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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Apr 2004 goneone on webcam in a full chat room with everyone watching
03 Apr 2004 Lil What kind of site is this? Is this a fake.. Because nobody should be running a site encouraging people to take their own lives before they even understand what it's about.
03 Apr 2004 Rachel plz help me, Evrytime I try and grasp 4 air. evry time I take a step farward it leads to a mistake, If u look me up I wrotrwe soemthign on here and ,
but my tiem is short, The wallz are caving in...plz help me Im not gonna be abled to stop myself from wat im about to do
03 Apr 2004 live Don't kill yourself and don't encourage other people to kill themselves. Life is a gift. Don't do it. Children are innocent, they're the flowers of tomorrow. Don't destroy them. Don't destroy yourself. You can survive. There is so much life to live in you. Don't give up on your journey through life. You have to keep going no matter what. There is always someone that cares. I care, no matter who you are, I care, and there are others that care... Do you think that killing yourself is going to make things better? It isn't... There's so much in life that you haven't experienced. You can find help and support. There are those like you that are struggling. You're not alone in the difficult time in your life. But don't give into the pressure, because once you're dead, you've lost, you've lost the battle to live. You're a rotting body in the ground. Don't give up. I believe that you can make it. Look to the light... what is good in your life? Do you have food on your table? Clothes to wear? A home to live in? Think of the people in this world with nothing. They have nothing, yet they continue to live no matter what. You may feel like you have nothing to live for, but you do. You have everything to live for. Everything. Have the power to live. Have the power to win the battle. You can do it. I know you can.
03 Apr 2004 lam écouter les télétobise 8 jours de temps
02 Apr 2004 A person okay well i have been suicidal for like 4 years and all my friends say that if i really was i wouldnt tell them, either that or that i am doing it for attention. All i can say is that they have no idea how any of this feels and that they have no idea that soon enough i really will go through with it! NAd i have it all planned out. First u take ice and hold it to ur arm, then as ur doin this u start taking the pills, every single pill u can find, then u cut ur arm and write in blood on ur wall a touching message (i.e. "one reason is not enough"). However, none of u can do this. You have to hang on! Trust me i know how ur feelin and as ur reading this i know ur already thinking no, no one knows how i feel, and the pain that i am going thru, but trust me i do. my email address is here and plz talk to me about this b4 any of u actully go thru with it. just talk to ur friends! mine havent really helped me but thats just cuz they r making me feel bad. now whenever they see a cut on me they cut themselves to try to get me to stop. little do they know that just makes me cut myself more. plz understand that i know what ur going thru and plz . . . .no one miss me! i only need until i get back from california, i know u will forget me but plz dont replace me! and remember the pills, but u need to take at least 100, and dont forget to wirte a note
02 Apr 2004 MARIA so wut im about to die in a lil whilejustlast nite i runk 8 overdose pills tht sid onmthe cover dont exceed more then  one so ifim ritin funny its becuz a fee hrs l8r which is now 8 in the mornin i exceed 8 more so if im ritin funny its cuz im suer to die i ould hardly type rit eeat i feel like im an those drugs x-the-c but noe one noes it not even my parents if i tell them all they would is kik me out of the house and im only 14 so yeh im feelin kinda sik so tht all i have to say...
bye thw way thx 4 tha notice
02 Apr 2004 harold draw a bath, plug in a hair dryer or iron, get in the bath drop the hairdryer or iron into the tub!
02 Apr 2004 Marc Well, I would say the best way to kill yourself is to get a job, work at that job for fifty years, get fired and start drinking a lot and then, when you are ready, jump off a bridge. Trust me it works, I did it yesterday and I FEEL GREAT!!!! YAAAAGENSLAF
02 Apr 2004 Catherine Vivre!
01 Apr 2004 jackass sleep with old men with poisoned penises.
01 Apr 2004 anonymous Get two knives and shove them through your eyes (really deep)
01 Apr 2004 Faith lay in the middle of the road
01 Apr 2004 mauvaissouhait Chris, its me.. donielle... I miss talking to you a lot. I'm home now from my trip to Europe. Please call me. I'd love to be able to discuss things with you. A lot has been going on, and i need you to talk to. you're like my rock.. idk if i'd be here if not for u
01 Apr 2004 WISER THAN YOU! Whoever u are (and please don't insult my intelligence by expecting me to think ANYONE believes you are a 13 yr old girl!) PULL YOUR HEAD OUT OF YOUR ASS!
01 Apr 2004 Em Considering I just found out you are a sad, middle aged Canadian MAN, I would suggest you pull your head out of your own stinking ass before you suffocate. Then again, would it be any great loss? THIS IS NOT ART. YOU DO NOT BELIEVE IN WHAT YOU CREATE. YOU ARE A BIG FAT FAKE.
01 Apr 2004 Dave Renwick I've heard that potassium chloride is the best way to do it. Now where can i get some???
01 Apr 2004 Dave Renwick I can't really say what the best way to kill yourself is. Neither can anyone else really for that matter. I'll let you know if what I try works. Or should I say... if it doesn't.
31 Mar 2004 Marco Sorry,i am not 13 anymore.
But i have lost some friends who took their own lifes. I even thought of taking my own, but i was way too scared. I did have my share in 'mental earthquakes'. It made me a good listner/reader, try me..
31 Mar 2004 MARIA a tragic moment i lived in the same house since i was born at the age of 14 i moved rite on my birthday i was so depressed and im still am then months l8r 2 aunts and 2 uncles hae died my neighbors they were like grandparents to me becuz my actual ones died well it so happened that these ones died to my cuzin is really bad i moved into a town were most ppl hate me or i have no friends i hardly get out of my room no one understands me i feel so trapped i just need a friend to talk to my parents dont pay attention to me my brother is in the marines he got a restrict form to go to war my 19 yr sister seems like shes takin over my life the only person i have int he world is my oldest sister shes about 27 shes been like a mother to me and everything else even though i cant tell her my problems cuz i noe wut she would say she would say how stupid i am tryin to commit suicide I DRINK ONE DAY A WEEK 10 MOTRIN, 5 ADVIL, 11 TYLENOL, 22 RECIPTION FROM THE DR. AND I TRY HOLDING MY BREATHE FOR AN HR BUT I ONLY GET UP TO 20 MINS AND IT DOESNT SEEM TO HELP I ALSO TRIED FOOD POISONING, CUTTING MY VIENS BUT IT SEEMS AS NOTHIN HELPS I AM SO DEPRESSED ALL IM WAITIN FOR NOW IS THE DEATH I DONT EAT I HARDLY SLEEP IM WAITIN TO DIE I LEFT ALL MY FRIENDS BEHIND WHEN I MOVED AND I CANT MAKE NEW FRIENDS MAYBE BECUZ I DONT WANT TO ITS JUST NOT THE SAME IM IN A GANG AND IM TRYIN TO GET MY SELF INTO LOTS OF TROUBLE W/ PPL TO SEE IF THEY WOULD KILL ME BUT IT JUST SO HAPPENEDS OUT OF NO WERE MY HOMEBOYS GO AFTER THEM BEHIND MY BAK NEXT THING U NOE IM FORGIVEN I GUESS I DO HAVE FRIENDS BUT THERE GANG MEMBERS BUT STILL IF U GUYS HAVE ANY IDEAS OF HOW TO DIE PLEASE!!!!! I MEAN IT PLEASE EMAIL ME @ LACHICKA0003@WMCONNECT.COM PLEASE!!! THX.

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