Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Apr 2004 eric Go to Falluja, Iraq.
22 Apr 2004 rodrigo haber cabrones pus yo creo que, golpeandote duramente contra un micro en marcha, eso me resulta efectivo, y limpío, pero tambien hay otra forma, vengan conmigo y pasamos una ultima noche agradable y amanecen muertos ^_^
21 Apr 2004 ronwelthy C'est encore moi, Ronwelthy, le pauvre gars célibataire qui est toujours à chercher la fille des ses rêves que cela soit dans les mangas, dans les films, mais dans la réalité, jamais!!. Pourquoi, tous simplement parceque le quotidien, n'offre que très peu de part au rêve, qu'il nous confine dans un rôle qui ne révèle qu'une très petite partie de nous même aux autres.
Alors ils nous voient comme nous ne voudrions pas qu'ils nous voient.
Ils (les autres) n'ont qu'un aspect de notre personnalité..

Mais cela présente aussi des avantages, car que de blessures l'on aurait si l'on montrait notre sensibilité à tout le monde, que de coups de couteau l'on se ramasserait, et combien saignerions nous! Car voilà, notre société est ainsi faite que chacun cherche à prendre la place de celui qui est au dessus de lui, tout en n'oubliant pas de frapper celui qui est en dessous.

Alors les gens se protègent, se font des carapaces et l'artificiel remplace le naturel et l'on se cache derrière des sentiments qui ne nous ressemblent pas.

Tout n'est que déguisement ici et seul notre souffrance est vraie.
21 Apr 2004 Andrew Ferguson Slit both wrists while standing on the edge of a very tall building. As you lose blood you will become light-headed and dizzy, and eventually fall off the building to your death.
21 Apr 2004 Max This week the surrealist taught me a new trick.

Automatic writing is easy to do and can provide you with a new way to be able to see and analyze your own thoughts. Why not pick any random letter.. say 't', and start writing words that begin with that letter. Write every thought that comes into your head as fast as you can, not censoring anything. You will stop using the letter you choose pretty soon, but this is alright, that was just to get you started.

The results are often random words for a long time, but eventually it will sometimes start to turn into something. If you feel like it post some lines that you liked afterwards.

I tried this not long ago. Reading the results afterwards I found there were actually some great lines to ponder mixed up in it.

My air fills with lungs, I'm not drowning.

These stairs keep walking up making me have to walk them back down again.

My mom once told me not to play with the cracks when standing on breaking ice.

Smoke tastes like cherry when there is nothing you want more than to kill yourself.
20 Apr 2004 Fat To the dude who calls himself "I need a hug" you need to go in to therapy. You say you need someone to talk to who understands, that what a therapist is for. They deal with suicidal people and self mutilating people all the time. You say there's no reason for you to be like this, that you're naturally smart and good looking. The reason you are like this is because you are depressed and possibly a few other things, and you need help. Yes there is a very good reason you are like this, YOU ARE DEPRESSED and it WILL NOT go away without treatment. You say you wish you had medication, go to a doctor and get some!! You say they wouldn't believe you?? Are you serious? You are not alone!! Why don't you ask and find out if they wouldn't believe you. So you're afraid people will think you're not right or something? Guess what, YOU'RE NOT RIGHT!!!!! but you can get better. You need to get help, and who cares what people think. It's more important that you get yourself better so you can live a healthy and happy life. You say you try to make yourself feel happy but it just makes you feel worse... that is because you are depressed and it is not possible for you to feel happy on your own, you need treatment.
20 Apr 2004 peacefrog fall asleep and float to the stars
20 Apr 2004 steven First of all without judgement, i think people should look at their life carefully and see if it's really worth killing yourself... I am 15 and live in florida. I lost my dad at the age of 7 and from then i've been a wreck... i've tried to forget all the bad memories. U ask, "what is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?" Well, first of all i think u shouldn't be thinkin' about that when u're under 13. If u do, please find help. 2nd if anyone is goin' to kill themselves let it be 15 and above. I mean doing it when you are so so young would be horrendous for your family and catastrophic for all the people that know you and friends. Be happy now that you're young. Sadly i can't say that about myself. I've tried to kill myself several of times. I've tried slitting my wrist and neck till i bleed to death, but always found on the right time and sent to the hospital. Or when i've tried to intoxicate or overdose myself... found again.. it's been a catastrophe. So i'm here living my life i guess and waiting for anything to happen, good or bad. So have hope everyone and good luck.
19 Apr 2004 Lavale Join a terrorist group. Become a child bomb
19 Apr 2004 Cyril manger des petits hameçons coulés dans du caramel
19 Apr 2004 Fabrizio Mmmmmm... let's see... under 13...
Well, if you are a boy, you can pretend you are superman, and jump from a building... if you are a girl try to walk at night in a dangerous neighborhood. That should be effective.
18 Apr 2004 Al ask for your parent's help
18 Apr 2004 StrawberryxGashes Im sorry but this website dus actually kick ass!! Lol it has made me realize how bad my life isnt and how much even tho i stil want 2 hurt myself and will continue doing so dont want 2 die! i hate the way people are saying stuff like oh y wud u want 2 do this and y is this webside here! Well people who do this... GO AWAY!!!!!!!! This is a website for people who have no1 2 tlk 2 about this because people just dont listen! Its because they dont understand and niether did i at one point but now i do and i know how it feels and if ne1 wants 2 tlk not about trying 2 sort things out because i know how hard it is and stuff but just about nething in general please email me! I care and i understand cos were all in the same boat! This is my email addy
Do it!!!!!! Luv Sam xxxxx
17 Apr 2004 kat all my pain, ive blamed on life. but after years of the same shit maybe the problem doesnt lie within life and what is around me but rather within me. i am the problem. the only person to blame for all my pain is ultimately me. so do i kill myself beacuse i dont know how to handle life or do i live and hate myself every waking moment, trying not to escape to the pleasures of my razor? i am nothing. i dont matter. but there are people in my life who dont want me to die for their own selfish reasons, they dont want to take responsibilty and they dont want to feel pain. so the reason for my life is to spare everyone else from guilt? when i cried out for help no one came and even now nobody answers, eventually i will have to give up and then they will feel bad and nod their head and go poor girl she was so messed up. when the entire time they could have helped me, couldve given me a shoulder to lean on. the point is in the game of life i LOSE. i give up. you win.
16 Apr 2004 Pink Boy Phil No no no Mouchette, dont you start sending me links to rogue webpages again. Last time that happened, I was treated to a picture of an emourmous arse. What could it possibly be this time...? An enormous poosy perhaps? Sorry, but I will never, EVER be a straight poosy lover.

I am pure Pink Boy.
16 Apr 2004 Mitch Nelson I have lead a pretty good life, I have friends, family support. This depression is killing me, slowly but surely I am losing this fight, I know that I am going to die. And in fact I want to die. This feeling of hoplessness is drowning out my life. I can't be like this anymore, this world is no place for me. I hate to say, I don't have a reason to be here, I never have, and I never will. Soon I will be dead, I can feel it. My life has turned to shit and it's all my fault. I can be a man and take the blame for my life, hopefully it will be painless. See you on the other side.
16 Apr 2004 i need a hug i dont think i want to commit suicide... i just dont like myself to be happy... theres no reason for me to be like this... im naturally smart have some good friends im not ugly... i did have a lot of close people die and i cry about them a lot but still i dont see why i should die... but the feelings always here... ive cut myself when the pain was really bad which i seem to do all this in the shower... like just a girl i guess something about being in the water just makes it easier and more secret it seems... broken razor blades work well theyre really sharp... also burning helps it seems... also i think im kinda schizophrenic... when im alone my mind tells me there are people around me trying to get me and kill me... its some of the worst fear ive ever felt in my life... almost like knowing you are going to die right in that instant and having no control over it at all... i dont think i will kill myself but i dont feel like lifes worth living... i dont understand why im here and like why am i me and not someone else... and why do i matter if as soon as i die ill be forgotten... if not as soon as then eventually... my parents dont know anything about me... just today has my mom started to notice something was wrong but then she just asked if someone was being mean to me at school... they just dont get it... i see plenty of reason to live and i think thats the only thing that changes my mind when i get so far gone... but watching the blood drip down my leg just makes me want to do it more... its like one cut isnt enough... like i shouldnt be feeling the way i do and i should be punished for it... i wish i had medication or something but i cant tell anyone... they wouldnt believe me... ask for a psychiatrist? i dont think that would work either... i think it would hurt my parents... like i was not right or something... and i try to make myself be happy but it just makes me feel worse... like itll work for a while but then ill need to make myself sad again... i have made myself throw up before but i didnt enjoy it that much... the only thing that makes me happy is being with someone who i love and loves me back or being with someone whos just cool haha... and i like getting away from everything but sitting on my own and thinking sucks cause then i just think about all thats gone wrong and i cant help it... i feel crazy... i just need someone to talk to who understands... and a hug...
16 Apr 2004 Dee The best way to kill yourself is to slit yur throat with the metal top of a canned food jar..... ouch
16 Apr 2004 Amy Bring a Gun to school. "accidently" shoot yourself
16 Apr 2004 Chris Hey Mouchette, I should be honoured to be offered this work of art... but I really don't know (probably you offered it to different people you fancied)! Some questions: When did you start it? Why did you start it? Has it developed the way you wanted it to? Are you happy with it? Why do you want to give it away? Did someone else give it to you or where it all your ingenous, original idea? Is it difficult to run a site? Is it free of charge (If not, look for someone else cos I cannot afford any money to run sites!)? How many times a week do you update to keep it alive the way you do? Do you recieve your e-mails in your normal account or is there a completely different account dedicated to this thing only? Is it traceable to any country, any account, any person in the world? Is it totally legal? How serious are threats of people threatening to sue or press charges on mouchette or trying to close down the site? Can they actually get the power of doing that? Will it be only me or do other people can have access to editing the site? What will be the control and what can I actually do on the site and what do I need? And why did you choose to ask me of all people? I don't know what else to ask. Some of the questions may look stupid to you but I don't have an idea of what running a site entails. You'll probably think I'm incompetent for running the site cos of certain questions but well, you chose me!!! Writing your shit on a message board is one thing and controlling the whole site is a totally different ball game! Any necessary or helpful info added apart from the answers of the questions above will be appreciated. I'm not sure but the way you ran and took care of the site shows that although there's the fun part, the irony, etc you took it quite seriously. So i guess you would want me to continue in your vein. If I take it, its gonna be for a week or so as a trial at first to see how it goes on... And now the Big question which will probably never be answered. Who the fuck are you Mouchette? hehe

P.S. Naturally, this is not to be posted on the site!!!

Thanks for your co-operation!

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