Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 May 2004 Mw A SURE WAY: According to my experience in comitting suicide, suffocation is the easiest, most effective, painless way.

All you need: Garbage bag, Snow hat, some toxic glue or white out.

Put your toxic substance all over your snow hat and make sure it is really covered.

Put your hat on, then pull the bag over your head.

Use your hands to crunch the garbage bag around your neck (no tie is nessecary for the bag should be farly big)

Then breathe through your mouth heavily, or as needed. only because the glue/whiteout smells, and just go to sleep.

What it's like? as you lie there, you feel like you are sinking into the floor or bed. Any noises you hear become repetitive echoing. You feel no pain whatsoever.

This process takes very short time for you to be unconscious, but you will still be able to be revived. So be sure to be out of sight.

Good luck, and whatever you do, stay out of sight.
02 May 2004 *chris dude you guys are stupid.. like FORREALS MAN. u guyz say u hate ur parents n crap? wdf?? and everyone messes with you n shit. WDF?? u guyz are all making a big mistake.. cuz.. if it wasnt for ur parents u wouldn't even be able to type in this fukkin forum shit. and u wouldnt b able to have da clothes u got on ur back stupidassez. n if ur wanting to commit suicide cuz u think everything is all fucked up.. its maybe bcuz YOU ARE. maybe the actionz u do are fucked up. thatz y ur getting a big slap back at your face for all the wrong u've done. and all u fuckerz that are encouraging others to suicide.. u are fREAKZ. weird people these dayz man.. i swear. yall is stupid thatz wut i think.
02 May 2004 sick_and_sad go to highschool and feel all the pain and pressure that people place on you. Then feel all the pain growing inside you until you can't take it anymore. Stand up at a school assembly and scan the crowd making it seem you're looking at everyone then scream "This is for you" and shoot yourself in the head. Then every horrible person will know how much pain they've caused and eventually lead to your death and demise.
01 May 2004 pe Hi!
I really do know and sense how you all feel and how much you're suffering but have you ever thought about this word "knowledge"
simply means to learn or to discover new things or to be more aware of something. for example, this webpage taught you about many things whether were positive or negative. so you learn new ideas, way of living, some techniques... etc. that means everything based on Knowledge.
Here is my point: - Do you really know about what exactly you want in this life?
- Do you know the right purpose of this life.... or did you try to search about the truth of this life?
- Even your depression and desperation started with knowledge when you thought and thought and thought..... till you discover something.
It is all about knowledge..... work hard a little bit to discover and learn the truth of this life...... surf the internet, ask people, read facts, compare religions, seek behavior... etc
All is better than to go to this point of thinking (killing yourself or how to end up my life)!
Please email me if you want to talk or discuss something...... peace to you!
30 Apr 2004 cindy you know I am way over 13 but I feel so much pain that never goes away. sleep is my only comfort. I have tried to kill myself through starvation and was so close before the parents "helped" thanks parents NOT i can only think of what might have been. cutting to bleed, bruising to the point of fever and infections - not an easy way to go . . . advice would be nice! i really just want to sleep forever!
29 Apr 2004 ashley drink a bottle of bleach and any house hold cleaners you can
29 Apr 2004 Shinigami euh ch'sais pas si c'est vraiment une bonne idée mais bon... Peut-être leur montrer ce que c'est. Une corde, un couteau, des somnifère, un pistolet, un immeuble de 20 mètres, une pierre atachée au pied au dessus d'une rivière... et tellement d'autres choses que des psychopathes expérimentés pourrait trouver.
29 Apr 2004 Morgen Todt The more i investigate the non-realm that lies just beyond, beneath or throughout the non-realm i think we're in, the more i'm convinced that it will take the Heart of Antigone to continue. i suppose part of the reason for that is it requires courage to not be seduced by the comfort level generated by this particular illusion. Isn't it easier to just lay back and slap-slide into the daily grind of discorporation? And then there's the cultural conditioning which proclaims, "This is it! What you see is what you get." Now, let's think about that for a moment. What we see is what we get. Hmmm...
We can't see electrons. We can't see a virus. We can't see getting an honest profit participation in anything we write -- and yet we still believe these things exist.
Which brings me to God. Isn't it strange that we can look up at a night sky, at a majestic mountain, at the inane beauty of this very websight, and have trouble believing in God?
But i digress.
29 Apr 2004 Mouchette MY SUICIDE
Cut the eyes out of my head - Tear my tongue out if I speak. Raise up your camera, raise up the lights - feed the evil and the weak. Hear me now, my tongue is in your ear, the center of your body is the place I hide the fear I lost of suicide ...

Suck the hatred from my mouth - Raise the dead man that you found, Seal the black mud in my lungs, leave me down here drowning with the wasted and the stunned, Leave me now as I choke and writhe, but feel my body stuck upon the dull and pointless knife of my suicide ...

Remove my face from in your mirror, sift my grey hair in the fire. Now mock me for the suffering I fake, leave me naked on the carpet, leave my drunken body splayed. See me now, my broken fingers search your mouth for the drugged and senseless words that are seducing me back home into my suicide ...

I hate you all for what I've done, I hate you for the texture and the color of your skin, I hate your whispered breath upon my neck, I hate you for your love and I hate you for sex. Feel me now, I'm growing in your insides, the warm feelings that you bring contain the seed now flowering into my suicide ...
29 Apr 2004 lathenardiere bouffer tout les kinder surprises du monde avec les surprises dedans.
29 Apr 2004 Kris Look... all of you! You're all talking about wanting to kill yourselves because your lives are horrible. Think of it this way; no matter how hard your life is, or how bad things seem to be... someone, somewhere has it worse. I've seen people kill themselves for things that they shouldn't have. Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. And, all problems are temporary. You may not see it this way, and you don't have to. I'm not telling you to go to some shrink and confess your sins and let them give you all kinds of drugs. And I'm not telling you that what you're feeling is wrong. But, what I am telling you is that if you kill yourself, your pain isn't gone. Your spirit will last forever. And that pain shall linger. Your pain is passed on to friends or family or someone you passed on the street that you gave a smile to. All of the stories that I have read are all about yourselves. I know it seems like it's only you in the world, but it's not. Please wake up and realize that you're not alone. Look at the other people that are posting on this thing. You will do what you want to do... but consider how things will change once you're gone. Not to mention, the people that say they almost killed themselves but chickened out, you're not quite suicidal. You were scared, you feared death... and that's why you're still here to talk about it. There is a small part in each of you that doesn't really want to die. Most of you are just kids, you have so much to live for and you get out of life what you put in. Killing yourself will get you nowhere but six feet under, and your pain will always be with you.
29 Apr 2004 Psycho First off I thank you for putting my entry up and thank those of you who took the time to read it more. Now to "wd"'s entry, I only feel it right to say Fuck Off. First amendment righs matter in our world, even if they don't in the young and nieve to the point of stupid world you live in. But that is just my opinion to someone who would waste time to post a mispelled and no-sence piece of what can only be a child's writing. Anyway ---- you can't fully love or respect yourself unless you have been in the worst with yourself. Until you have learned to just what limits you would go and why. And at that point in the darkest hour before the dawn some just wasre it. You can't love yourself until you have considered suicide! It's normal, like I said last time it's simply imagining what your piece of the world would be like in your absence. Personaly I think we baby children to much, which leads to them not being able to handle real problems in their futures. How did we ever survive with some of the products they convince us we need for the children. I'll tell you how we survived, just fine. But then again, on the other hand, do what you want. The more suicide the less compassion in this game of life. I gotta get mine, what do you gotta get dead? Why? What could be so bad?
29 Apr 2004 Big Bobalink OK I get it now, poosy is the term that rich snobby fucking bitches use who think their lives are exciting but really they only think that because the world they live in is a phony fucking piece of shit, and they are a product and epitome of that phony rich bitchiness.. Samatha needs to be booted in the face.... by me. I hate rich bitches..... I love sexual liberation, I just hate rich bitches who think they're God's gift to the world.

No disrespect to you personally Pink Boy.
28 Apr 2004 Dick Head anging yourself
28 Apr 2004 Chris I have to agree with an earlier comment and quote this "the hardest thing to do in this world is to live in it" i agree with this point truth is im weak i dont want to "kill" myself i just want my life to stop cease to exist i dont want an after life i just want to stop everything.
28 Apr 2004 ashley carve your heart out with a pumkin carver.. slowly to experience the full effect
28 Apr 2004 Pink boy I only say poosy because that's what Samantha says in Sex and the City... and she knows the difference between pussy and poosy, believe me.
28 Apr 2004 depressed and suicidal I am 26 and I have been depressed for a long number of years. I want to kill my self by laying in front of the train tracks so my head will be decapitated. I choose this method because it is quick and effective. Life is shit and it will never get better. Once one problem goes another one comes to take it place. Suicide will solve all your problems forever. The one thing about killing myself in front of a train is I always seem to move away at the last minute so the train misses me. It's happened to me a number of times. Please Email me and give me some advice on how not to be scared so I can finally kill my self. My email is . Do you know how I fucking hate waking up each day and saying not another fucking day. Please help me end my misery.
28 Apr 2004 hang gook sa ram cutting feels great doesn't it..?.. the way the pain rushes to your head while your heart is pounding.. then you feel nothing.. nothing at all except the pain from your cut.. instead of killing yourselves.. just cut yourself.. it's alot better for you than well.. death..
on a more positive note.. i like this site because it lets people express their negative emotions and all those who condemn this site (or at least this part anyways) are ignorant and short minded..
28 Apr 2004 Frank White Your'e all a bunch of god damm losers that deserve to die. I hope you all choke on a fat dick and die slow. If you really want to kill yourselve's just fukin' do it and quit that cry for help shit!! Jump off a tall building or shoot yourself in the head.Trust me, they will work. Later on you fucks you!!!!

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