Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
18 May 2004 RETARDS what the fuk is wrong with you fukkas...listen to urselves! grow up and stop trying to make ppl feel sorry for you, it aint working, were just thinkin bout how much of a loser u's r. if you really think it works, then fuk off n kill 1 will miss a fucked up piece of shit like you!
18 May 2004 QuAck avale un citron et..? non plutot presse un pikachu tres fort et il te livreras une decharge digne de la chaise electrique
18 May 2004 dafne I think the best way is to walk through a highway.
18 May 2004 cody hey im really sorry about the letter i wrote on november 9th 2003 i said all of that shit about killing my self but now iv figured out that it wasnt everyone around me that was making me like that i didnt really think about it but now i know that it is just fuckin retarded to kill your self so please dont do it know matter who you are there is always someone who loves you and would hate to see you die so just think about it not just once or twice think of all the good things in your life try skateboarding thats what i did and it stopped me from trying to kill my self cause i actually was having fun and i had no time to think of all the bad memories cause i was making good memories
17 May 2004 Victoria Wait until your parents go away for a weekend or so. Tell your neighbors (if you know them well) that you're going to be at a friends. Tell your friends and their parents that reguardless of what your own parents said, you are going with them.

Pop a couple of bottles of pills one night, just before you go to bed. Find the strongest ones you can (I'd suggest pain killers, as they knock you out and pretty much prevent you from feeling much pain, not to mention you'll not feel 'up' to struggling in case you're still awake at point and time your heart starts slowing down.

I've thought about suicide quite seriously many times, and have decided pills are the way to go - you can't fail if you take enough and no one knows you're there.

And although I've got practically no reason to want to die (I love my parents, have lots of very close friends, etc), I'm also very afraid of the future. It's almost a phobia, you might say.

That, and at times I feel more alive in my dreams than I do in reality. It's simply the way I think; and I really DON'T belong... i'd be so much happier if I didn't exist.

"Death is not frightening, or uncertain; Life is the one uncertainty, and that makes it frightening."
17 May 2004 Edhelween je crois que tu peux te suicider tout les jours en allant à l'école, c'est une forme de suicide assez lente, vu que les effets nocifs de l'école ne se ressentent qu'après environ une quarantaine d'année, c'est une manière lente et sans douleur, tu commence le début de ton suicide vers 12 ans et plus et vers 80-90 ans, y'a le résultats... Elle est pas belle la mort???
17 May 2004 nian peut etre en se jetant du haut de l'everest... ce doit etre beau de mourir dans les nuages...
17 May 2004 fred faire attention a ses impulsions, le temps est long et c'est tant mieux/pis. l'idéalisme est mort, mais je me demande s'il n'y a pas qu'a supporter et donc a s'abstenir. des gens vous aime, mais... enfin je ne suis toujours pas sur que l'amour idéal n'éxiste pas. des gens vous aime, dites leurs.
17 May 2004 umar im 17 and extremely depressed. im givin exams right now...... i used to b bright that was d thing dat was gonna get me through my life .... but i moved to this new shitty place where i was an outcast coz i was different and i spent a whole yr in depression.... my family is extremely dysfunctional......... i dont even exist...... i lost all my friends... my exams are goin terrible.... i jus wanna die for so many reasons.......... i heard injecting insulin kills u.. i wannna know how much of it is needed.........
i tried cutting my wrists many times...... didnt work. u need too much willpower... when i get bad grades i think ill have d motivation to do it............ till then anybody know anythin bout d insulin thing?
17 May 2004 elaine Mouchette,
you know what i realised tonight? Nobody on this site of yours tells people about themselves, save that they want to die or that they want to help you with your sorrow. As if we're supposed to get an understanding of their character from that. Sometimes we hear stories, narratives and poems and reasons (all of which are valid) that a given person has for dying. Only, these are all indirect ways of introducing oneself.
And really, aren't we all here looking for understanding?
Thats a coarse way of putting it, but maybe you understand what i mean.
Today im sick to death of ambiguity, so im going to make this understanding thing a little easier.
Im a 17-year old kid, and my names not really elaine. I live in the bible-belt of the united states, only im atheist. I went to Prom last night. I play the bass clarinet in my high school band. I have blonde hair and blue eyes and my favorite authors are Tolstoy, Jane Austen, Salinger, and Kafka. My favorite band is Radiohead.
So thats what i am, and im telling you this not because i enjoy being made vulnerable (what else is telling to unkown people intimate details of my life) but because im sick of feeling like ive got something to hide from. More than that, sick of being afraid of sharing myself.

"At least you know there won't be any goddam ulterior motives in this madhouse. Whatever we are, we're not fishy, buddy."
17 May 2004 Amanda This website is really making me feel awful. I have struggled with depression for at least the past year. I can totally understand how you could want your life to just end, and the pain to go away. I really tried to cover up my pain of depression because I didn't know that I was the "type" of person to be depressed and I didn't want to make my boyfriend and parents feel guilty for not knowing. So I kept on throwing on a smile and trying to laugh a lot. It made me even madder inside that people didn't notice that I was totally faking it all of the was like they didn't even know me. And then it got worse..I felt like I didn't even know myself. I hated what I saw in the mirror and I hated what I felt like inside, which was just nothing at all. I gained about 20 pounds and cried to sleep every night. I finally went to my doctor who I have always gone to and just cried in his office. He said that I had blood sugar problems. I went on the hypoglycemic diet and ended up just feeling crappier and unhappy that it wasn't working. Several months and doctors later, I was diagnosed with depression. I was put on an antidepressant. I expected to feel better instantly, but the pills took months and months to help at all. Gradually, I began to get energy and a little life back. I think that what really helped the most was just to recognize what was happening when I felt down and to just try to not let it keep me down.
I don't want you guys to give up. I want you to keep trying and to find what makes you happy in life. I feel so much better now, even though I know that we all know that depression is something you always struggle with. I want you to know that there are people who care about you and want you to beat this, together as a team. I am someone you can talk to, I want to help you through this.
My , now husband, and I work as youth ministers at our local church. I have seen so many teenagers who are just like me, struggling to put on a good face for everyone else, and saving the pain for when you are alone in your room. You have to find someone you can trust and share your pain with.
God truly can lead you through this time of darkness, I promise.
I am 22, and I am beginning to write a book about a "teenage girl" who battles depression. I think people need to know that you don't have to be from a divorced family and your best friend just died to be depressed. It can happen to anyone at anytime. If you would like to share your story with me, please don't hesitate to e-mail me....Amanda
17 May 2004 Chris Argh, I'm still here, and a bigger loser than ever. I've just lost two pounds and I'm devastated. Yes, I know that that statement makes me sound like the meanest person on earth, after all who could be so upset at losing a couple of pounds. But the fact is, that was two pounds too far when added to the probably hundreds I have lost over the years. I'm not describing the results of a gambling problem or even acute carelesness with money but a complete inability to successfully complete any transaction with a machine. This latest drain on my definitely finite resources came as result of simply wanting to buy an international phone card from an automated vending machine. It came as no surprise that this particular piece of technology ate my two pounds note. I have had a running battle with vending machines since I could reach a chocolate machine with a few quid. I have grown used, over the years, to coming away from these encounters poorer in cash and magnificently unencumbered by the goods or services I was hoping for.

When my mate gives me money to deal with the vending machine in a car park, car parks consistently refuse to let us in and if they do, then as sure as night follows day we will be begging someone to help raise the barrier to let us out. The government health authority could save themselves the trouble of trying to stop me smoking by the simple expediency of making cigarettes only available from machines, at a stroke I would then be totally unable to ever get hands on a packet.

I dare not even contemplate the world of ATM cash machines which everyone else finds so convenient, knowing as I do, that my card will only disappear but my pressing the wrong button I will instantly transfer my meagre savings to some fucking girl's account miraculously (which is just a staging post for it before it then finds itself in the account of a shoe shop)!

So here I am halfway through the first decade of the twenty first century completely in the thrall of inanimate vending machines which continue to cast their evil influence over me and my cash, and as each year passes it becomes increasingly worse... I admit it. The machines have me beaten.

See ya all in hell.
16 May 2004 amber lay in the street and get smashed by a fast moving car.
16 May 2004 brbashr i've been suicidal before, i'm not suicidal now. i survived but i think about death all the time. i smoke a lot of pot and drink sometimes but i'm not alcoholic yet.
the things i've been through changed my way of thinking definitly. i feel like i missed my suicide, i feel like i should be dead. i feel like my home is the VOID, the NULL, i want to COME BACK TO NOTHING just like it was before. because NOW I REMEMBER when i was nothing, before being born and it was good.
So life is a bore, going to nowhere,
i've got nothing to hang on, nothing makes me appreciate life, no-one, i've abandonned the idea of ever finding someone, because there is no one for me. i'm all alone all the time, i hate my friends, i hate everyone, just cause they're too dumb. i'm jealous because i can't be happy and it seems it's only a matter of perception, intelligence whatever..
i don't know from where this neurasthenic tendancy comes from, but i've been like this since i'm 13 and it's always been that way since (im 21 now)

last year i was so down i could have killed myself plenty of times but i didn't because it was my love that i hated so much i didn't want to die with her thinking she was the cause, because i hated her so much
most people have no heart
most people will like to put you down if it's easy
most people are mean for no particular reason (because they're too silly to have a decent reason)

there is the work also. the SOCIETY.
when you get born you're fed and do nothing. then there's the preschool, first socialization attempt.. from the age of 3 to the end -EVERYTHING- IS MADE to -TAME- YOU, everything is made to finally get you to work
so let's continue. you arrive to school, you have to learn lessons, you're beginning to work, it's not hard, but you're working, you still have a lot of free time, because NO ONE WOULD ACCEPT TO WORK LIKE AN ADULT DOES because -IT's NOT HUMAN- .so they have to slightly and slowly put you to work

WHEN you have finish you studies or whatever and you are working. you have been perfectly fooled, perfectly integrated to the society= YOU'RE WORKING SO HARD IT DESTROYS YOUR MIND
you're getting slow, numb, stupid
you're an adult, the worst human being on earth. ADULTS ARE CRAZY
look at any adult, and tell me all these years have not destroyed their head.
look simply at your parents or whoever is an adult. and dare tell me these persons are not insane.

well. too much blah already. the point is; i hate everyone, i hate everything, such incoherence, such stupidity EVERY DAY
i can't handle this. i can't bear anymore to be constantly annoyed by the stupid, i don't want to make stupid things just because everybody does it
(just because everybody does it doesn't mean it's not stupid)
i'll never find someone

this is the difference, that's why this time i'm gonna die for sure, i have no HOPE

if you're suicidal it's not because you're sad, it's because you don't see any hope of being happy one day
things can just get worse. i haven't got hope for a long time now. nothing is going to be better.
the funny thing is that it makes a little story. i knew when i was young that i would die in my 20's

so i'm going to jump off the roof of my house (because i hate my parents too)
if anyone thinks he can stop me. mail
16 May 2004 Taylor People should know I plan on killing myself-y? because I HATE MY LIFE!!!!I am 12 and life still is not all that great so goodbye! I plan on doing exactly what Britney Spears does in her Everytime-music video!
15 May 2004 A person who really likes anti depressants The person who called themself Aloha, depression is often very easy to spot. If everything is ok in your life, you have great friends, you live in paradise..... yet you still think about killing yourself, then it is easy to conclude that you are depressed. You have a medical illness and it can be treated. Well minded people with good friends and good lives do not think about taking their life every day. There is a problem with your brain which makes you think think about death. You need to be on anti depressants.

You can try all that bull shit natural healing crap, but I promise it will not help you. Natural healing may be of use to people who are in need of life style change. You..... your life is good and yet you think about death all the time. Why is that? Because there is something wrong with your brain which natural healing cannot fix. You need medication.
15 May 2004   sometimes I hate you all, sometimes I love all of you. I will die for you if that could make your life any better. I pray to God to take my life if he can make this world a better place. I tried hard to be a good person, and I failed to the holy standard.
15 May 2004 no more tears someone I loved the most died recently, and I cried for an entire night. I reasoned with myself, trying to convince myself that death is simply a happy escape for some people. No matter how I justify it, the pain is neverthless overwhelming. I wish i could have the power to end all sufferings on this planet. I wish I can make each one of you feel the greatest joy in this world, and I wish I was never born at first place. If there is no death, life would be meaningless. If there is no suffering, how can one feel joy? If you have no one whatsoever that cares and love for you in this world, you can do whatever you please. But if there is someone there for you, even if that person could be far away, please be brave and fight whatever makes you feel the way you do. If the worst thing in this world is dying, then you should have nothing to fear about. Fight whatever stands on your way, the worst thing that could happen is that you die, which is what you wanted at the first place.
15 May 2004 farah franchement vous étes fou sur ce site!!!! vous poussez les gens a se suicider
15 May 2004 jouya dear all
i'm jouya student of university of tehran(iran), 20 year, single ,male,
i 'm not smoking, not drink, homosexual ,etc
i want to die
in other words i dont know HOW TO LIVE (while everyone considers me a good right and successful boy

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