Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Apr 2004 Tamika don't, you have people around you that you love so don't ever say you want to kill your self because you really don't
10 Apr 2004 ... take a rope put it around your neck go out side and put it over a tree and hang your self
08 Apr 2004 Kurt hey, i am 13 years old and i am so fucking suicidal. 'cause i am so retarded and the most friends of me told me i am a perfect child. but thats fucking bullshit, i have tried to kill myself 6 times

1) i feel me to fucked up and i tried to hang myself with a note in my pocket.
2) i have cut my back open, and my sister called the hospital.
3) i swallod 15 ritalin tablets and woked up in the hospital.
4) i jumped for a car, and be in coma for 1 week.
5) tried to hang myself and my father came in and cut the rope.
6) i swallowed 6 melatonie pills and start to spitt and i falled with my head to the ground and woke up a minute of 15 later....
08 Apr 2004 Migala con un bote de tomate frito, de esos de hojalata. Lo abriría con una motosierra, luego bebería parte del tomate y la otra parte me la tiraría por mi cabezita de niña ingenua. Con la parte de arriba empezaria a cortar mi pescuezo, mis nalgas y mis muñecas. Me encantas Mouchette
08 Apr 2004 alexis if your a boy: unzip your pants, find a condom and put milk in it, get into bed next to your mom,sister. as soon as they wake up say *you were great last night

girl: same it with your dad, or brother
06 Apr 2004 Mr. Chan The best way to kill yourself if you're under 13 is to get a blow torch, place it near your genitals, and scorch them until they are charred and demented. Then you take the blow torch, put it on your belly and scorch your belly. Continue scorching it until the skin begins to rip. Be patient, it may take a few minutes but more flesh will burn away. Eventually you will have scorched so much skin that you are now burning your insides. Continue scorching until your intestines and guts rupture and/or sizzle away, at which point you should die in a couple of hours due to lack of intestines. I believe this is the best way to kill yourself, whether or not you are under 13 because I'm a stupid ass, just like the chump who invented this page.
06 Apr 2004 ronwelthy Dans deux jours c'est mon anniversaire, dans deux jours j'aurait 18 ans et alors je serait considéré comme adulte, libre de voler de mes propres ailes, et bien sur aussi de m'embraser dans les flammes de l'enfer.
Car la vie pour moi n'est pas l'enfer que vous décrivez tous dans vos messages, il n'y a pas de coups, de violence, ni de sang versé.
Il n'y a rien de tout cela, sauf peut être une immense solitude, l'idée que je ne trouverais pas mal parmi vous, l'idée que je suis condamné à n'être qu'un simple spectateur de votre joie, vous regarder vous embrassez, éouter vos murmures et sentir votre amour grandir, mais sans jamais le ressentir.
Mon coeur est devenu froid comme la tombe depuis que j'ai été abandonné par toutes les filles que j'aimais et qui n'ont jamais répondu a mon appel.
Je ne leur en veux pas, d'ailleurs je sais que je ne suis pas aimable, je n'ai pas le physique pour, je n'ai pas la superficialité qu'affichent tous les gens dans la rue, j'aime la profondeur des sentiments, le rêve qui fait palpiter votre coeur et l'envie d'aimer la fille de ses rêves comme le faisaient les romantiques, en lui déclamant des poèmes.
Mais tout cela ne marche jamais, sauf dans les films, car maintenant même l'amour a ses codes et je ne les ai jamais appris et ne les apprendrai jamais car il ne servent qu'à nous enfermer dans des rôles et laissent peu de place à l'originalité.
Voila pourquoi je me sens de trop et que je m'imagine vivre seul, à l'autre bout du monde, sans être dérangé par le vacarme de la civilisation et son indifférence.
Voila pourquoi peut être je vais me tuer, car voyager m'est impossible, sauf en regardant les films mais ce n'est pas la réalité. Non, le seul voyage que je ferai sera éternel, vers le pays inconnnu de la mort
06 Apr 2004 Personal You know, I wish I never existed, I wish I didn't ever have to live here on Earth. I am forced to live, I don't like that at all!! Why do I have to live? No one asked me if I wanted to live or not. Man do I wish I didn't exist. I don't have the guts to kill myself yet, or any good ideas that are painless, clean, and effective. It's just a shame this many people have to go through with it. Having a nice life and good friends and family doesn't seem to help. I refuse to see a doctor about these thoughts and pains, I don't want to take a "happy" pill. I don't like taking drugs, I shouldn't have to!!. Oh and if you are christian, please email me and tell me if suicide victims can go to heaven. (hopefully I am alive)
06 Apr 2004 Chris Lots of boys list one of their reasons (or their only reason for that matter) of wanting to commit suicide as their girlfriend or just a girl. I read some posts by certain girls which I never understand...

I make no secret of the fact that I don't, never have and never will understand women. My mom, & other girls I meet and the strange way their mind works is as much a mystery to me today as it was on the first day I started processing stuff in my mind and I accept the fact that it will always remain that way. I find comfort in the knowledge that most men are in the same boat as me and no logic, rhyme or reason can be found in the female thought process. I have tried, I really have. I read the book 'Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus' from cover to cover to try and learn to understand what makes the other half tick but to no avail. At my college, females outnumber males by a great number, but contrary to what you may imagine that only deepens the mystery known as woman.

The internet which is a source of enlightenment for everything else doesn't help but it can be a place where you can find kindred spirits sharing their take on the female mindset. The other day I was browsing and came across something which, if nothing else, made me aware that I am in a huge worldwide club of baffled men. Read this translation of 'Femtalk' and see how familiar it sounds.

Yes= No; No= Yes; Maybe= No; We need= I want; I'm sorry= You'll be sorry; We need to talk= I need to complain; Sure= go ahead; I don't want you to see my butt fat= Tell me I'm beautiful; Do what you want= You'll pay for this later; I'm not upset= Of course I'm upset, you moron!; Are you listening to me?= Too late, you're dead!; You have to learn to communicate= Just agree with me; Be romantic, turn out the lights= I have flabby thighs; You're so... manly= You need to shave and sweat a lot; Do you love me?= I'm going to ask you for something very expensive; It's your decision= The correct decision should be obvious by now; You're certainly very attentive tonight= Is sex all you ever think about?; I'll be ready in a minute= Kick off your shoes and find a good game on TV; How much do you love me?= I did something today that you're really not going to like.

And here are some things most men would like women to know but are too scared to tell them.

Learn to work the toilet seat. You're a big girl. If it's up, put it down, we need it up you need it down. You don't hear us complaining about you leaving it down; Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way; Crying is blackmail; Ask for what you want... let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!; Yes and No are perfecly adequate answers to almost every question; A headache which lasts for seventeen months is a problem, see a doctor; Anything we said six months ago is inadmissable in an argument; If we ask what is wrong and you say "nothing", we will act like nothing's wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle; You have too many shoes; I am in shape. Round is a shape!

Of course there must be the reverse side of the coin and I am certain that there are similar lists which apply to men out there. I'm sure that someone like elaine can enlighten us all on the subject...

See ya girlies...
06 Apr 2004 maxx kill every one in your house and then your self
05 Apr 2004   reading these pages is upsetting.. i feel sorry for everyone here that is so desperate to end their life. i wish i had the time and resources to help each and every one of you. there are ways to relieve this pain that you feel that does not involve harming yourself.

let people know how you feel - but make sure you let the right people know. tell someone who is older than you, tell someone who you know won't tease you or make you feel bad about how you feel. reach out. you'll find someone willing to reach back, just don't stop trying.
05 Apr 2004 D I really don't have time to go in to detail as i think my dad is waking up. I've tried slitting my wrists, i've tried hanging myself before - (might try it again in the near future) i was gonna stab myself quite a few times before but every time i chickened out at last minute.
I have so many aims in life, but everything else is stopping me from getting there.
i would really like to get hold of a gun but i don't know how.
any help much appreciated.
05 Apr 2004   Make me love you
But you make me not.
Cold lies you tell me.
To make me feel warm.
But you don’t.
You scream and yell every night
Trying to scare me out of fright
I’ve seen the sight.
You don’t scare me anymore.
I’m slamming the door this time.
Right in your face.
You won't even be able to embrace.
My love for you has faded away.
But I still think about you every day.
I stand in the sunset looking at you.
It's true.
I love you.
All these feelings stirring and turning inside my head.
You are the only one, I’m dying
I’m dead.
05 Apr 2004 elaine An Imperial Message

The Emperor, or so they say, has sent you – his single most contemptible subject, the minuscule shadow that has fled the farthest distance from the imperial sun – only to you has the Emperor sent a message from his deathbed. He has had the messenger kneel beside his bed and he has whispered the message to him; so important was this message that he has made him repeat it in his ear. He has confirmed the accuracy of the words with a nod of his head. And then, before all the spectators assembled to witness his death – every wall obstructing the view has been knocked down and on the freestanding, vaulted staircase, all the dignitaries of the empire were gathered in a circle – before them all, he has dispatched the messenger. The messenger sets off at once, a strong and tireless man; sometimes thrusting ahead with one arm, sometimes with the other, he beats a path through the crowd; where he meets resistance, he points to the sign of the sun on his breast, he forges ahead with an ease that could be matched by no other. But the throng is so thick, there’s no end to their dwellings. If only there were an open field before him, how fast he would fly; soon you would surely hear the glorious rapping of his knock on your door. But instead, how vain his efforts are; he is still forcing his way through the chambers of the innermost palace; he will never reach the end of them, and even he did he’d be no closer; he would still have to cross the courtyards, and after the courtyards the second, outer palace, and still more stairs and courtyards, and still another palace, and so on for thousands of years, and even if he did finally burst through the outermost gate – but that could never, ever happen – the empires capital, the center of the world, flooded with the dregs of humanity, would still lie before him. There is no one who could force his way through here, least of all with a message from a dead man.- But you sit at your window and dream it up as evening falls.

--- Franz Kafka
04 Apr 2004 binky Well I am just to chicken to kill myself! I think that if you want to know the best way ask some dead people who commited suicide!!!
04 Apr 2004 Carnelia In the information age, children (and yes age thirteen is still considered a child) are exposed to alot of information that they are not informed and experienced enough to completely process. I believe that your suicide kit is a clever ruse to get the people to respond to tell a little about themselves, thus getting a disturbing perspective about how we think about life, death and childhood. If you look at all the responses together, we get an interesting view of our global internet society.
04 Apr 2004 Jay McKenna Jump off a bridge
Get badly crushed
Ran over by a car
Stab yourself to death
Starve yourself to death
Take lots of pills and other bad stuff
Burn yourself
electrocute yourself
shoot yourself
get someone to kill you in anyway
and more.
04 Apr 2004 Christopher L Taylor The best way to kill yourself under 13 is not to. Life gets better, and then worse, and then better, eventually it will even out, I am still suicidal, sorry I cant spell, but I know that their are good things out their for me, yeah maybe I will be poor, maybe my wife will cheat on me, but I WILL have children, and nothing is better than that, please, anyone who wants to commit suicide, please, imagine those eyes looking at you with such love and respect, just please wait... it will get better, not much..... but better
04 Apr 2004 bt I'm not 13. Actually, I'm just over 15, a male, and my life is pretty bad (at least I think so). I was diagnosed with anorexia about 6 months ago, and I've been recovering *extremely* well. I was the one who initiated help, and I really worked hard to get better. But, a few months ago, a was diagnosed with depression. I'm on my third type of anti-depressants, and on a pretty high dosage. Soon after that, I started cutting.
The cutting was pretty bad, but I've been challenging myself to see if I can stop, and I've been luckily able to. My legs are pretty scarred up, but there's not much I can do.
With me, I find it hard to go on because I don't see the point in living. I have great relationships with girlfriend, parents, family, friends, etc. But, even with that, I cannot see the point in living. I keep asking myself what the point of life is, and I don't believe in religion. I'm an unofficial anarchist, and I think that religion is stupid -- but that is *solely* my opinion.
I'm also asking myself and seeking answers to questions about the universe, who humanity/galaxy was created, who I am in this world, etc.
I've had suicidal thoughts the last few weeks. Not very bad, but a few times I have started planning. But, after I informed my psychologist that I had these thoughts, we made a promise that I have to call her if I am thinking of doing anything.... which I will live up to.
But, anyway, other than that I just felt like adding my story. Thankfully, I have a *fucking* wicked psychologist, who is really helpful. This might be just because I was lucky, but if you are thinking about suicide, get a psychologist -- and one that you like. I know, sometimes it's not possible, but she is who has really saved me.
Anyway, if there is anyone out there who just wants to relate to someone else about what they're going through, I'm here. I'm going through a tough time too, so talking to other people is always good. Thanks.
04 Apr 2004 TJ I have a couple of ways.
1. Put on a red bandana and walk into a cripp neighborhood.
2. Walk around the most ghetto neighborhood with a "White Power" or "KKK" shirt on.
3. Fight a gangsta

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