Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 Mar 2004 Jim Hobson With a delicious, poison ice cream which makes you feel calm and very VERY sleepy.
06 Mar 2004 do it take everything in you parent's medicine chest then go out and jump in front of a speeding semi for good measure
06 Mar 2004 Chris Someone performed a favour for me the other day and when I thanked him he replied: "no problem, it was the least I could do". Read that again out loud and then think about what he actually told me. Have you come to the same conclusion as I did... he had analysed all of his options, thought about everything that he could have done for me, sorted out every alternative and discarded every last one except the very least. Yes, what he so proudly told me was, that of all the things he could have done as a favour for me, the one that he chose was the minimum that he could get away with, while still saying that he had done something. Of course what he meant was, more less, the exact opposite of what the bare words really mean and he became suitably flustered (enough to amuse me anyway) when I asked him what the most he could have done would have been.

Anyway, because I have little else to think about, I took to pondering other common phrases, for example what do you know for sure about the phrase 'with all due respect'? I can tell you that in ninety nine point nine per-cent of cases what will follow those words, when they are directed at you, is proof that the speaker thinks that no respect is due to you at all. He will promptly tear to pieces; a) your opinion, b) your character or c) your appearance. What springs to mind when someone prefaces what they are to tell you with these words: 'to tell the honest truth...' as opposed to the barefaced lies and cunning half truths that they normally tell you? Ask yourself why, if this is an honest person speaking, does he or she feel compelled to convince you that what they are telling is true... But then, normal people are all the same: big, fat, happy liers who want to live through the next twenty-four hours, make cash out of your simplicity and cover their weirdness and shit under the cover of love and art, making us feel suicidal all the time!

Finally, to a different subject but still related (loosely) to words... has descended into, how shall we say, obnoxious, weird, repetitive words! I read everyone's posts and I understand and sympathise with everyone of you... but you're all saying the same thing! There were times when I was criticised because of my writings, but come tell me that now! We need to put some zest and life back into or it will become just like all the other suicide boards. Felicia The Great, Billy The Freak, Phil, take note (and come back) and for God's sake Dr.Jelly, either release Joe Lee from the physchiatric ward or at least just let him use the internet service, cos we need him! (Whatever you do, just keep him off any kind of medication, he's more sane without it than with it, we all are...)

See ya in an (ironically) livelier
05 Mar 2004 anne well i just need to tell u that there is already enough death in the world! u r all fuckin crazy to tell kids that it's ok to kill yourself
i tried to one time and well fuck that idea it sucked
hell is where u go if u kill urself
u can't get out of hell once ur in
just don't encourage kids to fuckin kill themselves
05 Mar 2004 mauvaissouhait This is for Chris... It's me, i'm so sorry i havent been able to contact you sooner. But thank you so much for calling. I'm missed you immensely. I don't have internet anymore. I'm at school right now though, using theirs. You can call me anytime you'd like, hun. Or write me a letter. Send it to me. I think i may have given you my address. I dont quite remember. But i've missed you. I lost your e-mail address.. So next time you call, or if you do write me an e-mail. I probably won' be checking into this site much. But just know that i'm alright. But we should still keep talking, somehow. I have to go though. I love you. Bye
05 Mar 2004 slappers J'ai comme l'impression que ma vie n'a été qu'une succession d'erreurs, de malheurs. Avec un connard de père comme le mien qui n'arrête pas de me faire chier, une connasse de mère qui passe son temps a gueuler, comment voulez vous vivre heureux..
C'est impossible
Enfin, si ce n'était que la famille, il y a égalment le lycée avec toutes les pouffes pour qui le mec idéal est beau plein de fric et ne jure que par Lacoste, Nike, Adidas Tommy Hilfinger, bref par les marques..
La population la plus superficielle que l'on puisse trouver ..
Voila, voila pourquoi j'ai décidé de partir, de m'enfuir vers un ailleurs surement meilleur ..
Bye, see you in hell
05 Mar 2004 holly I think 1/2 if not more of the people that responded have NO IDEA how it feels to be completely fed up with people telling them how to live their lives & oh it's just a teenage phase it will pass... well as living proof it doesn't so for all of you people that live a happy life (or conform to what society says you should) than you rats will be completely happy, but for the rest of us who can't comform WHAT NEXT ????
05 Mar 2004 spanishricefly I often think about suicide, especially after losing my job. I can't stand to think about finding a job that pays less. NOW this would be the dumbest reason to commit suicide. See I just talked myself out of it. Stress will always be in one's life. NO matter how rich, how famous you are. You will always have stress in your life. So be strong and think positive. Accept where you're at and improve on it. Putting the effort in improving yourself is gratitude enough. So people don't think death is the answer.
You'll miss out on all the things that you do enjoy.
05 Mar 2004 federico boriani what 'bout have a dinner with all your teachers?
04 Mar 2004 strong_girl Do any of you have any idea what you will be doing to the people that care about you when you kill yourself?!?! i'm a suicide survivor and my life was fucked for 4 years after i found my bf hanging in his basement. you are selfish when you kill yourself! suck it up and get yourself some help!! that is your responsibility to your family/friends/yourself. and who the hell are you anyway mouchette??
04 Mar 2004 meredith ya know if ya kill yourself you go to hell and trust me that doesn't sound like fun.... who the hell thinks that hell wil be fun. that is always and forever unbearable pain. and once your down there your not going to be able to get out of it. so it's your choice. But remember it doesn't get u anywhere close to better. it just gets worse i knew someone that killed himself and it hurts everyone that ever knew him, i only met him 3 times and it hurts me so bad! Killing yourself is NO WAY OUT of the pain your in. Y'all people on this site are so fucking stupid, you're teaching kids how to freaking kill themselves (that's not a funny matter damnit) what the hell's your deal? YALL !
04 Mar 2004 anonymous hey, i probably havent gone thru as much as all you have. but i guess ive become really suicidal since labor day. within the last two years ive lost 27 friends. 27 as of yesterday. its starting to seem like its all a mistake and its always been meant for me. another reason, which is to me very pathetic is relationships. i guess from everything ive gone thru ive just gotten this really big heart. and when someone i really care about abuses me or anything simplistic like that. i just feel like its the last thing to get me to finally do it. and i know what people do when their not really suicidal. they tell someone. i havent yet. its always been something ive kept inside. is there anything that would make my life seem better?
04 Mar 2004 david i wonder if animals ever want to commit suicide....
04 Mar 2004 David The only reason why everyone wants to committ suicide is that they have no purpose in their life. All society teaches us is that for you to go to college and make big money and have cars and big houses etc. That shit is all meaningless!!!!I know that everybody blames suicide on "bad"situations in life but that is just an excuse.I have a pretty bad situation but i never use that as an excuse.What you people need to do is find your purpose in life. a reason to live. I found my purpose in a girl that loves me and i love her. i know it's rough being youngim 17) because the older people are a bunch of assholes. Especially school teachers and shit. you people shouldnt try to find happiness in drugs because pleasure cant last forever. So i suggest because it works for me to find someone of the opposite sex that you're attracted to and they love you especially if you dont have parents, friends, family etc. and you are all lonely.
03 Mar 2004 élisa noyade



03 Mar 2004 Rachel well I have a few really good wayz
1. In my opinion the best way to commit suicide (I tried it several times) is to swallow those nice small white or red sleeping pills. Go in two different dispensaries and buy two small parcels of tablets.
Then go home, drink a pint of Palm (note: Palm is one of the best Belgium beers), so they'll go faster down. Then carry a few glasses of water to your bed and begin to swallow until all the pills are hidden in your stomach. Then lay down and wait till you fall asleep. When your eyes close, you know that everything is over and that you rest in peace if nobody brings you to the hospital the next hours! it doesn't hurt 1 bit!
2.U know how Cleopatra died? she killed herself with a poisonous snake wich only took a few moments to kill her so if u can get your hands on a poisonous snake get 1.
also try to jump down the highest bridge there is cauze i heard it wont hurt cauze ur going so fast u practically die inda air*
ive been suicidal 4 a long time as soon as i turn 13 ( im 12 rite now) im gonna take the pillz and write a note be4. i die of how much i hate ma parents and how every1 who ever made ma life so miserable as it is now can be happy about it cauze i wont be on this earth anymore. evry1 hates me ever since i was 5 peepz bin seriously trying to kill me becauze i never really said much and i was always crying cauze I had no friends and evry single day ma parents tell me how much of a bitch i am and she callz the cops on me every night and now there putting me thru juvi cauze they think im so bad there putting me in a hospital but im not crazy. ma mom just hatez me and nobody understands what im going thrue rite now if only some1 understood of how much dramatic shit ive bin thrue how it feelz to loose your friends all of them and watching your parents fight every night, never having any friends... and when u like some1 and become friends with them evry1 tellz them to stay i away and again evry1 hates me, ever since i was fuckin 5 yearz old i saw ma mom trying to murder ma dad and after that she was crying she got a restraining order 4 a month but then after that they formed together against me and tried to kill me ever since and preventing me from having friend or any1 who even loves me , i was inda dark alwayz i lost hope i dont even smile anymore... so im gonna try killing myself with sleeping pillz cauze it doesnt hurt im gonna get dressed up and go to bed with a note and drink the pillz and die. I dont know wuts gonna happen to me after but if any1 can help me in anyway any advice or something , email me at
03 Mar 2004 Tatjana Well I would think that the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13 is to drink a whole bottle of Benadryl at least 30-40 of them, and then add some Ibuprofen.
BUt i am not under 13,,, I am a sad 19 years old. I've been depressed and suicidal since I was 14. I attempted to kill myself a few times, I went into therapy, I was on anti depressants, I no longer go to therapy or take anti depressants. I have a wonderful boyfriend, we've been together for the last 8-9 months, I have some wonderful friends, but my family is simply awful. They are the reason I am suicidal. Like right now as i write this I am weeping because I want to die so badly. The only thing that keeps me alive is the thought of hell, I am catholic, and my boyfriend. He's 24 and owns a house in a city 50 miles away from here. In 2 months I will be moving there.... to live with him and to leave this depressed life behind. But when I was underage I didn't have that option. I urge all of you to go see your school counselor, minister, whatever and tell them what's making you depressed. I wish I had done that when I was in high school. Instead I told them I didn't know what was making me sad and depressed, I didn't want to make my life worse with my parents by blaming it on them. But it truly is my parents.So just get away, run away, tell someone, speak out, do whatever you want to do to make yourself feel better. Don't be like me, I just continue to swallow. I am an adult now and I still swallow their insults, their put downs. PLEASE GET OUT... it's for your own good.
02 Mar 2004 sara slit ur own throat
02 Mar 2004 Issued Girl well, im not under 13, and i dont know the best way to kill urself when ur under 13, but i do have a story. im a 15 year old girl, and i have been suicidal since i was about 7 years old. my mom and dad would always fight non stop when i was young and when i was 6 they got in a huge fight and my dad moved out. then shortly after my 7th birthday he committed suicide. ever since then, my mom hasnt been there for me, shes beaten me, she actually has tried killing me... when i was about 12 she tried killing me. she tried stabbing me, and it worked. she stabbed my arm, because i moved. but ever since i was 7 and my dad died, i have been a loner in the family, and everyone would hit me and hurt me all of the time. they all call me names and things and i have nothing to use against them. ive tried killing myself numerous times, and ive been popping pills since i was 12. everyday i think about killing myself, im failing my classes because i dont have the ability to focus anymore. ive had 3 people in my life commit suicide and ever since that third person did it, ive felt it was my turn. i pop pills about twice a week sometimes only one and then i will try to cut myself and just watch it bleed for a lil while. ive tried hanging myself one time, and i have tried slitting my throat a few times.
What i think is, is that if your under 13 you dont need to die or commit suicide. youve got your life ahead of you, live it well... you only get one chance. I know im not a great person to be taking advice from but trust me ive been told millions of times that i shouldnt commit because ive got my life ahead of me...

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