Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Jul 2004 Mindy Im 17 and I've been fighting these fucking asshole feelings for 3 years. Im starting to question why. This all seems too fucking messed up. I cry everyday then I laugh. I find it so funny im that hurting and finding so amusing why I continue, WhEn I dont have to. My uncle blew his brains out a couple of weeks ago. I dont know I feel jealous that he dosin't feel anymore. I envy his death, When I was at the funeral I was wanting it to be me in the coffin. A fucking preacher smiled at me I wanted to murder that fucking god cock sucking queef fucker!!! At least that would make me happy for a while. Why Kill me when I can kill you and have someone kill me later on while I rot in jail. seems so inviting.The slow suffering and needing im so addicted to pain maybe I dont wanna die haha im just fucking crazy. I love pain so you piece of shit life keep piling more shit on me please. Im going through withdrawl. Thank you for my girlfriend and her dissapearance. I want to blow up this fucking world and watch it from a temporarily safe place. Then I would dress myself up as a fucking retard look in a mirror to get one last good laugh then blow my fucking head off. If u want to email me go ahead I dont have anything better to do with my fucking life. and by the way misery loves company so the more the better. yeah kill every stupid fuck that gives you the slightest idiotic look. you brainless fucks!!! The future will bury you all. So whats wrong speeding up time???
14 Jul 2004 Tony I am no longer 13 anymore, i'm 17 but aynways. When i was 13 i was constantly smoking marijuana and i couldn't feel anything like a papercut or a heated up razor balde going into my skin. I was so depressed that i took 10 caffein pills and my heart started to pound at extreme rates. I basically almost over dozed on those pills, i really wish i would have. My life has all gone to hell. Like someone els here said to go out and tell people, well that isn't always the right thing to do cause most people won't take your cries for help seriously and they'll just pretend to help and not actaully care about what goes on after that. I told my mom once that i needed help, counseling or whatever and she got the forms for me to see a counseler but after that she just blew everything off. She lost the form and never once after that did she ever try to help me or see if i needed anything. so anyways.. I think the best way to end your own life when you don't have many materials available would be to simply down a bottle or two of IBuprofren ( not Tylenol that won't do aynthing to you, as i have learned form past experiences) then after you take the bottle(s) of IBuprofren start drinking hard alcohol if you can get someone to buy you some. Perferbaly ICE 101. ICE 101 is 100 proof alcohol it tastes like candy in a way and before you even know it you'll be gone. I am sorry to anyone that has to live a life in hell when there is supposed to be a ""great"" life ahead of them.........
13 Jul 2004 Caitlin I undersand all you people that say if your 13 and you want to die ur stupid and whiny and its all over stupid little problems that like everyone has at that age and stuff but reading that made me really REALLY mad! cuz I am fourteen and I have alot of friends that say they want to die and there just liek the whiny people ur talking about but I tried to committ sucide when I was 12 so u must think Im realy whiny and that is what makes me sofucken mad u think Im just a whiny attention seeking kid whos problems everyone has and evrything will be fine in a couple years well guess what NO!!! UR WRONG! amybe ur right aboutmost kids butnot me Im 14 and both my parents are dead i had to watch my father and my brother die I never knew my mom and after me being in a fucked up orphange for so long im finally with a family but thats noteven a good thing cuz they use me to do all the house work and if i dont they beat me...they hardly ever let me eat im never aloud to do anything with friends so now i dont have any they putme down so much and icant even walk down the street without people making fun of me and all there real kids get so much there so spoiled and i get nothing thishas been goin on forso long and its not gonna change cuz itried calling child services and they caught me and they beat me so hard and now im soscared to do it again cuz i dont wanna get caught and beating liek that again......and last year i was raped and thrown into a ditch that memory haunts me every day ..and pretty soon my adoption parents are gonna take me out of school so i can work for them and i know i will never be able to leave cuz they said there never letting me get a job or anything so iwill never have any money and last night i was sexually assualted for the first time by there 16 year old son and iknow thats gonna happen again and they dont care so tell me are these just little whiny problems that every little kid has? i dont think so and i never complain about them ialways keep itall locked up and suprsingly there are SO many kids in the world that have a worst life so I feel sorry for them and thankful im not in there shoes but still I know my life is never gonna get better only worse so yes I do want to commitsuicide and if dont care if anyone tells me my life will get better it wont and even if it will i wont be able to make it much longer so fuck this shit im gone and down u fucken tell me im a whiney kid!!!!
13 Jul 2004 Paul I love you mouchette. The best and most comfortable way to kill yourself is a bullet to the head, since your under 13 and cant get a gun, try to take triple c
it contains dxm so more than about 16 should kill you and before you die you will have the time of your life. Or just sit here on your ass read this and talk about how depressed you are and how much your parents restrict you, even though you are prolly in your OWN ROOM, in a NICE HOUSE on a NICE COMPUTER, you guys are lame and just want attention do the world a favor and just jump out onto a highway at rushhour
13 Jul 2004 Erica live through life
12 Jul 2004 heather woodhouse i dont know the answer to the question but i do know that my brother has tried commiting suicide 3 times and i cant beare it!! i dont want him to die, i care so much for him! but i dont think he can see how much he is upsetting the people who care about him the most!! he has 3 kids and has tried to commiting it in front of his 4 year old girls 2 times and i cant see how he can still try. i dont know what to do!! i dont wanna talk to him in case he feels i'm interfering in his life, but i want to help but i dont wanna do something that will push him to do it for real this time!! i just dont know what to do!! can someone please help me!! e-mail me or something my e-mail add is
12 Jul 2004 Harry Potter Another good way is too take all your clothes off and run around going "look I can cast magic on my penis! It's grows!!"
Rub it against some old people for the best effect and tell them it's your 'magic wand'.
12 Jul 2004 Harry Potter The best way to kill yourself if you are under eighteen is go to the top of a building wearing a blue nightgown and pointed hat and put a broom between your legs and yell out "I'll get the damn Quaffle this time!!" and jump off!! Hil-fuckin'-larious!!
12 Jul 2004 shayna im 14 now but ive been cuttin since i waz 10. ive had numerous attemptz of suicide by drugz and cuttin veinz and have found that itz not worth it. i still cut myself coz itz easier to handle the physikal pain then the emotional pain but i dnt attempt suicide nemore. life will get better. at the moment im a chain smoker, alcoholik and drug addict and seein 2 psychologists so im goin downhill abit but i no dat soon life will improve. i broke up wiv my boy friend yestaday and had been goin out wiv him 4 3 monthz but suicide wont fix dat. suicide is a permenent way out of a temperary problem. if u needa talk thn my emailz or add me ta msn. lifez 2 precious 2 leave it.
11 Jul 2004 dinesh just put a pin or any metal in an electric socket, u will enjoy it
11 Jul 2004 Mr.SelfDestruct Wow... a bunch of whiny little children... You wanna die now...but do you think your gonna regret not killing your self when your life gets better in 10 years?? Most of you kids wanna die because of little things that you think are gonna ruin your entire life... Just think of all the other kids with the same problem as you. If you really wanted to kill yourself, you wouldn't need to come to a site and ask "Whats the best way" because if you really wanted to die, you would know how to do it by instinct. But hey, if you wanna waste a life that can be perfectly fine in a few years, then go ahead, I cant stop morons from doing stupid things. If I were to kill myself (Which I wouldnt, cause everytime I thought of it, I relised life goes on) I would go out in stoned to the bone... Take so many drugs I wouldnt know what to do, then the drugs would do the rest. But either way, suicide is a stupid permenant solution for a temporary problem.
09 Jul 2004 twisted go into your garage and turn on your car just sit there untill you fall alseep and die!!
09 Jul 2004 alyssa get a nife and cut your seff in peacies (my friend cumitted suiccide i think i'll do it to bye)
09 Jul 2004 Mortician's Bread/Butter People tend to start this form out by stating their age and other useless information... I won't be doing that because it doesn't matter. Either way I'll be dead soon and that realization actually has me in a peaceful state of mind.
I vaguely remember a me that had hopes and dreams, aspirations if you will. It's been so long I can't even remember what those dreams were. Funny huh? Well, those are gone now. So gone. Little by little I've gotten to the point where I don't care. Before it was my family that kept me alive, now it doesn't even matter. I don't have anything I feel is worth living for. Not a career, not my family, not even the prospect of future happiness.
I guess you could say I've become numb to these sort of notions. Lately, the only thing that can get any sort of reaction out of me is Death.
I think I was just born an unhappy child. I've been trying to destroy myself for as long as I can remember. I've been cutting away at my skin, layer by layer, since I was 12. However, my happiest memory of self mutilation was before that, when I 9. I liked the feel of getting burned even then and my momma had the iron out... well, basically I put the hot iron on my foot. To this day my parents think that was an accident. Then came the cigarettes. I've never used an ashtray and never will. It's much easier to put it out on your arms or legs. However, my father doesn't share the same opinion so I don't smoke with him anymore.
So I guess you could say I like pain. It feels nice, and theres some sort of satisfaction in seeing the wound heal. Anyway, that used to get me through the day as well, but even that has lost it's flavor.
Well, seeing as I ended up talking about myself I will answer the questions at hand: What's the best way to kill yourself(at any age)? Take enough Coricidan C (over-the-counter cold medicine) to numb yourself out, back it up with the cheapest bottle of scotch you can find and after that kicks in your good to go. This will enable you to get the cojones to attempt suicide and at the same time you will feel nothing. Try cutting your veins, you won't feel a thing. Or jump from the tallest building you can find, that'll work. As for me, I'm going to numb myself out, put on my prettiest dress, jump in the pool, and cut my veins.
I wish I could see it from a third person point of view. I wish I could watch myself bleed to death. What a pretty sight that would be. A pale figure floating on ice water, looking up at the sky as if waiting for redemption. The blue slowly turning red as I bleed to death. It's a very comforting image. Well, that's all I really want to say except, there are those who where born to fight all their lives because they feel that they may be able to accomplish something worthwhile in this world. There are those who live life because they don't know what else to do, because it's what's expected of them. Then there's me: A soul who was born weary of life, who doesn't see the possibilities or the "good" in the future. Someone who can't fight the good fight because all she sees is a bleak existence and pain... lots of it. It's the type of person who can handle all the physical pain in the world, but none of the mental anguish.
09 Jul 2004 Sunshine You shouldn't wanna harm yourself, think of the positive things in life.
09 Jul 2004 This is bad. I was/am a cutter. My friends have convinced me to stop and its hard but i'm workin on it and i'm doin good and it's all thanks to them. Killing yourself is bad and i don't think having an internet site about how to do it should be allowed. This site should be stopped and banned, it's nonsense!
09 Jul 2004 Megan You could always jump off a really tall building on to pavement..Not so bad about a second after you hit..Or off the empire state building..You die in the air! Whoa! Then people wont think you commited suicide..You coulda slipped! :0
09 Jul 2004 Meg--Mackenzie's friend The simple answer..drown yourself its quick...One breath full of damn water and your gone!
09 Jul 2004 Lil mike To Angel of Darkness: I stumbled upon this site by pure accident. I read your post earlier in the day and couldn't forget you.. or any of the others. So I had to come back and post to you.. first. I hope I can post to others later. But since yours was the first post i read i will post to you first.And because you have found your calling and dont realize it. Someone relies on you.Wakes up looking forward to seeing you..needs to see you each day. And even says thank God for you.You have found a reason to live because you are special to someone. My parents devorced when i was about 3.I was blessed by getting a saint for a step dad. But when I went to visit my dad it was Hell. Not like any of you went through. At all. Just fighting for my dad through the step mom..step brothers and half sister. My dad always took up for them. Of course.. he had to live with her. But theres alot of pain i still carry for it.But none like all of you feel.When i finally moved with my dad at the age of 14,I only lived there 3 years before he wanted to charge me rent because he was trying to get rent from my step brother who was 21 still living at home.Of course if you go after the step son you have to do the same to your own son. Bull.I moved out.Finally I got my own place and married my high school sweetheart.We have been dating since we were sophmores.Angel of Death.. dont let me loose you with all that yet. I'm getting to what I wanted to tell you. We now have a son who is 17, a senior in high school.He is a god kid. Anyway, I was always raised to help others. And I have tried to do that.And we have taught our son that. About 7 years ago my wife learned that there were 2 kids homes in our small town (pop of about 12,000)small for me since my mom took us to cal when they divorced.It was at Christmas and I'll never forget her crying and saying I dont want anything but to help those kids.Let me side step for a minute. 11 years ago I owned 2 houses a machine shop and built storage buildings in our town. No.. I'm not rich. If one person stopped a months payment we would be in big trouble.Our neibors at the time were not a good influence on my son. So we started looking for a new home. We found a house with 4 acres. When I say it i asked God that if he would let me be able to purchase it I would share it with all the kids that needed love. God answered my prayers. We have helped the kids homes all these years. They are all like you all.They have been abussed,sexually, mentally and phisically. Taken from theirs homes for those reasons. Kids just like you.We love them all so much. We have them over fishing in our pond, took them to a local Country music show where they had a blast, and have even rebuilt a Merry go Round for them at the home. What I'm getting at is this.. ANGEL OF DEATH... You can be ANGEL OF LIFE to that one kid, no more than that one kid... many more. Maybe your calling is to work with kids like comfort them, hug them when they are crying. You know thier pain. Who better to help others send than someone that knows the all the pain first hand. GOD WORKS IN MISTERIOUS WAYS!!!!. I know. Because I am helping kids like you in my area...AND I LOVE THEM AND I Love YOU!!AND I CARE... ABOUT ALL OF YOU.!!! I had to stop typing and cry.. No.. I'm no fake.. I'm not bull shit!!!I do care. We were all created for a purpose.. I know mine. To help kids like you. No I'm not one of those councelers, they are just college kids trying to make a grade. Yeah.. I told you I know the system.But I'm not one of them.Angel of death...You can make a difference in the kids lifes. You have felt it in that one feeling you got when that boy said Thank God you are there everydaY...Please... look at this as a chance in life. Real life. I think you have a great oppertunity to help others thru your life.TAKE THE CHANCE.. Help others, its an awesome feeling. I LOVE life. I thank GOD every day for it.And for the chance to help others like you.You are a caring person.. I can tell from your post. What do you want to do with your life?... End it... Or help others who are in the same pain. I read whre you all are cutters to ease the pain... Try reaching out to others that feel the same way to help them to live... not die. THAT EASIES MY PAIN. Try it. Ibeg you all... Try it first. Listen to each other. Help and be there for each other to support each other.
ANGEL OF DARKNESS... help keep others alive....Please. dont let others die... tell them what you have felt. Enough preaching to you all... I will not give up on kids like you...dont give in to all that hurts you.Help others. Angel of death.. I hope you change your name to ANGEL OF LIFE. Help other kids like you. The feeling is better than death.. or bleeding.I promise.Thats how i heal myself of the pain. If you are interested in talking to me angel.. I will give you my email then..Angel... YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!! I know you have been through alot.. But use it to help others. Its a feeling I cant discribe. TRULIE.Believe me. Post again.. I PROMISE I will reply. Lets teach others how to treat and love each other as Gods children. Please reply to me.I'll watch for your reply. They call me Lil Mike since my step brother that I loved was named Mike and he was Big Mike. He passed away 2 years ago. They say it was Pneumonia. That was just to throw family off. He was lonely and did drugs to fill the loneliness. I'll be thinking of you Angel... Pleas post..

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