Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Oct 2007 Zach the only reason i dont kill myself is because i'm afraid of hell more than i am of earth. i disappoint everyone around me. i can never live up to my expectations. i hate myself so so so much and maybe this world would be better without me. i need help. not many people understand me because i am surrounded my a christian family and christian school and no one understand a THING that is going on in my life. i think i may just do it. it's all i have.
20 Oct 2007 Chrisy i dont know but i am Considering doing it and im 13 I cut myself several times a day I have bin doing it for the last 3 years it’s the only thing that keeps me from killing myself
17 Oct 2007 someone i've been depressed since i was 8 but i thought about commiting suicide until i realized it would'nt help me i asked for a punching bag for christmas when i was 12 to turn my depression to aggression and anger and turned the bag into a pile of sand and rags and became one of the best child boxers in the state...please don't commit suicide
11 Oct 2007 Mr Nobody sometimes we all wonder what it would be like, sometimes i do, like the sarvo, apparently the message i tried to post earlier did not get through as usual, but sometimes i cry when i try to think about it.. ending your life.. permanently when sometimes there is no need.

but its not always the way.

most studies show that alot of kids today have suicidal thoughts and are depressed, usually they just need someone to talk to, some one to relate to..
10 Oct 2007 WHY? I dont know whats wrong with me, i dont have a bad life, i have never been abused by anyone, i have been told im caring and trusting...

I guess i am just to sensative, i dont know but everyday is like, i dont know what to do anymore? why am i here? why do my parents never tell me they love me?...

i think about taking my own life but then i shudder and i think, what a waste of a life, i just want to e happy, but i can't be.

ive never been diagnosed with depression or anything before, im not a bad person.....

maybe im a coward? i do have friends, but i pretend to be happy, i keep thinking why does everyone think im happy im not?

but i just keep bringing myself down, back ito the same slum.

it makes me cry sometimes, how someone can take thier own life, just to shut your eye's and never be able to say anything to anyone every again never to be able to enjoy to taste?

sometimes i feel like i am failing eveyone, just failing at everything..
i dont know, but i think everyone think's i'm hopeless..

no one knows that i have these thoughts.. no one can help me? does that make me a coward...? i haven't tried?

im also sorry if i sound stupid i wrote this while in emotional pain..
08 Oct 2007 Lost, but now i'm Found i'm 13, and i've claimed to be a "christain" since i was 4. i've tried to comitte suicide 5 times, and i use to cut. nobody has ever trusted me or loved me (at least that's how i feel). this summer i met a preson who is now my best friend. he showed me back to the path of Christ, and i knew nobody cared about me, but as i read my bible and kept cutting and thinking about suicide, i realized that if nobody in this world loves me or trusts me ever, i know that one person will always be there for me and love me that person is GOD! i can claim i hate him, but deep down i know i love him, i can try to comitte suicide these days, and he'll still stop me, because he loves me and knows what's best for me. i can be a thieft, a murder, a rappiest, w/e, but no matter what i do, he'll never stop loving me. i have now stopped cutting, but i still think about comitting suicide, and i try to run away quite often. all this as led to, is my parents not trusting me. when i'm mad they wont let me go to my room, they make me sit out in the open, they wont let me have sharp things. what they dont' realize is that everything that i do have, i can still kill myself with it, if i wanted to i could kill myself with a piece of paper! my parents have never trusted me and this doesn't help one bit. there is only one person i know that loves and trusts me no matter what, that's God himself. i know if you are reading this or have made it this far, you are probably jsut reading it to find out what kind of crazy person i really am, but i'm telling the truth. you have to pull yourself together and move on or you'll never get over it, and one of these days you might actually kill yourself, when you could have another chance at life right now! BEFORE I WAS LOST, BUT NOW I'M FREEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!

plz don't kill yourself, it's ok to think about it, but plz don't go through with it! there are ppl who love you out there even if you don't know it, but GOD OF ALL loves you the most!

john 3:16 for god so loved the world that he sent his only begotten son, for whoever believes in him shall have enternal life...
05 Oct 2007 chris dont kill yerself rob a bank at least u can go and live yer dream
03 Oct 2007 Unknown. Okay so I believe in the Goddess and the God. (I'm wiccan).
I don't feel that my religion really affects the whole suicide thing.

I have a problem with some Christians. Not all. But I feel that a TRUE christian would not kill themselves. Christians see suicide as a sin.

But you know I don't care. If you wanna kill yourself do it, or talk to someone. Be that a preist (or someone from religion) or a counsellor.

Because just because you're a Christian (or other faith) it won't make your pain go away.

Just think about that.
25 Sep 2007 Chris Honestly, I'm not going to sit here and type about how all high and mighty I am and judge your point of view. Who am I to tell you to " get over it " or " grow up, everybody has problems "? I think thats not only ignorant, it's irresponsible. Someone who wants to commit suicide quite obviously doesn't need someone making them feel worse. I was suicidal from the age of 11, it's instilled in me a hatred for the number. Very recently, I have found the love of my life, and exponentially, my condition has gotten better. I never expected this to happen, but i guess that's the beauty of life. You just never know whats going to happen. So my only advice is this. Please don't try suicide, it's fine to think about it, but if you go through with it, there's no turning back. If i'm giving you this advice, me a total stranger, just stop and think about all the lives you would ruin with such an act. Please, fight for them, fight for us. And
13 Sep 2007 Kelly J its the same thoughts that run through my head everyday.. No i dont have "that" bad of a life.. but life it self sucks. I dont wanna be here. Not particular reason, im just sick of living. Im 16 and my parents divorced when i was 15. My life pretty much went down hill from there. I have ALOT of emotions, my mom knows im dpressed, she wont let me go on Anti-depressants. Why? take a good guess. Id be more than Happy to over dose on those... its pretty easy. Ive tried oving dosing many of times... no sucuss, id MUCH rather die by a natural cause rather than commit suicide. But i will do it when the time is right. I dont want help nor do i want smypathy. I want out. && When u do commit suicide make sure u do it right cuz u can damage ur self bad if u live. Im hoping to die in a car accident within the next 3 months. i dont wanna see this christmas. They say u can do anything u put ur mind to, so im putting my mind to death...
02 Sep 2007 Faye Grzanich Please..PLEASE! Dont kill yourself....Instead, ask Jesus into your heart. He is the one you need right now and He is here for you if only you will reach out to him.
Here is all you have to say:
Jesus, I come to you today asking You Lord to come into my heart to stay. Forgive me for my sins Father and have mercy on my soul. Break these ties that keep me from you Lord, and set me free so that I may always love thee and always do thy will. Come into my heart today Lord Jesus, come in to stay. Amen

Then watch what happens...I can tell you this from my own personal experience that when you do your best to obey his Word, and have a daily ongoing relationship with Christ..your life will change dramatically. I urge you to read the Bible daily, and pray with all your heart and soul asking God to change your heart and make you into the person He wants you to be...and He will do just that.
God loves you and he's waiting for you to reach out to HIM. He sent His Son to die on the Cross for you and me..and He doesn't want you to live like your living now.
He has a purpose for you and you will find this purpose in due time. Ask daily for His guidance and strength to fight the daily battles you may encounter.

Be strong child and fight the good fight. You do have someone that loves you more than anyone could ever love you. And that is God. I love you too child. We all are given the "choice" choose HIM or not..I hope you do for if you do then one day you will meet him face to face and He can give you eternal life.

I pray God will open your eyes and ears and you will see your need for him. He is all we need!
God bless you child. Give your heart to God.
30 Aug 2007 Asleigh Since before I was born my dad has had MS (multiple Sclerosis) when I was 11 my dad was full time in a wheel chair. Soon enough Don came into the picture first as a handy man but then turned into my dad’s carer. Being Christian I used to go to a kids club on Friday nights, well one night we came back to find dad on the floor…he had fallen over. All I remember is mum and dad talking then dad saying that he can’t live here and then mum telling me to call an ambulance. Dad was hospitalized and put on a waiting list for the local rest home. I know what ur thinking right old folks home. Well they were the only ppl who can keep 24 hour care. Well about a month after dad was put in the rest home mum cheated on dad with don yes don his carer. I only know this coz I found some things I probably shouldn’t of. I resorted in cutting myself. I needed 6 stitches.

About ya know 2 months later don says he is moving over to Port Lincoln on the Eyre Peninsula. We as in mum kept in contact then announces that we are moving over there to… at first I was excited then mum dropped the bombshell….dad wasn’t coming with. I cut again but not as bad.

2 months later we moved. I admit I love it here or so I did till about a week ago. All my friends have turned against me. But anyway. Don well he hits me and threatens me with knives and says if I tell the police or anything he will kill me first and I know there is protection but I don’t want to risk it. He is one of the 2 sided ppl he can be really nice like I mean we get $100 a month pocket money and just things like that but when he turns on ya that’s when it is time to be scared. I mean I don’t cry much it takes a lot to make me cry but wen he is inches from ur face yelling at u swearing at u; u just break down and cry. And just like you my mum wouldn’t believe me anyway.

I still travel 700km to see my dad every school holidays. But Its not enough. My dad has gotten worse he cant walk or feel himself or even talk every time I go and see him I feel like I cant even look at him in case I start to cry.

Over the last few months I have developed bulimia and severe to extreme depression. I know I need to stop but I feel it impossible. My friends are trying to get me to go see a councilor because one of em used to do the same I do and she collapsed in the middle of the road and was in hospital for 3 months but that somehow doesn’t scare me off to stop.
13 Aug 2007 Brandon Im not the perfect person, no one is.We're all sinners and humans are weak.But God didn't put you on this earth and christ did'nt die on the cross for your sins just so you could end your life.Put your faith in God.For those atheist out there whatever you beleive is your choice.But im not here to judge but what im about to say I will ask God to forgive me for but it needs to be said.For those who have wanted to kill yourself,,your weak.Compare whatever makes you want to kill yourself to what jesus suffered.Did he kill himself,,even knowing he would die on the cross.No life is already short,,,why take the express lane.And dont think im trying to be a know-it-all,,im just a 15 year old boy,,hardly go to church,,wasnt raised in a church going family,,im just passing the holy teachings.I myself fear death.Sometimes I question if God exsits.Or wonder what happens when we die.But still I serve God.So if you think no one loves you,,then i love you fellow man or women and so does God and christ.Please dont do it.Please email me.
04 Aug 2007 Daniel Could you please help me. I am a Christian and I was saved last September. I am thinking about taking my own life because my whole life is messed-up. Just today, I was talking to a youth pastor about that and he reffered me to a counselor. I don't know what to do now. Could you please help me. I am 16 years old. thanks
29 Jul 2007 jenn F I am going on 34!!I have had a hard life!!When my mom concieved me she was told for sake of her health to abort me!!Obviously she did not!!growing up her family use to say"you little bastard you deserve to be shot and pissed on!!" Never knew why until 5 years ago when my dad expalined she was suggested to have an abortion!!This was explained to me just after my mom died 5years ago!!My life with her was not easy she was mentally and emoyionally abusive!!See she was abused in sme manner by her mom so she didnt know different either!!Her brother sexually abused when I was 4!!I told her but she decided her family was more important than my safty!!his sexual abuse didnt end until i was 14years old!!In school i had no friends!!No guys liked me cuz Im a dog!!I have ADD so i struggled with school but was just told I was stupid!!Wasnt diagnosed with ADD until I was 27!!My mom had a spinal disease that I have as well and have pain everyday,every moment!!My spine will fuse together at 60 or 65!!When it does physical pain will end but maybe disformed back!!I had to look after my mom when I was in high school and hardly ever made it there!i got married to a man that is from a christian family but he is mentally,and financially and emotionally abusive!!I have been stuck for 13 years and cant escape!!Everyone just says leave but not that easy!I can go but without money and my two sons!!he uses my past growing up against me!!My name is on the deed to house but I have no say!He knows I have no education so I cant support the boys and not forget my health!He has ay opver everything!!Im known as stupid bitch!!I had to ask for a dollar for a coffee and he decide if I was worth it!!I have to watch what he wants even though I pay the cable!I work at a grocery store getting minimum wage!!He sits home when Im at work and does nothing!!granted he works and his work day ends at 1:30pm but he will sit in his recliner from the time he comes in the door to 11pm!!Boys are lucky if they get supper!!he leaves dishes for me,laundry-all house hold chores mine cuz it is womans work!!He handles the money and paying of bills but things dont get paid!!he will hand $20 over to feed t4 people for groceries for two weeks!!I have ran my credit up just to buy foood,clothing for boys,and heat house in winter!!I end up sleeping on the couch,getting up every hour and half to put wood on the woodstove for warmth!!He wont carry wood in so I have too!!Everything I seem to touch goes wrong!!Even having children diddidnt go to well!I was soo sick with both kids and strict bed rest!!Oldest chil almost died as baby due to a stomache problem youngest followed with samething!!I just wish somewhere along the line id find happiness!!I cant leave him,I have no where to go!Yeah shelters but I cant care for the boys with my health!!I am truly a loser!!I remember a sign in grade 7,it read....I KNOW IM SOMEBODY CUZ GOD DONT MAKE JUNK!!"Id stare at it and go yes hes does im living proof!!I swear my im alive to prove that if there is a good he has me as a joke!!I want happiness!!I wouldlove financial freedom(not to be rich just to have bills paid and know my boys can have some experiences)I want to be loved!!I attempted suicide many times in high school!!Shows you how much of a loser I am cuz I couldnt even kill myself right!!Tried to over dose but just ended up puking and sick!!I have thought many times of just speeding my car up on way home and nailing a pole!!I dont because I worry about my boys!!My pain is becoming so strong I dont know how much longer I can go!!Lately my emotional pain is stronger!!I try to talk to my dad but he trows out how well my brother is doing!!I asked my mom if my brother was her favourite!!She replied of course he holds a dear spot to my heart he is my first born!!Why didnt they just stop at him!!They would have had it all,her perfect child,and her health and life!!when will I dont dream anymore!!I dont pray because I have lost a belief in god!!heaven and hell!!My life has been hell canit really be worsewhen im dead!!????
18 Jul 2007 chris shot your self in the head
16 Jul 2007 Anonymous I am 43 and I want to die. I am a christian and I know that I will face Hell and that still doesn't deter me. I believe that Hell can be no worse than what I have been through on this planet. Some people don't undestand the deep,hollow,empty,tired,lonely and unending feeling of wanting to die due to the life you have to live. Some people have great lives,with rich parents who give them everything and they get to go to college and become whatever it is they want to be because their potential was not stunted by abuse. I was raped by my grandfather at 8 and my mother passed us kids around to relatives and then foster homes for a few years because she wanted to party. I kept running away form children's homes because I hated the abuse I got there. A judge ordered my mother to take care of me because she was financialy able. My dad split when she was pregnant with me. My mother kept me awake all night,drugged me with her psychotic meds and wrapped me in a blanket and told the doctors wierd stuff like masturbate in public. the locked me in the dungeon of horror from 10 to 13, then I went back to live with my mother again and she began to prostitute me out to old horny men. My brother was abusive beyone all comprehension and he joined in on the raping me. I still to this day do not speak to him. My mother forced me to marry a 27 yr. old man who raped and beat me for 3 years. I left him when my older sister died of a brain anneurism. It was the worst pain of all. Did I mention my mother used to lock me in closets and go away for days at a time when I was a kid? After my sister died at 19 and I was 17 I came home to find my x husband in bed with another man. Then I left him , and went to the city where my mom lived>still wanting her love, she then told me I was only worth my looks and when they were gone I wasn't worth anything. She told me to become a prostitute adn I did. I got busted when I was 19 and I tried to kill myself with an overdose of xanax, flexiril, valium, weed and jack daniels whiskey. I made the mistake of calling a my best friend to tell her that a key to my condo was under the mat and I passed out on the phone in my hotel room. She called the police and they came and busted the door in, found me naked and all the drug bottles and the weed, charging me with posession.I ended up in the hospital, getting my stomach pumped and then sent to another mental hospital in shackles. I still had to go to court and face everyone and I was so embarrased. I went through two terrible marriages that were violently abusive and several boyfriends that cheated and lied and broke my heart. I tried lesbainism and that sucked, the girl was bipolar and tried to kill me. Although I did end up being semi successful as a nurse and hospital administrator, I had a nervous breakdown at the age of 38 and could no longer work and now I am on social secrurity, grieving the loss of my family (I gave up on them ever loving me) and I now live off near nothing a month, I cry at the drop of a hat and feel sad and lonely every day. My boyfriend is 29 and he was molested when he was young so he is emotionally unavailable as he stays on video games and the computer all the time. I am tired of being lonely. I am tired of being hurt. I am tired of not being noticed and trying to compete with video games and the computer all the time. Today I told him I wanted to kill myself except I have a cat to care for. He went wild, yelling and slamming doors and said he couldn't believe I was just living for my cat and not him. I will end this by saying that life is hard, at best. People will always dissapoint you and if I knew a way to kill myself easily, quickly and painlessly I would do it today. I found this site today because I was looking for a way. Life will always suck. Look at what they did to Jesus! He never hurt anyone or anything and they just hung him on the cross with nine inch nails. Again, I am a 43 yr. old woman and I have wanted to die since I can remember. I am just too much of a woosie to do it again. but...I am getting closer to doing it, my cat is 19 yrs old. I'm waiting. Good luck , I don't know if this will help or not. I do understand what is like to want to die and to feel so tired of life you don't want life anymore.
04 Jul 2007 Jason I'm actually older but please listen, and in the next half an hour I will be dead, I'm going to lock myself in the bathroom with a knife. I'm not sure what it is I'm going to do with this knife yet but I know it will end my life. I love my wife shannon and my baby boy ethan very much, but I've let them down, bad. My wife almost killed me tonight, she doesn't believe it, but I know I was close. If she wouldn't have stopped choking me when she did it would've only been a matter of seconds. I'm not afraid anymore, I know I'm going to hell. I deserve to live with this torment for eternity. They deserve better though, and with me out of the way maybe shannon can find a that perfect life she was telling me her choice to stay with me deprived her of. Maybe then my caged bird can be free, to show the world all her beautiful colors. I am scum. SCUM. I did exactrly what I promised myself, no what I promised her... that I wouldn't do. I caged her. And now I'm releasing her... of her vows, of her commitment. I ask forgiveness from god who I've until recently given up on. Good-bye world... and Ethan. Grow up strong, son. Daddy loves you, more than I could ever love anything. So I'm giving my life to give you a shot at a better one... with your mamma. Be strong son, and be happy.
28 Jun 2007 mary ive never really considered suicide until now, but for the past year and a half ive botteled up so many horrible things i just dont know what else to do. i dont want a therapist, i dont want to pay someone i dont know to tell me how to live my own life that i messed up.. but id like help from someone my own age. my friends just cant understand.. nothing like this has happened to them.

i am actually 14 years old now. when i was 13, i fell in love with a boy named sean who i thought was everything- apparently everything included his girlfriend, his need for sex, and his lies to get it from me. sean was also friends with a boy named jeff- who was the first guy to ever have interest in me, and the first guy i talked about sex with. he and i were in a relationship and had considered sex, but when i met his friends sean... i fell in love with his friend instead. ever since then jeff has hated me. for multiple months sean and i would sneak out to see each other, be in each others company, and because he wanted to- i would give into sex. when summer approached, i told him i couldnt have him lying to his girlfriend anymore, and i cut it off. that september, i met a new guy named chris. my relationship with him was more serious-- he was in love with me. i tried for so long to try and love him back, but i just couldnt. later on in our relationship, sean said he missed me. he said i was the best thing that had ever happened to him, i was his beautiful and brilliant dream girl.. i believed it.. but i knew i couldnt break up with chris. for months and months i talked to sean on the phone and on aim- but never saw him in person. in late december, a friend, her brother, her brother's friend and i went on a short 2 night trip. one of those nights, i got drunk with my friend's brother and his friend... 2 drunk guys and a girl. i was taken advantage of. my friend's mom found out that we got drunk- however she didnt find out that i was taken advantage of. and ive kept it that way. but when my friend's mom told my parents, my dad beat the shit out of me. that was the first time i had ever cheated and i didnt know what to tell chris, so i lied. everything was ok until months later in feburuary that i was dumb enough to go to a party with jeff, sean, and guy named parker. when i was drunk, i went to seans arms and just started bawling. i couldnt take it anymore. when sean left though to go throw up, jeff pulled me over to the side and took advantage of me. when i woke up the next morning, my dad found a bottle of left over champaign in my room and beat me again. at the time, i was in love with chris. but having now cheated twice, i knew i didnt deserve him. so i broke up with him. when my friends found out why i had broken up with him, and who i had cheated with (they hated sean).. they dumped me. i had lost my love for chris and my best friends. when chris and i werent together, i saw sean more and more. finally chris expressed his love to me and i went back to him... but i still loved sean. and i kept seeing sean. also about this time, one of my oldest and best friends completely back stabbed me. she told the school about my old sex life, about how i had cheated, and lies about how i hated everyone in the school.. when i whole middle school hates you because of what a "best" friend did... its hard to just suck it up. back to me and chris, a few weeks ago, he said he loved me more than anything in the world. recently i broke up with him. i didnt tell him why, i didnt want him to know. but my reason was because i dont deserve to be loved. not anymore. ive cheated to many times, ive done to him what sean did to me. having loved sean and him not love me back... i know exactly how chris feels. and now.. i just really want to die. im tired being taken advantage of. im tired of having love decieve me. im just tired now.
28 Jun 2007 E I write poetry, just wanted to put some on here.


Sticks and stones
may break my bones
but words will never
hurt me.

I know
I know what they have been
about me.

She tells him
about me
yet nothing about me.

He hears about my fire
my atheism
but he doesn't know
about my care.

He does
not know
about my kindness
my friendship and truth.

All they do is talk
about me
say I'm the
"daughter of Satan."

They say I'm possessed
I'm hell-sent
I'm the antichrist
I'm wrong.

She says he was trying to
help me
I don't need help
I am me.

I am me
I am proud
I am who I am
I am not letting them change me.

I am an atheist
I am a pyro
I am a Marilyn Manson fan
I am speaking words.

I speak words
I speak the truth
they spread lies
lies can kill.

If he really is
as insane as I think
lies can kill
they can kill me.

Me for being me
me for being the
me I want to be
me for being me.

I will die a martyr
I will die myself
I will die against him
I will die in truth.

Sticks and stones
may break my bones
and words will always
prove me strong.


Many days I am so down
Yet here is my poem to bring me back up.

Hola! Shout to the world how much you care
About your friends, your life, you matter to
People all around you and they would be sad if you
Passed on into death.
Yell out defiance to sadness!

Pain is but a moment in life
Open your heart to your dreams abroad.
Empty your heart of hurt from those who
Mock you, all that matters is that you believe in yourself.

Someday you will find that
Hate is only relative
Enclosed in those who are insecure
Dreams will be fulfilled if you
Stay true to your song.

Love will fill you to the brim
It carries you away from the loneliness.
Greet it openly each day!
Hold it in your embrace!
Tell it how much it means!

Ignorance will not capture you
Never will it fill you.

Take the life you deserve
Happiness will come to you
Eventually, just hold on tight!

Dare to be different
Atheism, Marilyn Manson fan, poet, and goth
Relive each moment with a memory
Kindle fire with a fresh spark!


No one
ever takes the time
to know him
thats why they are doing this.

I care so much
about him
if only they saw him through
my sparkling teary eyes.

They think he needs
these meds
just because he's different
unique, if you will.

He isn't disabled
he is just depressed
but in a world with them
who wouldn't be?

They want to kill
stab, decapitate, and shrink
his individuality
by turning him into one of them.

Just because he can
think, by himself
doesn't mean
he is wrong.

It is quite the contrary.
They are wrong
about him and about it all
and they don't care.

Now he's hurting
more than before
more than what they wanted to 'fix'
they are hurting him more.

If only they all
knew him as well
as I do, then
then they would care, no.

Then they would want to kill him
even more because he is
unique and in their bloody lusting eyes
he is an abomination, alas, he is not.

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