Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Mar 2004 Hmmm The Best way to kill your self..

Acetaminophen (paracetamol) LD-50 (mg/kg)338 oral, 500 i.p./Generally takes about two weeks to die, usually in great pain from kidney and liver failure... Worth a try?

15 Mar 2004 Hmmm... Alright.. you all have wrote a little bit about your life... here's some of mine..(im over 13. im 17)

To cut a long story short..

I wont go into reasons why Im suicidal i dont see why i should tell you, Its my stuff, no one needs to know.

I was in a 'hospital' because I had been suicidal for a while. I didnt have anything to live for, im guessing you all know the feelings that are inside and how much some one hurts when they're suicidal?. I learnt never to trust anyone, the only person I could truely talk to, was myself, I met Shane, In the hospital he was there for the same reasons, we clicked, it took us 4 months to actually talk to each other and realise that we could trust each other, he was the only reason i was alive, I was the only reason he was alive, but we both had bi-polar (manic depression) and paranoid shizophrenia, it was hard seems we both had it, it got really crazy sometimes, it was kinda hard dealing with self harm too, but we made it as long as we were 2gther, but as all suicidal people no, u cant get rid of the feelings, he got too depressed one night, he wasnt thinking straight... he OD on Acetaminophen..... (paracetamol) LD-50 (mg/kg) 338 oral, 500 i.p./Generally Takes Bout 2 Weeks 2 Die, Usually In Great Pain From Kidney And Liver Failure... he was in a coma for 3 weeks.
When he came around because of the time the pills had been inside him before he had his stomach pumped, his memory was really bad, he couldnt remember anything since octbober, he couldnt remember me, He thought he hated me, every time I would see him he would freak out at me and hit me, He was given 4 weeks to live, because of his liver.. i had to stand around and watch him slowly die and not even talk to him, all im trying to say by postin this if, if ur really want to die, do anything but OD, then if it doesnt work.. other people dont have to suffer too, fine u wonna die, i totaly understand that, just dont take anyone else down with you..
15 Mar 2004 Andrew Well, i would have to say from my own experiences that overdosing is the best thing to do, i have cut myself numerous times, and it never gets the job done, you could also hang yourself, it's not that hard to find out how. I am 16 years old, and i am very suicidal, i have been in a mental hospital before, and i will probably be going back there soon. I have learned a lot of tricks in killing yourself from being there.
-don't cut, it hurts and doesn't get the job done.
-don't jump, because it is not a sure fire thing and may end up only break your bones.
-Don't try cop killings either, they have ways of getting you without killing you.

All in all, i would have to say that just going into your garage and turning the car on is the best method, because the lack of oxygen knocks you out and you dont really suffocate while you are conscious, and you die in your sleep.
15 Mar 2004 fiona hi im 14 and have tried to commit suicide 8 times but evey time some bastard has to keep me alive!
ive tried

1. slitting my throat (bled alot thought i was dead but i woke up in hospital craddled in my moms arms)

2. swallowed 100 paracitamol (puked alot my mate called 999 and i had my stomach pumped)

3. tried hanging myself on the hook of my door (mate came in with my mom and cut the rope i was revived by my mom)

4. cut all my veins in my arms (my cousin walked in to tell me dinner was ready and called my mom i pumped full of blood in hospital)

5. it was my other suicidal mates idea to eat frozen meat get food poisoning bad and die( just made me puke and shit alot)

6. jumped from the 4th floor of flats (broke my collar bone and was in a coma for 3 weeks)

7. i tried drowning (my mom walked in when i was unconscious she revived me and give me a 4 hour lecture on how much it hurts her to see me do this)

8. and finally i got my mate to tie a air tight bag over my head (but when i fell unconscious she thought i was dead and took the bag off and told my mom what happened so my mom tried to revive me and guess what bad luck for me, it worked)

my mom keeps a constant eye on me now as she knows how i am. i have been put on tablets to help me as they think i have a mental problem but i will try again could you give me away to do it? im getting fed up of waking up.
email me at
15 Mar 2004 Natalie Help im a 11 year old lesbian and my girl friend turned straight please how can i kill myself
15 Mar 2004 Drew I can't go on. I have contracted herpes and infected two other people before i knew i had it. I can't live with destroying my life and others as well but im too chicken to actually commit suicide. Now my school work is falling behind (i'm in university) and pressures are mounting up. I think jumping from a bridge is the only way cause it's instantaneous and painless. But i can't actually take my life. So i am forced to live in a hell on earth as an ostracized element of society. I wonder if i'll end up on the street or what will happen to me. I had such a bright future i had everything and i didn't use a condom and now i'm fucked. USE CONDOMS!!!
15 Mar 2004 sarah f I am not 13 - i am turning 21 this year but i have been severely depressed for the last 5 years. i had done the overdosing of pills and ya - it is completely useless - you still wake up. i would also be called a cutter because that in my opinion is the best solution to pain - it is immediate. i live a good life, with good girlfriends, great parents and the best pets in the entire world. When i started cutting, i have just lost my best friend and boyfriend and i didnt know what to do other than cry and in anger i took a knife out and cut over 200 times into my arms. My parents found out so when i continued i kept it secret - the cuts got very deep and i still look at the scars and i feel nothing. The suicide attempts and episodes of cutting i am sure will continue until the day i die. I constantly hope i am killed in a car accident or murdered or whatever. For the people (like me) who want to die more than anything in the world i'll tell you what keeps me here: i can't abandon my cat and dogs - they need me; i couldn't be responsible for the pain my parents would feel for the rest of their lives and that's it. I am scared because i think and my best friend who just ditched me is sure that i will succeed when i really decide to do it. If you are at all unsure, wait it out - you can kill yourself when you are 30 if that is when you actually become sure - there is no rush. I had to tell someone this so thank you!
14 Mar 2004 anca there is no way that you can die are so happy!
14 Mar 2004 Rbk Stop thinking
Dejar de pensar
14 Mar 2004   Suicide is your way of telling God "I Quit"
14 Mar 2004 efrat hi.
first of all, regarding your last mail, i'm not an evil man,maybe an evil woman. and actually not evil at all...
i really don't think that people will kill themselves only b/c they read something on the internet,the reasons are way deeper than that. i know that it's really an illness, and from what i gathered, it's an illness that can't be cured.
i think that if people read and suggest ways to commit suicide maybe,just maybe, they'd forget about themselves for a while and concentrate in inventing ways. also i think that by reading these ways they would realize that all ways to kill yourself are horrible, especialy if they consider what their body will look like after,and the look on the face of the person who finds them.
i know it's not a game.
i can't help feeling that you judge me for no reason, and hi, i'm not the one running a site about suicide.and as i read the answers i don't think that who ever write there thinks about your "suicide kit" which is a sick thing.
my best friend tried to kill himself twice, luckily he hasn't sucseeded yet. this is why i write my book. maybe if he reads it he'd realize that this is not a way at all.
14 Mar 2004 liz Wow, this is a crazy site. I wanted to kill myself by popping an endless amount of the over-the-counter pill coricidin (a cold medicine with dextromethorphan, a drug that causes a LSD type effect). It just made sense at the time. My parents just busted me for taking coricidin recreationally (it's super trippy) and i was grounded from everything, so i figured i would just die from the thing that made me so happy. but then i realized that my best friend and family would be devastated so i changed my mind. and things did get better. if you ever get suicidal think about this.. where could you be in 10 years? you could be in love, would you really wanna miss that? you will be out of high school, away from parents, on your own! don't you wanna see what that's about? if you kill yourself, you're not making things better.. how can you be? you're f*cking dead. what are you gonna do then? you'll be buried in the ground and nothing will be solved. so think about how your life could be, if you let it get better, bc there is a point where things can't get worse. trust me.
13 Mar 2004 brian hy, my name is brian and I'm looking for a painless way to commit suicide. please send me an e-mail if you can help me.
greetz brian
13 Mar 2004 billy the freak a friend of mine commited suicide yesterday. i helped him. i knew he was going to do it. it was obvious when the day before he gave me his playstation2 and all his games.
"here billy. i know you been saving up to get a playstation2, just hold on to the money, you can have mine."
"wait a minute. you're giving that to me?"
"you're not going to come back here next week and say you want that shit back."
"no. just enjoy it as much as i did."
i knew then he was going to snuff it. that playstation was his pride and joy. he got lost in those games so he didn't have to think about the real world. a streetlight went on in my vacant lot of a mind.
"man, it's about time cid."
"about time for what?"
"you know. you decided to kill yourself right."
"don't try to talk me out of it billy. i made up my mind."
"i wouldn't do such a thing. i agree with you.
"you want me to die."
"no. you want to die and i support your decision. i mean, your girlfriend left you, your mom and dad both died in a car accident on the way to bail you out of jail for public drunkeness, you lost your job, oh and didn't somebody poison your dog? yeah, i would want to die too."
he sat down and started to cry. he filled up about a bucket and a half with tears. he just kept saying i wanna die... i wanna die... and pounded the side of his head. he was breaking down. it was time to put my plan into action.
"so when did you want to do it cid?"
"i was going to do it tomorrow afternoon."
"well okay, but let me ask you something don't you think that if you were going to take the dive wouldn't you want to do it it the most pleasurable way possible?"
"what do you mean?"
"well what makes you happy cid?"
"i haven't been happy in a long time billy."
"what's made you happy in the past."
"well, my mom and dad always put up a pinyata on my birthday as a kid. i always was happy on my birthday."
"that's it cid."
"what's what."
"i'll tell you at the dinner, let's get a hamburger my treat."
i told him that i could make his last moments as happy as possible for a price.
he gave me access to his bank account. i cleaned it out. hell he didn't need it! i set his suicide up with with a birthday theme. we had a party on the apartment roof. no one came except me and and a bum who was happy to get free beer. i got some cake and ice cream, party hats, banners, gifts, and everything to make his last birthday special. the finishing touch was i turned him into a human pinyata so when he hit the ground he would bust open and candy and small toys would pour out.
"wow billy, i didn't know i could be so excited about death."
"hey with me you get your dollars worth. any way it's your birthday you deserve to be excited."
"billy thanks for everything but today is not my birthday, it's my deathday"
he started to laugh. i started to laugh. the bum started to laugh because everyone else was laughing. the moment was surreal. he must have thought it was time to go because he blew out his candles and stood on the edge of the roof and fell into eternity. i looked down and saw that the christians already showed up. they helped themselves to the candy and and munched on the thought that cid went to hell and in the bitter sweet moment i realised that I was going to hell.
12 Mar 2004 peta i am 16 and tried to kill myself coz i was so down. it hurt like all f*ck and i almost severed an artery. a mate emailed me about a site that really helped so i read that every day now and am trying to find help!!!
12 Mar 2004 Melissa drown yourself.
12 Mar 2004 Chuck I came here to look for an efficient way to end my life but I can't find shit. I'm thinking about slicing my wrist but from what I hear it doesn't work. I tried to overdose but I woke up the next morning somewhere between life and death. I've put a trashbag over my head in an attempt to die of Carbon Dioxide poisoning. Obviously, that didn't work so I'm not sure sport but I'll keep looking and when I find a good answer I'll put it in here before I do it!! Oh if mom and dad read this (they don't give two shits anyway) just know that I love you all and, well, I don't know if these will be my last words or not. Death is just a gateway to another life! Well, I'm going to rejoice in the suffocating blackness again mabye I'll try a trashbag with a hole this time.
12 Mar 2004 latisha what the fuck is your fucking problem? ur encourageing ppl to kill them selves.. i wish yall would just go 2 hell. damn yall r crazy
11 Mar 2004 Ace My name is Ace and I live in Lincoln Ne. I am a pro. working with kids under a program called Brothers Inc. for 8 years. If any body reads this and needs someone to talk to. I'm always ready to listen. Drop me an E-Mail.

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