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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Jun 2004 Psychopsilocybin This is so completely appalling to me. I never realized the problem was this severe. The world is completely filled with all of you whiney little twats. I have been through my share of shit in life as has EVERYONE. And don’t lecture me about how your shit is so much worse, I guarantee I got more shit on the shelf then half of you. Want some advice?... stop caring... about anything! You will live so much happier, it does wonders. Life is short, that being the age old cliché that it is, it is entirely true. What on earth could a 13 year old have to commit suicide over, that is a serious but never the daunting task to accomplish. There is no such thing as "trying" to kill yourself, if you wanted to die so fucking bad, I am completely sure anyone could think of a way to do the trick, and the first fucking time no less! I could go into the woods, stick a shotgun in my mouth and pull the fucking trigger with my toe! Might not be pretty but I assure you it will get the job done! Shit happens, that’s life so get used to it. I remain apathetic about life in general, there is no point to it and it is a game that the majority of us are born to lose, but since your here anyway then waste a little time and enjoy yourself. Do what makes you happy at any cost. Sure, if a truck was about to hit me while I cross the road, I would have to think twice about jumping out of it’s way, but only because I can’t think of an actual point to living life. So I do what I want when I want and I am a pretty happy fucking guy. Nothing ever done by 99.9% of people in today’s society will amount to a hill of shit or be remembered in 100 years… I’m sick of hearing how some little fucking teeny bopper who is still wet behind the ears tried to kill herself with a letter opener because her daddy slapped her around for acting like an insolent little cunt and probably deserved what she got (that one’s for you Ellie), or how some fat prick thought he could overdose on Tylenol and all his troubles would slip away. Grow up children, I won’t patronize you by saying life gets better because it don’t, it’s fucking retarded and most of you don’t got shit to live for because none of you seem to be the great intellectuals of our time who will cure cancer or achieve world peace, but if your going to kill yourself, do it and shut the fuck up and if your going to stick around then quit bitching how bad your life is and get used to it.

12 Jun 2004 Endar Well... First of all suicide is nothing but loosing and escaping the reality. Anyone who belives that suicide will help is pathetic. Life is full of problems, but the meaning of life is to overcome those problems and learn from them.

Then about the Seppuku... It seems like - Robert Hamburger - has no idea what Seppuku even is. Seppuku is ritual suicide what Japanise Samurai (sometimes even a Ninja) did to keep theyr honour. If a Samurai would run away when hes master have died, he would commit Seppuku to keep hes honour. If he would not do that he would become a Ronin (a samurai outcast) who has no place in the society.

Also if you commit suicide with rope or something else it is not a Seppuku. Seppuku means a suicide committed with a Tanto (a short knife) or Wakizashi (short sword). This is what "Samurai Culture - Ritual Suicide" has to say about Seppuku:

The samurai slipped down his upper kimono to his girdle, carefully put his sleeves under his knees in order to die and fell forward, a standard way of samurai to die, which he remained naked to the girdle. He took the dirk that lay before him with a steady hand. Waited a few seconds to collect his thoughts, he stabbed himself deeply below the waist on the left hand side. He drew the dirk slowly across to the right. As the dirk reached the right side he gave a slight cut upward and then leant forward stretching out his head. Once an expression of pain crossed his face, the kaishaku, who had been keenly watching the whole process, sprang to his legs and poised his sword in the air for a second, cut off the head from the body quickly and smoothly. During a dead silence the kaishaku, having wiped his sword, bowed solemnly to the witnesses, and the dirk was removed as a proof of the death of the samurai.

So please read before you speak. Seppuku is not only a suicide, its a honorable (and really, really painful) way to die. Only a fool would call your "suicide with frisbee" a Seppuku. Besides if you really think Ninjas had lasers and there are not any Ninjas in Japan anymore because they all killed them selfs, you are really too young to be on this site...
12 Jun 2004 Ghetto offspring Will you stupid little kids just get over it? Seriously? What kind of shit have you gone through in your life? Pray tell me, what is your pain? Did your daddy hit you? Did your parents take away your playstation? You little turds should just go ahead and kill yourselves. I've gone through shit way worse than any of you probably have. I grew up in the Marcy projects of Brooklyn. I've never known my dad because he's incarcerated for murder, and my mother was a crack addict who beat me severely, twice putting me in the hospital. However, I never thought of killing myself, because that's for little pussies like the kids on here. Instead, I did everything I could to rise above it and now I'm in my second year of college. Get over it you whiny little bitches! Either try to solve your own problems, or shut-up
12 Jun 2004 Ali Get a belt or link chain (metal) and wrap it around your neck pull really tightly.
12 Jun 2004 no_shit why is life so cruel. people are always telling me to think of myselves, and i dont bother as it only makes me upset. i am a 17 year old boy, never had a girl-friend, has only one ball after a soccer accident, worse yet everyone knows, and i have a family from hell.

finally tho, i am realising people dont appreciate me doing stuff for them, so it makes me concentrate more on myself. the only reason i am still here is so i dont upset my family and friends, but if they dont apprecitate it, then whats the point???

i have tried anti-depressents for years. i have tried therapy. none of it works. learning to cope with it wont help as it will always change to a form that you cannot cope with
12 Jun 2004 Theres nothing as great as being sad in the rain. This is the silliest shit I've ever read. I've looked through a few pages of this forum and I've seen dozens of kids, fucking kids, talking about suicide as if its a trendy pair of shoes or some shit. Do any of you actually think about why your so sad? It all seems so superficial to me. I'm misserable just like everyone else. Bad things happen to me, but suicide has never been an option. Who the fuck are you people that carve yourselves up because your stupid little 12 year old girlfriend leaves you, or your parents hit you, or you can't make any friends. You think the world hates you and theres nothing left to live for. Well go out one day and eat yourself a nice big piece of fuckin cheesecake and smoke a goddamned cigarette. In the end we're just animals. Live like one. You dont see sad little puppies hanging themselves by their leash. Thats what all of you are; sad little puppies. Get over it. Eat, fuck and smoke a cigarette. Thats enough to live for right there. You think that cutting your wrists will solve all your 'problems'. The truth is, this shits not a game. Your all just some little pitty whores out for some sympathy. If you kill yourselves, your pussy little drama will end. You'll never have to see your mean-ole parents again, you'll never get picked on again, but you won't do anything else either.

I think the worst part of all this bullshit, is the fact that most of you are so young. If you read the posts, all the stupid crazy ones are in the 12-16 range and the ones that are recovering, or offering support are the older ones, the ones that have been through this crap and have survived without too much damage. I say, if your going to go through with suicide, then at least wait untill your old enough to make an educated fucking decision. As mature as you 16 year olds feel, your just fucking babies. take it from me (18 years old) your mind changes alot through highschool. I just graduated a few weeks ago and allready I feel the weight of all those immature emotions lifting away. For now, just bite your lip and cry about it to your friends. May I suggest picking up ecstacy (sounds stupid, but it helped me through some stuff).

If anyone wants to talk or anything, you can email me, but only if you actually want to talk.
11 Jun 2004 Gingerbread Man Seems like the hot topic at the moment is 'Get Over It's complete lack of sympathy with all the suicidal depressives around here.... although I do wonder HOW someone who was so apalled at the idea that not everyone is happy ended up at this site. I'm not depressed at the moment, which is good, in its own, special way.. and this does make me wonder why I was in the first place. Let's blame 'Get Over It'- or people like him/her, who have no sympathy for anyone else. As the proud owner of highly unstable teenage hormones, I'm perfectly aware that it only takes a little to tip me over the edge once I'm in the mood to get über pissed. People are such FUCKERS. well, most people. and I hate fuckers. QED, you probably hate most people if you've got a 'realistic' outlook on life. This is not neccessarily a bad thing, but it does *not* mean that everyone hates you; remember, as a paranoid pessimist, you are one of an enlightened few. Most people will like you regardless of what you're actually 'like'. The problem is finding someone that YOU like- and this takes a lot of trial and error. I suggest all of you get a job in which you get to meet lots of people... like a social worker or something. You'll then realise how pathetic everyone else is, and you'll get a little smug, interior glow of self-satisfaction: which is proper 'bo, innit
11 Jun 2004 Robert Hamburger Seppuku with a frisbee

Seppuku is the ancient art of killing yourself if you get super pissed and can’t find anybody else to kill. Ninjas use all sorts of crap to kill themselves—guns, ropes, knives, lasers, spears, etc.—and don’t even think twice about it. These guys would kill themselves for just about any reason and often for no reason at all: that’s why we there are so few ninjas today.

But if you want to commit Seppuku and you’re like me, you don’t have access to stuff like lasers. But there’s hope. I tried to kill myself by swallowing a frisbee a couple of times—and believe me, it’s pretty cool. The only catch is you have to be really super pissed to do it.

Step 1 Get a frisbee from the store or friend.

Step 2 Clean the Frisbee.

Step 3 Make sure your parents aren’t around

Step 4 Put something slippery on it, like butter or cream.

Step 5 Get really super pissed.

Step 6 Fold the Frisbee hard (this is crucial)

Step 7 Keep folded and insert Frisbee into mouth hard.

Step 8 Push hard until you can’t see it.

Step 9 Wait.

Step 10 Die.

If you succeed, everybody will be like “Holy Crap!”
11 Jun 2004 KKK the best way to kill yourself when you are under 13 is not to...when you are that young you have no reason good enough to kill yourself. you havent witnessed enough hell to want to kill yourself. so just wait a little longer, like until you are 14 or 15. then look back through your life and ask yourself, "do i really want to do this to myself and to the people that love me?"....well i can tell you one thing, i am 14 and i cannot take it anymore so let these words be my i will now end my suffering. do you want to know how?...ok...i plan to take several of my mothers pills with a nice swig of vodka, then just fall into an eternal sleep...never to wake up again. i guess this is goodbye to all of you who read this.
11 Jun 2004 grow up!! FUCKING GROW UP!!!! You are all whiney little babies starving for attention. Depressed? Go make yourself happy! Sad? Go play!Get a life other than just talking on the internet about how bad you have it and trying to kill yourself and grow up! If any of you actually had the balls to kill yourself you wouldn't be posting about it in here, you would be dead already, dumb fucking whiners!
10 Jun 2004 moz If u guys really wanted to kill urselves u wouln't be on this website u fuck ups. shits happening around the world and u guys are tring to commit suicide..get therapy quick ...
10 Jun 2004 You think I'm stupid enough to give a load of people with "not No, actually, i think "Get Over It" hits the nail on the head, the people who want to kill themselves get on and do it, they don't mope about on chat rooms trying to get creative, put all that "angst" to good use. Adam Barclay Rose demonstrates "Get Over it"'s point perfectly -- "I don't wanna kill myself, I just wanna come close to it", hmmm, sounds like somebody wants some attention; "Is it wrong that i want someone to die?" Yes, you weirdo, what good is it if someone close to you dies? So you can get another hit of Pity, you sicko.
10 Jun 2004 ronny-ron im not even under thirteen. (girl called "Beccy" email me if u want. i cant get urs 2 work sorry) anyway im seventeen. i feel this shit all around me, pressing in on me everyday. There's no relief, just the same thing everyday. There's no change, no love for me. All i have is my room and greyness surrounding me. This isn't natural. No one should feel like this. i pretend that i'm happy and no one knows i'm not. perhaps they dont care. i have been living at home since i was fifteen, doing home school. Surely they must realise somethign is worng. Why the hell do i hide in my room every day? i cant even talk to my friends anymore. To be honest i dont know why im writing this. i guess it's good to get it off ur chest.
How did it start? When i was thirteen and began smoking pot. When ur young that shit fucks wiht ur mind. it is the worst drug in the world. it has damaged me, but in such a way that no one notices except me. Now i can even defend myself. if someone calls me a name i just look away. If someone tells me to fuck off i just go. I become really hurt to, but i cant say anything. If i meet someone face to face that i don't know like the back of my hand i become terrified. My mind freezes i'm that scared. I'm also failing at my school work. i dont care about it that much, ubt my family all think i am normal and smart, when i'm really brain dead and fucked-up. I want to be an author, but everyone around me tells me that's impossible. No one makes enough money to survive from what they right! Holy fuck, as i want to hear that! i just want to curl up into a ball and die. i feel tears welling up in my eyes becuase i realise how fucked i am and how it's never going to be better. I mean, we all know it! everyone here knows that this shit just presses around you worse every day. You say go on antidepressents? You have no idea how much shit my family would give me if i did that! They would tease me every moment fo the day. My mum would check the amount of pills every hour in case i took one extra. They woudl ask 'if i'd taken my happy pills yet?'
fuck that. that would make my life ten times worse. all i want to do is write, but even that is forbidden to me.
10 Jun 2004 Nerald Scott you dick! People who give up life cos of Cancer are actually dying! Thats why they give up? Cancer is a physical illness, Depression and kids seeking attention is a Mental illness. I fully appreciate that to the children who are writing these entries, life is so hard, but as any adult knows, these feelings are part of growing up. Sites like this shouldn't encourage these thoughts.
10 Jun 2004 Theworldsbeauty This goes out to all the people saying that no one loves them or cares about them. No matter what you look like, no matter how you act, no matter what you do, some one out there is always going to love you or care about you. Chances are they just haven't said anything though. Suicide is definately not the answer to anything. I was beat up a lot in school and I've felt like crap before, everyone has. Some people just have it harder than others. But what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. For the people that think they are ugly, well there is beauty in everyone, as long as you have beauty on the inside, you will have beauty on the outside. And if you guys are really considering suicide let some one know. There are help groups for this sort of thing. Don't think that no one cares because that is not true. If no one cared, no one would be posting on this message board.
10 Jun 2004 Gray Baldwin It really depends. What kind of a person are they? For instance, a person who wants to die a painful death may choose: asphixiation, burning yourself to death and dousing yourself in sulphuric acid. But, if you want to die quickly and, generally, painlessly, you could drown yourself, shoot yourself (in the head) or slit your wrists under a hot tap.
10 Jun 2004 soundless_one I've been reading this for a while now and I've finally decided it's time for me too, to post. Like just about everyone else I'm looking for a way to commit suicide. Just like everyone else, I've been trying to kill myself or else SI my whole life. Just like everyone else, I've been in psyc. wards before. Just like everyone else, I've been on meds. Just like everyone else. But I'm not just like everyone else. Right now I WANT to live. Yeah, crazy huh. You're probably saying to yourself right now "Wait, she just said she needed a way to die." I do. See, life loves irony and I guess I've come to appreciate it too. All my life I've been trying to die. Been hopeless. Hated myself. Hated life. Then I met a friend who cared enough to make a difference. And although I never thought it was possible, I found myself wanting to live. I was actually looking forward to tomorrow. I smiled once and wasn't using my "smile" to lie. I never thought any of that was possible. I never thought I could be happy with life. And I wasn't happy with life. I had just found a reason worth living for. Someone had taken the time to tell me that they cared and that I was important and loved and needed and wasn't worthless and shouldn't hate myself. That they cared. Well, I still hated myself but I felt...special. Amazing really. The only problem is, now that I WANT to live, I realize I HAVE to die. All I ever do is hurt the people I care about and love. All I ever do is bring them down. Just recently a friend tried cutting because of me. That was what convinced me, although there are so many other factors. (She shouldn't read this but on the odd chance that she does, it's not her fault and I want her to live life and to enjoy it. She deserves to be happy. Most of all, it's NOT, absolutely NOT her's my choice. The better of two evils.) But I always hurt people and bring them down so I MUST die. I've already tried numerous things...cutting my wrists, pills galore, etc. None have worked. Through cutting my wrists, I found a new friend...the razor. The pills made me sick as hell and I thought I was going to die but I never did. Another friend claims it was because she was praying for me. I don't know. So nothing has worked. I just need some advice on what really DOES work. PLEASE, someone help me. And by helping me, you'll be helping so many other people whom I hurt and bring down every day. I know that people say it will hurt them so much if I kill myself. And I know it will. But it would hurt them even more if I remain alive. "No greater love has a man than this...that he would lay his life down for his friend" I would do anything for the people I care about. ANYTHING. And it has finally come down to this. So if anyone could help, it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh yeah, and here's a crazy poem thing that I heard once and like...maybe someone else will like it too...
Razor pain you
Rivers dammed
Acids stain you
Drug cause cramp
Guns aren't lawful
Nooses give
Gas mask awful
You might as well live.

That just amused me. And by the way, slitting ones wrists and drugs like tylonel and all do NOT work. I've tried. Believe me I've tried. So don't bother around with those. If ANYONE has any suggests of another way to commit suicide or knows of some drugs that WILL kill you, PLEASE, for heaven's sake, pass the information on...before I hurt anyone else. (by hurt, I do not mean physically, just that I bring them down and mess everything up and never get anything right...I HAVE to get this right.) My e-mail is if anyone has any info they'd be inclined to share. Thanks. And good luck with whatever anyone else decides to it live life or die. It's your life, it's your right.
10 Jun 2004 natalie I used to be the mother of a 17 yr old son. My son committed suicide last year in May. It has been a year and I am still asking why? I came upon this web page trying to find out if he looked up how to take his life on-line. To those of you suffering, please try and think of another alternative. When you are depressed you feel as though people do not care but this is your brain tricking you because of the depression. People do care, my son's friends are still torn up over his death. My heart has not healed in anyway. I loved my son more than life itself, I would do anything to be able to hug or give a kiss on the ckeek one more time. Growing up is really hard these days, it is not fair to you all but please know it does get better, just hang in there! And if anyone does not feel loved please know as a mother, I love you. L-s mom
10 Jun 2004 aaron im 13, well just turned 14 in late may.
i have tried plenty of things to kill myself, one way is that i keep cutting my wrists after they bleed alot, im afriad to tell my mom that im bleeding because then we will have to go to the hospital and get stiches, so i just stich it up myself and wear long sleve skirts for 1 month or so. another way i have tried drinking gasolen and about to light a match in my mouth but it always gets lite out by my siliva.
thats my story.

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