Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
05 Jun 2004 crazy james what whithered soul of heartened heart may cast his gaze upon true love
but faint is the feeling
perspection is perfection
05 Jun 2004 Ash when you really wanna die kill someone else
05 Jun 2004 Get Over It There is so much self pity in here that it makes ME wan't to kill myself! All i read is "nobody cares about me" and blah blah blah. Well no fucking wonder nobody cares about you, you are a bunch of whiney fucking babies addicted to pity. Who the fuck wants to be around that? You are the authors of your own misfortune. It's your choice to be happy or not, so do something about it, nobody is going to do it for you, it's not because they don't want to or they don't care about you it's because they can't, it's up to you. So if you want to go kill yourself that's your choice but, how far is that really going to get you?
Do you think people will feel bad and blame themselves? Maybe thats what you want. Well they might but you will never know because you will be DEAD! And you can't come back. Will it really be worth it? The answer is NO. So why don't you suck it up and put as much effort in to being happy as you do into being miserable because happiness isn't free you have to work for it just like everybody else.
05 Jun 2004   take a 1 gallons of gasoline, drink 1 quaters of it then go abot 50 feet make a line of gas,to your stomach, stab a hole in your stomache have a buddy lite the gas at the other end of the line,watch the fire drive up towards you and boooooooooooom.bye bye see you in the next world. or to make it interesting, or if your a stoner like me take the gas and make a cool cicrle or or wierd designs so on the way to your death wish you can see cool and wierd shapes. :)
05 Jun 2004 iggi Well Im 13 and it sucks! my life sucks! my dad gets home drunk and yells at my mom and leaves again. my mom. and she hates me 2 she makes me do shit and my fucking friends are gay.
I DONT KNOW WUT IM GONNA DO. i've attempted suicide twice. The first i tried hanging myself and the fucking hook fell off and i almost broke my fucking knee i did it with one of those damn car pulling strings. the second time i tried the same thing but with a belt and damn it worked good but my damn mom came in like in 5 seconds DAMN IT. well she saved me. im fucking scared of pills but i think i should try iy or cutting myself or sometin well im off to trying again gotta think more k bye.
04 Jun 2004 crazyjames Precision in itself is a lie. There is no divine supernatural being. Emotion is a colossal joke, in all of its glory it is nothing more than a misapprehensional delusion of exposed weakness.
04 Jun 2004 crazy james Mouchette, I am repentant for not adding any genuine contribution and only recounting my personal, individual tribulations. Leap from a elevated structure, alone and silent, slay yourself but don't taint the existences of others in the process.
04 Jun 2004 crazy james Some already know. attempts at premature anything fail ceaslessly. life is not like "boy meets world"
04 Jun 2004 crazy james i was so stupid... a fool. it has been explained that people lie but i never expected it still. bring me to my knees and kill yourself in the process. decide the problem and win self respect
04 Jun 2004 crazy james People who could pretend... believe in others and freedom from weakness she never knew. As plain as black and white we are the elite, the best of the worst, the select few that choose to express feelings in words first, then actions unlike the modern devils that humans have become
04 Jun 2004 crazy james Precision in itself is a lie. There is no divine supernatural being. Emotion is a colossal joke, in all of its glory it is nothing more than a misapprehensional delusion of exposed weakness.
03 Jun 2004 fuck'd the main reason i want to kill myself is because the one person in my life i've ever loved told me she loves me more than anything and wants 2 b together 4ever and now she says she doesn't love me anymore and i don't want to live anymore
03 Jun 2004 ^mightX i have a big problem, i really dont want 2 live but i cant just get myself 2 jump off a bridge. i even went so far as 2 take sleeping pills and fall asleep on the edge of the bridge but i can just do it and i know that means i kinda must want 2 live but i really dont and im a fucking little wuss and just want a painless way 2 do it bcuz im a pussy so help me out
03 Jun 2004 ash i just read what someone wrote about cutting to kill yourself and thats fucking retarded it takes too much work to fill the bathtub with cold water and then slice yurself deep enough in the right place to actually die from it. cut yourself to make yurself feel beter but if yu wana die yu might as well jump off a bridge it would be much simpler.
03 Jun 2004 Ash ok people i dont know if yu know how retarded some of yu sound maybe yu should read these a couple days after yu wrote them im not sayin yu dont want to die but maybe yur not thinking of how a few years makes a diference and all of the things yu will miss out on and all thats left to learn in life when i was in middle skool i thought i new it all already and knew what killing myself would to me and my friends i dunno just some thoughts for yu and if yu have a bigger problem then yu have no friends and yu lost yur bf or gf then email me to talk but if yu email and i think its bullshit and yu sound retard then i probly wont write back but the rest of yu i probly will.
03 Jun 2004 leeanne I've read some of the stories here and I'm gonna add my own. I'm 15 and have been suicidal for 3 years. I used to live in a small and extremely poor town. At school, I had a lot of friends and I made very good grades. I was so happy. When I was 12, my dad found a job about 4 hours south that payed a lot more so we moved down there. The city's about 5 times bigger than my hometown and a lot richer. I haven't made any friends since we moved to this hell hole disguised as a nice, southern town. I have never had a boyfriend, either. I'm not fat and unattractive, but I'm not skinny and beautiful, either. I'm just ordinarry and in-between. I plan to commit suicide during my sophmore year in high school. I'm going to slit my wrists with one of my parent's butcher knives. If any of you want to talk to me, you can email me at
03 Jun 2004 MuDMaRtyr i have the problem of being happy one day and severely depressed the other.
im sick of the roller coaster! i want to end it but i feel bad for my friends and family. i really want to but i think too hard and never do. i just hate the thought of the aftermath!
my suggestion is for you to just wait a while to see if things to come back around, if not its ur life..... do what u will.... i know i will......
02 Jun 2004 Drowner edges of broken peaces of something that once was a whole cause pain... they're sharp & hard 2 handle... im again in that channel filled with broken glass that was actually MYSELF, but this time of my own will... im looking at my former self & i don't feel anger, remorse, grief, nothing like that, just sorrow 4 the fact that i was so blind.... my former self is so far away from what i am now, that i almost feel it like another being that i only need 2 comfort, before i say goodbye.... its amazing when u r able 2 see, how everything you've ever experienced gathers into a transparent flow that reflects the intent of your true self leading u all the time thru your life.... we often think life is unfair 2 us, but that is just us being unfair 2 life.....
i somehow always felt it was that way, but now im sure
02 Jun 2004 Me@Hook I delved deeply into meditation for many years, and those meditations allowed me to see that this world is full of vain, self-justifying and callous people.
I realized that most people are blind animals driven by fear and a need to perpetually hurt and lie about others in order to give themselves a sense of self-esteem. Because those people were all christians I found the correlation between manifest ignorance and christianity to be inseparable.

In that moment I realized that christianity was an entirely false religion which has destroyed and seriously retarded human evolution.

Because of this realization, I was eventually able to recieve a greater transmission of gnosis within my life, a gnosis which has enabled me to fend off an entire army of ignorant, slandering and disgusting people who were never even human to begin with.
I realized that they are the reason why christianity exists, because the religion itself acts as a mechanism to justify all the evil and disgusting hatred they project into life itself. Insanely... they are in every sense of the description the "beast" or animal minded mentioned in their book of revelation. We can see this plainly, because they are - even now - too stupid to realize that the book of revelation was actually written for them, describing them.
02 Jun 2004 ben jump in front of a speeding ambulance

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