Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Jun 2004 I'm not telling u my name well iv'e only recently thought about killing myself, thats only wen things get really bad. Ive looked and stared at knives before wondering if i want to kill myself. Not that anyone would miss me much. I tried slitting my arm to see wat that would feel like it hurts a bit but only for a little while im to scared to actually cut my wrists. I think i'll wait a bit till things get really bad and i mite think about it then.
19 Jun 2004 Krysti K I am not under 13. I am 3x's that age. I grew up in group homes when my mother died and never thought i would make it to 35. Now thats just around the corner and I have made up my mind that waiting all this time is fruitless. I'm going to do it in the next few days because life is bleak. Im a loser with no career, no job, no light at the end of the tunnel, one family member that is selfish, (guess you could say that about me too) and a fiance who is clueless no matter how much I tell him I am hurting and need him. Its too late for me....hope not for you. Oh and my shrink of 3 years gave me her cell phone number which I will not use cuz i dont want anyone to know and find me in time. I'm relieved it will all be over soon.
19 Jun 2004 BluDolphin Rig me a noose, and I will use it. Give me some poison, but don't diffuse it. Lend me a razor; my wrists I must slice. The chill of a gun feels very nice. I'm having problems (In case you don't know) But at least I try not to let them show. ---------------------------- My head in an oven- gas or electric I don't care... Smoking a cigarette with alcohol in my hair. Take me to the city!! So I can jump off of a roof. I wear straight jackets, not bullet proof. I'll write the note, and return the pen to my eye; Cuss everyone out and never say goodbye. 'Cause I've got problems (In case you don't know) And it's all for you that I don't let them show. ----------------------------- My seatbelt won't fasten!! I wonder why... The parachutes don't work on the planes that I fly. I'm the trashbag ghost who forgot to punch holes. You may have seen me on telephone poles. They say I have problems, but I didn't know. That makes it harder to not let them show. --------------------------- Clorox tastes good, and Black Flag too! Give me an axe! I'll know what to do... Infected needle, Atomic bomb, Incureable disease!? Put stones in my laces, push me into the seas. So many ways that I find to die. The fun is figuring which one to try... You see, I've got your problem, And perhaps now you know, That it's all for you that I don't let it show.
19 Jun 2004 Rachel Hey if u guyz wanted 2 fucking kill urself u wouldent have gone to some fucking websight, it means u still question life and still have hope. WELL let me fucking tell you something hope is something that will never happen, my lil way of sayin “dream da fuck on” so yall just got to lay bak and stick ur middle finger up. You wouldent care about anything if u were going to die. Quit hattin and get ur big harry asses up and do something about it. Its either die or don’t. Don’t you relize we still die and I just don’t get it why people try to help you?? If someone truly wants to die den fucking die already or ill have to go up and fucking murder u maself. Do w/e da fuck u wanna do. Don’t ask me im just some sphyco 12 year old bored out of her guts throwing rocks at her skool and axidentally hitting herself inda head (dunt ask). Feel free 2 do da same.
19 Jun 2004 Chris I recently read an article in the Sunday Times of London which sent a shiver down my spine. Microsoft's British engineers have just launched something called the Sense-Cam and once again science fiction is set to become part of our daily lives. The Sense-Cam is a tiny device, which can easily be disguised as a badge or a brooch, that can capture up to 2000 images every twelve hours. These images can then be downloaded to a computer and heaven knows what done with them. Just think about it guys, when you leave the house in the morning and your mother or wife pins your Sense-Cam to your shirt you had better behave for the next twelve hours because you will be handing it over for scrutiny at the end of the day... No more "what a day I have had at college/work" when you have been fishing all day! And talking of work or college, I presume there would be nothing to stop your boss (the one that pays you, not the one in the skirt at home) dishing out his own Sense-Cam for you, then there is your aunty who worries that you aren't eating properly, and your bank manager, and doctor, and the government, and your sister in America and... you get my point, I'm sure. It would be a very short time until you couldn't walk for the weight of your Sense-Cams all issued by those who want to control every bit of your life. Although I'm certain that they would soon find a way to share the pictures. Bill Gates is apparently so excited that he asked for two prototypes for his own children. I bet his kids are not quite so excited about the fact that he can now monitor their every move. Personally it would give me nightmares if I knew what any memebers of my family were doing every waking minute of their day, I worry enough as it is without having it all confirmed digitally. I can't even begin to imagine my own life if anyone close to me ever got his/her hands on one of these damned things. It just doesn't bear thinking about, no more beach, no more bars, no more admiring the girls in their summer clothes (or lack of them), no more feet up and with a book, coffee and cigarette while supposed to be decorating the lounge... stop now! Life is not worth living how it is, even with all the the simple private pleasures we enjoy, let alone without them. Microsoft people are promoting the fact that the Sense-Cam will make it possible for everyone to have a visual diary of their lives and generations to come will be able to see how we really lived. I'm sorry but I would spin in my grave if my great grandchildren were checking out exactly how dull and boring their great granddad Chris really was... no one thinks that I have a life now. Jim Carrey I certainly am not and turning my life into the Truman show with a Sense-Cam would probably make the world's dullest viewing.

See ya in hell!
18 Jun 2004 Mélanie s'électrkuté ds sa baignoir
18 Jun 2004 MARTIN Yoann La noyade, le rasoir dans le bain.....
18 Jun 2004 Chloé M. La meileure forme de suicide est de quitter l'enfance, de ne plus jouer avec les jouets que nous avons tant chéris, de devenir une autre personne, d'entrer dans un nouveau monde où l'on doit grandir.
Le meilleur suicide pour un enfant, c'est de grandir.
17 Jun 2004 Martin Millet Calling you a sheep is a real insult. Nobody wants to be thought of as following the crowd with no mind of their own. But we are all sheep at times.

Being your own person is particularly important to the young. That is why they are also the most sheeplike. Young people express their rebellion and nonconformity by conforming like sheep to an alternative culture. They smoke because their mates smoke. They take other drugs for the same reason. They know it is harmful, addictive and wrong but it is cool, that is all that matters.

They listen to music that is loud, raucous and with excessive bass, because they know they are supposed to like it. They have so little mind of their own that they don't even know if they do like anything that they know they should. Only time will tell, a dozen or so years later they may look back and know if they did enjoy it or were just keeping up the pretence, to themselves.

How do we express our personality? By wearing clothes with somebody else's name on them. And paying MORE for the privilege of advertising their products! Is that crazy or what? If I want to get extra web space I can get some on a site which puts banners on my page, for putting up with the inconvenience of that I get the webspace and the advertiser pays for the costs. A quid pro quo. But Tommy Klein, Calvin Hilfrigger or whoever charges more for the products with his name that you wear out on the street advertising his products, at your expense. So he gets the advertising and your money. You get an overpriced advertisement telling the world that you are gullible. If that is what you want I will run off a poster on the old inkjet for you for half that price.
17 Jun 2004 Me@hook "So you head out into the sea, that vast space of waters, to collect the fish which are coming to your light."
That reminded me of somebody I know. I met him a couple of years ago, I was lost before that, gathering pieces of a puzzle called "me". And then it just all became a system, became whole and I could guess the general shape of the picture. This person has his own light - not universal, not for everyone - and it attracts people of the same kind. I think my finding this person has determined what I am now, the people that surround me, my tastes and views. I was lucky enough to find a guy with a lantern

"there is something incredibly beautiful about this world."
nothing to add here=)

"other face of freedom"
Freedom is a wonderful thing: everybody knows that it exists, but two people won't give the same definition of it. It's like in that tale about the elephant and the blind: the blind who touches the elephant's stomach says that the elephant is "soft and warm", the other blind who touches his foot, says the elephant is "rough and firm".
I don't think absolute freedom is possible, for we are not free from ourselves, first of all, our bodies. And also absolute freedom is when you don't cling to anything, when you don't love anyone and no one and nothing in the world needs you. It means death, not existence. My definition is like this: freedom is when you do something not because you have to, but because you want to.
17 Jun 2004 Elena Bereavement is a darkness impenetrable to the imagination of the unbereaved. ~Iris Murdoch

...Every one can master a grief but he that has it. ...Men can counsel and speak comfort to that grief which they themselves not feel.
~William Shakespeare.

The true test of intelligence is not how much we know how to do, but how we behave when we don't know what to do. ~John Holt

Words: Those bites of communication that others use about us, which serve to perpetuate their misunderstanding about the effects of grief.
~Stephanie Ericsson
Companion Through the Darkness
17 Jun 2004 Mouchette 2 go HERE: ... ... This "minimalist sculpture with a human presence" is by FAR my favorite in all of the art I have experienced in New York this spring. "Breath" conceals a sound system that emits four religious vocal tracks from the traditions of : Buddhism, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. To see it, I walked from the Lower East Side all the way down to the bottom of Manhattan island to the Ritz-Carlton Plaza. I was drawn into and then transformed by this truly powerful work. Please visit Breath. It will be available through January 2005.
17 Jun 2004 angsthammer join a church group or the scouts. somebody in authority will fuck up your life so much that you will know how to kill yourself. if you dont know, you are not ready. ps. take out the priest or scout leader befor you go.
17 Jun 2004 heather hi, i am 15 and i have been sucidal for 3 years now. i done every drug you can think of, and i m a cutter. i feel as if this world that i live in is not reality anymore. i have no feeling and no emotin for anything or anyone. i was with a guy for 26 months. even no he was 4 years older than me we were perfect together. about a month ago he told me that he had slept with my best friend. that broke my heart and i was already suicidal. when i had found this out i sat down to think and the best thought that came to my mine was death. i was already really unhappy and the fact that i had just lost my boyfriend and my bestfriend in day just set it off.i sat down and i wrote letters to all my close friends and my parents. 3 days later i planned to do it. i cleaned everything i put all of my clothes in boxes and was ready for death. my ex-boyfriend mark had noticed that i was acting alittle strange and ask me what was goin on with me and i told him that was not happy and that i wouldnt have to worry about it in a few days. and he told me that she wanted to hang out. so the night i was goin to do it i went to his house and we talked for like 6 hours. i went home that night and i was ok withit still and i was ready to die. so i sat down and i slit my wrist and took a whole bunch of pills. for some reason mark came back over came back over and found me half dead. he took me to the hospital. 4 days later i was releast for the hospital and i got home and i wanted to die more then anything. i felt as if i was so much of a disappointment to everyone that i should not live adn i should show my face anywhere again. my ex boyfriend mark came over that day and he has been here ever since its going on 26 day and he hasnt left once with out me. i i dont no what i would do it i had the chance to be alone.
16 Jun 2004 kobe im not trying to be mean or not trying to understand. im 19 year old male and i was at a point were i was so suicidal for years. if you think killing yourself is the only way out i think u should give them this other option. im no longer suicidal.. everybody will someday be happy. u just have to really TRY HARD. life is a gift.. the good things in life make up for all the bad things. i never thought id ever be happy but im living proof that its possible so
PLease post my message. it says you yourself are a young kid and the others and u have just began a quarter of your life. no matter how hard u have it someone else has it worse. thats what i think of to get through my days. a life is such a precious thing and u cant just give up. someday it will get better i promise.
i dont want to see young kids do this to themselves . u all are so young. if i could help all of u i would. but im not superman. but dont say no one cares about you. becuz im sure theres more people than me that feel this way. please put my post up on ur boards. it would mean alot to me.
16 Jun 2004 Anders Well. First off, think it over. "Can I really withstand life any longer? Or will it get better overtime?" You have to know that suicide is like the MOST selfish thing ever. LEaving the people you love behind and they didn't know it was ever coming to them. Think about the impression it would leave on the people who care about you. There's so many things that can ease the pain. Listening to music, cutting, burning yourself. It doesn't matter, just don't kill yourself. It's so stupid. Oh... and so you know, there is no god out there. We're on our own. God is stupid and doesn't exist.
15 Jun 2004 the only anwser is god omfg this site should be shut down wtf is this some f'n satan worshiping site damn this is f'n crazt if u wanna die or dont want ur life find god he'll hekp u gosh this is so f'n crazy
15 Jun 2004 kobe
15 Jun 2004 Mauvais Chris, this is to you. I havent talked to you in a while and im sorry, i miss u and am worried. e-mail me alright. please.
14 Jun 2004 cat wrap a chain around your neck and then hook it to a semi and wait for it to crush your neck

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