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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
06 Jul 2004 El sh Dynamite
06 Jul 2004 Ching Dont bother trying to kill you, you will die some day. Just wait.
05 Jul 2004   take drugs n lay on your back and wait 2 fall alsleep and u will die by ur own sick
05 Jul 2004   The best way to kill yourself (if you're a male) is to take a whole ton of viagra and then start drinking beer. Sooner or later your bladder will rupture and you will die!!!
Take photos!!! AHAHAH!!!!
I would piss myself!!! Get it?? "Piss" myself!!!
05 Jul 2004 ronny-ron Hey.
I wrote a post before, sounding like a whinny little bitch. While I am, in fact, a whinny little bitch, I didn't mean to sound like one so much.
Love you all.
05 Jul 2004 Vincent Since everyone else is telling they're stories, ill tell mine, to get some burdon off. Since none of you know me personaly, this will be remarkably easy compared to talking to a friend.
I never thought that i would become suicidal, i mean, i always said to myslef, there's always hope for happieness, and i belived it. But just recently, within the past 2 weeks, i've started to lose all the happieness that i once found in things, people and life in general. I used to like anime, games, and more, but none of that makes me happy anymore. About a month ago my friend had friends that i didnt hang out with, and i became friends with her, her name is Jessica, and shes the most beautiful, fun, amazing person i've ever met. i mean, we're so much alike, and im not thinking unrational here, we really are. And, well, i ahve a twin brother, and i've been competing with him for my whole life, and im sick of it. Me and him used to be fat, well, he isnt, hes skinny now, and running and weight lifting. Me, im starting to lose weight and looking better. The thing is, its ironic, because, just when things in life seem to be looking up (becoming friends with Jessica, losing weight, and other things) i start to get depressed. Last time at my friends hoouse, i ended up going in my friends basement and just sitting there in the dark, thinking, being depressed, away from the 4 other friends in the house and my twin that i hate to the point of thinking of killing him. but i dont think i will. Myself if anyone. She came looking for me, she noticed that i was acting different, not happy, talking, and being with everyone else. She asked me what was wrong and i told her Nothing was, and she naturally knew something was. If i was closer friends with "D" my best friend, i could tell him my problems, but because of my lack of trust in people, i dont tell him anything about the real me, inside.
She wants to help me, but i wont let her, i cant. How can i tell her that i love her, when shes flirting with my bro? I cant, and wont. But im not gonna go blaming my probs on the world, its no one elses fault except my own. If i do try suicide, im gonna do the wrists, i've been looking up the right ways of doing it online, and i like that way. Sounds, so, nice comepared to pills. I found THE most beautiful pick recently, titled "Sucicide" heres the site, Http://

Its the most beautiful thing ive seen. Sad, beautiful, and amazing at the same time. you prbably dont understand me, but oh well. I dont know if i'm gonna do it. I might. I dont think you should kill yourself if your considering doing it, but, its your decision. I cant stop you, im a hypocrit. If you want to know good ways, just go to a search engine, and type "Suicide+effective+ways" and you should get plenty of ways.
05 Jul 2004 Smokie will my ex boy Joey did this hes the one that i started cutting myself i did for a long time on my wrists on each one it never did hurt i can't really feel pain at all cause i'm so use to do that i stop it finally in March but then in June he finally came back after he left my door i started to cry and i wanted to cut myself again but i couldn't do it i still have the scars u guys gotta fight back just don't kill yourself i'm turing 15 this year wanna have a life now but sometimes i don't i just want to die I was close to sliting my neck but my friend stop me for doing it so plzz don't kill yourself
05 Jul 2004 not for everyone Tie yourself shut in a trash bag. Make sure you're at the curb where the trash people will pick you up. Or, Tie yourself shut in a trash bag, and just stay in there.
04 Jul 2004 a it never ends, it starts , there is a middle but the end is out of reach, you can stand and watch, you cry and wish, you can want but never be able to see what it is you want to be.
Kill me, kill me, erase me, erase me, shoot me, hang me, destroy me, ill kill me , ill kill me, ill erase me, ill erase me, ill shoot me, ill hang me, ill destroy me, i can see the end, i can see thru the end, i see beyond repair, i see it all build up, then fall apart, build up and collapse.
03 Jul 2004 Memette If you are afraid of becoming sane, that is one thing, but don't be afraid of going mad, because what else can happen?
The worst has happened already!
We are living in the worst kind of hell. So if you fall you may fall into heaven. You cannot fall anywhere else. But people are afraid, because whatever they have been living, they think that it is the normal thing. Nobody is normal. It is only very rarely that there is a normal man like Jesus or Buddha; all others are abnormal. But the abnormal are in the majority, so they call themselves normal; Jesus looks abnormal. And naturally the majority can decide; they have the votes to decide who is normal and who is not. It is a strange world: Here normal people appear abnormal, and the abnormal are thought to be normal. Watch people, watch your own mind: It is a monkey, a mad monkey. For thirty minutes just write down whatever comes into your mind, and then show it to someone. Anybody will certify you as mad! Don't be afraid. Go with the feeling that comes to you, go with that call, follow that hint. And if you disappear, Disappear!
What have you go to lose?
~Everyday Osho
03 Jul 2004 D.G. Be a fuckin prick whether or not you are a man or a woman or dyke, get in fights with everyone, run your fuckin mouth about everybody, break things, start shit, yell at the top of your fuckin cocksuckin lungs, and flick a horses ball with your green tongue! Yeh!
03 Jul 2004 Suddenly Susan Botox over and over and over again, yeah! It's the right way!
03 Jul 2004 Flamer Hey Jeff, it's me, Mr. Chan. I am here to tell you to shut the fuck up. You're one of those rare fucking assholes who is so full of himself that you actually come out and say that to take medication is to hide from life's darker side, as if to say that taking medication is for the weak. Fuck you. What do you have against medication? How do you propose people get over depression? Lifestyle changes? Change the way you sleep, the way you live, the way you eat. What you consume has an effect on the way you feel. What's wrong with consuming medication to help people feel better? A lot of people don't even know why the fuck they are depressed, they just feel like death and they have no idea why. It is caused by a chemical imbalance and it can be treated with medication. This depression has nothing to do with how "strong" you are. You can be the strongest person in the world and you won't overcome depression.

Take a look at jimmie's message
"i have only read the first page of responses and already i am envious of you all. i wish i knew the reason(s) for my suicidal ideations as many of you seem to. i don't hate my family, i love them and i know they love me. i am not truely alone and my presence does not hurt the ones i love.
i wish i had the answers that many of you seem to have to your feelings of worthlessness and isolation. many of you know the cause of you worries, which means you know what to fix. i don't know what is broken in me. i don't know where to begin the repairs. all i know is the gloom that lingers above me. the fog that permiates my mind and the clouds that shadow my sun.
i am going to be 24 this year, am a fulltime college student and full time nurse (on a psych unit). for those of you who are younger than me and who seem to have incite into your depression and suicidal ideations, take them seriously. do not wait to get help when you are older it will be harder to fix. fix the problems, no matter how complicated they may be for you are the lucky ones you have the equation in front of you now all you have to do is solve for 'x'.
if you are oldre than me and you seem to know the cause of your pain you are one step ahead of me, so try and correct them.
i only wish i had insite into the abyss which i am continually looking into! "

This guy doens't know what the fuck is wrong with him, but he still feels like shit. Why do you think that is? Because he isn't a strong person? NO!!!! He clearly has depression. You don't know shit about consciousness. There's nothing wrong with taking medication to alter consciousness, but there is something wrong with you so FUCK OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
02 Jul 2004 Lucy tie yourself to the bottom of the school swimming pool. with your swim suit. and breathe!
02 Jul 2004 lucky swallow a batterie, (so the stomach acid runs all over ur organs) hanging ur self in ur closet, and killing ur self in the school rest room
30 Jun 2004 Jeff The best way to kill yourself, now that is an easy one. You can do it and keep living to, astounding right? You can sit there with a bottle of pills, threatening to cut at your conciouness and perception of reality. Not to kill yourself, but forfiet to a Lithium fantasy. Many people would argue with me, but suicide isn't always the easiest way out. I think the point is to try and endure what is creating uncomfortable or seemingly unbearable point in your life. I talk about enduring hardships with no faith in God or any forign deity. At best eastern philosophy. Like steel is tempered, emotion can made the same way. Of course it leaves you bitter and calious, but once you lose sight of your dreams you gain sight of reality. This isn't to say you won't find something to make you happy ever again, but you will be less prone to end up where you were. At the sametime that has to do with dilusions of self pity. Sometimes I wish my life was as bad as I make it out to be, then maybe at least I would feel sorry for myself.

If you think things are bad, they are still bad if your dead only then you lacked the strength and conviction to face them. If you take the medication, you are trying to hide lifes darker side. Its still there wether you left yourself the state of mind to aknowledge it or not. You may think it non-sense, but when your doctor wants to load you up with effexor and Litium, he doesn't have you intelligence and clear thinking in mind.

AND I DIDN'T SPELL CHECK, i bet it shows
30 Jun 2004 billy the freak hello friends,
it is the fameous billy the freak, i like the sound of that, it has a glorious ring to it. don't you other fameous users agree.
now anybody who isn't fameous don't get upset, just try to appeal to the masses,the suicidal masses, they are confused so it shouldn't be hard. or at least appeal to mouchette. that one is tricky. i have more time to post now because once again my alcoholism has cost me another job. however this time i will collect workmans compensation, for this time i wasn't in a drunken rage and told my bossman exactly were he could go, but fell down some steps while carrying a huge pile of company reports. yes, i was drunk, but the the insurrance company dosn't need to know that. my lawyer claims it wasn't my duty to carry the reports down the stairs
so the company was at fault. so now i have plenty of down time. i will give you all a treat. i just wish my shoulder will stop hurting.
i have read alot of good post lately to many to mention by name but i would like to see more post that are not just crazy rants.
last but not least i am in the prosess of composing a story ( you have already seen two parts of it) it will contain many names of people who i don't know personally so i will make up there personality from what i read on thier post. don't get upset. all is fair in love and the kit.

your friend billy the freak
30 Jun 2004 Rachel Peepz say they know me but how kan they if I dont even kno myself. Im 12 now, my friend sais she cant ever figure me out. why I do drugs why I drink, whI I fuck. well the answer is. I dunno. u figure it out. the best wey to die for yall is to email me and piss me da fuck off and ill go there and murder yall. Ive bin thrue hell so yall kan shut the hell up. Take a gun shoot you and shoot some other people on the way then shoot my parents my teachers a few cops then my probation officer then finally myself. You know why I dunt care? becauze yall r gonna die enyway. dedictaed to Adrian.~~~meybe ulle understand me better now instead of kallin me a depressed freak all da fucking time.~~~~~~~~
30 Jun 2004 -|- Firearms and the like are still largely unavailable. Some will be able to get them, but most will find trouble obtaining them.

Most sub-13 people will not be able to tie the knot nor will they judge the falling distance correctly to use a rope.

Pills are hard to judge an LD50 amount. Most children will sorely underestimate the dosage required to kill themselves.

Combine multiple methods for best effect. Most children can obtain access to a medicine cabinet. Obtain as many tylenol and aspirin tablets. Aspirin will thin the blood, and tylenol contains an ingredient that can cause kidney failure. Consume as many of both as possible. If you vomit, take more.

Obtain a razor knife, aka, boxcutter. A naked razor is hard to grasp with slick bloodied hands. Slice your wrists as deeply as you can with the boxcutter. Multiple times equal higher success rates.

Last, take all prescription medication you can find, coupled with all anti-nausea medication you can obtain.

Last, combine bleach and ammonia in a small room, inhaling as much directly from the combination container as possible. Please respect the lives of other people who may find you and post a warning about toxic fumes being present. Try not to do this in the house.
29 Jun 2004 billy the freak i didn't bother to announce myself when i finally decided to walk through the door. i opened it slowly half expecting it to creek loudly. it didn't creek, the pins and hinges moved smoothly. i guess miss thatchet can spare a squirt of oil when you pay your rent on time. felicia always had priorities. i snuck down the hall like a rapist moving in on his pray. i came to the living room and immediately saw falicia staring out the window. she must not have noticed me because she kept staring, kept tapping her pen on her notebook. so i sidestepped till i was directly behind her at about ten paces.
she didn't know i was there. my stealthiness excited me there was a warm sensation running through my face and loins. the wind blowing through the window sent wisps of her hair into a swirl, i felt like ravishing her. instead i tip toed up to her and and covered her eyes with my hands.
"guess who?" i whispered.
immediately she elbowed me in the groin. by the time i doubled over she was standing and grabbed me by my hair and pulled me forward into the chair she was sitting on. i tripped and fell by then she had the chair over her head ready to crash into me. it amazes me the will of instinct.
"damn it falicia chill out!" i pleaded.
"billy you bastard!" she screamed. "don't you knock. i was so scared i would of killed you." i believed her. i got up and shook myself to my senses.
"i thought we were on a no knock basis." i said as i rubbed my head were she had grabbed the handful of my mange.
"we WAS on a no knock basis." she said. "when we was knocking boots. but you can't come in and out of here like you do my life, okay."
"yeah." i answered.
"so what do you want? to drop another dead body, because miss thatchet said no more till you pay up on your rent."
"no nothing like that. i...i..." i stuttered.
"what the hell do you want billy!." she spit at me. she was obviously upset and now i felt like leaving. i franticly looked around for an answer and saw the book shelf.
"i came to get the copy of guns and ammo i left here." i lied.
"i am pretty sure you got them all billy." she huffed impatiently. " take a look."
i went over to the book shelf and started looking through her magazines. woman's health, trim, and shape. luckily i found a copy of guns and ammo i had left and gave an internal sigh of relief.
"did you find it?" she asked now sitting in her chair again staring out the window and tap tap tapping.
"yep, august 2001 the one i was missing." i said as i read the date off the top again lying to her.
"good, then if you will i am busy i got many things on my mind." she politely told me to leave.
then i noticed the half eaten chocolate easter bunny on the top of the book shelf. i thought about the weight magazines and the bunny that has been sitting there since easter and it hit me.
"falicia have you lost weight? not saying that you are fat or anything but you are looking trimmer." in all actuality i didn't notice a difference, she looked like the same old beautiful falicia to me.
"oh billy you noticed. i lost eight and a half pounds and i centered it around my mid section. i worked so hard and dieted so long. you was the first person to notice. you know i am not the one to around bragging but..." she was about to go on one of thous emotion filled rants about life and goals so i decided to interrupt her.
"falicia, now that i am on you lighter side..." i stopped to smile at her so that she caught my pun.
" i feel that it is time that we try to make our relationship work. no more in and out just for the in and out."
"billy i can't go through anymore heart ache with you your lucky we are still friends." she sighed."you know i will always love you. i just can't carry the weight of your baggage."
after such a heartfelt turndown i decided against just coming out and asking for sex.
"well then do you mind if i just hang out for the weekend i am lonely and feeling down and you were the first person i thought of. in fact when i get down you are the only person i think of. i mean your not seeing any one right now right." i asked sheepishly.
"wadda ya say?"
"okay billy but no freaky stuff because i will throw you in the closet." she pointed her finger directly in my face.
"i would never." i protested.
"yes you would." this time she poked the finger in my chest. "besides our friend from england is coming. i was going to have you up here anyway."
"lucy is coming. that is great." my mind quickly filled with thoughts of a threesome. when will she be here?"
"well billy, i don't now how to tell you this, but lucy is really a guy." she bit her lip and waited for a reply.
"what are you saying" i said confused.
"lucy is a seventeen year old homosexual male named phil." she again waited for me to say something. when she noticed i was going to be silent she continued." he came out in england and and now he wants us to help him come out in america."
"now i know why lucy kept me under the bed and would not let me touch oh my goodness!" my mind started to race. my dreams started to crumble. the very ground i standed on seem soft like gelatin. "what the fucking hell."
"look billy, lucy is a part of phil. an alter-ego if you will. to know all of lucy you got to know phil. and to know phil is to know all of lucy. got it. try to be open minded." her words sounded good enough i guess.
"so when is she...he coming?" i asked.
"tomarrow morning." she replyed. "does this mean you are going to behave?"
"it is like you said lucy is phil, phil is lucy, i love lucy so i will at least learn to like phil." falicia got up and hugged me.
"good. we are having brunch at the hotel at ten you two will have plenty time to talk." she sat down and this time she wasn't staring or tapping she was writing. i leaned down and asked her what this was all about with the window and the notebook she said she was inspired.
when i asked by what she told me to look at the vacant lot across the street and asked me what i saw.
" a few bums sleeping, some trash, and a shopping cart full of aluminum cans." all of a sudden i needed a drink.
"no silly look harder." she said whimsically.
"don't see anything falicia." i said.
"of coarse you don't you don't see the positive in any thing. look down the middle where the street light is and look a little left." i did and i saw a yellow flower
growing out of a crack in the asphalt. all i saw was shit. falicia saw something beautiful in that pile of shit. at that moment i understood her just a little bit more. now i need that drink.

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