Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Apr 2004 Lavale Join a terrorist group. Become a child bomb
19 Apr 2004 Cyril manger des petits hameçons coulés dans du caramel
19 Apr 2004 Fabrizio Mmmmmm... let's see... under 13...
Well, if you are a boy, you can pretend you are superman, and jump from a building... if you are a girl try to walk at night in a dangerous neighborhood. That should be effective.
18 Apr 2004 Al ask for your parent's help
18 Apr 2004 StrawberryxGashes Im sorry but this website dus actually kick ass!! Lol it has made me realize how bad my life isnt and how much even tho i stil want 2 hurt myself and will continue doing so dont want 2 die! i hate the way people are saying stuff like oh y wud u want 2 do this and y is this webside here! Well people who do this... GO AWAY!!!!!!!! This is a website for people who have no1 2 tlk 2 about this because people just dont listen! Its because they dont understand and niether did i at one point but now i do and i know how it feels and if ne1 wants 2 tlk not about trying 2 sort things out because i know how hard it is and stuff but just about nething in general please email me! I care and i understand cos were all in the same boat! This is my email addy
Do it!!!!!! Luv Sam xxxxx
17 Apr 2004 kat all my pain, ive blamed on life. but after years of the same shit maybe the problem doesnt lie within life and what is around me but rather within me. i am the problem. the only person to blame for all my pain is ultimately me. so do i kill myself beacuse i dont know how to handle life or do i live and hate myself every waking moment, trying not to escape to the pleasures of my razor? i am nothing. i dont matter. but there are people in my life who dont want me to die for their own selfish reasons, they dont want to take responsibilty and they dont want to feel pain. so the reason for my life is to spare everyone else from guilt? when i cried out for help no one came and even now nobody answers, eventually i will have to give up and then they will feel bad and nod their head and go poor girl she was so messed up. when the entire time they could have helped me, couldve given me a shoulder to lean on. the point is in the game of life i LOSE. i give up. you win.
16 Apr 2004 Pink Boy Phil No no no Mouchette, dont you start sending me links to rogue webpages again. Last time that happened, I was treated to a picture of an emourmous arse. What could it possibly be this time...? An enormous poosy perhaps? Sorry, but I will never, EVER be a straight poosy lover.

I am pure Pink Boy.
16 Apr 2004 Mitch Nelson I have lead a pretty good life, I have friends, family support. This depression is killing me, slowly but surely I am losing this fight, I know that I am going to die. And in fact I want to die. This feeling of hoplessness is drowning out my life. I can't be like this anymore, this world is no place for me. I hate to say, I don't have a reason to be here, I never have, and I never will. Soon I will be dead, I can feel it. My life has turned to shit and it's all my fault. I can be a man and take the blame for my life, hopefully it will be painless. See you on the other side.
16 Apr 2004 i need a hug i dont think i want to commit suicide... i just dont like myself to be happy... theres no reason for me to be like this... im naturally smart have some good friends im not ugly... i did have a lot of close people die and i cry about them a lot but still i dont see why i should die... but the feelings always here... ive cut myself when the pain was really bad which i seem to do all this in the shower... like just a girl i guess something about being in the water just makes it easier and more secret it seems... broken razor blades work well theyre really sharp... also burning helps it seems... also i think im kinda schizophrenic... when im alone my mind tells me there are people around me trying to get me and kill me... its some of the worst fear ive ever felt in my life... almost like knowing you are going to die right in that instant and having no control over it at all... i dont think i will kill myself but i dont feel like lifes worth living... i dont understand why im here and like why am i me and not someone else... and why do i matter if as soon as i die ill be forgotten... if not as soon as then eventually... my parents dont know anything about me... just today has my mom started to notice something was wrong but then she just asked if someone was being mean to me at school... they just dont get it... i see plenty of reason to live and i think thats the only thing that changes my mind when i get so far gone... but watching the blood drip down my leg just makes me want to do it more... its like one cut isnt enough... like i shouldnt be feeling the way i do and i should be punished for it... i wish i had medication or something but i cant tell anyone... they wouldnt believe me... ask for a psychiatrist? i dont think that would work either... i think it would hurt my parents... like i was not right or something... and i try to make myself be happy but it just makes me feel worse... like itll work for a while but then ill need to make myself sad again... i have made myself throw up before but i didnt enjoy it that much... the only thing that makes me happy is being with someone who i love and loves me back or being with someone whos just cool haha... and i like getting away from everything but sitting on my own and thinking sucks cause then i just think about all thats gone wrong and i cant help it... i feel crazy... i just need someone to talk to who understands... and a hug...
16 Apr 2004 Dee The best way to kill yourself is to slit yur throat with the metal top of a canned food jar..... ouch
16 Apr 2004 Amy Bring a Gun to school. "accidently" shoot yourself
16 Apr 2004 Chris Hey Mouchette, I should be honoured to be offered this work of art... but I really don't know (probably you offered it to different people you fancied)! Some questions: When did you start it? Why did you start it? Has it developed the way you wanted it to? Are you happy with it? Why do you want to give it away? Did someone else give it to you or where it all your ingenous, original idea? Is it difficult to run a site? Is it free of charge (If not, look for someone else cos I cannot afford any money to run sites!)? How many times a week do you update to keep it alive the way you do? Do you recieve your e-mails in your normal account or is there a completely different account dedicated to this thing only? Is it traceable to any country, any account, any person in the world? Is it totally legal? How serious are threats of people threatening to sue or press charges on mouchette or trying to close down the site? Can they actually get the power of doing that? Will it be only me or do other people can have access to editing the site? What will be the control and what can I actually do on the site and what do I need? And why did you choose to ask me of all people? I don't know what else to ask. Some of the questions may look stupid to you but I don't have an idea of what running a site entails. You'll probably think I'm incompetent for running the site cos of certain questions but well, you chose me!!! Writing your shit on a message board is one thing and controlling the whole site is a totally different ball game! Any necessary or helpful info added apart from the answers of the questions above will be appreciated. I'm not sure but the way you ran and took care of the site shows that although there's the fun part, the irony, etc you took it quite seriously. So i guess you would want me to continue in your vein. If I take it, its gonna be for a week or so as a trial at first to see how it goes on... And now the Big question which will probably never be answered. Who the fuck are you Mouchette? hehe

P.S. Naturally, this is not to be posted on the site!!!

Thanks for your co-operation!
15 Apr 2004 me i have no clue
15 Apr 2004 Hanah Collins Carbon monoxide of course, it's fast and easy, the perfect way to go, you just slip away in your sleep. if you have a garage, make sure the car is in the garage shut and lock all entrances to the garage turn the key in the car so the engine is running and the exhaust fumes are pouring out, then sit in the car with the windows open and listen to music or whatever until you feel sleepy and heavy then as you slip away you can take mouchette's hand and she'll lead you into the light. :)
15 Apr 2004 jennifer your all weirdos!!!
15 Apr 2004 dick hang
15 Apr 2004 anonymous please, people, this isnt a disgusting site. i am 15 and i was hoping i could get a straight answer from this sight onto how i could kill myself. im doing it tonight that i know for sure. THIS IS NOT SICK this is a real question asked by a really depressed and hopeless child like myself. stop swearing and give us some straight answers.
14 Apr 2004 Ghost of Lucy Cortina (Phil) I very rarely look at Mouchie's death-kit these days, but I'm glad I do. It was in fact a post by, I think, Elaine, that touched me and prompted me to post on this occasion. I also see and am shocked to learn that my now dead alter-ego, Lucy Cortina, (as if MY big ego would ever die!), is now on the famous users list. Yay! For someone like me, that is like winning 20 lotteries, and American Idol 2.
I am going to leave an email address this time, but before any Lucy booby-stalkers start celebrating, it IS an address that I use very little.
I miss being Lucy Cortina. It was such fun. I loved being inside a girls body. Hang on... that sounds rude. I must stress that I would NEVER want to be inside a poosy.
Not being Lucy anymore is like a starvation. It's like Pavarotti on a diet. Sat at the cafe, and suddenly the phone rings:
"Step away from the chocolate muffin..." (and cake, and cookies, and doughnuts, and fries, and tiramissu, and potato chips...)
Anyway, that's what it's like.
I hear that Lucy's rival, Titney Spears, is doing a suicide, yes a suicide scene in her next music video. How dare she!!! She is stealing all of her ideas from the suicide kit, and most importantly, the now deceased Lucy Cortina! Ok, Britney CAN be sexy, she can have large boobies (since theyre not real anyway), and she can have blonde hair (or red, or black, or whatever colour it currently is...)
But suicide is not her thing - she has never experienced true suicidal hell in all her life. Suicide is OUR realm, not hers.
*As a point of interest, if a man squeezed Britney's fillets, would that be considered as cheating? (since her fillets are not real anyway?)

Ok, I shouldn't push this any longer, so I will end my monthly mouchette visit here. Feel free to email me anyone...
Take care darlings,

xxxxx Phil
14 Apr 2004 Kelly becker let an adult brain wash you 15 years, like they have done to me in Columbus, Ohio. Global Terrorism, or just some white trash sport shit. Well, right now I have every sports fuck including fat lesbian and dike up my ass.
14 Apr 2004 ronwelthy vous êtes beaucoup dans vos lettres a fustiger la vie, l'accuser de tous vos maux,et vous semblez vous poser en victimes. Il semblerait que vous aussi vous vouiez un culte a l'Artificiel, et ne vivez que dans le regard des autres. Le meilleur remède a cela c'est se connaitre soi même, connaitre ses défauts mais aussi ses qualités, se rappeler des moments ou l'on s'est senti sali par le regard des autres et ceux ou l'on s'est senti intégré dans un groupe.
Ensuite il faut enlever tous les sentiments et analyser de manière objective tous ces moments là en ne s'en tenant qu'au faits. Pourquoi ai je été malheureux....
-Je venais de subir une rupture sentimentale
_Mes parents me prenaient pour un nul
_J'ai un handicap et je sais que je finirai chomeur
Analysez les bien et de manière objective en ne prenant pas votre point de vue mais celui d'un inconnu
Faites de même pour les moments heureux
_J'ai été heureux parce que mes parents m'on offert ce que je voulais
_J'ai été heureux parce j'ai enfin trouvé une petite amie,
_j'ai été heureux parce que je partage des points communs avec mes amis
Analysez également ces moments de joie, et essayez de voir pourquoi il sont arrivés ..

Vous avez donc analysé les périodes de votre vie, les plus marquantes. Eh bien maintenant essayez de faire en sorte que les premiers ne vous affectent plus et que les seconds quant à eux vous permettent de conaitre encore plus de joie

Pour tout ce qui vous a causé de la tristesse, dites vous que ce sont les autres qui vous on sali, humilié, rejeté, qu'il n'ont pas su vous voir tel que vous étiez.. Et alors, vous n'avez pas à vous en faire pour ce genre de personnes, effacez les de votre mémoire, faites autre chose et laissez leur raconter ce qu'ils veulent, SOYEZ INDIFFERENT!
Pour les moments de joie essayez de les vivre comme si il étaient uniques, que vous n'alliez pas en connaitre d'autres et gravez les dans votre mémoire.
La vie n'est qu'une suite d'instants et il ne faut pas penser au passé et pourrir votre présent avec des larmes qui ont déjà coulé.
Et puis voyez la vie comme un grand mystère et posez vous chaque jour cette question
Et que se passera-t'il demain?

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