Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
10 Mar 2004 semyon i am not gonna write about how to kill yourself. i gave that info couple of days ago. i am however going to write is if anybody thinks they want to go through with killing themselves then could you e-mail me. i went through this suicide stage since i was 8 i am now 18 and had so many attempts i know how all of you feel, trust me! i think you should think twice before doing it even though it will end the pain but you won't get nothing from it so if you need any help from me (which is confident and free) please do e-mail me on
or on

think before you act
10 Mar 2004 PeaceMaster If you want to suicide the first thing you should note: no one will escape you from the attempt. because your are killing yourself, whatever way u r doing it , because u r facing a big problem, so it is really important you don't go into more more n more problem after the failure of your attempt. so next time u go into the attempt make sure the you are trying it in a Big forest or isolated place

I'm also planning at my first attempt
10 Mar 2004 blabla i really don't know that since i'm way past 13.
i have a problem and i can't figure out the answer.
a year ago i had a car accident in which my boyfriend, or shall i say my life, was killed.
i drove the car and the accident was totally my fault.
i lost my leg, so now i'm in a wheel chair.
i really don't think there is much point in me going on living.
i don't believe in anything, i have nothing to hope for and i can't live my life without him.
i need a quick way to die.
i don't want to make a mess and i don't want to have time to regret my action.
this is the only site that didn't tell me that god is good and all that bullshit.
so, this is me. and sometime to kill yourself is the answer when you definitely cannot live with yourself.
10 Mar 2004 Felicia The Great Bringing Out Your Voice

By Felicia the Great of Course

It never hurts to bring out your voice unto paper. It hurts sometimes to have writing critiqued by others. Some opinions hurt and others don't. One example: The government may seem to live in hypocrisy; As fact, most politicians are labeled corrupt while other politicians are truly honest, and the honest politicians are usually the ones who get "mud slingered".

...As for the human condition, it hurts when an idea is rejected, and that can be the most devastating. That is why "wannabe" fiction writers, such as I, remain desensitized to publisher rejection letters. I got so used to rejection letters. By overcoming them, I put them in a file under: "Things That I Attempted to Accomplish and Failingly Succeeded" is a site to post feelings, opinions, jokes and rumors. It is meant to entertain, to amuse, advise, and last but not least, consider suggestive suicide ideas both bad and good (though I advise others not to kill themselves).

The human mind is a sponge that can grasp so much information in one setting and for those who express their opinions are truly strong to their convictions. Whether negative or positive, opinions make the world go round. Words do have an impact on the human psyche (mind).

My suggestion to all the readers, young or old, in this site, I have to assume are all suicidal. Yes, including me. I was suicidal once, but some things do change. Some days are worse than others and I occasionally have my ups and downs. Since life is the key to all existence, we have to be aware that down the road there are going to be obstacles. We have to face these tribulations head on to be stronger individuals. Without pain, how can we learn? Without suffering, how can we perservere (continue in spite of difficulty)?

Please feel free to express your thoughts and opinions to this website, even if it doesn't make sense.

And furthermore as courteous advise...

There are enough "Beyonce Knowles" with wonderful singing talent in this world, who grab too much of the spotlight over other musicians. Let the other musicians be heard.

I heed this advise to myself as well.

Continue on everybody, don't be shy. Remember after reading this post do not hurt, maim, or kill yourself. Old age will do it for you, so enjoy life, perservere, and live it to the fullest.
10 Mar 2004 Zack Hello, I'm not sure exactly why I'm writing here... It really doesn't seem like my sort of thing to get sympathy from random internet people. But since I found this site I might as well tell my story. About a year and a half ago I tried to kill myself. I took a full bottle of bayer asprin and half a bottle of rum (knowing alcohol and asprin don't mix). I had consumed a large amount of asprin and a fair amount of alcohol within about 10 minutes. Not long after I had started to question what I had just done, but then figured it was all for the best and would be worth it in the long run. I decided to go to sleep and expected not to wake the next day. I woke up at 12:00AM as scared as I had ever been. Not only because I felt weird, but because I wasn't dead. I lied in bed for about an hour wondering what was going on inside my body, when I decided to get up and get a glass of water so I could maybe fight off what I had just done. Soon after I was vomiting heavily. I made sure not to leave a mess so no one would find out, and then I went back to bed. I surprised myself a 2nd time when I had woken up once again. There was an intense ringing in my ears that I wasn't sure would go away, and it felt like someone had beat me up then drugged me. Supposedly I have made a full recovery (from the attempt at least) but I'm not sure, because I never ended up going to the hospital or ER, so I may very well have permanent damage, but it's not seeming likely. I still have to tell anyone about this besides my close friend that I just recently started talking to again. The reason I ended up here is because my "depression" seems to have come back. I thought I had got over this about half a year ago; I would constantly make sure not to let myself feel bad. But yesterday morning I woke up and it's back. And this time I can't get over it as quickly and simply as I normally do. The truth is, I found this site by searching for the simplest method to commit suicide since I hated my previous/non-working method. While typing this I've been continuing my search and have found a couple sites. But since I found this one I figured I might as well give this a shot too. I don't really know what to expect in replies, and I also don't think this will effect me but.. Well that's my story...
10 Mar 2004 mexican girl kids under 13 shouldn't kill themselves. but anyway, my goal when i was 13 was to kill myself at 15. huh!... i'm 16 and i think i am indeed going to do it. i'll save money, i'll ask someone for drugs and when i am so so stoned i can't think clearly, i'll take anything there is, sleeping pills, depressive pills.
10 Mar 2004 just a friend i miss you. . . what is 7th heaven like? must be nice... I wish I was an artist that could go too. I won't kill myself even though I am sure there is a few that would be happy. Truth is I just melted away from this earth. hmmm. . . mouchette I think you are my only girl friend.
09 Mar 2004 Shellie Find an exposed beam in your house. A lot of them in attic crawl spaces btw. You can attach a rope or whatever to one beam nearest the entrance hole and the other around your neck then just jump out the hole. Make sure to use something strong like an outdoor extension cord. Was thinking for an average weight person. Dunno how much support you need for someone overweight.
09 Mar 2004 anne u no if u kill urself u go to hell?
well hell sux even if u belive in God u still go to fuckin hell and u burn there 4ever u people are wrong tryin to teach kidz to kill themselves
i had a friend kill herself and i still have dreams about it u don't have any clue wat it does to ur friends and family
09 Mar 2004 Tawni Slit Your wrists on every vein in your body and BLEED!
09 Mar 2004 squishie im not suicidlle, bt iv been thru those kinds of desparate feelins b4. im 15 and hav o.d'd 3 times and i regularly slit my wrists. but i dnt wana die. i do it to dull da pain of uva fings in my life. bt i no dat it wont solve anything, i just do it to stop da urtin wile i sort stuff out. but lately i've realized dat stff is rarely as bad as it seems. i know you will scoff readin dis. i know you'll fink i dnt no wat im tlkin bowt. but belive me, i no wat it feels like, its like nufin in da wrld can make it bata, ders no point in goin on, it urts 2 much, and no one rely understands. but old on, b strong, u'll get through it. i did. sure, i get relapses sumtimes, but i just grip hard and pull myself up to breath again. u r 2 young to destroy your life. live to proove to those who hurt you, just how strong you are. i know for a fact that therewill always bee someone out there that will stand by you. i know, i was so close every evening to death, til i found bruce, my boyfiend, he doesnt care wat people say about me, he helpes me wit my mum evertime she's "ill" again. beliv me, stuff will get beta. good luck and i love you all.
09 Mar 2004 jim get a handgun and shoot yourself in the head
09 Mar 2004 Krista I've visited this site every few months to read about everyone else and I felt it was my time to contribute. In high school, I was "perfect." I was one of the best students, I played alot of sports, I chaired organizations, had lots of friends and was actively involved in community service. I got into one of the best colleges in the country and that's where I am now. And I'm fucking miserable. I've always felt depressed since I was a child but could never talk about it to people but for some reason I think telling it to strangers will help. My heart goes out to everyone who lives such rough lives, I'm sorry that you all had to go through such terrible things. And on the outside, everyone always thought that I had a great life but no one really knew what was going on on the inside. And now at college I'm finally breaking down. I haven't done any work all year. I haven't gone out. The doors open, I'm smiling; the door's closed, I'm crying. I don't know why I've never been happy. I've had shit happen to me like everyone else. But I don't think that's why. And I've never been able to talk to anyone about it. I've never told anyone the things of my past, maybe because I'm ashamed. I've never told anyone I've contemplated suicide and now I want to. Life sucks.
09 Mar 2004 anne u guys r fags 4 teachin little peeps to kill themselves
08 Mar 2004 semyon The best way to commit suicide is to do it with a statement for others to see why you have commited suicide. I tried commiting suicide (7 times since i was about 8 years old) and i tried different ways, i have successfully killed myself on 4 occasions but was revived after. My 4 success strategies are:
-hang in a crowded place. The reason is when there is so many people around they will panic and will almost certainly forget what to do in a situation like this
-my second strategy was cut yourself on the wrists and bottom left side of your neck
-my third strategy was jump into freezing water of -45 celsius even if u do get rescued there is about 90%-93% that you will not survive the next few hours
-and my final strategy was: let someone else do it. I had a friend of mine help me by putting 13 sleeping pills into my drink but of course that failed because he went to the police straight after.
So these are my top 4 ways to kill yourself. But before you do you should think is there anything that you will miss or anyone you don't want to hurt or even if there is the slightest doubt in your mind, then do not do it, wait until you are 100% sure that you want to go through it.
08 Mar 2004 Storm I dunno I just recently got suicidal, im actually quite cheerfull about the subject. i tried slitting my wrists 4 the first time tonight but all of our knives are too f****** dull. im gonna be 14 in may but i dont even know if i wanna be around then, know what i mean? so ya. i definitley want to bleed to death, lots of glory. i like blood (hehe... blood) for some reason and i like pain. quite strange, but in other ways, not strange. cool site, but liven it up a little, maybe add some gory games :)
08 Mar 2004 me Find an interstate, run in front of an 18 wheeler and you go smack! Wear dark clothes and do it at night.
08 Mar 2004 elaine Nice job Chris, for critisizing the rest of the world who can't help being dull in their agony, even if it is self centered and fake. I'm sure i'm just in a terrible mood and will regret taking it out on you soon, but honestly, find your buzz somewhere else. isn''t here to entertain YOU, it's here for people to tell their stories and find sympathy and compassion in others. Imaginary or no.
I take that back. It's here for people to give mouchette advice on elements to include in her revolutionary new toy. Except people have turned it into a "typical" suicide message board. Maybe because they need that?
Maybe. Get over yourself and your witty stories, not everyone can measure up to the likes of you and the "gang" but they don't deserve your scorn.
Yes, i'm taking your one little statement at the end of another god damned entry way of out context and taking too much from it. I guess i'm just bothered by people's innate tendancy towards self-absorption. Does it bother you?
It kills me.
This isn't a new thought, but occurs to me that an obsession with suicide is really an obsession with oneself turned morbid. "People dont love ME. I'M ugly. I will always be alone. ME." Your parents/significant other beats you, reason to be sad, maybe. But get out, just leave. You're depressed for these reasons because you see the way they can do that to you as a reflection of your own personality. And so back to ME.
And maybe that's just me, but that's how i see the thoughts i used to have about suicide as. And i see it reflected every day in almost everyone close to me who hates themselves and wants to die. My friend who's impatient again at the hospital for cutting herself, my friend who wants to die because a girl doesn't love him, so many more their stories are all the same' it's not worth telling.
I'm talking complete shit, but i know it must bother someone else. It drives me crazy, how i can't step outside my own world and my own concerns even for a minute. Ulterior motives, is charity like they speak of in the bible real?

I give up. I'm sorry to have started that way. I'm sorry to post this, but some things need to be said before I go crazy. ME. Again. I wonder if someday i'll be able to understand my own hypocracy. No, not understand. Take. I wonder if some day i'll be able to take my own fucking egoism.
08 Mar 2004 Jeff Galeone FUCK YOU ALL. Death is beautiful. If you don't want to hear about it, don't look at it.
All you assholes downing this sight--SUCK MY DICK

None of you have gone through what I have in life. I'd tell you, but no one would believe me. Keep your fucking opinions to yourself. I don't wanna hear them.

Spend an hour in my mind and you'll know what pain is all about.

Sweet death I'm coming...
Time to get the Glock out.
07 Mar 2004 suicidal if you commit suicide, you won't go to hell! The reason you won't go to hell is because God knows that the only reason you killed yourself it to get out of your shitty life and will send you to heaven where you can live an awesome life and make everyone sorry that they ever did anything rude to you and wish they were much nicer to you!

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