Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 May 2004 pierrot le fou euh... je dirai... dévisagement avec les ongles, puis on fini avec acide aciéique... ouai ça sonne bien pour une bonne fin de semaine entre amis...
13 May 2004 sandra the best way to kill yourself is to just hang yourself in a closet with a belt but you are dumb enough to even try to kill yourself
13 May 2004 Rock on dude prens un exacto et enlève toi petit bout de peau par petit bout de peau jusqu'a ce que tu soir rendu au muscle et ensuite perfore toi le coeur avec une petite aiguille et fais-en une passoire
13 May 2004 Brad Hello yall, i want to react on all those people out there who are consider taking their own lives as the only solution, i know how you feel, i've been there as well. The constant pain, the shame, day in day out, and then what follows is feeling nothing, the same thoughts in your head all the time, which you cant put away or let go, the whole fuckin time. Yeah depression can be a killer, i know. Next thing what happens is you start losing your friends, and start getting negative reactions from the people around you, then you decide to leave go to another place start al over again, and the in the beginning your problems seem to have vanished, but at a certain point you recognise the same pattern developing again, the same movie different players,the same fear of not fitting in, the same fear of standin alone in the breaks, desperatly trying to stand with some people, so no one will recognise your lonely. and its only a matter of time and your right back at the beginning again. up to a certain point you are able to put it away bury it sonewhere deep down your soul. you can feel the rush coming, the gates of hell being opened, your put all your effort to supress it, until your tired, tired of this burden this pain and sorrow this weight on your soul, staring at the wall, smoking the same cigarette, trying your let go this ame thoughts over and over, until you realise, how long this nonsense has been keeping you busy. Then you decide to end your own life, because simply whatever you trie doenst make you normal, you almost lose you emotions, lose yourself, you just figure that you just suck, you were born to be loser, maybe its really better end your life.
but there is a way out, beacause you got yourself in this situation so you can get yourself out of it also. Just talk about it, write your shit down, then you realise how little it was what you were worrying about, and if your bullied, dont blame yourself, the best treatment for depression is going up to one of your bullies and beat the crap outta him or her. It 100 more effective than endless talks with your shrink, a lifetime using of prozac. I know how yall feel the constant fear of getting bullied again, laughed at, trying to hide yourself every break. But dont kill yourself, kill the person who caused you to feel anxious, to be humiliated. And you chose for that you chose to hide youself, to fear and to hide, well you can as well chose differently by standing up for yourself, give this bully a punch in his face and telling him to fuck off, see for yourself, what is one punch compared to years this same shitty depression.
Make up your mind.
12 May 2004 jen Nothing because u don't kill urself 4 something which can be fixed. think b4 u act! if u really wanna then jump off a bridge and land in water then swim back up!
12 May 2004 Mergon Tadt Early this morning, there came a dream so confrontational, so disturbing to something ... deep inside me that i awoke abruptly.
It was a dream of questions.

In the dream, i was in front of a computer with a bold and severe skeletal key pad and a large flat monitor that floated in the air in front of my face. i was typing a document when my finger slipped - accidentally hitting a key that was a command to open up a black and white film made on a handheld camera. Suddenly the unsteady image of a road in the countryside is in front of me on the screen from the perspective of the front seat of a convertible sedan going very fast. We pass farm workers in baggy clothing and berets sprawled in the back of horsedrawn carts. There is a narrator speaking in Polish and French and then guttural broken language that morphs into English. With the backdrop of blurred trees and white buildings, the camera angle shifts left to the driver of the convertible. The woman turns her head slowly and deliberately towards the camera, directly to my face, as she stops speaking.

A churning cold is in my gut. Fears, denial, the sense of who i am, what i've done in my life, "keeping my distance" - and what i think i "control" and so is all i "have" stare at me with hard black-rimmed eyes.

Here is an excerpt of what she said to me:

Go into yourself . And what will you find there? That it is impossible to arrive safely and with everything in order? Instead of spinning your wheels in dirt, do you have the courage?
Go in and own it.

Own all of it.
12 May 2004 emily age 12 slit the wrist with a chef's knife or drive the chef's knife thru your stomach and pull out guts
11 May 2004 The Saviour Listen you idiots! Don't you know that Suicide is selfish! if you kill yourself you'll pass all your feelings and grief onto loved ones! You say the people around you are assholes.. but you are the asshole for your suicidal thought! Don't take it upon your peers to decide when you die! Don't be dictated upon! The longer you feel this way these people that are making you feel this way.. They are running your life! Have your own feelings! Live your own life! And tell everybody else to FUCK OFF! It's your life! Your decision! Your Heart! You know that if you kill yourself because off your parents.. they will feel your pain! They MURDERED you! They drew you to this! In closing don't be an ass live your own life!
11 May 2004 Reggie Hey, I am 12 and I am speaking to you from my room... I have pretty much lived in my room for the past 1 yr, 2months.. I forget what the outside world looks like... I have no friends.. my only friend is a computer. (this one) The only social noise I make is crying.. i won't say anything.. I'm completely withdrawn... I hate myself... And if you met me you would hate me too.. My mom tries to help but like I said.. I don't talk anymore..
11 May 2004 Pin Striped Penis Yo, "killed myself b4 you read this". You sound a lot like I used to be. I used to have no friends and no reason for living and all that shit. Peeps thought I was gay and I was incapable of getting a girlfriend. I'd bet that your therapist didn't call you a schizo, he/she most likely diagnosed you with schizoid personality disorder. Unfortunately, people hear the word schizo and they get scared. Don't be worried about it, it shouldn't even be called a disorder, it's an uncommon personality type..... a rather anti social fantasizing type. And don't feel ashamed that you lost your virginity to a prostitute. Prostitues provide a valuable service for some. It's just unfortunate that people consider them the lowest of the low. Their bad reputation is unjustified.

Anyway, I used to be like you until I tried anti depressants. You should try them too. They can work miracles for many. I'm not depressed AT ALL and I didn't have any side effects AT ALL. Some people may get some annoying side effects, most don't. Ask for anti depressants! I recommend Effexor XR because that is what I am on.
10 May 2004 unfortunately shashi this is the toughest question of my life. if i had known the answer certainly i would be happily having my time in hell. but still i feel poison is the best way. just imagine u taste sth and the next moment u r fuckin jesus. dont u all wanna do that? but make it sure u certainly are gonna die. or else ur gonna end up like me. i mean end up living.
i still wonder for their momentary desires my parents have all the way created me. just imagine im the output of a foolish act. i cant digest this. but i can always digest pills. u know these pills really taste good. now im going to sleep hoping that i wont need to face the world of pains again. unlike the last time this time i made it sure the dosage is too much higher than the morte than sufficient.
10 May 2004 Amanda im not sure what way is best, for i am tryin to kill myself also i just have a question which probably none of u know the answer to. I wanna overdose on all the pills in my bathroom cupboard, i dont like pain i wonder if it would hurt
10 May 2004 Melissa just swallow a bunch of pills!!!!
10 May 2004 Mariah The best way to kill ur self ir ur under 13 is to go to skool and in ur industrial tech. class "accidentaly" run ur wrist under the jigsaw blade. Sure u may get in trouble, but u would die to soon for them to punish u. (this will only work if u have a jigsaw and dont know how to use it.)
08 May 2004 Tori Razorblades... Knives...Safety pins to the veins...You know.. The usual.
08 May 2004 sarah what i want to know is how to kill yourself so that it looks like you were murdered - then people can't be mad at you. the only way i have come up with is to stab myself 4 times (so that i am sure i will die) - in the spleen, the leg and neck (in the arteries), and in the chest. if you can think of anymore can you email me -
08 May 2004 sophie La meilleure solution déjà serait de lutter! Et de se dire que même si la vie et insupportable et que vous croyez qu'il n'y a plus que cette solution (suicide) et bien détromper vous, pour chaque personne sur cette terre il y a toujours un espoir, trouver lequel bien sur ce n’est pas le plus facile, mais en essayant de faire tout, on trouve! Et sinon la manière qui fait le moins souffrir et la plus courante est le pistolet! Si quelqu’un veux parler je suis la! Je vie ça tout les jours et je comprend! Gros bisous à tous !
08 May 2004 Felicia The Great Hello Mouchette, Lucy Cortina, Billy the Weeping Freak, and all the new members...

I have been on hiatus. I really apologize for not coming on this site as often as I should.

But I have a poem for you guys that would give you a thought to ponder.

"An Empty Heart is Filled"
By Felicia A. Floresca

"There is only one way to fill your empty heart. The only way to fill your empty heart is to have LOVE FOR LIFE.
Without LOVE for this ONE LIFE, you feel that nothing around you exists.

You have to realize that each portion of your life, whether good or bad, is a gift in which TIME can no longer take away from you and all this leads to happy or sad memories.

We must allow ourselves by remember this...

...that allowing ourselves by remembering that LOVE FOR LIFE is the epiphany for living for EXISTENCE."

Hang in there folks because "Today is the first day of the rest of your life."
08 May 2004 Nicolette Well first suggestion i would have is to go visit Charles Manson in a enclosed room. Better yet if your 13 and a chick get pregnant and go do an interview with him... im shure he'd love it... well if you live in the south go play in the swamps when it rains if you dont get ravagely eaten by some swamp creature you'll probably have some kind of incurable flesh eating fungus growing in your vaginal areas... My next suggestion works better in the south but it can be modified to fit your needs... Get caught smoking by the cops and assure them you over fourty-five then tell the gay one to stop looking at you like a piece of meat and that you the first black member of the KKK. Take off your pants and tell them ou have to show them something and piss on them. repeat several times till they get aggravated enough to shoot you. the upside you die and a cop gets arrested win win situation... Drink a cup and a half of bleach; piss of a sadomasochist; put a water hose down your throat and turn on hose (full blast of course) for at least 10 minutes; grab a colouring book and a razor and go sit in a corner sketch the images in the book on your skin dont stop till your whole body is covered; and my last suggestion is to eat shit and die.
08 May 2004 killed myself b4 you read this the best way to kill yourself (no matter what age) is to overdose on cocaine. you'll get really high, and then you'll have a heart attack, and if no one is there to bring you back into your misery, you die.

i've attempted suicide twice before. first time i tried to hang myself, but the thing broke and i banged my head off the floor and passed out. woke up in the hospital with a concusion. second time i ever tried, i ate 25 tylenol 3's (all which was in the bottle.) since i get fucked up alot to ease the pain of shitty life, i must have had a high tolerance or something, but i passed out, and woke up thirty hours later with a bad head acke.

i'm a 21 year old white male. i often try to make my life better, but things just get worse. i have nothing good in my life. i have no social skills. everyone thinks i'm gay, my shrink told me i'm skitzo. i never had a girl friend before. no one likes me. i lost my virginity to a prostitute. people try to use me. my "family" doesn't give a fuck about me. why would i want to live? so after reading all sorts of bull shit on why i shouldn't kill myself, the pain is still there. i really think hard about if only one person who care if i was gone, and believe me i can't. i feel nothing but emptyness and sadness. so why should i live and be loney, when i can die and find out what happens next.

in a quick summary of problems in my life, i bet all would agree that if you where in my shoes, you would want to kill yourself as well.

but back to the kit. since ritalin is cocaine for kids, why not overdose on ritalin.

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