Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Jun 2004 trev This is how my sister killed herself, she took a water hose and shoved it down her throut while it was on full blast, she blew up like a ballon and eventually she litterally burts her insides came out everywhere, to bad she did this at my neighbours bar-mitzbah after party in the pool and she got blood and her insides all over the was amazing her that POP and seeing a shower of blood on everything..oh yeah HOLD ON... dont let go....keep choking your self!! c'mon YOU CAN DO IT!!
07 Jun 2004 sucidalmonkey " get over it" you have no fuckin clue so go screw your self!!!!
I am 16 and i am an adopted kid of this old lady who says she cares but puts me to work like a slave. She even calls me that sometimes her "slave" so don't tell us shit ok? "get over it", were you too afraid to give your email address ?????????????????
07 Jun 2004 angsthammer go on a camp with a priest a teacher and an older uncle. then wait until you are old enough to understand your decision, then wait a bit longer until you see the futility of killing yourself. if you think you should be dead you should understand that its better to suffer until old age. thats true suffering.
07 Jun 2004 scott i feel that as i am a citizen of the united states of america, i am entitled to my own opinion, i also believe that other ppl r 2. but if i ever happen to meet the person named "get over it" on the street, ill kill em. i suffer from clinical depression, and the meds dont help, and y is it that ppl who give up living because of depression rnt treated the same as ppl who give up living because of cancer?
05 Jun 2004 Gingerbread Man Lie awake at night. Remember every time when you didn't do what you should've, because you were lazy, or embarassed. Think of how pathetic it is that you're contemplating suicide. Make sure all those revealing poems and diary entries you've written are burnt, and write a few more, as eloquently as you can, so you know that when you die, people will have something to remember you by- otherwise, how do you know they'll remember you? Next, think about the time when you'll throw yourself in front of a train. But of course, it's never worth getting up at midnight, to walk all that way to the train line. So maybe you should go onto the internet, and ask people if you should commit suicide, because you're so empty, and lonely...

Alternatively, you could funnel all that emotion into something else... start a band, or write stories or film that people empathise with. Make some money that way. Become a FIGURE. Then commit suicide. Drugs overdose is always good. Or a gun. Or you could coat yourself in petrol, go into the middle of a cathedral, or church service, and start playing with matches. Swallow some petrol. Ram your head into the computer monitor you're using to read this- after all, all that electricity and glass? you're sure to die.. Or maybe you don't want to die- you just don't want that feeling of emptiness, and you just *know* that there's no-one else you can talk to. But there is. And this is where you are. Here. So TALK. (maybe it's a good plan not to ramble too much....)
05 Jun 2004 The Gay Punk i'm baaack

but then no one probably remembers me coz the old crowd here all probably got wiped out.

speaking of i'm back: my suicidal thoughts are back. for those who don't want me to die: it's okay. i found my purpose in life. i wanna be famous. that'll keep me for long. but for the longest time i feel crappy and i feel like throwing my life away.

remember derrick...uggh. why do i still love him? the last time he came back was march and that was awkward.
05 Jun 2004 billy the freak if mouchette had a soundtrack it would be the album that played and played till it burned a tiny bit of information somewhere in the information soup that brews in my head. i would play it till the beat in my step, the pulse in my vains runs in syncronized waves to the bass line. it will be the music that gets me jiggly and wiggly till i want to dance. it would be what i pump through my head phones at night to put me to sleep...

i had a dream i was walking through a museum that had all the existing dali paintings on display. strangely i was the person in the hall enjoying these masterful works of surrealism.
the walls started to creak and bend, grone and twist till all the walls and all the paintings formed a huge sphere around me. the sphere started to spin so rapidly that the paintings no longer had any definition. they started to mix and churn. then the sphere slowed down to where i could see again. somehow all the paintings joined together to to create this vast concave world. i floated to the ground for what seamed an eternity. when i finally came close enough to define the landscapes, i saw lakes that seemed to float above the ground, mountains that took the form of human bodies, trees that if i looked at them right side up i would see a heard of stomping elephants. if i where to spin upside down (which i did many time as i fell) it looked as if it were a group of beautiful swans. if i looked directly in the middle all saw was trees. sudenlly i fell past an circus elephant, before i knew it i hit a huge pile of grasshoppers.
they all jumped away from me leaving me unhurt and standing on the ground. i looked all around. the first thing i noticed was the elephant i passed on the way down. it was at least one hundred feet in the air walking on what seemed to be stilts, on further inspection they where the beasts legs. i saw that the monster was walking my way and was bound to pass over me. remembering my days as billy the shit boy when i cleaned up after elephants in the circus, i decided move in case the the giant wanted to relieve itself. i looked at my watch and it started to get flacid the numbers melted into the face plate. the hands spinned so rapidly they spinned right off and in the air. eventually the watch just dripped of my wrist. i guess that is why they call dali's paintings timeless. well, since time was no object i decided to look around...

to be continued
05 Jun 2004 Adam Barclay Rose I don't want to commit suicide but i want to come close to it. How do i do that? What are the best pills to take? OH sorry i better tell you my story first. WELL, i am 17 at the moment in the middle of my HSC of which i dont give a flying fuck whether i go good or bad! And well basically i haven't had any traumatic experiences, and that's the main problem. I have spent my whole life looking for moments in time, or people to blame for my depression but i can barely find any reason. I basically just want something to happen ANYTHING AT ALL! I have never really had a proper girl friend, other than one 3 years ago or so and recently i had the chance to ask someone out and i didn't want them. So i've realised now that I AM the asshole i always imagined i'd be. I'm just like my dad, and by the way he's still on "holiday" for the past 12 years now. No one has died in my life. I hate that fact. Is it wrong for me to want someone to die ANYONE my mum my sister a close friend (not that i have any because EVERYBODY treats me like shit). I want to sit alone at lunch but i can't because i want to still have hope. I hate my family especially my mum. I do so much and i never get any thank yous or ever feel as though what i have done meant anything to anyone. Everybody has told me that i am "such a nice person" WELL I DON'T WANT TO FUCKING WELL BE NICE. I want to be like that guy out of cruel intentions (mainly because he dies in the end). Does suicide count if someone else kills you and you don't try to stop it. Coz that would be kool. One of my friend's dad tried to commit suicide last week and i dont wan't to be like him. Suicide only has an effect when you're a teenager. And if i did commit suicide wouldn't all my friends get given special consideration during hsc. See i would be helping people. And i was gonna run away from home anyway. I also recently started smoking, i'm not addicted and i hate it but hey i'm dying anyway. I said to myself THAT ON 19th JUNE at 9:00 i will commit suicide. So how long will it take for me to die if i swallow a hell of a lot of pills, and which are the best ones to take. I wish that i could bring myself to commit suicide right now. But i can't hmmm..... what other stuff has fucked up in my life.... Well i'm hideously ugly, everybody hates me my family sux and basically I'M BORED OF LIFE. Oh and we get our formal invitations soon. Of course i have noone to take, and the only chance i have is someone i dont like in anyway. ALL I WANT IS A GF is that too much to ask? Well i guess i have 14 more days left to live. What would you do if you had 14 days to live?
05 Jun 2004 crazy james hello all. i must now speak my true voice. no more covering up a retarded brain with big words. i have a mental illness. it is a lapse in perspection. recently i have gained but a little amount and i know now that suicide is not the answer. mouchette: nothing could cause a sweet penaltly like suicide. most commit suicide for relief from pain, and relief is a feeling, you must be alive to feel it. SEEK PERSPECTIVE all your problems seem small with perspective. seek its true meaning.
05 Jun 2004 crazy james what whithered soul of heartened heart may cast his gaze upon true love
but faint is the feeling
perspection is perfection
05 Jun 2004 Ash when you really wanna die kill someone else
05 Jun 2004 Get Over It There is so much self pity in here that it makes ME wan't to kill myself! All i read is "nobody cares about me" and blah blah blah. Well no fucking wonder nobody cares about you, you are a bunch of whiney fucking babies addicted to pity. Who the fuck wants to be around that? You are the authors of your own misfortune. It's your choice to be happy or not, so do something about it, nobody is going to do it for you, it's not because they don't want to or they don't care about you it's because they can't, it's up to you. So if you want to go kill yourself that's your choice but, how far is that really going to get you?
Do you think people will feel bad and blame themselves? Maybe thats what you want. Well they might but you will never know because you will be DEAD! And you can't come back. Will it really be worth it? The answer is NO. So why don't you suck it up and put as much effort in to being happy as you do into being miserable because happiness isn't free you have to work for it just like everybody else.
05 Jun 2004   take a 1 gallons of gasoline, drink 1 quaters of it then go abot 50 feet make a line of gas,to your stomach, stab a hole in your stomache have a buddy lite the gas at the other end of the line,watch the fire drive up towards you and boooooooooooom.bye bye see you in the next world. or to make it interesting, or if your a stoner like me take the gas and make a cool cicrle or or wierd designs so on the way to your death wish you can see cool and wierd shapes. :)
05 Jun 2004 iggi Well Im 13 and it sucks! my life sucks! my dad gets home drunk and yells at my mom and leaves again. my mom. and she hates me 2 she makes me do shit and my fucking friends are gay.
I DONT KNOW WUT IM GONNA DO. i've attempted suicide twice. The first i tried hanging myself and the fucking hook fell off and i almost broke my fucking knee i did it with one of those damn car pulling strings. the second time i tried the same thing but with a belt and damn it worked good but my damn mom came in like in 5 seconds DAMN IT. well she saved me. im fucking scared of pills but i think i should try iy or cutting myself or sometin well im off to trying again gotta think more k bye.
04 Jun 2004 crazyjames Precision in itself is a lie. There is no divine supernatural being. Emotion is a colossal joke, in all of its glory it is nothing more than a misapprehensional delusion of exposed weakness.
04 Jun 2004 crazy james Mouchette, I am repentant for not adding any genuine contribution and only recounting my personal, individual tribulations. Leap from a elevated structure, alone and silent, slay yourself but don't taint the existences of others in the process.
04 Jun 2004 crazy james Some already know. attempts at premature anything fail ceaslessly. life is not like "boy meets world"
04 Jun 2004 crazy james i was so stupid... a fool. it has been explained that people lie but i never expected it still. bring me to my knees and kill yourself in the process. decide the problem and win self respect
04 Jun 2004 crazy james People who could pretend... believe in others and freedom from weakness she never knew. As plain as black and white we are the elite, the best of the worst, the select few that choose to express feelings in words first, then actions unlike the modern devils that humans have become
04 Jun 2004 crazy james Precision in itself is a lie. There is no divine supernatural being. Emotion is a colossal joke, in all of its glory it is nothing more than a misapprehensional delusion of exposed weakness.

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