Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Apr 2004 danielle HEY, i dont know why im writing in here, similiar to a few of the other people in this. I've been depressed since 7th grade, now in 9th. i hate everybody. i hate stares and everyones eyes looking everywhere. my parenst fight and make me mad as hell. the only time i ever can cry is bcause of them or when my friends all the sudden decide to start hating me. i get depressed easily and i more like scratch my wrists than cut them, they dont really bleed to much. im just too much of a fcuking stupid coward and i hate my self. i concive myself im the biggest bitch and i have nothing to live for. i wimp out at drowning and other things. every night i hope ill be able to make my self get it over with.
13 Apr 2004 Fred You are all idiots. How do you think it will affect everyone around you, all those people who actually love and care about you. Most of you don't see there is a way out. The people you leave behind will never recover, your parents, your friends and if any of you have kids. You truly should get help, look outside the window and see all the things god created just for every one of you speical human beings, seek help, please!
12 Apr 2004 lost I think about killing myself everyday, no joke. No, it's not the best thought in the world, but it races through my mind every day. I tried killing myself by taking a bottle of pills, but I only through them up. I tried suffocating myself, but i chickened out at the last minute. I ask why I am here. I want to know the point of life. I don't know what to do. Every time I am about to kill myself, I chicken out. I cut myself a lot and I don't want to go to any therapist. I just want to die. Please help me.
12 Apr 2004 Joyce Believe your emotional vampire personality disordered histrionic sister that a)you will never get a boyfriend b)that everyone will hate you c)that you are butt ugly and gawky d)that you will be the laughing stock in high school e)that your nose is way too big and your feet are flippers f)that you are a clutz g)allow her to destroy all of your friendships that you are wierd and perverted without defending yourself h)let her snoop through all of your things so she can rat on you to your mom i) believe her when she tells you that you were an oops never meant to be born j) let her blame you for everything that went wrong with her relationship with her mother when mom dies k) listen to her laments about having a bunch of hicks for a family and that your brother is a retard l) laugh when she sings perverted songs about your father and mother m)allow her to molest you and promise not to tell anyone n)believe it when she says you are toad eyes and should hide because you are ugly o)believe it when she is anorexic and shoves lettuce under the table ledge and tells you she is pretty and little and small and you are a big gawky failure p) believe her that you are the one who has not been a good sister q)allow her to come to your wedding and interview your maid of honor so she can blackmail you r)allow her access to your children s)let her meet the guys you are dating so she can ruin those relationships t) follow her advice to dye your hair blonde, wear pale pink lipstick and not eat u) allow her to stuff as much popcorn into your mouth as she would really like v) always give her home made Christmas gifts that she will turn into accounts of your being cheap and selfish w) accept the blame when she accuses you of not showing up for dinner when she never invited you in the first place x) allow her to see something you are especially proud of - like a college degree or diamond tennis bracelet y) let her become friends with your ex-husband so she can side with him z)let her steal all of your ideas from writing published poetry, playing guitar, working as a secretary, planting a secret garden, and being an individual. From A to Z you see my sister's the ultimate suicide for any young girl.
12 Apr 2004 nick.t think! thats how you can kill yourself. im a insomniac so i dont sleep. basically all i do late at night when theres nobody to talk 2 is think about death. the more u think about it the more serious you get. u can start writin, then hurt urself, eventually it will happen. think about negative thoughts nothin happy, nothin that would give reason to stop yourself. how you do it is up to you. dont think of god there is no god. ppl want you to praise him when somethin good in your life happens, but how cum its wrong 2 blame him if something bad happens? if its meant 2 b you will kill yourself just make sure its worth it .
12 Apr 2004 Banks Hello ,
I am in my mid-thirties and I am looking for a painless way to commit suicide. I think I have enough of this world. Please help me.
12 Apr 2004 d34d The best way is to overdose. That way you'll stop feeling the pain that's been following you all your life. Eating away at you slowly but surely. However, suicide is not the answer. Better times always *do* come and better people too. You'll find your answers, just give it time.
11 Apr 2004 sa0195005 First of all without judgement, thank you for publishing this site, it caught my eye and it was all I needed to remind me of where I was headed. Second, I do not claim to know a whole lot about anything but would like to share my perspective. I believe that most people who consider suicide have not given themselves a fair chance in life. We all know life is not fair, it's not about that. If it were, I might as well be from a third world country drinking from the same water my tribe and I bathe in. Only you can find the answers you need for your selves, thoughts of death are only prolonging our quest for answers. Most of us think we want to die but this is a misconception. The attempts at trying to kill ourselves should not be taken lightly, we are just adding insult to injury. It may just be a dramatic way of biting our tongue to get our minds off that finger you hit with a hammer. Life is pain and pain is life, the good thing about pain is you know you are alive. What we feel is in our heads, how we manage these feelings must be learned just like learning to hate. We may not be at falt for these feelings but understanding them and changing them is up us. The best way I have been able to learn what is good for me is to speak with others. Don't cut me off yet because I have no desire to share my personal expiriences with a shrink or any group and I don't feel like I can speak to personally to either of my seperated parents. I'm just saying there is most likely someone you can talk to and make friends with out there who wants nothing in return. This may not be our ideal lives so, stop. Life may just be loving what you have not having what you love.
11 Apr 2004 candice Im 20 and you know what i lost my mom when i was 16 and have been on my own since then i thought i had it good but i dont. i have met this kid and at 12 he has tried to kill himself 13 times in 1 year. why? you have nothing to worry about. life may be hard to you.. but what happens to your family?.. do you really want to hurt them? My mom commited suicide and left me with nothing no family and no money. i lived in a run down car and only ate when i got free lunches at school. but i look back and i see that i have grown and if the things in my life didnt happen i would be nowhere right now but at home doing nothing. you got to learn that life is never going to be fair and we are here for a reason.. what it is i dont know. but please understand people love you and if you did do it you will hurt your family and friends. if you need to talk email me
10 Apr 2004 Me Ask my dad anything, the boredom will kill you for sure.
10 Apr 2004 j do you want to die with other lets have a sucide party
this is all real no joke join now
10 Apr 2004 Joyce Ok, there is no good sure way to kill yourself. Had friends who took pills and ended up mental cause it was caught in time to leave them a veg. Then a gun, blew half his brain out, left a veg and worse off. Then rat poison, left them with stomach problems - someone always seems to find you in time it seems, the car turned on with the tailpipe steaming - no the neighbor is too nosey. It won't work if God has a plan for your life - if he plans to use you as a garbage can or something like he does me. There is no abuse or pain that I have not suffered from my fellow man. I am bankrupt, divorced, remarried, abused, laughed at, sick, handicapped, you name it. I don't think you are weak if you think about it, I think you are a good person no one cares about. I am very pretty and talented and have 5 kids, but my husband is abusive and everyone around me is selfish and uppity. They all mock me out and tell me how to run my life. It's lonely. I just sit most days, go to work where I don't get paid in the greenhouse cause it is a pipe dream of my husband that it'll pay off someday. I come home, work more, and it ends with sleep. I wait I work, I sleep, I pray God will just take me that is how you commit suicide for REAL - give up and let God use your life for whatever he decides, which my purpose is a toilet for other people to crap on.
10 Apr 2004 me jump on to your familys tv antenna
10 Apr 2004 jaded as i've heard petrol injected into the bloodstreem works it could fuck you up majorly survival being imanant yet unlikely i really dont know as i havent tryed yet but if i do i'll be sure to get my slave to tell of the results
10 Apr 2004 FUCK YOU first of all, i think its sick that you are ebcouraging kids to kill them selves. and by the way, i am thirteen and i suffer from depression. this site makes me sick and you could easly be chrged for this.
10 Apr 2004 Michelle ok, i dont understand what this web site is about...
10 Apr 2004 Michelle this we-site is so sickening, you sould make a web site to PREVENT kids from doing this shit. im suing...
10 Apr 2004 scott Well I wish I did it when i was 13. I'm 28 and just got out of the e-room for OD. Because I woke up and puked everywhere I told em i "accidently" took too many pills, but given the cocktail of pills, now i KNOW how many to take to work. What a bunch of dumbasses. Doctors are such suckers. If they truly cared about patients I think they would not be so half assed with their job as they are. But anyway, I can't tell you to do it, but I have had a horrible nightmarish 15 years since I was 13 and if you think it will get better then you are an idiot. Once you try you will never "live" --you might still be alive, but you'll FEEL dead.
So i think combining pills with a 12 gauge is prolly the best. Or my next idea is to save a lot of money and book a trip to climb mount everest and then go to the top and jump off.
10 Apr 2004 Tamika don't, you have people around you that you love so don't ever say you want to kill your self because you really don't

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