Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Feb 2004 Lee a lot of people say the best way is a lot of paracetamol but this isnt true. ive tried at least 5 times to do it this way and on last count got upto 50 paracetamol. all i got was vomitting and dizziness. anyone know a better way? lemme know
18 Feb 2004 mallorie dunn to not kill youself

yall are a bunch of dumnasses
18 Feb 2004 Dr. Jelly To whom it may concern:

Mr. Joe Lee is a patient of mine who recently suffered a massive psychotic breakdown. He sneaked into staff's lunge on several occasions using the internet service. We are currently keeping him locked up so as to stop his demented internet advices.
Learning from Mr. Lee's medical records, he have a long history of characteristic roleplaying. Mr. Lee once stole a white coat and impersonated a doctor in our clinic and treated patients. (while the real doctor was on vacation) As a result of his treatments, five out of seven patients commited suicide. Mr. Lee never recieved any professional medical trainings, and he is in no position to answer any questions.

We are very shocked at his reckless behaviors, apparently he is shocked too... literally shocked, in shock therapy. He will be locked away for a long time until his next mental evaluation.

Please accept our sincere apologies,

Je l. ly, MD
18 Feb 2004 Bryan boo hoo caz, didnt you get the new thinkpad for christmas and taking it out on us? Or was it the ski vacation to vail that isn't happening?
17 Feb 2004 brandon First off I would like to say that "bleeding out" is probably the most horrible, searing way to end your life. I would hate for my last thoughts to be "Why am I so freaking cold?!?!" and basically shiver to death.

I completely agree with the last few posters who said that this conversation needs to grow up. However, I still consider myself slightly immature so here's my thoughts on the best way to off myself. :o)

I would definitely jump from a high story building. But before I made that final leap, I would make sure to pack my shirt and pant's pockets with all sorts of varied candy treats, such as bubble gum and candy bars.

This way, when I hit the pavement at speeds of more than 80 miles per hour, I would in a sense, burst open like a pinata.

People on the streets would be screaming in terrible shock towards one another saying stuff like, "Oh dear God, did you just see that?!?!!" "That poor man just took his own life right in front of us by horribly falling to his death and .......
Oooooh! Snickers!!!!" :o)
p.s. i'm NOT gonna kill myself because nothing can bring me down in life, even if i am an orphan and no one wants me. also sum hints to u suiciders - findyourself don't take the easy way out of life =/
17 Feb 2004 Pumpkin I am 12 years old and I have the thought of I wanna commit suicide cause people mess with me all day. I can't deal with it anymore I have told my closest friends that I wanna commit suicide and after I told the 3 I was gonna tell only one tried to convince me not to do it. But the others said "yea right" But I think that I might end up doing it cause I can't deal with life anymore weather I go to hell or not.
17 Feb 2004 Caz Oh yes, "toughen up" kids because obviously the only reason why someone would want to commit suicide is because one doesn't look like Paris Hilton or Nichole Richie.
You fucking twat, what about all those people who have been bullied all their lives, to have actually made believe you're fucking worth nothing so why the hell should u be here?
Or about those people who have been abused through out their lives, yeah, stupid kids, deal with it!
Oh and lets not forget, a kid who's just recently lost their mother to domestic violence or something worse, your fucking whole world crumbles and not everyone can be as tough and deal with it.
And how can u blame a kid's parents for letting them get depressed?
You can't give those kinds of opinions if you havent got an idea of what you're actually talking about.
Not everyone wants to die just coz they got dumped or they can't look like Christina Aguilera.
Sometimes there's a bit more to it and there are people out there who can actually make a difference.
16 Feb 2004 Kay I came across this website while doing a research project for school. I was blown away by how many people want to kill themselves and how! I don't think there is any way to kill yourself, ever! How can your life be so incredibly horrible when you're only 13? Why would you even want to kill yourself, to take the easy way out? I don't know maybe you think no one wants you around, which isn't true because when i started reading all these messages, even though i didn't know any of you I wanted you to live. Everyone in the world can't hate you even though that's how it may seem. You do have a purpose or you wouldn't have been put on this earth. If you really want to die, here's my idea, do it the slow way. Live your life.
16 Feb 2004 Sara I am a 14 yr old girl with many problems, yes, i have tried killing myself numerous times! I know it is a sick and painful pleasure of all of ours.... i dont know why i still do it. I am failing in skool, and i cant even concentrate on my social abillities. It is impossible for me to function in an everyday life. Why do i feel this way you ask? One reason, is because of my 39 yr old father. He is an alcoholic, and a drug addict. Always been, always will be... he messed up my life completely.. he told me empty promises, beat me, every imaginable way. Another reason i am like this is mainly because of my ex boy friend... he now lives in Florida but when we were younger he lived next door. We met when we where only 2! Our mothers where best friends. We did everything together. About 2 yrs ago when i was only 12... he hit me, constantly... that was his way of letting out his pain. Then one day, he got me pinned in a corner, and he went to hit me, and well i hit back out of rage. That's when he started cutting me. He wanted to commit suicide but he was such a coward that he tried to kill me! He slit my wrists, the back of my knees, and slightly scratched, but enough to make me bleed... he would slit my neck, or try my throat. He used to burn me with his ciggs... he used to cut my hair down to my scalp! I hated him... One day i went up to this hill we have by my house that all the kids hang out at.. i went up there with a blanket and my lunch... a little while after he went balistic on me... anyways he followed me... he came up to me with a gun... he said to me if i didn't strip, and fuck him that he would shoot me... in that place he had the gun to my head. I didn't want to die then, so i absoulutly had to do it... yes...... i was raped... and i will live with that pain for the rest of my life. Anyways i am older now, and more mature.. i have learned how to handle my disabllities. I was diagnosed with Asthma and Emphysema... along with Cancer.... i am a strong girl, with a long life to live... but i don't want to live with the hurt and sorrow both of these men have inflicted on my poor soul... i never told anyone this story except fpr my best friend, and my boyfriend... my NEW boyfriend... one that is wonderful. I don't know why i hurt myself, but my doctors say that i am not a "suicidal attempter" i am just a "cutter" meaning i cut myself just to make the pain go away, not to kill myself,... in other words no... i dont wish to die... i wish for the pain to go away... that's all. I dont see the reason in killing yourself... especially if you are under 13! That is sick.. but.. it all depends on how you feel... and i know i dont understand anyways problems here cause i dont know how they feel inside. i am learning to become my own shrink... lol.. pathetic yea i know.. but it is working...
16 Feb 2004 Cloud Boulton go to iraq or anywher people are not in a position to choose and then see for yourself
16 Feb 2004 jwan there is no way to kill yourself when you are under 13... at that age you aren't born yet, after that the ivernation will come, after that is too late to play that game or maybe someone already killed you... your life is not your own
16 Feb 2004   Well i think the best way is to jump off a building wether it be a office building or your house, or hell your school for what i care. I'm thirteen and well gay. There's no way out
16 Feb 2004 Altharos Hi, I come from New Zealand, which (as some of you surely know) has the highest rate of youth suicide in the world. I myself have found life getting harder and harder as it goes on, and have felt this for the last year or so, since I was fifteen.

More out of interest than an actual intention to put the information to use, I searched around to find out about the different ways one can commit suicide, and which ones were or weren't painless.

A particular site was terribly helpful, and has put me off killing myself for now, at least until the next greatly depressing event in my life.

There is the site, I would strongly consider reading through the article. It is from New Zealand, and it quite thouroughly describes the way that varying methods by which one may commit suicide work.

As I said, it definitely put me off it for a while.

Hope it helps.
15 Feb 2004 tricia i hear that suicidees go to hell or if they reincarnate, they will suffer 10 times worse than in their previous lifes. cos taking your own life is sin. i don't know. i do want to die so bad. it hurts too much to live but i do not know if it will hurt more if i died and went to hell instead of somewhere peaceful. that is why i am still here struggling, coping. i am 23 already. half of my life span is already gone. i find life extremely meaningless for me. i have tried to end my life several times in the past but it didn't work. it certainly isn't that easy to die as you had seen on tv shows or read from people had wrote about them slitting their wrist or downing many pills at one go. i talked to my mother the other day, i told her about my thoughts and that one day if and when she finds me dead on my bed, she should try, understand and forgive me. i think the best way to kill myself is cutting and slitting my wrist. it is actually quite difficult to cut. before you can even bleed your skin, you would be hurting and burning like hell already. i had tried a few times and i finally found a way to cut it deeper, make it bleed in a faster easier way. hmm... that's all i have to say. i pray that all of us who are feeling very troubled in here will be able to find some peace without trying to harm or kill themselves. i can't find my peace which i have been looking for a very long time. i really do not know how long i can stand this. but i'll try to cope as long as i can, whether it's an hour, a day, a week, a month or a year. good luck to everybody. i hope each of you find your own happiness one day.
15 Feb 2004 océane avaler une barbie
14 Feb 2004 some one who stopped caring a long time ago. First of all I would just like to say that if you're posting on this website obviously you're seeking help. You want people to tell you everything is gonna be alright and that things will get better. They might, chances are, they won't, so stop telling everyone about it and if you feel like you are useless then just fucking do it. Think about what it is to live, why you are living, who or what you are living for and if you come up with absolutely nothing, then do it. Most of you don't even have a good reason for it from the posts i've read. A few of you do, but most of you don't.
I'm 17 years old and i've contemplated suicide so many times i can't even tell you. My vision is fucked up, I see whites as shades of red because I'm so angry all the time (yes it does happen). My parents have pointed guns at me and said that I was so worthless they should kill me right then, they've given me guns and told me to kill them because they think i would enjoy it they kicked me out of the house and made me live on the streets for weeks before and all over little things, such as I didn't get a haircut within the first 10 minutes they told me to get one or even something as simple as spilling milk makes me a loser piece of shit that deserves nothing more than an 9mm bullet, and maybe not even worth the cost of it. So I say to you people who want to commit suicide, shut up and do it, but look around first at all the people with the same damn problems as you, your parents jump on you because of grades, you think your ugly *Cry me a fucking river on that one* you have to do school work you, you don't like someone or yourself, you think your parents hate you cause they have lives and you sit at home and make it worse for yourself by wallowing in your own self pity, and for those who have reasons, being convicted of something that will put you away for a long long time or your parents literally try to kill you time and time again things of that nature, go ahead just one more space for another person to come in and try the game of life and inevitably fail just like the rest of the world growing up in a lying society and lying bastard parents who tell you what they think they know about your life because "They've been there" when in fact they grew up in a white 50's suburbia. Your teachers and governement, even your president lies and steals from you, telling you this is a free country when we have to pay to breathe the air, drink the water and live in shelter.
I would love for someone to explain to me the point in life, society or control? What does it amount to? We get money buy things make things, feel, think all these human emotions and actions, then we die, only to leave our position as another polutant in the world to take up space. Then we have afterlife or maybe not if you believe so and we go somewhere, for what? Afterlife is just as meaningless as life. No one can explain to you how you feel or why you feel it, no one can say they know what you're going through because they don't. Why do we feel sad, happy, mad or "suicidal"? Why do we need to strive in life to be important or loved? Why do we need parents or money or anyhting we need in today's society? Because it's put into our heads that we need it by media, government and your own parents from day one. The human body is made to physically and emotionally function on its own, we aren't parasites so why do we need this other entity in our lives? So once again, with all this in mind. What, is, the, point?
14 Feb 2004 Kayla the best way to kill yourself if you under the age of 13 would be tell your mother you're pregnant with by your dad and you're keeping the baby, no matter what
oh ps and the doc said it's twins!
14 Feb 2004 jagox tie a noose around your neck attach it to the door and wait for a particularly nasty draught
14 Feb 2004 Natural born killer In order to save the earth and yourself, murder somebody. Just go to some place far away from your natural habitat, then kill some stranger by any method. The more you kill, the better you feel.
The purpose of life is to destroy life. Kill anyone you don't like, kill strangers, kill your local priest, just kill someone, anyone, everyone... However, never kill the opposite sex from you. Female killing females, male killing males. Kill, Kill, Kill...
Kill your father, kill your mother, kill your daughter, kill your son, kill your neighbor, kill your boss, kill your teacher, kill your student. Kill, Kill, kill....
Kill your dog? That's a no no! Only human beings.
Imagine the world, you are the last one standing, experience the true freedom which no one ever exprienced before.
Only if you are lucky enough to get there, if you stand in my way, I will kill you. If I stand in your way, you better have some heavy weapons.
This is your purpose in life! Follow it or die from it.
Just plan your murder out carefully, it's better to be a smart killer. You might have the urge go to some public place with a machine gun and blast everyone. You can't get away with that kind of shit.
Just kill once or twice per week, over several years, it can add up to a large sum. If you claim more than 10,000 lifes with your own hands, you will be a legend, a god-like existence, people will know you through out history. Then if you decide to turn yourself in to the authorities you won't even get a death sentence! You will be treated like a king in maximal security mental hospital. People finally will be interested in your books. 'The art of killing - by (your name)', '10,000 miles, 10,000 strangers, 10,000 kills' or whatever the title, it is going to sell and change your reader. Do it!
14 Feb 2004 lost Now how in the world could anyone answer this ? if they were already dead; hello!?

I would imagine that drinking a shit load of booze and pooping a shit load of sleeping pills would be the best until you you realized you were having a nightmare but it wasn't just a nightmare, it in fact was a grand welcoming to your new REALITY; HELL.

I once had a history professor comment that hell was the thing that you hated the most. but what the hell could he have known, he was still alive!
Right now, suicide seems like the most logical thing for me to do. In all reality i know I want to live; but it's these dame hurles in life that thow me off track.
Music seems to be my only safe sanctuary; but when i take off my headphones and face reality, i'm back to square one.
help!! if there indeed are guardian angels please help me!!

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