Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Mar 2004 sucide_Ryan17 why would you want to kill yourself if you were 13 anyway?! trust me until you get up to 14-15, thats when life becomes shite!! I have a crap maths GCSE and am failing it, I am ugly as fuck, no girl likes me, I have no friends, Ive been through 2 jobs already and lost them both, I know I'm going to do absolute shit in life, I just know I am! But Ive only got the guts to do a overdose on parecetamol, I haven't the guts to jump or do half the shit posted on here. But I do want to die and be relieved of this shite life of mine that I know is going to end badly and I am going to end up as a tramp on the street on something, I need to die, I just haven't got what it takes to be in this world, I just haven't, I'm going to overdose on Parecetamol though, that's the only way out of this stinking world, but I am still not 100% sure, I have my days where I want to, but then sometimes I dont, its crazy!! but to answer the question, there is no good way of killing yourself, its all painful and bad, its just down to what u got the guts to do
20 Mar 2004 *Mouchette* AhsirK~
The fragrance of blood
thick when we were near
i surrender my history
and all my memory of you
its Beauty
My grief has become
a nation of everyone
a land without intent

i find these comments endearing. They`re as inpredictable as my former species itself, and majoritorily just as lavishly inane. Certain rituals of yore recall my lower starter-life as little else here can.
*Mouchette* is catching on in certain circles. You`ll see them seated, knee to knee, salamander smooth backsides exposed. Quaint, foggy, primitive, hopeless, soporific, yet engaging as Death
20 Mar 2004 Nina An Ice cycle, for then there will always be the question of how you did it, but you must do it in a bathtub or the water will be odvious.
19 Mar 2004 brian hy I am Brian, 16, and I am looking for a way to commit a painless suicide.
if you can help me please contact me on this email adress
19 Mar 2004 emma Hang yourself.
19 Mar 2004 fiona i cant believe those bastards who try to shut this site down. my mate was suicidal but when she read all the stories on this site she sorted herself out. im still suicidal but this site is a place where u can express ur feelings on how u feel and u dont get this piss taken out of u by some idiot who thinks the worlds perfect
email me at if u have a good way to kill myself
19 Mar 2004   You people are a bunch of pathetic losers just looking for someone to feel sorry for you. Everyone has a fucked up life, you just have to deal with it. Everyones parents mess them up in some way but that is no reason to want to end you life. If you are under 13 and want to kill yourself i strongly urge you to think about what you really want. Yeah school sucks, people may make fun of you, your parents may fight all the time, or even beat you; but it WILL get better. You are not going to live with them forever. Eventually you will be out on your own and you will not have to deal with them anymore. I think that you people who sit there and threaten suicide and try retarded things that never work like taking a bottle of asprin and drinking are just a bunch of weak losers who are looking for attention. Everyone knows that the people who really go through with it don't whine and cry about it, they don't threaten it, they do it. On second thought take back everything i said before, get a gun drive to a field and shoot yourself in the head. The world doesn't need anymore pathetic excuses of life.
19 Mar 2004 sadie harrington SI. hanging, shooting yourself
18 Mar 2004 Rachel hello Ive posted my thoughts on this be4
I tried killing myself yesterday, I toulk 40 pillz and and I woke up, Now Im just in hell Ive locked myself in my room Im not coming out I wanto DIE and Im not coming out till I do. I still have 100 pillz left should I take them???
Im in my room right now wtf should I do.
Im only 12. I cant take living enymore.
My life is 10 timez worse then eny1 elsez
I can promise U. This is my story
when I was 5 years old my mom thrue a glass cup at my dad until he started running away as he started bleeding and he saw me watching and so did my mom , I dunt kno wut exactlly happend but they went mad they started chasing me with a knife. and they got me , they got me rite inda arm. my mom was puton restraing order but only 4 a year. at that time I was put into a home and it was really bad ther I would cry myself evry night to bed and I had nothing to rely on I had nobody to love or nobody who loved me. then when I got bak I went bak wif my mom and dad but then they got a devorce evry night my mom said I was an accident and that it is all y fault they devorced. I wouldent stop crying. unitl I got this diary I wrote out my heart and wut it felt and it was my only friend. but then more shit started happening. My mom was getting madder and madder evry day. she started chasing me alot wif a knife and I have all these bruises. My dad callz me some timez to tell me how much he hatez me and how much he wantz to kill me.
and when I started getting some friendz at skool my mom went and put a restraining order on dem and its the worst feeling inda world having no friendz or your friend ahte u and I just cant take it enymore I feel like this world is leening on my and my back is about to break, I just cant lift it enymore. Having to know taht if u die and have no1 care hurts me alot.
I started cutting myself last moth and I liked watching the blud drip down, it made me feel better. I think its gonna make me feel better when I die.
18 Mar 2004 Joey Just Drink Yourself to Death! It's like win, win. You get mad drunk AND you get to die with no pain or chance of stopping. I recommend Vodka, Gin, and anything else with high alcohol level. Make sure you bring enough booze!
18 Mar 2004 rants Burden

passive burden,
intellectual disease for knowing too much.
to surrender then to overthrow,
to die, then to evolve,
to loose, then to win.
It's like water fused with fire,
obedience from all elements.
are you predestined to follow a certain path?
Or should I say...
you are following the path of history?
with no escape,
bound on this planet for life,
even after death,
a historical site,
simply history for future generations
riding the serpent of time,
nowhere to get off on this train.
my hate is like a fire,
fused with my passion which is like water,
eating away my soul,
love and suffering,
this site is like a rose with thorns,
When you mix love and hate,
happiness and suffering,
do you find birth or do you find death?

searching for an exit in life,
hoping to die,
somewhere to go,
what did we do?

to live,
to be a man, to be a lady,
to have a job, to make friends,
to laugh, to cry,
to all this and all that,
to die

life is the greatest illusion, a dream, a story, a stage.
invisible spirits making rusty sounds, maybe a concert with dimmed lights. Are you performing or are you watching life going by? Actually, most of us are performers, few of us stop and take the time to enjoy the show. So if you have a role to play such as killing yourself, do it tastefully for the audience. Do not be afraid, fear is the reason you put yourself in such depressing situation in the first place. Show the world that you have the courage to end your life, to end it coolly, to end it artistically, to simply say "I am outta here" with a smile on your face and jump off a building while smoking a cigar and waving goodbye to whoever is watching.
18 Mar 2004 matt my life sucks. my parents don't give me shit, they always say u need to earn it. i hate school u know u got it bad when your teachers make fun of you AND EVERY little thing pisses u off and when you break up with your girlfriend for a dumb reason well fuck them fuck everything go grab a gun and shoot yourself i want to, soon...
18 Mar 2004 Val Ah. I'm going on 14 in about a week. And lemme tell you this. Don't commit suicide.. Just hurt yourself.. Greatly.. All the time.. It stops a lot of crazy ideas and feelings. just don't kill yourself.. When you do hurt yourself with any object, make sure everyone knows. So they think your insane. Then convince them you're not. It's great fun. I love it. Tormenting their foolish minds.. But I'm currently suppose to be on medication... But that's quite all right. Hurt yourself, don't kill yourself. My solution. It becomes a wonderful game. I recently played tic tac toe in my arm with my friend Carmen.
17 Mar 2004 metastasis I look at myself in the mirror and I can see my hideous meaningless face and all I can think of is cutting my neck with a razorblade and see the blood flowing out like a beautiful fountain. Then I change my mind and go out the bathroom and continue living but after a while I realize how miserable my life is.
Only ignorants and simpletons may think life is great because their shallow minds cannot understand the true meaning of life.
Life is not a gift, it's only a problem that needs to be solved as fast as possible.
Why are you fighting in this battle when there is no victory??
Everything you do is pointless because one day you will eventually die and your soul will go nowhere because there is NO soul, we are only physical matter.
You will NOT go to hell, there is no hell. There is only pain, sorrow, fear and hate in this life. Why not end it now? You have the right to do something BIG. Who cares what others think they only care about themselves.
Don't do it for them, do it for YOURSELF.
17 Mar 2004 RICKY Get Fucked! Any person with MORALS would shut this site down. Sure Free speech, When Gods sword judges you, you have no defense.
17 Mar 2004 sparkles I think who ever started this website is one sick fucker. who the fuck would want to start a discussion about how a child can kill themselves. What would you do if someone under 13 did read this and killed themselves? How can you live with yourself knowing that could happen? Boards like these shouldnt be around... and im gonna go out of my way to make sure that this group gets closed.
17 Mar 2004 George Bush For 99.9 % of the human race, we are selfish. Selfishness is the reason for everything we do. After all, if one doesn't live for oneself, who do we live for? Do you live for your loved ones? And what is love?
My friend told me once, Loving someone is about giving something without ever asking something for return. Good loving parents give children everything they want, only hoping they can be happy (especially if the children are cute and lovable). But have you ever loved a stranger? Who cares about a beggar on the street? Who cares about 13 years olds crying for help? Who really cares about you?

Love is selfish, the person you love is someone you know well over the years. The thing that you love is a thing that you wish to own. A car, a computer, a digital camera... whatever. Therefore, if it's something you don't want to own, you probably will never love it. A piece of feces, a bottle of poison, deadly biological viruses... maybe death.

So now, what the fuck do I want to help you die? Out of love? or out of hate? I don't even fucking know you for crying out loud. I have no feelings towards you all. And why do you expect anyone will ever help you? I know that some people are trying to act all humane or righteous on this site, are you for real? Because if you are, then you are even more psychotic than the regular writing gangs lead by that Chris.

I am no genius, but I believe that all problems can be solved either by money, suicide, or waiting. So if you want to help, give these kids some money! Money makes a person cool in any culture. Can money buy love? hell yes! If you kids already have money, and you still want to kill yourself and asking for help... then you just don't know how to spend it. Got to go, I try to finish it later, lack creativity lately because I am getting laid.
17 Mar 2004 Chris Negative writing, a lot of times, actually constitutes a lot more creativity. It is interesting to watch a writer going through the weaving of trying to tell why something sucks without just saying that it sucks. To say why something is great, somehow takes less creativity.

My dear elaine: me, you, billy the freak, anyone else who writes on this site? We're all saying the same thing actually but me and you and the 'gang' (a term which I don't like but I used because you did) weave the words so that anyone who reads our stuff will realise that life is shit while others say it's outright shit. So to say the truth no one's story here is worth telling cos it's all the same shit! Just one satement I didn't like: "I'm talking complete shit" because you aren't. You're just expressing your thoughts, saying the truth and being honest, and there's nothing better than being honest. Yes, charity and good as written in the bible really exists, but only from a girl like you who's got the balls (excuse the biological pun) to be fucking honest...

... for those who are not honest are full of dirty little secrets, and dirty little secrets introduce you to blackmail.

I think there are things you should know about blackmail, in case it comes tapping at your door. There's what it does to you, and then there's what it makes you do. I used to think I knew what I could be made to do.

Blackmail doesn't work the way I always thought it would, if I ever gave it a thought. It doesn't smash through the clean pane of a life like a stone through a window. It's always an inside job, the most intimate of crimes. Somebody in the house has left that little window open, just a snick. The person who leaves the window open doesn't know why. Or else doesn't want to know. From outside a hand reaches into the gap, and the window creaks wide. Cold air comes rushing in. I see that hand now, each time I shut my eyes to sleep. Sometimes it's heavy and alien, the hand of a stranger. I can count the hairs on the knuckles. But on other nights I feel the fingers move and I know they are my own.

You have to search for the person who left the window open, down all the alleys of yourself. In the end you'll get there. You'll learn how you betrayed yourself in the moment that seemed like any other moment. Solution? Don't be too self-centred and egoistic. You think you can cope on your own but you will only end up hurting yourself.

When blackmail comes into your house you can learn to live with it, feeding it as little as you dare, trying to guess what it will take to make it go away before it gets too big. Then you begin to realize that it will never go away. The more you feed it, the stronger it grows. Why should you feel guilty unless you've got something to hide? Why should you be afraid? Watch me shake out your life in front of you. You know what's in there, don't you? See what comes.

Some blackmailers just want money. That's frightening, but at least you know where you are, and that a wad of used money is what you are talking about. I haven't got money.

The others put on pressure without letting you know what they want. They steer you where you don't want to go, but in a way that's so intimate you have to give in. They know more about you than you know about yourself. The pressure comes from what they don't say. They wait and wait until you can't wait anymore, and you'll do anything to know why they've come. It begins to seem like freedom.

When blackmail comes tapping at the door, get up and open it. There'll be no one there. Just the yawn of a black night, with wind in it but no stars. Already there's wind hurrying through the house, licking the back of your knees as you stare out. Where is it coming from? That window at the back. Someone's around there already and through the slender gap like an eel. Already the curtains are whipping up, the doors are buckling, and the floorboards pitch and toss like the planks of a boat.

The wind blows harder and your house begins to move on a sea that was always there, beneath the crust of the land. And you're afraid, but you are already beginning to move with it. I'm afraid, very afraid... but not from you my dear elaine. Throwing shit at me feels so good! It's when the 'sweet', 'virgin', 'friendly' girl from inside my house comes to give me a gentle hug and kiss that I start to feel threatened and afraid... cos I know that blackmail is near. So please, just bring your criticism on. Make me feel safe... And anyways, like Billy the Freak, your writing makes me horny!

Yours Truly: Chris! (and yes, like you, I wrote and took your statements at the end of another god damned bad, fucking, hell of a day well out of context of life- cos I'm only existing- and I really don't know if my thoughts are egoistic. What I know is that I'm a very, very angry person, fucked in the head, schizophrenic, and mental, and this time I had to get it out somewhere, on someone... before I go crazier)

See ya all... I don't know when, where or how!

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