Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Apr 2015 overlord oral larnauion Vll Just when i thought i have seen it all... an associate of mine lives in an appartment building. His neighbor hangs out with a group called "fuzzies" and a fuzzie is a person that has an animal costume. One that resembles a kids tv show type animal. With smiles and looks overboard happy. And they basicly have huge orgy parties. There are some seriously perverted people out there.
02 Apr 2015 apathy abounds(obtuse club mix) For all you suicide maniacs out there, i have known several people who were either an aquaintance or family of someone who commited suicide. After so much time the person just becomes a distant memory. And nothing changed. Not one of the things that bothered someone enough to commit suicide ever changed. Suicide never makes wrongs right. Its still the same planet with the same idiots running around doing the same horseshit. The only thing suicide has to offer is an out. An out can be aquired without suicide. There is always something that can be done to make it better.
02 Apr 2015 levenus supremus wassup nigaz
01 Apr 2015 deuces wild. This morning i woke up and before the day got started i dropped two toxic dumps. The day turned out to be extra shitty. Everything that was already bad got to worst case senario in a blink of an eye. Then new shit surfaced. It was a double whammy. A double decker shit sandwich of a day. This makes me wonder if my ass is like a prophet or something. Foretelling me how my day will be.
31 Mar 2015 bob drown
29 Mar 2015 Robert the doll Razor blades
29 Mar 2015 uncle sam needs you! Just sign up for human experiments.
29 Mar 2015 pin worms. Parasites. Drink water from ponds and drainage ditches. Within hours you will have the life sucked out of you.
29 Mar 2015 suicides more than ample busom. Everyone dies. A few unlucky contestants will actually get to choose how they end this journey called life. When you look at it like this it makes it seem that in a tiny way, these few, actually get something most others dont in life. Its not really like the others are missing out on anything either, so what i am trying to say is just embrace your own self demise. As far as the best way, hands down, get a mop stick and climb on the roof of a building. Partialy insert into your mouth jump off the roof so you land on your face. The mop stick stcks thru your throat and out your ass. Do it at a resturant with glass windows. Leave a note that says i am in love with a ghost. I am going to be with him/her. Goodbye.
28 Mar 2015 a load of truth Most suicidal people have a woe is me... they have a pity me a victim of victim attitudes. Such little drama mongers. When they get it bad they will stage a suicide attempt for attention and pity. Mommie and daddie must not have given you enough hugs and now you need to fill a void. Most suicidal people will take any attention even if its negitive. They just need human interaction and love. The problem with this is in the real world love is an illusion. An unobtainable dream. And even when you think you have found love or friends you are blinded by the idea things are the way you thought, all due to a short euphoric feeling that was based on a lie in the first place. You wont even get a reach around.
27 Mar 2015 watermelons and fried chicken You know some shit hit the fan when you hear a small child say mommie is in the bathtub and she is sleeping. I tried to wake her up but she wont move.
26 Mar 2015 eagle shit Swallow bubblegum. It will form a large mass inside you. Much to large to poop out. Or you could get abducted by aliens. The aliens will probe you. Vigorously.
25 Mar 2015 dewgee I heard someone exclaim very angerly today, its not that important. He was having a convo with himself when he began screaming that. I guess he didnt like what he had to say. Literaly, he was verbaly disagreeing with himself and insulting himself.
22 Mar 2015 observationist. Its obvious by how you catigorize posts you do not read them very well. You just skim through the material in a rush. That proves you dont really care about this site. That is such a bummer. Its like missing your own point. You must be suicidal and miserable and very horny.
22 Mar 2015 public water inspector Public pools without lifeguards. Be sure to check to see if they use a product that turns the water blue if someone (you) urinates in the water before filling your lungs with pool water. The only way this wont work for you is if you have a problem getting into water where the number one contaminant is human feces.
21 Mar 2015 the moon master The best way to kill yourself is to go on the internet looking for ways to kill yourself.
21 Mar 2015 spacecadet sally Its so lonely up here on the space station. Breathing recycled oxygen and changing you diaper gets old real fast. Not to mention no human contact for 18 months at a time. I am thinking about drifting in space and before my o2 runs out take off my suit and freeze in seconds. I will probably spend my last moments rubbing my breasts. They are sore from bouncing around with no gravity to hold them down.
21 Mar 2015 Guts_ Over _Fear All i can think about is death everyday.... People may see you doing self harm to yourself but truely they dont know what you are going through at home, school etcc.... Im going threw depression, peer pressure,etc I feel like im an outcast to this i have no reason to live what so ever..I constantly by razor blades everyday to slit my wrists and different parts of my body.....Doing this eases the pain i feel. My parents dont even know what im going throguh, i find it rather hard to speak out ,Eminem- Guts Over Fear, Hozier- Take me to Church these put me in a modd of hate and deprecciation.. My body is filled with different scars... I dont get abused in noway formed but its life, family..... I just want to die.. but everytime i try to kill my self theres always someone there that can see you....... I dont belong in this world for shit... I always carry a razor with me ... At one point in time i started to slit myself at school in class when we had a free period , my classmates thought i was crazy..but really and truelly they dont know what i face.Im not even under 13
20 Mar 2015 tim horton Play on the train tracks or in the street. Try swallowing glass marbles first. Upon impact the marbles will shatter and shred you internally causing rapid and massive blood loss. Your death will come in seconds.
20 Mar 2015 narra tor Once upon a time in a local meat market a person purchased a turkey leg. After the fourth bite maggots began falling out. The person cried. The accounts in this story are true and the characters names have been changed because you dont need to know.

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