Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 Apr 2004 wd i think u r all fucked up pricks i was suicadil when i looked at this site I AM UNDER 13 I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE HELP FULL I WAS RONG then i got in contact with some one who left a messiage on here he has been great and i will be sueing u r a SICK MOTHER FUCKER ROT IN HELL.
26 Apr 2004 Morgen Todt i recently found myself in a room with a group of complete strangers. As each one spoke, i noticed i was making a snap judgement about that person. Sometimes the judgement was warm and appreciative. But more often, it was of the "Fuck, what a vacuum tube this guy is" variety. At first i was troubled by this ugly mental reflex. But then i was hit with a flash of insight. As i gazed around the room i realized that if each person was animated by the same energy -call it God, call it carbon-based, chemical doowhackies -- then each person was essentially Life doing the best that it can. Suddenly my judgements were replaced by a pervasive feeling of love.
Emboldened by my epiphany, i meditated upon a relative with whom i'd recently had difficult relations. i visualized this person not as an arrogant dickslap winter-wooskie, but as "life doing the best that it can." Which is when my insight grew deeper...

I now believe that the ability to suspend judgement and flow love works really well with complete strangers.
26 Apr 2004 Big Bobalink It seems so strange that people have such a difficult time killing themselves. Want to know the easiest way that is 100% guaranteed to succeed? Go to any local railroad track and rest your head on the track..... or what the hell, just letting a train hit you from any position will kill you instantly. It's instant, painless, and it definitely works, no exceptions. Train tracks are all over the place, why don't more people take advantage of them? The only bad thing about this method is that it is bad for train engineers, and killing yourself this way might badly affect the economy because you slow down transportation.

The guy who is talking about "poosey" is pissing me off because it's spelled PUSSY!!!!!!
26 Apr 2004 Trina go on a PGL holiday or similar then when you go rockclimbing reapetedly smash yourself against the rocks OR unclip yourself and jump
26 Apr 2004 psycho I find it interesting that you should pick the number 13, because it is at that age that most begin to kill themselves. Whether it be with cigarettes, doing drugs, or unprotected sex. It is the age of teenhood, and anyone who is or was a teen knows it's nothing but hormones and depression. Suicide is a common thought among the young. It is simply the thought of "what if I wasn't here?" - "who would be affected by my absence?" - "and how?" (which, by the way, are all good questions to ask before resulting to such a PERMANENT answer) To wonder about suicide is to wounder about your own importance and the importance of yourself to others. Which is why suicide should be openly discussed. I will admit at first sight, "what is the best way to kill yourself when your under 13?" that does seem odd and gross, but instead of developing an opinion of something before trying to understand it, I investigated your site and find what you are doing to be a good idea! If suicide is as big of a problem as they say, then it is pages like this one, and people like those who developed this page to bring the problem out, and deal with it. Instead of turning a deaf ear to so many who are lost in sadness and dying for no reason. So to go full circle and recap - I respect and support what you are doing. And in my opinion, starting additions or traditions that will ultimately put you in bad situations where death is posssible - is Suicide, hence that is the best way to loose your life. However, if you are 13 and want to off yourself, i say sit back, smoke a blunt and when you're finished decide if you still want to leave this world. (By the way i do not consider Marijuana to be a drug, only a Billion dollar industry that our dumb-ass goverment would rather fight than embrace, but that's okay - the next time a terroristic attack occurs at least they can say they were busy fighting a more evil and dangerous enemy... a plant.
26 Apr 2004 suicidal terrorist drink a bottle of windshield wiper fluid. it has methanol in it. but drink the whole thing. cuz if you dont die youll go blind. but then you could claim disability and never leave the house. people would take care of you. youd never have to see the ugly people that infest this earth like cockroaches. but cockroaches are better. they dont ruin the earth. they could also survive many natural disasters that shake off weak humans.
26 Apr 2004 suicidal terrorist im older than 13, but am so familar with depression and worhtlessness that its all i can feel. ive been a junkie. i am an alcoholic. i have my own family, and thats the only thing that keeps me here. i couldnt imagine abandoning my son on this earth. it actually depresses me dearly that i was thoughtless enough to bring him into this evil world. im getting older, fatter, balder, meaner, and more despondent. i pray for the apocalypse. email me if you you want to help it transpire.
26 Apr 2004   i just want out. I'm 14. I've tried to cut some veins, but i can't get any overly sharp razors or anything. its not that I want pain, it's not that I don't like how life sucks--in some weird way, i love how crappy my life is, and i want to see how it ends. but it doesn't feel right being here, like it's not my life, it's supposed to be someone else's and i'm messing it up. what can I do? i want to commit suicide but I don't know the right way. i don't have money for anything and no friends who'd have a gun. please help.
25 Apr 2004 April Hey everyone, watz up. I know the feeling. Life sucks. But you know whats the point in dieing if there is even a slight chance someone cares about you and would love to help you. I have a crap life, i get beaten, abused, i have no food and am alone. Ok wait, i take back my comments, chances are life won't get better. Waking up every morning wanting the pain to end. Crying yourself to sleep every nite of you life. Really whats the point. There is no god that would allow ppl to live this way!! In answer to the Q, carbon monoxide poisoning, that's how my dad did it, so it works.
25 Apr 2004 james frith suicide is the easy way out! life is what makes a person
25 Apr 2004 kym when i was 7 i first tried to commit suicide and it has never gone away i'm 17 now, but i started with just the basic stuff like cutting my wrists and trying to hang myself, people got in my way though maybe if i set my mind to it a little more maybe they would have worked
24 Apr 2004 Leone Start filling your bath tub with warm water and leave your hairdryer on its corner (plugged). Let your favourite music play. Turn off lihts. Lie naked inside the tub. Think about what you care and like. If you will think that time is still not come (or it will never came) then put the hairdryer away.
23 Apr 2004 pierro and Alex Manger un poisson.
Faire cuire un oeuf sur une voiture.
Demander l'heure à un schtroumpf.
Aller voir scoobidoo faire du tennis avec sami, OOOOWWwwwOOO.
Ne pas dire bonjour à stephane king quand il est de mauvaise humeur.
Manger de la tarte au flan.
Offrir des fleurs à un rhinocéros.
22 Apr 2004 stephanie well i think the best way to kill yourself would have to be falling off a building. its fast easy and sucessful! cause knowing me i might just try it after my therapist talks to me!
22 Apr 2004 Pink Boy You know what, a nice lady emailed me from this site and asked me why I don't like poosy. To be quite honest, I am scared of poosy. I have heard that poosies have teeth on them. And lips. What if a poosy bit my dick in half? Do women put lipstick on their poosies?

I would love to know the answers to these. But I will always like dick better. Even though my boyfriend said of his dick: "Its petite"...
22 Apr 2004 eric Go to Falluja, Iraq.
22 Apr 2004 rodrigo haber cabrones pus yo creo que, golpeandote duramente contra un micro en marcha, eso me resulta efectivo, y limpío, pero tambien hay otra forma, vengan conmigo y pasamos una ultima noche agradable y amanecen muertos ^_^
21 Apr 2004 ronwelthy C'est encore moi, Ronwelthy, le pauvre gars célibataire qui est toujours à chercher la fille des ses rêves que cela soit dans les mangas, dans les films, mais dans la réalité, jamais!!. Pourquoi, tous simplement parceque le quotidien, n'offre que très peu de part au rêve, qu'il nous confine dans un rôle qui ne révèle qu'une très petite partie de nous même aux autres.
Alors ils nous voient comme nous ne voudrions pas qu'ils nous voient.
Ils (les autres) n'ont qu'un aspect de notre personnalité..

Mais cela présente aussi des avantages, car que de blessures l'on aurait si l'on montrait notre sensibilité à tout le monde, que de coups de couteau l'on se ramasserait, et combien saignerions nous! Car voilà, notre société est ainsi faite que chacun cherche à prendre la place de celui qui est au dessus de lui, tout en n'oubliant pas de frapper celui qui est en dessous.

Alors les gens se protègent, se font des carapaces et l'artificiel remplace le naturel et l'on se cache derrière des sentiments qui ne nous ressemblent pas.

Tout n'est que déguisement ici et seul notre souffrance est vraie.
21 Apr 2004 Andrew Ferguson Slit both wrists while standing on the edge of a very tall building. As you lose blood you will become light-headed and dizzy, and eventually fall off the building to your death.

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