Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Feb 2004 Tom Oliveri ok guys i have wanted to commit suicide and have friends who have too but really is it worth it? what if there is no other life after this one? what if you just get put to an end, nothing after? the only thing you will think when you're about to die is perhaps this is not the right thing to do.
perhaps there is a way you can change your life and if you are set on killing yourself think one last time can i change this???? ask a friend.
06 Feb 2004 elo faire une overdose de bonbons
06 Feb 2004 Chuck Barren Prepare everything to make it look like an accident. A friend of mine committed suicide and his girl friend got arrested, that wasn't cool! Anyway, I think the best way would be something quick and with no pain, like an overdose of heroin. You feel nothing and you just trip..
06 Feb 2004 judas vivre
06 Feb 2004 soumsoum et bien si tu as un père qui détient une moto tu t'enfermes dans le garage en calfeutrant toute les issues, portes, fenêtres, et tu allumes la moto de papa... le gaz que dégage la moto vous tuera par asphyxie petit à petit
06 Feb 2004 al faire une overdose de bille assimilé à l'aide de majorette
06 Feb 2004 k.deep autofellation
06 Feb 2004 Paige MaCkay hey! im paige and im 14.. ive been suicidal since i was probably 8.. i hate life and everything in it... im the kind of kid that gets called HOT by guys and LOSER by girls... and lucky for me i go to an all girls school... and i HATE my school... i love guys soo much.. and im going to kill myself.. i love this site.. its helping me a lot.. it makes me want to kill myself more and more each day... i love it!

-hang yourself... i wouldnt do it personally but hey its not that painfull...

-crush up up 30 tylonols...if u dont have those.. then take n e thing from your parents pill cabinet but take at least 30-40.. crush them.. and put them in ur favorite drink.. u wont taste them or n e thing.. and then ull just go to sleep and die peacefully..

well im out.. ill be on this site a lot now.. love you all!!
06 Feb 2004 chilena kid olvidarme en el olvido de intentar verme en todas las cosas,
cantar como sordo angel desesperado muy calladito por si papi por si papi-
cerrar los ojos de todo lo que me ve
06 Feb 2004 one very lost teenager I have no idea wat the best way to kill urself is. I'm only 14 years old and i already hate myself and the rest of the world. My family doesn't give a damn about me or what i think, and my friends have no clue whatsoever how unhappy i am. I spend every day, all day, thinking about doing drugs or committing suicide. Every day when i get home from school i walk in the kitchen, pull out a knife, and stare at it for like a half hour trying to decide whether to kill myself or not. I'm such a fricking coward that i don't even have enough guts to stab myself. I'll probably just end up becoming a drug addict or something. I really don't care anymore. My life just seems so useless.
06 Feb 2004 htaed death well hopefully a meteorite or whatever will come crashing down and kill EVERYONE! the best way to kill you self? well some people say jump off a tall building.. WRONG... some people say take loads of drugs.. WRONG (i mean do you want to wake up and not be able to operate normally but still be alive?) drowning yourself is the best way, and hell you can do it in a bath! just put your head under the water breath out... then breath in. now how hard is that? It's not meant to be very painfull (better than being alive on this shit hole) and it's fast and clean. HOWEVER! don't JUST kill yourself, kill someone who has made you feel this bad. why not take them down as well? hope this helps.
05 Feb 2004 ??? There isn't a best way to kill yourself. Ending your life is not something you should take lightly. If you are having problems and have tried everything else in your power to accomplish them, but you still feel like, well 'shit' then I think end it. The best possible way to kill yourself is doing it without any hesitation, and let the people know your problem so that they can swallow in your death, and feel that it was their fault.
05 Feb 2004 Will I often feel like hanging myself. But when i put the noose around my neck, i begin to cry. I will feel better once ive left home. Being gay and being in a straight marriage is difficult. Its taken me a long time to come out. I wish i had done many years ago, but i was scared of homophobic people. I was taunted at school. I was even molested. still, thats in the past. I gotta look foward to a great future.
05 Feb 2004 eli I think the best way to kill yourself is to go up to the 13th floor, close your eyes and for a moment just pretend you can fly.
05 Feb 2004 Chris Recently I was enthroned in the bathroom which, for reasons obvious to anyone who has been unlucky enough to follow me in, is the one place on earth where I am left undisturbed, and my gaze wandered to the contents of the shelves. I am not referring to the books and magazines which I always like to have at hand, I did say this is a place of peace and retreat for me as well as the functional. I mean the dozens of bottles, canisters, jars, etc which we all seem to need to make ourselves presentable. And a thought struck me... how come with half of the world starving do we have so much fruit and veg in our shampoos and soaps. I am sure that my bathroom is pretty average and really taking a close look I was amazed at the sheer variety of flavours on offer. From the mint in the toothpaste the list grows and grows; lemon, lime, pineapple, coconut, orange, cucumber and dates, and that's just the shampoos. I am not counting Aloe Vera or Jojoba because I really don't know what they are or if they are edible but they certainly form a big part of my mother's beauty regime judging by the number of products which include them as ingredients. Then there are the soaps, creams and ointments which boast cherry, blueberry, primrose, oil, carrot, yes carrots in the soap! There is even a bottle of chocolate bath bubbles but that is mine, and I'm saving it for emergencies. There are various other things which claim essence of this and that but again I'm not sure what they are. There is also a packet of scented (camomile) toilet paper, the function and practicality of which even defies my odd imagination and I'm not even touching the realm of air fresheners and things which make water turn blue in the toilet bowl. The fact is our bathrooms are host to more tastes and aromas than Harrod's Food Hall but that's not it... they all claim to be able to do their various tasks with sound effects... the soap 'zings'! The shampoo puts 'zest' into your shower! The sprays 'zap'! And the bleach 'blasts'... now I think about it, the bathroom has stopped being my peaceful refuge but it has become a terrific place to dream up recipes... Maybe that will put my mind off suicide!

See ya all in the bathroom!
04 Feb 2004 cyrill hmmm... you should ask this friend ov mine...
03 Feb 2004 Elysium one word.... CRAYONS!!!!
03 Feb 2004 Joe Lee I might have written something more than what I am willing to share on my normal days. The truth is that I have been off medication over the years, which in fact I should have probably stayed on. I have multiple personalities or combination of psychological characters. Only one thing seem constant for five out of seven personalities is - great interest in death.
I do not encourage suicide or go against it.. simply do whatever you have to. But sometimes simply endure your sufferings can be philosophically enjoyable.
I have woken up in the middle of the night bleeding from cuts made from invisible enemies. People calling whom I don't even remember. Only pictures could bring back some memories, but where are people in these pictures now? Ironically, society seems to favor the physically attractive, thus I always seems to have someone who can tolerate the kind of shit I throw at them.
I am tired of people,
So tired of this world,

Medication bottles brings back painful memories... a reminder of that I have seen three psychiatrists in my life.. Three! Well, I don't know about you, but I feel that could be an indication that I am mentally ill.
I certainly don't think of myself as crazy or psychotic, that's why I don't take medications. After all, why should a normal person take medications? But anyway, I am not crazy.

Sometimes it feels like a dream, but it turns out to be reality or is it vice versa?

Well, it's pretty bad if nightmares turns into reality... Like days ago, I had this dream turned into nightmare, in which I punched a friend inflicting severe damage. Not even a prior argument before the fight, but I just started punching and thinking like a boxer. Then yesterday, I saw his bruised up face and realized it was a reality... not very cool, it was a reality-nightmare all over again. Living under layers of paradoxical dimensions... I already lost myself... maybe this is hell?

Sitting in a slow rising roller coaster ride to insanity, I have already moved beyond the realms of suicidal thoughts and unsuccesful attempts. And all of me are still very excited to see what's like over the top. How powerful of an psychotic multiple personality torture can one endure, maybe pluge direct into the hell or something less harsh, who knows?

Kids, trust me... before suicide, first finish your education, read some books, enjoy some aspects of life. Then you can start your psychotic roller coaster ride in life... you will fucking love it when you move past the point of no return.

By the way, I didn't get any Chinese new year's money, but I do know how to play poker or yatzhee. I gotta be the only Chinese in the world who is like that... Damn you, who are you? For all the things you could have said, you said yatzhee, which I kinda like it. You just want to see me kill myself don't you? Damn, I feel so weird, probably being the only Chinese in the world saying that I kinda like yatzhee. I should probably ckeck myself into the labour camp one of these days.
03 Feb 2004 doraine tonight is the night for me. I am not a fighter you see but in amerika there are radio stations who will call people into the ring and give them 90 to box out anger. I am scared because I don't box. I will do it though. I am on 2000 mg of Depakote and 20mg of Zypreza and doctors say my mind still functions at rates they have never seen. OH MOUCHETTE what does this mean? Everwhere I live everything is familiar- strange times we are in and I feel like Sam Taylor Coleridge back from the dead and I am drunk on the milk from mother earth's tit. I might die tonight but hey I win a prize. no real gas chambers just radio waves. In life or death I CHOOSE LIFE, and tonight I will fight for real in a boxing ring with another woman to save people I love that are being looked over. DON'T DIE TONIGHT PEOPLE: with me and give me power not to die as I enter the ring of radio death. RADIO KILLED THE VIDEO STAR. digital killed the video star. Who am I?
02 Feb 2004 Sanor what happened to this site? jeez... got all serious all of a sudden. I think suicide is fun, go ahead do it you wimpy bastards... more O2 for me I say. quit being pitiful little, narcissistic punks and do it. I know, by the way, that 95% of these posts are from nit-wit little ego-maniacs like paris hilton and nicle richie. would you please just lose enough weight that your body goes into shock from malnutrition? and do the world a favor, toughen up people, not all were meant to roam this earth. and for you jesus frieks leave the suicidal people alone, giving them false hope in an imaginary deity doesn't help. It's like saying "Santa doesn't want you to commit suicide, because you won't get any presents then". Also "commit" is too far a stretch for these people, these kids say "i almost" or " i tried to.." blah blah blah they can't commit. it takes dedication, so try and buckle down, youth of the world and try to focus for more than fifteen seconds on something other than yourself!

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