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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 May 2004 help i think it is very sick how people come on here to poke fun at others because of what they are going through. One thing i can say however is, none of us can EVER judge anyone for ANYTHING they do unless we have been in their shoes. Some people are much weaker than others and every circumstance is different just like we respond to everything differently.

It is a well known fact that at least 2 out of every 3 people have contemplated suicide! Believe it or not, experience will prove. Yes many people only do it for attention, but does that mean they dont deserve the attention? Does that mean they are not depressed? NO! Just like those who don't cry, it does not mean they dont get upset. Suicide is a very serious thing and if any of you have had experience of this, whether a friend/family or yourself has contemplated it then you will know how serious it is. When you are as depressed as people who commit suicide are, you do not care about the world. Part of you is desperate for somebody to come and save you, yet the other part of you cannot be bothered to fight any more. Suicide IS the easy way out. That is why we should never blame ourselves when a loved one takes this route.

In most cases, those who do commit suicide, never seem depressed or troubled in any way, other times is it very clear. So when people come on here to express their feeling it should be taken with respect, whether it is just a form of 'letting it all out'. But those who have the audacity to poke fun of others for talking about suicide are none other than SICK. The feeling of waiting to die or wishing to disappear from existence, should never be put on to anyone. Experience will prove this, because one day we will ALL be affected by this, whether it is a family member or a friend.
19 May 2004 alreadydead I don't know the best way, I'm only looking for the easiest way. I'm also over 13, I'm actually 20. I don't really have much of a story to tell, just my so-called life. All my life my parents hated each other. Always fighting. My father is an alcoholic, and abusive. Since my mother is afraid of my father, she takes all her stress out on me. Since I was roughly 13, all I wanted to do is die. Life was no longer worth living. All I every wanted was someone to love me, or care about me, so I started dating, making boys/guys fall in love with me, but that was never good enough, my family still hated me. Well, I went to college and I fell in love with a really great guy, but my home life was just getting worse. My self esteem dropped like a rock when my family started telling me that I'm a failure and that I'll get no where in life. Now I have no money, no car, and no friends. I'm stuck at home all the time with every one in my family telling me how useless I am and how they have wasted so much money on me. They have told me I am no longer allowed to leave the house to see my boyfriend, and they are going to stop paying for college. Because of that, I have no more reason to live. It really would be better if I just died. They would no longer have to support me. I wouldn't be bothering anyone anymore. So back to the point. I'm not sure exactly the best way to kill yourself under 13, but if you want to, do it early, get it done before it's to late. The longer you wait the more miserable you will me. So basically find something quick and easy, and that is a guarentee, you don't want to be "rescued" and have everyone think your just psychotic.
19 May 2004 candice lol! sometimes even suicide can be the only way out of life well... maybe at least i think so because suicide isn't just something that you can just do the next minute -.-" i've tried to kill myself several times but never succeeded >.< i always end up being really sick from it but i always find myself alive lol. some people may think my reason to kill myself is odd but to me it's different. first of all i'm the type of person who likes to be what is called "perfect" but lately because of some family business i haven't been able to get my homework done then i started not going to school and i hate myself for that. I've tried to change but those things that i just mentioned keeps coming back at me. so i think of suicide as a way to " restart " everything. although i do not know what will happen to people when they die. some think we turn into angels and live happily ever after or being tortured in hell but what i belief is that i can be reborn again and start fresh and forget about anything. anyways another main reason for killing myself is because i can't find a reason to live for. some people live for the things that they like to do for example it may be a sport, friends, or family but i don't have any of that. my parents think of learning things like sports are a waste of time so they choose absolutely everything i do and what i should act like and more but they have never considered about what i want. before i was a kid without a dream but now ive got one but just recently found that it wasn't allowed so " what exactly am i living for ? "
19 May 2004 Mom This site is very alarming. Suicide is no joke, and a very real issue. If you are considering suicide, GET HELP!
Please!!!!!!!!!! Everyone deserves to be heard and to live!
19 May 2004   tu as fait cette page là pour trouver un bon moyen de te suicider... j'espère vraiment que personne t'a répondu... va là à la place...
19 May 2004 jon Jump in front of a moving car on the way home from school
19 May 2004 kevin Watch TV.
18 May 2004 Carrie McCann tell ur parents ur pregnant with ur granpas baby
18 May 2004 pathetic I tried suicide a few months ago again. Im not sure what number it was this time. See Im such a loser I cant do it. I was almost there this time. But they came and saved me again. The damn hospital with caring eyes (fake Im sure) and the damn charcoal. I truly just dont want to be here and I dont know why I keep living. I just want the pain to stop and the memories. I just want to stop coming around a corner and having someone else who says they love me to lie and hurt me. I feel Im being forced to stay alive as punishment.
18 May 2004 abz grab the jack from your garage shuv it up ure puss and start pumpin till u split in half lmao
18 May 2004 Jess u people need help... seriously, im 23 and never once have i thought about killing myself. yeah sure, life is fucked up at times, but it always gets betta... no matter what u think... it does. seriously... stop thinking about ur self for once n think of who it will effect. imagine if u loved some1 with all ur heart and they killed themselves.... it sux guys.... get help
18 May 2004 RETARDS what the fuk is wrong with you fukkas...listen to urselves! grow up and stop trying to make ppl feel sorry for you, it aint working, were just thinkin bout how much of a loser u's r. if you really think it works, then fuk off n kill 1 will miss a fucked up piece of shit like you!
18 May 2004 QuAck avale un citron et..? non plutot presse un pikachu tres fort et il te livreras une decharge digne de la chaise electrique
18 May 2004 dafne I think the best way is to walk through a highway.
18 May 2004 cody hey im really sorry about the letter i wrote on november 9th 2003 i said all of that shit about killing my self but now iv figured out that it wasnt everyone around me that was making me like that i didnt really think about it but now i know that it is just fuckin retarded to kill your self so please dont do it know matter who you are there is always someone who loves you and would hate to see you die so just think about it not just once or twice think of all the good things in your life try skateboarding thats what i did and it stopped me from trying to kill my self cause i actually was having fun and i had no time to think of all the bad memories cause i was making good memories
17 May 2004 Victoria Wait until your parents go away for a weekend or so. Tell your neighbors (if you know them well) that you're going to be at a friends. Tell your friends and their parents that reguardless of what your own parents said, you are going with them.

Pop a couple of bottles of pills one night, just before you go to bed. Find the strongest ones you can (I'd suggest pain killers, as they knock you out and pretty much prevent you from feeling much pain, not to mention you'll not feel 'up' to struggling in case you're still awake at point and time your heart starts slowing down.

I've thought about suicide quite seriously many times, and have decided pills are the way to go - you can't fail if you take enough and no one knows you're there.

And although I've got practically no reason to want to die (I love my parents, have lots of very close friends, etc), I'm also very afraid of the future. It's almost a phobia, you might say.

That, and at times I feel more alive in my dreams than I do in reality. It's simply the way I think; and I really DON'T belong... i'd be so much happier if I didn't exist.

"Death is not frightening, or uncertain; Life is the one uncertainty, and that makes it frightening."
17 May 2004 Edhelween je crois que tu peux te suicider tout les jours en allant à l'école, c'est une forme de suicide assez lente, vu que les effets nocifs de l'école ne se ressentent qu'après environ une quarantaine d'année, c'est une manière lente et sans douleur, tu commence le début de ton suicide vers 12 ans et plus et vers 80-90 ans, y'a le résultats... Elle est pas belle la mort???
17 May 2004 nian peut etre en se jetant du haut de l'everest... ce doit etre beau de mourir dans les nuages...
17 May 2004 fred faire attention a ses impulsions, le temps est long et c'est tant mieux/pis. l'idéalisme est mort, mais je me demande s'il n'y a pas qu'a supporter et donc a s'abstenir. des gens vous aime, mais... enfin je ne suis toujours pas sur que l'amour idéal n'éxiste pas. des gens vous aime, dites leurs.
17 May 2004 umar im 17 and extremely depressed. im givin exams right now...... i used to b bright that was d thing dat was gonna get me through my life .... but i moved to this new shitty place where i was an outcast coz i was different and i spent a whole yr in depression.... my family is extremely dysfunctional......... i dont even exist...... i lost all my friends... my exams are goin terrible.... i jus wanna die for so many reasons.......... i heard injecting insulin kills u.. i wannna know how much of it is needed.........
i tried cutting my wrists many times...... didnt work. u need too much willpower... when i get bad grades i think ill have d motivation to do it............ till then anybody know anythin bout d insulin thing?

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