna do that go parallel with ur vein a long way up ur arm not across but i hope u all have fun and remember if u do achieve u goal and do die i wont see u in hell cuz heaven wont have me but see hell is afraid i will take over
24 Feb 2004 Cass Play swords with yourself using your family's kitchen knifes. Make sure to twrill them a lot!
24 Feb 2004 thomas Ce kit est vendu en 3 parties : une corde, une poutre, et un tabouret, et en plus ce n'est pas cher,
24 Feb 2004 angie jette-toi de la fenĂȘtre ou ouvre toi les veines. mais bon si t'as mal essaie les medocs.

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