Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
26 Feb 2004 El MacFearsome tell your drunken, abusive father that you think you're a homo and try to tongue-kiss him
26 Feb 2004 your kidding right? wow.... suicide? take your own life away 'cause you have it sooooo bad' to ruin many many other peoples lives? YOU HAVE NO IDEA. just because you don't like ONE stage in your life and things arent good? ANYONE can start making their life go the right way. suicide is pitiful, there are so many more options and being depressed and trying to find ways to die is ridiculous. If you are 'under 13' you haven't even barely lived at all! this is nonsense
25 Feb 2004 laron mouchette - do you have a skipping rope?
25 Feb 2004 Nadine I am not a teenager anymore. I am 27 years old. I wish I could say life gets better as you get older but for me that is not the case. Many doctors visits, hospital stays, and sucide attempts later I am still here and a total negative. An empty shell of a person who is tired and pathetic and full of self- loathing and annoying self-pity who just can't lie down and die. I'm not as brave as I was when I was a teenager jusr flirting with suicide. I wish I did it right and ended my life back then.
25 Feb 2004 ashley Simple answer, shoot yourself. It's fast, and painless as soon as it's over! If you can't do it, overdose. It's not that hard, just get the balls/guts to do it
25 Feb 2004 amber i am not under 13 i am almost 17 but i have cut my wrists and i guess u could call me a cutter but anyway the best way i have decided (and i am gonna try it when i get done writing it) but i wanted someone else to know bout it so here it is: cut the sides of ur mouth cut ur wrists and light urself on fire but see i also wanna go slow and i want a very painful death of if u dont wanna do that go parallel with ur vein a long way up ur arm not across but i hope u all have fun and remember if u do achieve u goal and do die i wont see u in hell cuz heaven wont have me but see hell is afraid i will take over
24 Feb 2004 Cass Play swords with yourself using your family's kitchen knifes. Make sure to twrill them a lot!
24 Feb 2004 thomas Ce kit est vendu en 3 parties : une corde, une poutre, et un tabouret, et en plus ce n'est pas cher,
24 Feb 2004 angie jette-toi de la fenĂȘtre ou ouvre toi les veines. mais bon si t'as mal essaie les medocs.
24 Feb 2004 Heather Hi my name is Heather and i'm 14 years old... i started thinking about suicide when i was about 12... i didn't really know too much about suicide but i quickly learned more and more ways... the first time i slit my wrist i jabbed a thumbtack in me and pulled it down my wrist... but i found out that this way doesn't work all too well... i have over 100 scars on my arms fromt he past 2 years of slitting my wrist... i have also had to go to the ER several times because i was caught o.d. I really can't stand living anymore tho... i'm really getting sick of every1's crying out for attention and childish bullshit... this world is just to full of drama and people pretending to be sum1 they aren't... i would really like to talk to other ppl that feel the same way i do... so if you do please e-mail me or add me on MSN Messenger!
23 Feb 2004 Abby Ok, heres what you do:
1) Get a paint kit or science kit or better yet, both
2) Eat everything in the kit(s) and get poisoned.
3) Then let your pet out the front door and chase after and get run over. *If you don't have a pet have it be you imaginary pet, or better yet, imaginary friend!*
4) Throw a rock at your brother's head. If you weren't dead before, then you are now.
5) Cut yourself all over your body, except the face. Run through the street naked and yell " I am to beautiful to live"
6) Try going to Canada *if from states* . They won't let you over unless you have at least a car. Trying walking there. When they see you can, burst into tears, saying I'll kill you all. And you do by lighting the explosives in your pocket.

Now you'd definitely be dead.
23 Feb 2004 ... Why should you kill yourself, when there is nothing wrong with you. You should kill the people who make you feel "wrong". Dead motherfuckers don't talk shit. Or a murder-suicide make them really regret ever looking at you.
23 Feb 2004 cynthia blindfold yourself and ride your bike out on the freeway.
23 Feb 2004 Not dead yet Keep reading the opinions of other sad people is good way onto the right road. Have you tried walking out your front door, going for a long walk and breathing some fresh air? Might change yer outlook. Otherwise try living on the streets in Bogota, most kids don't even make it to 13 using that technique :oP
23 Feb 2004 cathy a magic roundabout
23 Feb 2004 omen Firstly slitting your wrists is painful, slow and ineffective. If you live (which is very likely) you may have only succeeded in cutting off some of the functions in your hand. Secondly, Suicide is not the only answer. even though it seems that way at the time. I have had suicidal thoughts for about six years now, contimplating it to the point of planning it. I was boulimic, and highly anxious. Getting out of the house was a terrifying thought, I would have to prepare myself for about half an hour before i left home, even to go to school. I quit all the sports I was doing, I cried myself to sleep, and the only time I could feel any real emotion was when I hurt myself. My parents know I was unhappy, well mum does anyway, but they have no idea about anything else. I cut myself but only enough to not leave a scar so as I could still hide it. Two years of throwing up almost everything I ate was really taking its toll on me, I read that it was some sort of avoidance behaviour. I don't know. But slowly things started to change for me. I got into uni, and have now almost finished my degree. All of these feelings of invisibility, and worthlesness, come back now and again, but I'm dealing with them differently. there is hope. Just give it time.
23 Feb 2004 Creasy Well, tell ya how I did it. (I just turned 13 today!) First, I went to my arsehole dad and called him a fudge-packin' yank whore faggot. He threw me down three flights of stairs, breaking my lovely neck. (I used to love the way Melody--my whore gf--left hedious suction tracks there that turned green and yellow as they disappeared until she'd put those vacuum cleaner lips against my pulsating juglers again.) Trashy bitch doesn't care for the stoma now though. (And for ya ignorant 12-year-olds, a stoma is the hole doctors cut into your throat to surgically insert a breathing tube after your trachea is crushed by your arsehole dad's bootheel stomping the life out of ya.)
Yea, I died alright. I floated right out of my body and looked down at the beautiful dead thing I'd become. Jesus was right there to escort me to the place where dead kids go... But the fuckin' red cross arseholes pumped me full of fluids, zapped my dead heart, and carted my stinking corpse off to the infirmery. (The smell wasn't that of dead flesh. No, boys and girls! When you die you piss and shit yourself! What a wonderful fuckin' mess you make of things when you die, you dumb shits!)
Well, to make a long story short, I'm a total veggie these days (arms and legs useless noodles, whore gf now ex-whore gf.) Ol' dad is doin time and I hear they call him Shirley these now. (Musta been something to that fudge-packer thing...)
23 Feb 2004 jew slowly drain blood from ur body
23 Feb 2004 sarah well im not sure where to start. i really want to commit suicide.i ve wanted to for about a year and a half but i still havent tried cuz im too chicken. but ive promised a friend i would go on a holiday with her this summer so im gonna wait until after that and then i think ill take an overdose. im so depressed. im ugly and fat and its not even that because i can get over that. i dont trust anyone, im starting to really hate my friends and parents. there are one or 2 people i dont want to hurt but im starting to not care whether they hate me or not because i hate my life so much. there is nothing in this world for me im not good at anything. i feel trapped because my 'friends' are always putting me down but i dont want to break away because ill be totally on my own then. i agree with someone who already said that music is there only haven. im always planning how im going to do it, i dont have a gun so 50 pills will ave to do. nobody really cares and im so sick of it.
22 Feb 2004 kelly i hate people who say that killing yourself is a cowards way out.. how many people can hold a gun to there head and actually pull the trigger? and how many people can swallow all those pills and lay themselves down knowing that they are going to die, and how many people can cut that deep into their skin where they bleed to death? how many people can take that one step off of a 50 story building or off of the stool and KNOW there is NO turning back! for all you people who say that suicide is a cowards way out, you are the most stupid fucking people and the only reason why you say that is because you know you could never do it yourselves... if someone wants to die that bad, it's their life, their choice, and none of you have the right to say anything about it.. considering you don't even know it.. just do what makes you happy. i know i will kill myself soon.. i'm just waiting for the right time to be left alone for 24 hours i know i would be dead

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