Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jun 2004 LEE PITTS i'm not 13 I'm 28 but the feeling sare till the same. I am losing the love of my life, like so many other blokes of my age for years I pretended that i wnated to be one of the lads and that footbal was importrant and that i was more interesting that i actually am. I missed what was the ONLY really important things in my life and that was my fiance. I pussed her away, and now that it is coming to the crunch and I am starting to be honest with myself about my feelings I know that I love her more than life itself. I want to spend every wking moment with her, but becaus eof my own selfishness she now now longer wants to work at the relationship. we have been truyng but I can't help her get thpse feelongs back again. This is more that just a short relationship we have been together for 8 years. I am having to strat again and I cannot face it, when i sleep 'eventually' all i do is dream about being with her or losing her then I wake and it all starts again. I can't stop crying, and no matter what I tell my freinds I don't feel any better. I feel more than just loss, I feel dead inside, I can't eat properly and hate myslef more than I could ever imagine. I feel the loneliest person in the world and its sending me insane, although i put a front on at work.
24 Jun 2004 annie fill bathtub up with water,stab urself with knives jump in the tub with a hairdryer...
24 Jun 2004 casey i think that grow up should grow up themself if this site helps a suicidal person get it out and makes them feal better then why shouldent they tell us i found this site looking up how to commit suicide no im not suicidal im just doing school work so this site helps me asmuch as it may help the people here
24 Jun 2004 casey drown in a shallow mud puddle
23 Jun 2004 Bitter old Bastard Hello. First of all, I would like to say it seems like a lot of people who come to this site are fucking stupid. About 60% of you losers can't spell or write worth shit. It's annoying! Is it just Mouchette's site, or are people this dumb all over the web??? Anyway, I also notice that a bunch of you losers bitch about how bad your life is, as if that gives you an excuse to feel like shit and kill yourself. What about the people who just feel like shit all the time for no particular reason? Do they not have reason to kill themselves? They are mentally ill.
23 Jun 2004 lace Iv been thinking about suicide for so long, but i never go through with it. Im so unhappy in my life, im at college but i cant seem to get on with the work and even if i try so hard i always fail my exams. My mum always shouts at me, tells me im useless,and that im never at home, which is crap, i spend most of my time sat on the internet trying to find someone to talk to. Its not that i dont have friends, its quite the opposite, but non of them really understand how i feel, and mostly just tell me to get over it. My bf is unhappy because he thinks me being like this is somehow his fault. I cant stand to see him like it, and its tearing us apart. I drink alot, i sit on my own watching the television and just drink for hours. I dont want to die, its something that scares me more than anything, but i cant carry on living like this. I feel like living is making everyone else miserable, my mum cries all the time, and blames her own unhappyness on me. It really gets me down and i wish there was something i could do to stop me causing all this pain. Is suicide my only way out?
23 Jun 2004 dee I'm not 13, but I have been dealing with so many problems that I am ready to give up with life. What is so great about it anyways, i'm suffering right now. It's like when your grandma is so old and sick and she is suffereing, everyone knows in their minds that it is better for her to go so that she no longer suffers. That is how I feel. I feel like grandma. I am only 21, but i feel like I am 97. I do have the strength of a 21 year old, but my stress level and mind is like that 97 year old which wears down my strength to try. For the past 9 years I have been a FUCK up. I mean I have made so many wrong decisions that I just keep getting in trouble or pushed back with life. I hate it. I decided that after I get that call from my insurance company regardless of the result. I am going to do what I planned. I am ready. I am tired everyone telling me that I never learn. I tried to look at the good sides by reading the cards my girls and sister gave me for my graduation. It helps but not enough. I know they see potiential in me. But I don't. All I see is a fuck up. Someone who just makes the wrong decisions. So in 3 days I will finally be relieved from all the stress and suffering.
22 Jun 2004 Lindsay I feel the same way all of you feel. I know your pain and suffering and I am willing to talk about anything you want to. Add me to msn or email me at I am here for all of you. Feel free to talk to me, because you are not the only ones who need to talk.
22 Jun 2004 Lou Heavenly Climbing back up the birthing canal and pressing your face to the placenta, that which you have saved from birth, until your brain loses contact with oxygen. Of course this wouldn't work after thirteen, cause at thirteen the placenta disinegrates.
22 Jun 2004 country drink 14 or more litres of water in 2 hours
22 Jun 2004 Brittany Steinbacher Well it would be very helpful if you had a certain friend with democratic immunity, in a gang, mafia ect. but since most people dont you do the unexpected. you eat some bad food so you get diareha and then when your parents give you medicine you claim you need mre when they do /dont give you more you go in the cabnet and take a little of this and that and open that wine bottle a little bit.. oops.. i took a lil more.. and more and more and more.. you completely od. you dont eat.. you dont sleep you jump around until you pass out of exaustion.. then when you wake you drink mroe and pop more pills.. if thats too hard.. jsut eat ratpoisen
21 Jun 2004 bindhu wrap a airtight bag on your head and ur done in minutes.. consume alchol and some sleep inducers before doing it...
21 Jun 2004 KAS slit your wrist's or hang yourself
21 Jun 2004 drew remember dont forget to die you mother fuckin assholes
21 Jun 2004 drew this is the stupidest fuckin site in the world i hope one of you mother fuckers kills yourself, or wait id be glad to fuckin kill one of you fuckin cocksuckers, i hope all of you fagots on this site die very soon
19 Jun 2004 Bec Hey everyone, I recently found this website whilst doing an assignment on teenage suicide. whilst doing this assignment i had done a lot of research but nothing really gave me the answers as to why someone would feel so much hate for themself and thier world that they would want to kill themself. I mean, my life is far from perfect and yeah, sometimes i even wish that i could just curl up and die but i never really thought that i would be able to go throuh with killing myself. Suicide is such a truamatic thing and it really does affect everyone. whilst reading people's entries it constantly came up that "no one would care if i wasnt here and if i was dead" but i really do believe that there are people out there that really do care- you might just need to give them a chance or open up a bit. Also as i was reading poeple's entries i couldnt help but think about the loved ones and just how they would feel if they knew this is how you were feeling. I mean im sure that they would care, its just maybe they dont have a single clue about how ur feeling. I think of my brother's close friend who killed himslef and i think about all the tears everyone went through. It was just such an awful thing to happen because no one really had no idea it was coming and that really hurt his family the most- because they could've helped him if only they knew what he was going through. I am constantly thinking about his family and his friends and my brother because i think about how they must be feeling and how much they must be hurting inside, and then i realise that he must have really wanted to just get out of this world because he was feeling such pain and whilst i still dont know any of you and my advice seems worthless,just try and think about how you'd feel if you lost someone that you really did care about because that is how they will feel if they lose you.You are probably reading this and thinking "woah this girl has no clue, shes just doing some stupid report..." but i know that i cannot relate to any of you, because i have not experienced the same things and are not in the same circumstances but I would just like to say that you are all really brave to be able to talk about suicide and how its affecting your life and your close family and friends. Thankyou all for helping me to realise just how you must be feeling and why this world is causing you so much pain.
19 Jun 2004 I'm not telling u my name well iv'e only recently thought about killing myself, thats only wen things get really bad. Ive looked and stared at knives before wondering if i want to kill myself. Not that anyone would miss me much. I tried slitting my arm to see wat that would feel like it hurts a bit but only for a little while im to scared to actually cut my wrists. I think i'll wait a bit till things get really bad and i mite think about it then.
19 Jun 2004 Krysti K I am not under 13. I am 3x's that age. I grew up in group homes when my mother died and never thought i would make it to 35. Now thats just around the corner and I have made up my mind that waiting all this time is fruitless. I'm going to do it in the next few days because life is bleak. Im a loser with no career, no job, no light at the end of the tunnel, one family member that is selfish, (guess you could say that about me too) and a fiance who is clueless no matter how much I tell him I am hurting and need him. Its too late for me....hope not for you. Oh and my shrink of 3 years gave me her cell phone number which I will not use cuz i dont want anyone to know and find me in time. I'm relieved it will all be over soon.
19 Jun 2004 BluDolphin Rig me a noose, and I will use it. Give me some poison, but don't diffuse it. Lend me a razor; my wrists I must slice. The chill of a gun feels very nice. I'm having problems (In case you don't know) But at least I try not to let them show. ---------------------------- My head in an oven- gas or electric I don't care... Smoking a cigarette with alcohol in my hair. Take me to the city!! So I can jump off of a roof. I wear straight jackets, not bullet proof. I'll write the note, and return the pen to my eye; Cuss everyone out and never say goodbye. 'Cause I've got problems (In case you don't know) And it's all for you that I don't let them show. ----------------------------- My seatbelt won't fasten!! I wonder why... The parachutes don't work on the planes that I fly. I'm the trashbag ghost who forgot to punch holes. You may have seen me on telephone poles. They say I have problems, but I didn't know. That makes it harder to not let them show. --------------------------- Clorox tastes good, and Black Flag too! Give me an axe! I'll know what to do... Infected needle, Atomic bomb, Incureable disease!? Put stones in my laces, push me into the seas. So many ways that I find to die. The fun is figuring which one to try... You see, I've got your problem, And perhaps now you know, That it's all for you that I don't let it show.
19 Jun 2004 Rachel Hey if u guyz wanted 2 fucking kill urself u wouldent have gone to some fucking websight, it means u still question life and still have hope. WELL let me fucking tell you something hope is something that will never happen, my lil way of sayin “dream da fuck on” so yall just got to lay bak and stick ur middle finger up. You wouldent care about anything if u were going to die. Quit hattin and get ur big harry asses up and do something about it. Its either die or don’t. Don’t you relize we still die and I just don’t get it why people try to help you?? If someone truly wants to die den fucking die already or ill have to go up and fucking murder u maself. Do w/e da fuck u wanna do. Don’t ask me im just some sphyco 12 year old bored out of her guts throwing rocks at her skool and axidentally hitting herself inda head (dunt ask). Feel free 2 do da same.

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