Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
15 May 2004 A person who really likes anti depressants The person who called themself Aloha, depression is often very easy to spot. If everything is ok in your life, you have great friends, you live in paradise..... yet you still think about killing yourself, then it is easy to conclude that you are depressed. You have a medical illness and it can be treated. Well minded people with good friends and good lives do not think about taking their life every day. There is a problem with your brain which makes you think think about death. You need to be on anti depressants.

You can try all that bull shit natural healing crap, but I promise it will not help you. Natural healing may be of use to people who are in need of life style change. You..... your life is good and yet you think about death all the time. Why is that? Because there is something wrong with your brain which natural healing cannot fix. You need medication.
15 May 2004   sometimes I hate you all, sometimes I love all of you. I will die for you if that could make your life any better. I pray to God to take my life if he can make this world a better place. I tried hard to be a good person, and I failed to the holy standard.
15 May 2004 no more tears someone I loved the most died recently, and I cried for an entire night. I reasoned with myself, trying to convince myself that death is simply a happy escape for some people. No matter how I justify it, the pain is neverthless overwhelming. I wish i could have the power to end all sufferings on this planet. I wish I can make each one of you feel the greatest joy in this world, and I wish I was never born at first place. If there is no death, life would be meaningless. If there is no suffering, how can one feel joy? If you have no one whatsoever that cares and love for you in this world, you can do whatever you please. But if there is someone there for you, even if that person could be far away, please be brave and fight whatever makes you feel the way you do. If the worst thing in this world is dying, then you should have nothing to fear about. Fight whatever stands on your way, the worst thing that could happen is that you die, which is what you wanted at the first place.
15 May 2004 farah franchement vous étes fou sur ce site!!!! vous poussez les gens a se suicider
15 May 2004 jouya dear all
i'm jouya student of university of tehran(iran), 20 year, single ,male,
i 'm not smoking, not drink, homosexual ,etc
i want to die
in other words i dont know HOW TO LIVE (while everyone considers me a good right and successful boy
15 May 2004 ronwelthy Mourir pour ne plus voir le pire
Mourir parce que la vie est triste
Mourir quand on n'a aucune piste
Mourir car je ne peut plus écrire

Alors je part,
vers nul part
vers ce pays inconnu
ou la douleur a disparu
Ce pays
15 May 2004 Aloha I'm 16, I have great friends, I live in paradise (Hawaii). But there's not a day that goes by i don't think of suicide... I can be the happiest person on earth, but then i see myself hanging from the ceiling smiling... I have tried overdose, my insides are all fucked up and my parents wonder why? Hanging myself or about to is hard or maybe I'm just weak but i can't do it... I know I'm gonna die from suicide, one day I'm just gonna snap and drive my car of Kokee and enjoy the view down.
14 May 2004 DAVID i dno really some 1 tell me

14 May 2004 Life i really don't know how Death feels about me. She sure hangs around a lot. i told her that i thought our friendship was shallow, not really deep-rooted, and that it wasn't really satisfying to me because we never talk.
i told her how i felt trapped, with no room to grow. Death got mad and hurt and said she didn't know what i was talking about and that she didn't want to discuss it anymore.
i can't expand because she won't let her mind expand with mine. i feel like i'm dragging around a dead weight. She's intelligent, but i think more than she does. About different things, maybe. She's good company and has a practical head but she just doesn't understand me. Lots of people fail to understand me. They always have reasons for things and expect me to have reasons, too. i'm impulsive. i don't always give a lot of thought to the things i do or say.

Sometimes the beauty of Death makes me want to cry.
14 May 2004 Rémi P.-Girard Se trancher la jugulaire avec un couteau de boucher et/ou une machette.
14 May 2004 YouGetNoName Anyone looking at this site, LEAVE NOW it's a complete crock of shit.
This is... demented to say the least. I mean, are you a complete idiot??? Do you get your jollies by messing with people's MINDS? This site should be nuked from existence, you sicko
14 May 2004 waiting to die ive been in love with this gurl but me and her have been apart for some time now but i still have feelings for her and i cant seem to remove her from my thoughts at nite. she has been with this other guy and i know hes not right for her and when i get depressed i drink alot and then i call her and she gets mad at me and ive fought her boyfriend so many times over me calling her and expressing my love to her and i just dont know what to do anymore i have just taken 30 tripple Cs coricidin pills and mayb i wont wake up tomorrow because life is a fuckin joke
14 May 2004 Snails survived slowly After a pleasantly pointless day, I lay down and wandered. Far, far away.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, white;
water, desert, translucent gel, glass at night.
Snails, feet, hide out from the ocean on crab street!

Out with the next two exhalations of air
went the excess of energy that caused thoughts to blaire.
Slowly now I crept round in my head,
slithering and squirming, staying still in my bed.
The imaginary creatures there
I could now see - and even hear what they said:

“Don’t step on the cracks when standing on breaking ice”
a motherly pair of legs warned.
“If you stand underwater, wear something nice”
a fatherly wolf-like animal scorned.

An old man melted away and left a clock.
Pouting giants the color of the sky mock.
People line up and wait for wednesday.
In the group there is one whom I used to know.

“Tambourine talk takes so much time.
How much smoother it slides to crush bugs
and have you interpret the patterns.”
But soon I felt guilty for what I had said.
So guilty that my hand turned to glass
and I almost wanted to be away from here, back in bed.
I jumped underwater, hoping my life would pass.
But when my last seconds I was counting
“My air fills with lungs, I’m not drowning”

Finally I awoke, a little more aware
things are real because they are believed to be
and this thought took away all reason to despair.
13 May 2004 Amanda I am 17 years old. I am tired of death and suicide. My cousin committed suicide and it hurt my family very much. He never did seem like one to do it. I'm sorry for those of you who have lost a loved one to suicide or are thinking of doing it yourself. Just last night a Freshman at my high school committed suicide. It hurt EVERYONE. Even those who never show pain. We are all in mourning for him and his young life that he took away. He didn't have very many friends, yet he still never seemed to do such a thing as that. He played bass clarinet for our band. The band hall was more quiet than ever today. All you could hear was silence full of tears, sniffles, and saddness. Those of you who feel pleasure from trying to kill the future of our youth have problems. If you think your life isn't worth saving then seek help. And those of you who think that it's great to watch others who are highly vulnerable in a time of hurt, pain and sadness then i say to you ROT IN HELL. You are the problem and you are the one who needs more help then they do. To take your life is a mortal sin. God will Judge you and decide if Heaven is your home. This is a serious issue and should not be made fun of. You have no idea unto how it feels to lose a loved one or a close friend until it happens to you. And if it does (which i pray to God it doesn't) then i hope you have learned and felt the pain we all have gone through. My friend was reading this and this website has angered him greatly. We are both disgusted over all of you sick bastards who think a person's presious life is a game. Once again I along with my friend Michael hope all of you sickos rot in hell. I will see if there is a way to get this website off the internet and put up a more and educational resource. The creators of this website will be subject to their own punishment as well, if not in court then in the afterlife. And to those of you who really seek help . . . e-mail me and i will do my best or suggest someone I know who can help you more. God Bless and may you all live in the love of the Lord. His love is everlasting and he's always there for you. Take care and God Bless.
13 May 2004 pierrot le fou euh... je dirai... dévisagement avec les ongles, puis on fini avec acide aciéique... ouai ça sonne bien pour une bonne fin de semaine entre amis...
13 May 2004 sandra the best way to kill yourself is to just hang yourself in a closet with a belt but you are dumb enough to even try to kill yourself
13 May 2004 Rock on dude prens un exacto et enlève toi petit bout de peau par petit bout de peau jusqu'a ce que tu soir rendu au muscle et ensuite perfore toi le coeur avec une petite aiguille et fais-en une passoire
13 May 2004 Brad Hello yall, i want to react on all those people out there who are consider taking their own lives as the only solution, i know how you feel, i've been there as well. The constant pain, the shame, day in day out, and then what follows is feeling nothing, the same thoughts in your head all the time, which you cant put away or let go, the whole fuckin time. Yeah depression can be a killer, i know. Next thing what happens is you start losing your friends, and start getting negative reactions from the people around you, then you decide to leave go to another place start al over again, and the in the beginning your problems seem to have vanished, but at a certain point you recognise the same pattern developing again, the same movie different players,the same fear of not fitting in, the same fear of standin alone in the breaks, desperatly trying to stand with some people, so no one will recognise your lonely. and its only a matter of time and your right back at the beginning again. up to a certain point you are able to put it away bury it sonewhere deep down your soul. you can feel the rush coming, the gates of hell being opened, your put all your effort to supress it, until your tired, tired of this burden this pain and sorrow this weight on your soul, staring at the wall, smoking the same cigarette, trying your let go this ame thoughts over and over, until you realise, how long this nonsense has been keeping you busy. Then you decide to end your own life, because simply whatever you trie doenst make you normal, you almost lose you emotions, lose yourself, you just figure that you just suck, you were born to be loser, maybe its really better end your life.
but there is a way out, beacause you got yourself in this situation so you can get yourself out of it also. Just talk about it, write your shit down, then you realise how little it was what you were worrying about, and if your bullied, dont blame yourself, the best treatment for depression is going up to one of your bullies and beat the crap outta him or her. It 100 more effective than endless talks with your shrink, a lifetime using of prozac. I know how yall feel the constant fear of getting bullied again, laughed at, trying to hide yourself every break. But dont kill yourself, kill the person who caused you to feel anxious, to be humiliated. And you chose for that you chose to hide youself, to fear and to hide, well you can as well chose differently by standing up for yourself, give this bully a punch in his face and telling him to fuck off, see for yourself, what is one punch compared to years this same shitty depression.
Make up your mind.
12 May 2004 jen Nothing because u don't kill urself 4 something which can be fixed. think b4 u act! if u really wanna then jump off a bridge and land in water then swim back up!
12 May 2004 Mergon Tadt Early this morning, there came a dream so confrontational, so disturbing to something ... deep inside me that i awoke abruptly.
It was a dream of questions.

In the dream, i was in front of a computer with a bold and severe skeletal key pad and a large flat monitor that floated in the air in front of my face. i was typing a document when my finger slipped - accidentally hitting a key that was a command to open up a black and white film made on a handheld camera. Suddenly the unsteady image of a road in the countryside is in front of me on the screen from the perspective of the front seat of a convertible sedan going very fast. We pass farm workers in baggy clothing and berets sprawled in the back of horsedrawn carts. There is a narrator speaking in Polish and French and then guttural broken language that morphs into English. With the backdrop of blurred trees and white buildings, the camera angle shifts left to the driver of the convertible. The woman turns her head slowly and deliberately towards the camera, directly to my face, as she stops speaking.

A churning cold is in my gut. Fears, denial, the sense of who i am, what i've done in my life, "keeping my distance" - and what i think i "control" and so is all i "have" stare at me with hard black-rimmed eyes.

Here is an excerpt of what she said to me:

Go into yourself . And what will you find there? That it is impossible to arrive safely and with everything in order? Instead of spinning your wheels in dirt, do you have the courage?
Go in and own it.

Own all of it.

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