Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
27 May 2004 HOPELESS Hi, i am 17 years old, my life sux i just got busted from my parents having pot and cigs and 2 bowls at school so i am grounded. Its so hard cus i am a hard time smoker and they cut me off right away its like im on lock down, i ran away today so i can get help cus no one will help me i am helpless. i have one friend and she is great but she don't understand and if i told her she think i am crazy. I AM MOVING TO CHICAGO in aug. and its my senior year i got to go to a school filled w/ rich indian folks. Beleive me rich indan folks are so much snober then rich white people. I can't stop i cry myself to sleep cus i am stuck in my house in a room to do shit. i have no life i have only 2 friends and 1 is going to the navy she leaves on the 26 of june and i can't go to her away party. Please help me kill my self i can't be helped i just want out PLEASE!!!!!!!!
26 May 2004 Skyler Miller Drink a whole bottle of pnemonia. Since you probably don't know what it is anyway.
26 May 2004 I_want_a_shoulder_to_cry_on Everyday I look at myself and laugh. I look in the mirror and want to smash it up because the reflection tears up my insides. I look at my body line at the over hanging bits of skin here and there. I cry at those. I seem to be close enough to tears everynight now. From the days when I would come home and pose in the mirror now I look with hatred. Around a month ago I found out that my life was over. in my head this is. So now everyday without fail I cut some place on my body to remind myself and to let a little bit of the dead me out. When I bleed I smile as I am satisfied and happier with the outcome. My wrists have become my main target area over the past few days, I get a real thrill when I see a mark on them because I know I got that nearer giving up to be happy. I look for a shoulder to cry my painfree tears away but no one comes to my rescue. As I look around the people seem to get further and further away. When I die you will get back into view and I will remember you all - because I want to be the person I was yesterday. the person I was when I was happy. So cut your wrists if you want to die. that's were my happiness begins.
26 May 2004 Superstar I am 13. And everyday I cut near my wrists 'one day I am hoping to cut so deep it will kill me. but I need alot more guts first. slowly I am getting there though
26 May 2004 Prophet Life is garbage and when you commit suicide you only take the garbage out.
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26 May 2004 Nikki Cutting your wrists! It has worked for some and is and probably work for me too.
Have fun
26 May 2004 me! hi every1 i was readin all ur posts an it made me cry i bin thinkin bout suicide for the past 2 years n im 16 now, i tried 2 sufficate myself before but it didnt work. ive bin bullied all my life by seflish brats hu dont give a fuck about other people only them selves! but wen i started secondary skool i thought it all changed i thought i found real freinds but i didnt it was a lie,they r just fake people hu think i dont know wots goin on n they think killin ya self is selfish so dat wot type of ppl they r. ma family hate me. i cut me self pritty bad on ma wrist hopinma veins will cut n ill bleed 2 death but it hasnt happened yet:( thanxs for listenin ur the only 1's hu have
26 May 2004 mr. moustache machine à laver?
vole la voiture des parents!
ecoute la musique punk?
25 May 2004 melissa personally i think pills is the best way to go. not that any of it really matters life sucks so you do something about it. i grew up neglected and abused physically. going from foster home to foster home until i was six then i went to one foster and stayed their and got adopted now i am just emotionally abused and it still sucks. and if you think it is selfish to kill yourself then try going what i go through almost every day. you mother fuckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
25 May 2004 Morgen Todt Metastasize at will ....
I think you are invoking the great deity when looking at the tsimtsum and wondering at the reflection you see there ....

When i was a kid i would wander far and wide. My family lived in the woods and when i would get home from school i would follow deer paths for miles. Other days i would wander along the coastline, and there was this summer home that i would pass by. It was in disrepair and near the shoreline there was a meditation pool that was surrounded by weeds and thornbushes.
i would go there and play with the gigantic carp that appeared to be so numerous at the surface that they were all cramed in there .... they looked to have been growing for a long time... and so i would reach in and try to grab one and no matter how full that pool looked to me, everytime i made the attempt they would disappear. i wonder now if there were really any fish in that water at all, and if what i saw then was just the projection of anothers meditation, finding me decades later.

In the winter i would go there, and even when the water was iced over i could see the fish underneath it, and they were always there, just hanging out being fish and waiting for the spring to come.

Maybe it was a magical pool of water....
25 May 2004 susy se pendre
25 May 2004 dumbcunt what do u reckon, a 100 units of bleach straight in a main vein, im keen.
25 May 2004 Bubba Blow your brains out
24 May 2004 m to have a group of people that watch you through the computer kidnap you and starve, torture and rape you until you almost die certain death until at the end you tie your bed sheet to a beam and the other end around your neck and JUMP
24 May 2004 an observer hmm. How do u know the best way of comitting suicide if all of you people are still alive?
24 May 2004 Happy Finally I understand all of your feelings, trust me I was once having all of the same feelings, but life gets better!!! Not through any god bullshit or any lies of your parents starting to care, but you WILL get through these hard times! I was SO CLOSE to doing the things you guys were saying, but I hung in. I started flirting with the most beautiful girl in the world, and soon we were dating. She is so amazing and now I am so happy! Please let this show on your site and those who think that nothing will get better and that your life is at the very bottom - you may be right - im not trying to say you're wrong, but i am saying it WILL get better. Get out in the world, start cleaning up parks, learning new languages or technology, find a hobby and you'll start to realize how great life can be. If your parents are abusive, LEAVE. Don't stay there and let your parents fuck up your life. THEY DONT HAVE THAT RIGHT. Leave, and start fresh. Please consider my advice, because I care about you. I hate killing, and I'd hate for you to do so to yourself. Thanks for reading this
24 May 2004 not-necessary well i dont know the best way to commit suicide because i've never tried, but i've thought about it ever since i was 12 and now i'm 19. i hate my life so much, and many people may wonder why. i get everything i could possibly need, free car, free phone, dont pay no bills, dont even do much around the house, live with my grandparents, i look good, could get and probably had any guy i wanted. i'm a good student, grades come easy. but really i've never really been into school like so many believe. i've hated school ever since the 7th grade, and now i just completed my first yr in college. my grades slipped last semester, i'm not caring about anything, i just found out i'm pregnant for a guy i believe i love, but have only known for 5 months. ever since i told him, he's basically abandoned me, and it really hurts. i feel alone, i had a abortion 2 years back, and cant do it again, but both the baby's father and my father suggest it this time around. the only support i have is my best friend, but that doesnt seem to be enough. i cry every night and been doing that for the past three years really, ever since my brother died (was killed rather). yup, i'm feeling quite lonely and i really just dont feel to go on anymore, i'm sure as hell not ready to have a child, and i doubt i could survive another abortion, so why not take my unborn along with me?
everyday i wish a car would knock me down, someone would shoot me, anything so i wouldnt have to do it myself. a reason i stick around is because i dont want to hurt my loved ones, especially since i'm all they got after my brother. but i just dont want to live anymore. i was thinking bout poppin pills, but reading all these stories proves the shit does not work, and i definitely need something effective the first time round, cause God only knows how i'll handle everyone knowing the way i feel. i was just searching for ways to commit suicide when i stumbled across this site, but what i need is the strength to do it. i think about it all the time, and am just sick of thinking. i'm depressed, but not seeking help, no one really knows how i feel, so everyone talks to me as if my life is just fantastic. i do put on quite the show i must say, got everyone fooled, but myself. i want out!!!!!
24 May 2004 Amy get into the medicine cabinet and swallow down every bottle of medice and pills you can find... something's bound to kill you...
23 May 2004 Estefany Cut yourself to death
23 May 2004 Tot I tried so many different ways to kill myself. I'm now 16 in tenth grade and I've been trying to die since the 7th grade but nothing has sucessfuly worked, I overdosed on Ibprophen perscribed to me that were 600mg, then another time aspirns that were 5oomg please please help me I wanna no how many sleeping pills from over the counter that I would have to take in order to finally die

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