Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Feb 2004 Will Snow Yesterday was such a horrible day:( Ohhh, god
22 Feb 2004 lost sit in front of the tube and watch hrs. of catheryn hepburn movies, take sleeping pills. drink lots of jose cuervo and witness your one and truly special life slip before you...
21 Feb 2004 Alex There really isn't an easy way. It's always harder than it sounds. Just the thought that I'll go to hell is very scary. But I think that the best way is get really drunk. And well this is how I plan on going. I was hoping to get into a really bad car wreck and just go out like that . But this is how I'm going try to do, when I get the balls of course. Well get drunk on something to ease the edge. Then go into your garage and close everything . Turn on the car and basically breath the fumes from the muffler. You know cause that's carbon monxide, that's the stuff they use for rogaine to get hair on your head. But yeah... Just breath it in. And it will eventually put you to sleep. Then you well if you got connections like a doctor that can hook you up with some pills, drink those too of course, and you be in the car or out the car but you'll go. You die fairly painless because you be drunk on pills and breathing the fumes. So that's what I'm going do but not now at least . I got to waste all my money. I don't want to leave any money people can spend . And I want to make sure that my kidneys can't be used for an organ donor, anything like that yeah. Because when the hospital gets hold of you they're going to want to cut you open to re-use your organs on some piece of shit human. So make sure and smoke, anything and everything. Drink like a fish so your liver can't be used either. And well do all that...
21 Feb 2004 javier el gabbo ehhhh.. drink some poison... ehhh take some pills from your parents...
20 Feb 2004 lost It's funny how I sometimes look back at my suicidal tendencies as "nonsense" and other times I really just want to do the world a favor, and end my life.
I was also raped and got herpes. At age 30, I'm realizing that im cursed and no one will ever accept me.
My ex-boyfriend hasn't touched me in quite some time and i think it's because a month ago he thought he contracted this contagious disease; so that served as a warning to him... although from day one I told him of my condition and he accepted me THEN..
I know that it isn't difficult to end my life according to the info. On this site, for me it's just a question of how much people push me towards the act... I'm not very far off..
I truly believe there is a better place in the arms of an angel.
I love you all and hope to see you there. I'm beginning the process as of today.
20 Feb 2004 Bogdan Look, this night I`ve had a tentative to kill myself ... really ... what`s it worth? If we could only talk it would be just fine as long as I go on and you go on ... write me!
20 Feb 2004 Will Snow Im feeling down today :( hmmmm
20 Feb 2004 U dont wanna know Umm... if this is a thing for help then i could use it. I'm really tired of all my friends trying to use me to be the guy they can confide in when they want to kill themselves when really it's just for attention and then they fill their heads will bullshit lies, but the thing is i'm suicidal but none of the lil shit heads know it, they're too damn busy thinking of how to get people to like them. I was just wondering what would be the best way to kill myself, i think i got my g/f pregnant today (came in her twice without a condom) and if she is, we can't tell her dad cuz he'll beat her and she'll run away, if we keep it a secret we'll have a kid and i'll have to drop outa school and no matter what our relationship is over (it's been 3 years in one month) and i can't stand the thought of ruining her life, and even though i always thought of suicide as being a selfish act of the weak, i just want to relieve my stress and pain and thoughts, and if i died then it would answer all my questions of death, though i would regret the answer more than likely, anyway please e-mail me if you have a good idea or maybe some insight about avoiding this, either would be appreciated thanx...... oh and i'm not 13 i'm older, peace
20 Feb 2004 Brittany Mich. I think of killing myself too, it's not only you. My dad cheated on my mom and treats her like shit, and he acts like i know nothing. My mom calls me fat and ignores me. Both my parents don't understand how i feel this way and always blame me, not my two older brothers. But, the real thing is, when you're 13 (i am 13), you haven't experienced your LIFE YET! I STRONGLY BELIEVE THAT EVERYONE IS PUT ON THIS EARTH FOR SOMETHING! Get help if you really need it. EVERYONE IS A IMPORTANT IN SOME WAY. I KNOW THAT SOUNDS SEVENTH HEAVEN, LET'S ALL HUG, BUT IT'S TRUE! YOU NEVER KNOW, YOU COULD BE THE NEXT PRESIDENT, OR FIND OUT HOW TO STOP CANCER, OR YOU MIGHT WIN AN OSCAR, OR YOU might not be even CLOSE to being any of these things, you might just be a great dad or mom, or you could be a good friend. Don't commit suicide, if you need to talk, talk to me. or someone else please! Remember you are loved!
19 Feb 2004 Lee a lot of people say the best way is a lot of paracetamol but this isnt true. ive tried at least 5 times to do it this way and on last count got upto 50 paracetamol. all i got was vomitting and dizziness. anyone know a better way? lemme know
18 Feb 2004 mallorie dunn to not kill youself

yall are a bunch of dumnasses
18 Feb 2004 Dr. Jelly To whom it may concern:

Mr. Joe Lee is a patient of mine who recently suffered a massive psychotic breakdown. He sneaked into staff's lunge on several occasions using the internet service. We are currently keeping him locked up so as to stop his demented internet advices.
Learning from Mr. Lee's medical records, he have a long history of characteristic roleplaying. Mr. Lee once stole a white coat and impersonated a doctor in our clinic and treated patients. (while the real doctor was on vacation) As a result of his treatments, five out of seven patients commited suicide. Mr. Lee never recieved any professional medical trainings, and he is in no position to answer any questions.

We are very shocked at his reckless behaviors, apparently he is shocked too... literally shocked, in shock therapy. He will be locked away for a long time until his next mental evaluation.

Please accept our sincere apologies,

Je l. ly, MD
18 Feb 2004 Bryan boo hoo caz, didnt you get the new thinkpad for christmas and taking it out on us? Or was it the ski vacation to vail that isn't happening?
17 Feb 2004 brandon First off I would like to say that "bleeding out" is probably the most horrible, searing way to end your life. I would hate for my last thoughts to be "Why am I so freaking cold?!?!" and basically shiver to death.

I completely agree with the last few posters who said that this conversation needs to grow up. However, I still consider myself slightly immature so here's my thoughts on the best way to off myself. :o)

I would definitely jump from a high story building. But before I made that final leap, I would make sure to pack my shirt and pant's pockets with all sorts of varied candy treats, such as bubble gum and candy bars.

This way, when I hit the pavement at speeds of more than 80 miles per hour, I would in a sense, burst open like a pinata.

People on the streets would be screaming in terrible shock towards one another saying stuff like, "Oh dear God, did you just see that?!?!!" "That poor man just took his own life right in front of us by horribly falling to his death and .......
Oooooh! Snickers!!!!" :o)
p.s. i'm NOT gonna kill myself because nothing can bring me down in life, even if i am an orphan and no one wants me. also sum hints to u suiciders - findyourself don't take the easy way out of life =/
17 Feb 2004 Pumpkin I am 12 years old and I have the thought of I wanna commit suicide cause people mess with me all day. I can't deal with it anymore I have told my closest friends that I wanna commit suicide and after I told the 3 I was gonna tell only one tried to convince me not to do it. But the others said "yea right" But I think that I might end up doing it cause I can't deal with life anymore weather I go to hell or not.
17 Feb 2004 Caz Oh yes, "toughen up" kids because obviously the only reason why someone would want to commit suicide is because one doesn't look like Paris Hilton or Nichole Richie.
You fucking twat, what about all those people who have been bullied all their lives, to have actually made believe you're fucking worth nothing so why the hell should u be here?
Or about those people who have been abused through out their lives, yeah, stupid kids, deal with it!
Oh and lets not forget, a kid who's just recently lost their mother to domestic violence or something worse, your fucking whole world crumbles and not everyone can be as tough and deal with it.
And how can u blame a kid's parents for letting them get depressed?
You can't give those kinds of opinions if you havent got an idea of what you're actually talking about.
Not everyone wants to die just coz they got dumped or they can't look like Christina Aguilera.
Sometimes there's a bit more to it and there are people out there who can actually make a difference.
16 Feb 2004 Kay I came across this website while doing a research project for school. I was blown away by how many people want to kill themselves and how! I don't think there is any way to kill yourself, ever! How can your life be so incredibly horrible when you're only 13? Why would you even want to kill yourself, to take the easy way out? I don't know maybe you think no one wants you around, which isn't true because when i started reading all these messages, even though i didn't know any of you I wanted you to live. Everyone in the world can't hate you even though that's how it may seem. You do have a purpose or you wouldn't have been put on this earth. If you really want to die, here's my idea, do it the slow way. Live your life.
16 Feb 2004 Sara I am a 14 yr old girl with many problems, yes, i have tried killing myself numerous times! I know it is a sick and painful pleasure of all of ours.... i dont know why i still do it. I am failing in skool, and i cant even concentrate on my social abillities. It is impossible for me to function in an everyday life. Why do i feel this way you ask? One reason, is because of my 39 yr old father. He is an alcoholic, and a drug addict. Always been, always will be... he messed up my life completely.. he told me empty promises, beat me, every imaginable way. Another reason i am like this is mainly because of my ex boy friend... he now lives in Florida but when we were younger he lived next door. We met when we where only 2! Our mothers where best friends. We did everything together. About 2 yrs ago when i was only 12... he hit me, constantly... that was his way of letting out his pain. Then one day, he got me pinned in a corner, and he went to hit me, and well i hit back out of rage. That's when he started cutting me. He wanted to commit suicide but he was such a coward that he tried to kill me! He slit my wrists, the back of my knees, and slightly scratched, but enough to make me bleed... he would slit my neck, or try my throat. He used to burn me with his ciggs... he used to cut my hair down to my scalp! I hated him... One day i went up to this hill we have by my house that all the kids hang out at.. i went up there with a blanket and my lunch... a little while after he went balistic on me... anyways he followed me... he came up to me with a gun... he said to me if i didn't strip, and fuck him that he would shoot me... in that place he had the gun to my head. I didn't want to die then, so i absoulutly had to do it... yes...... i was raped... and i will live with that pain for the rest of my life. Anyways i am older now, and more mature.. i have learned how to handle my disabllities. I was diagnosed with Asthma and Emphysema... along with Cancer.... i am a strong girl, with a long life to live... but i don't want to live with the hurt and sorrow both of these men have inflicted on my poor soul... i never told anyone this story except fpr my best friend, and my boyfriend... my NEW boyfriend... one that is wonderful. I don't know why i hurt myself, but my doctors say that i am not a "suicidal attempter" i am just a "cutter" meaning i cut myself just to make the pain go away, not to kill myself,... in other words no... i dont wish to die... i wish for the pain to go away... that's all. I dont see the reason in killing yourself... especially if you are under 13! That is sick.. but.. it all depends on how you feel... and i know i dont understand anyways problems here cause i dont know how they feel inside. i am learning to become my own shrink... lol.. pathetic yea i know.. but it is working...
16 Feb 2004 Cloud Boulton go to iraq or anywher people are not in a position to choose and then see for yourself

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