Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 May 2004 i dont have a fucking name WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ASSHOLES?? lets go kill oursleves and be "cool" haha yeah ok. i think suicide is overratted. No one wants to hear about how much youve got it bad cause i bet i have it 20 thousands times worse. so fuck off and stop complaining about bullshit. if u wanted to kill yourself you OBVIOUSLY wouldnt be writing about it on the internet. LOSERS
07 May 2004 jean louis suicide toi ! on aura la paix...
07 May 2004 LaDy DeAtH They don't know what I'm going through
They think it's about some guy i use to care for
They are mistaken by illusion
They think it's about the other girl he was there for
No one undertsands my pain
What they don't realize is that every night i cry
They should hold me back away from dangerous weapons
Because the only thing on my mind is "die"
I don't like him at all really
Every day and night he breaks my heart
But 'love' and 'like' is different
And I knew I loved him from the start
It wouldn't be so bad
If I had a mother or a father
Pops is gone, brother's dead,
And Mom doesn't even bother
It's about him being the only thing I had
Because friends will soon drift away
And he swore he'd never leave my side
However, now I see not even love can stay

Would love to stay and chat but I gotta go smoke some weed... (part of my 3 steps toward a slow death: 1)smoke lots and lots of weed, 2) drink all your friends' beer since you can't get any yourself 3)Flash westside gang signs while you're on the east coast)

~*LaDy DeAtH*~
06 May 2004 Some old Slapper who loves to hate Mouchette.... and Morgan Todt For some reason I've made it my business to slam Morgan Todt. I don't like her. She tries to write gracefully but her messages suck.

First of all, we can see viruses.... with a microscope. Second, who in society is giving you the message, what you see is what you get? I don't remember hearing that anywhere. But anyway, I can't see you, why do I believe you exist? I can't see my brain, why do I believe it exists? Because I am conditioned to? I don't think so. There's good evidence for it.

No Morgan, it is not strange that people look up into the night sky and have a hard time believing in God. One good reason is because when people think of God, they think of that stupid ass mother fucker God that is presented in the bible. Surely the universe would be insane if that crazy son of a bitch actually existed. I would have to kill myself.... or kill him. Talk about cultural conditioning!!!! Hmmmm, you don't think people have been conditioned to believe in the Bible based on.... nothing convincing, in my opinion.... although in my own words I would say something like, "stupid ass old bull shit that doesn't even fuckin matter anymore". "This is it, what you see is what you get" sounds familiar. Sounds like the bible, sounds like religion.

But anyway, on a positive note, when people look up in the night sky, most DO NOT have trouble having a feeling of awe and wonder at the universe, and ponder questions of life. I don't know who you've been hanging around. However, people do, as they should, have a hard time comprehending how a fucked up psycho bastard like the Christian God could possibly exist. And that is a good thing because he does not exist.

In conclusion Morgan, only you are the one who thinks that people are too stupid to comprehend the greatness of the universe and only you assume what you see is what you get.
06 May 2004 Suicide contemplator Why would you want to know how to kill yourself? I am asking because if you need a ONLINE forum to tell you how... then you are -just maybe- a little to immature to be comtemplating suicide. I know I know... I am a little ass too but... I feel for all the people like me... wanting to die... but after realising that I needed help I thought that other people should know that life after death isn't all it's cracked up to be... I promise you. Don't.... just Don't.
06 May 2004 XtinaFan Well, I've been depressed forawile now. I've been belemic, anorexic, and I've cut myself over 21 times. I feel like everyone hates me. I don't deserve to live. My boyfriend cheated on me, everyone hates me cause I'm bi, and I always get teased. There's like no one who is bi or gay in Modesto. I can't shoot myself with the gun, but the pill thingy might work. If anyone wants to e-mail me you can. Well, I g2g. I hope I won't be here to talk to you all later, but like I said, you can email me.
05 May 2004 sharayah a lonely soul im hurting really bad and am in pain. all i think is DEATH< DEATH. i hate life. im not a good person, i used to be a christian i had my life going great but i was depressed most of the time and then i lied to one of my good friends and they disowned me . they hate me now over one lie, i became more depressed, i was gonna kill myself on her birthday, i just wanna be noticed i guess, and ever since then i have lost all most of my friends and not too long ago i thought pot would help me feel better take away the pain the heart ache. there IS NO POINT TO LIFE!!! i was hurting, i got into alcohol and got drunk to make me forget i existed. sometimes i lay in my bed not wanting to wake up and cry for everything i did. even though God forgave me i cant forgive myself i have tried hanging myself but at the last second i also chickened out. i held a gun to my head and when i finaly had the gut to pull the trigger i realized the gun had no bullets to end me. ive took pills and took the whole bottle i didnt die obviously cuz they pumped my stomach. i tried drowning myself, i just got to scared. u see..................... i hear these voices in my head telling me im nothing and its not worth living. no one likes me anymore and i have no friends whatsoever now, i stay in my room staring at the wall and picture in my head the worst possible ways to die. i just want my friends back. my life is over its ruined and i know many of you out there got it alot worse but it matters what you feel inside your heart , my heart is black and im dying slowly from pain and loneliness, the best way to kill yourself i guess would be not doing it all and just trying to hang in there. thats what im doing, trust me i think about it all the time, and nothing changes, for those who still have a chance to live and feel again take God with you, cuz i heard once you got God, he will always be there, i cant do that no more, ive already been damaged for ever and cant ever get up, for those who can get up and are just to weak ask God to help as for me dead eternally
..........just like everyone wants me to
05 May 2004 heidi the best way to kill yourself when you are 13 is to jump off a plane without a parachute or hold your nose till u stop breathing, or inject 20 (100mg)needles with insuline into your body, or draw out 40 gallons of blood from your stomach, or cut all the extra fat from your stomach. hey free liposection.
05 May 2004 JV Have your parents vote for Bush.
05 May 2004 Jason Firstly I would say I'm in the same boat as most here, in that want out and can't bear this existence. I call it an existence as I can't call it life as I don't know what that is. So for me sleep is the best and only good moment of the day. Every time I wake up it's a severe disappointment. Problem I have is similar to most here that don't have much guts when it comes to the painful ways of suicide and the fear of getting it wrong and existing after, say crippled for example. Personally if I ever get to the stage of doing it I would have the common decency not to involve some other party. Especially jumping in front of a train, or a vehicle. The poor driver who ends your existence, will no doubt be traumatised for his or her life. They don't deserve your misery. So on that note I think sleeping pills is the best bet and ensure you won't be disturbed for days after. The problem for me is that in the UK you can only get them from the Doctor and you have to be pretty convincing that they are for sleep problems rather than killing yourself. You could argue that when the Doctor finds out what you did with them it may ruin his or her life. But hopefully they are thicker skinned considering all the horrors they get to see day to day. Finally I would say do write a good suicide note clearly telling people that know you why you did it and unless they are directly responsible for your state of mind, say abuse from a parent, then ensure you tell them you don't blame them. Suicide should not be selfish it should be a legitimate escape from the pain of existence. Hopefully friends and family who thought they were helping may get over your death one day, if you tell them from the heart they are not to blame. I don't blame my parents and wouldn't want them to be hurt by feeling responsible. I can't stop the pain they would endure from my death but I would tell them it wasn't their fault, nor the fault of my friends who have tried to help. Good luck.
05 May 2004 ronwelthy J'ai fait un rêve une fois, je me suis imaginé que tout les hommes se tenaient par la main et chantaient la même chanson de tolérance et d'amour, qu'ils semblaient en parfaite communion les uns avec les autres.....
Et en me levant le matin, je me suis mis à voir la vie d'une autre manière, plus positive, plongé dans mes rêveries, le soleil réchauffant ma peau. Le monde ressemblait a un immense paradis.
Mais lorsque je suis arrivé devant les grilles du lycée et que je les ai vus en train de parler ensemble, être sur la même longueur d'onde je me suis senti soudain très faible, le temps semblait s'écouler lentement et la scène m'a paru durer quelques minutes alors qu'en fait, il avait déjà fini de discuter lorsque je sortis de ce cauchemar...
Comment avait-il pu me faire une chose pareille, comment avait-il osé dragué la fille que j'ai toujours aimée.
Cela faisait un an que je le lui en parlait et il connaissait mes sentiments pour elle...
Mais il s'est carrément foutu de ce que je ressentais pour se moquer de moi bien en face....
La morale de cette histoire c'est qu'il faut toujours se méfier, ne pas se confier à n'importe qui et toujours garder le plus de choses secrètes, enfouies au fond de nous, pour ne les livrer qu'au personnes en lesquelles on peut avoir confiance et non pas la première merde qui ne sait pas se faire d'amis et qui vient vers vous quérir de l'amitié (Hé oui Jean François tu n'es a mes yeux qu'une petite merde)

Voila pourquoi il ne faut jamais faire confiance au premier venu, mais bien au contraire essayer de connaitre le plus possible les personne à qui l'on veut donner notre confiance...
Voila pourquoi également ce pauvre menteur de JF est définitivement écarté du cercle de mes amis, car il ne sait que raconter des conneries.
04 May 2004 Brad Well, the best way is probably just hanging yourself up. It is the most painless and most clean way to die. Unlike the mess you create when you're cutting yourself open or jumping in front of a train. I'm 20 now, but ever i was little i wanted to commit suicide. The only thing is I didn't know how. What i cannot understand is that people who have a good life, like nice parents, lots of friends good grades and good future prospects feel miserable and want to kill themselves. Now my case is different, let's say you have no friends, you suck in school, you entire life sucks, but well that's ok, you can live with that. So you're isolated in your attic behind your computer, and even in computer games you suck, now that's the drop. And everybody will think, what a fucker that he killed himself because of some stupid computer game, but i hope y'all will know better.
I know the day will come i will stab myself to death in my rage, but for now i just beat myself up, like the guy in fight club, everytime i lose with Unreal Tournament. My only hope is to pass my final exams over 3 weeks, get a diploma and go to college. But if I fail, then my life isn't worth a damn, and i'll kill myself. But for you young kids out there, i would advise you to wait before making this huge decision. I used to feel bad in those days, but now i realise as a child it is just cry for help thing. When you are older you will really know the difference between a cry for help and the rational decision to end your own life, because there simply is no other way out.
Peace Yall
04 May 2004 Brujah This is not some sort of 'my parents are getting a divorce, I want to kill myself' website.
This is for people with true pain. True hurt.
People who have been through things you can only imagine. So tell me, who are you to tell them what they can and cannot do with their lives? You would have to live it to know what it is like.
This website IS here to help them.
You just have a narrow-minded viewpoint as to what 'help' entails.
03 May 2004 Morgen Todt How does it feel, being finally unlatched from pain? i am here to welcome you.
i've greeted many.
If you nursed one unacted wish before, if you loved someone who ignored you, here that yen has already been fulfilled to the point of sorest satiation. Find it well-stowed in the gelid honeyed aspic of collective memory. This is not the zone of Desires Transacted. Here lies the zone of Desires Recalled.
Maybe you wish you had once wisely broken a rule...
or brought an end to your own life. ~Done.
Everyone and you are interchangeable, best friends. You have entered a domain of ease and genius known as Play. Competition has become forever expunged.
Here, everyone's achievement becomes Everyone's, circular. The glad ironies pile up, and our useless bodies right along with them.
03 May 2004 xx this web site is an outrage! how can sit here and post these messages? you should be running a site to help these children. i am disgusted!
03 May 2004 gabriellerenee420 Why not gain some control over the the way stupid fucking emotions affect your out look on life?(Emotions that are just chemical reactions in your brain to hormones like seritonin, endorphins, dopamine, estrogen, etc or lack there of, each mixing with the others in response to old memories or current thoughts). That's really what drives suicide... that and good old fashioned fear... the chicken shit mentality.... Why not attempt a more logical though process that says " I won't be robbed of my joy, peace or life!" Why not learn how to tell the world to KISS YOUR ASS, that you refuse to be so shallow as to let their opinions, rules or thoughts of you and your life cause you pain or rob you of your life!? And as for school counselors? They sucked way back when while I was in school and I"m sure they suck now. Anyone debating suicide has to think about these things.... YOU CAN CONTROL YOUR EMOTIONS IF YOU REALLY WANT TO, BUT IT TAKES WILL AND BIG HAIRY BALLS!!! lol I've attempted suicide, my cousin committed suicide and was sent back by angels that told her she was totally deceived into killing herself. That Christ had peace and joy for her that was robbed. She was told that evil demonic forces had drawn her to her death through false manipulative means.
See she wanted to kill herself because her best friend and her were both raped by the same guy in the back of his car after he'd kidnapped them when she was 18. Her friend couldn't hang... she wouldn't get help, so she remained a victim. she gave herself back over to that man by committing suicide. She said "you win"... my cousin didn't handle her suicide well. she felt betrayed by her bf. she felt that her best friend left her when they were suppossed to survive together. So... my cousin killed herself, but was brought back, and told to share her experience with others to save them from the evil behind it.
it's really not as poetic as it sounds. it's a sad manipulation of society....
I hope this enlightens someone, and I hope I haven't offended anyone. It's just my own thoughts and opinions. I pray each one that reads this finds the TRUTH in their life.... not the lies that would await them in suicide.
"Children" deserve a shot at changing this fucked up world. Bailing out before your time is really rather selfish.... the same selfishness that drives the people that have hurt them... the truth is we all need a lot more attention... we all need our NEED MET already. I found mine being met through my own persuit for the TRUTH. I found it in Christ. Now granted the BULLSHIT I HAVE TO DEAL WITH DAY TO DAY IS STILL THERE, but I'm not sad and it can kiss my ass... I refuse to sad anymore.
Paul (a guy in the bible) said "Don't let people look down on you because of your age, but rather be an example of what they should already be, and example of Christ." Timothy was just a teen, but already ministering to MANY PEOPLE... MANY ADULTS!
Hmm... something to think about....
03 May 2004 Mw A SURE WAY: According to my experience in comitting suicide, suffocation is the easiest, most effective, painless way.

All you need: Garbage bag, Snow hat, some toxic glue or white out.

Put your toxic substance all over your snow hat and make sure it is really covered.

Put your hat on, then pull the bag over your head.

Use your hands to crunch the garbage bag around your neck (no tie is nessecary for the bag should be farly big)

Then breathe through your mouth heavily, or as needed. only because the glue/whiteout smells, and just go to sleep.

What it's like? as you lie there, you feel like you are sinking into the floor or bed. Any noises you hear become repetitive echoing. You feel no pain whatsoever.

This process takes very short time for you to be unconscious, but you will still be able to be revived. So be sure to be out of sight.

Good luck, and whatever you do, stay out of sight.
02 May 2004 *chris dude you guys are stupid.. like FORREALS MAN. u guyz say u hate ur parents n crap? wdf?? and everyone messes with you n shit. WDF?? u guyz are all making a big mistake.. cuz.. if it wasnt for ur parents u wouldn't even be able to type in this fukkin forum shit. and u wouldnt b able to have da clothes u got on ur back stupidassez. n if ur wanting to commit suicide cuz u think everything is all fucked up.. its maybe bcuz YOU ARE. maybe the actionz u do are fucked up. thatz y ur getting a big slap back at your face for all the wrong u've done. and all u fuckerz that are encouraging others to suicide.. u are fREAKZ. weird people these dayz man.. i swear. yall is stupid thatz wut i think.
02 May 2004 sick_and_sad go to highschool and feel all the pain and pressure that people place on you. Then feel all the pain growing inside you until you can't take it anymore. Stand up at a school assembly and scan the crowd making it seem you're looking at everyone then scream "This is for you" and shoot yourself in the head. Then every horrible person will know how much pain they've caused and eventually lead to your death and demise.
01 May 2004 pe Hi!
I really do know and sense how you all feel and how much you're suffering but have you ever thought about this word "knowledge"
simply means to learn or to discover new things or to be more aware of something. for example, this webpage taught you about many things whether were positive or negative. so you learn new ideas, way of living, some techniques... etc. that means everything based on Knowledge.
Here is my point: - Do you really know about what exactly you want in this life?
- Do you know the right purpose of this life.... or did you try to search about the truth of this life?
- Even your depression and desperation started with knowledge when you thought and thought and thought..... till you discover something.
It is all about knowledge..... work hard a little bit to discover and learn the truth of this life...... surf the internet, ask people, read facts, compare religions, seek behavior... etc
All is better than to go to this point of thinking (killing yourself or how to end up my life)!
Please email me if you want to talk or discuss something...... peace to you!

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