Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Aug 2004 Jack Miller My idea is fun and educational! Find a big extension cord. Now you see the three ends of it? Take the two flat ones, and solder two big long insulated wires onto them. You probably have wires like this around your house. Cover the connections and any exposed metal with electrical tape. Next, strip the last one inch of insulation off the wire.

Now, connect the power cable to a 220 volt outlet, like you would find by your stove or washing machine. Fill your bathtub with lots of water. Add a cup or two of salt to the water. Now, get in the water. Place the wires at each side of you, about at the nipple area. That way the current goes through your heart, and you have a better chance of dying and not having to deal with those pesky suicide prevention counselors.
09 Aug 2004 GOON Move to California. West Nile is spreading like crazy here
09 Aug 2004 Tom Beringer INTERNET
09 Aug 2004 Joe Ask your parents, they usually have the best ideas.
09 Aug 2004 God Shoot for life and miss
09 Aug 2004 mad-comic You know what I really fucking hate??!! I really fucking hate it how people post on this sight just to say how depressed people should *get over it* and how this sight is shit. Listen. Listen really carefully... FUCK YOU!!! You fucking faggots... you have no idea how much I hate you.
Holy fuck, and you have no fucking idea what you are on about!! You think it is someone's fault if they have been raped when they were tiny and they... they don't feel sooo fucking good now because of it! No, go fuck yourself!! Seriously, get the FUCK OFF this sight!!!! I would punch you in the face and feel really damn good about it!
That happened to my best friend. The sweetest nicest girl that you would ever meet in the world... are you telling her that she should have fucking *got over it*??!! That she should have just pretended it never happened and just got over it and just put it behind her?? Well, she did, and now she is fucking dead. Thanks to insensitive fucking faggots like yourself. Like "flamer", you fuck. I would take pleasure in kicking the shit out of you. And all the other fucking faggots who bitch about the people on this sight.... I find it really weird how the people who deserve to die are the ones bitching about the people who deserve to live. You clearly have no fucking idea what it's like to live like that, with something like that in the back of your mind, pressing and growing every day like a fucking tumour until her pretty little legs look like a map they are so badly cut up. Nah, I'll tell you really slowly... you.. don't.. know.. what.. the.. fuck.. you.. are.. on.. about..
So SHUT THE FUCK UP!!! It's really really simple.
It... shames me, you know, that people like that are still alive, when the others are the ones who die. It's like fucking reverse natural selection or something.
As far as I'm concerned people like you killed my friend. You killed someone really fucking close to me! You know, I genuinly love to return that favour.
09 Aug 2004 no. tell me yours first. The ends matter, not the means.

this site is art.
09 Aug 2004 Spicier Nacho Stop being a whiny bitch and grow the fuck up?

Oh, wait. That doesn't help kids kill themselves, it just makes them, you know, normal.
09 Aug 2004 john By not. Suicide is for pussies who can't handle life.
09 Aug 2004 vk THE INTERNET.
09 Aug 2004 Zambino Omg wun tiem i slit mah rists but dint di and u no i liek hangd self frum teh flor and got coht. so liek i tride 2 hold mah breth til i di but dint werk. thin i startd punchin mahself w/ meh own phistz and i kill self so u kno just punch urself til u di that b mah advise u no.
09 Aug 2004 22 year old pervert. Jump in front of a train. No way you will live.

Closed casket for sure. You won't be pretty no more. Huk Huk.
08 Aug 2004 crackerjack I feel i should apologise. Phil, I'm truly sorry for calling you a fucking gay fag with his hand shoved firmly up his rectum.
I never realised....
Nah, just kiddin', but seriously, no offense I didn't mean to be quite that rude. I hope you find a nice southern boyfriend soon.
08 Aug 2004 ADD WonderBoy shit... this is quite weird.... I am high right now, I smoked a dooby.. That doesn't help ADD let me tell you. But it does stop me thinking too much. And I do fucking think too much.
Like... I dunno why I am writing this b/s... I guess b/c I've already left a billion emails and IM for you already... I needed somewhere else to go, somewhere to focus my mind... Man, what the fuck if you are dead!!!! FUCK!!! holy fuck, man don't die. holy shit man, that is no good...
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.... I really hope you are alive now.. man, I really do... shit.
I hope you read this post one day and smile at it b/c I am talking stupid shit like usual. But at least you will have read it then, and you won't be dead.
like... why the fuck do I even care?? I don't barely know you even!! that's what's weird, the fact that I genunly do care. how fucking weird is that??
I think there are parts of my personality that I don't realise are there. Like, not nessicarily in a good or bad way... just as a fact. that's what I mean before about realising I was in denial.
i probably shouldn't be writing this shit here... once you put a post up it is there as a reminder of your personal and temporary stupidity... at least for me anyway. I just need somewhere to write though...
man.... that is so fucked up b/c I'll never know if you die... you know what I mean? I won't actually know either way... You are my friend though, we are friends now however things go. Haha, how does that feel to be told that?
Haha, you know something else? I was planning on killing myself too, perhaps we should die together. Don't worry dude, that was absolute nothing to do with you. That is the honest truth, other people don't bring me down, no matter what they say or do. And out of all the fucked up people I know (and I know a lot) you would be the last one to brign me down... you have the most value out of them all as far as I'm concerned.
But yeah...I was thinking about doing my trick: going to the shop and buying three packs of tabacco and soaking them in water and then drinking the water the next day... I dunno though. Like I said before death is so compeletly permanent, there's no heaven, no hell, that stuff is such bullshit, designed to scare little kids and stupid adults. There might be some arbitory form of reincarnation but I doubt that even.... haha, anyways... well, I am stoned, so this doesn't make much sense... but I dunno ...if you are dead, I wished that I had seen a pic of you so I actually had something to remember...
Well, I hope you read it and it makes you smile b/c I talk so much shit... man, I feel honored that I could do that! :) damnit, I really fucking hope you haven't died.
08 Aug 2004   Choose life, choose a job, choose a job, choose a family, choose a starter home, leisure wear and matching luggage, choose a fucking big screen television, choose sitting infront of it watching mindnumbing spirt crushing gameshows as nothing more than an embarrasment to the selfish brats who you sponsor to replace yourself. Choose your future.
But why THE FUCK would I want to do a thing like that??
08 Aug 2004 crackerjack ...oh, so you are gay? haha, sorry.
08 Aug 2004 sky hmmm.. sleeping pills don't work but i am 15
07 Aug 2004 Phil Hey, there is nothing wrong with depressed/suicidal fag hags. We have feelings too!!
07 Aug 2004 Tina Hi im 19 i started trying to kill myself when i was about 13, I hated everything about life, i didnt see the point of going through all the pain and suffering, Eventually i got caught trying to kill myself, and my whole family came to talk to me one by one over a few months, They each sat me down and talked to me and told me why they loved me and how heart broken they would be if i left, I felt so guilty, for trying to kill me self that i decided that i would try (For real this time) to stop. It was like i was addicted to it. Then i started to write my feelings down, how i would kill myself and things like that in a little note book, and then after i wrote them down, I would read them back to myself, Then i realized how i would miss my whole family and i couldnt put them through that pain. To this day, when i get really depressed i write my feelings down, and it seems to make it a little better. Now im 19 and i have a beautiful little daughter, I think back to all them times i tried to kill myself, what i would be missing out on. Life always gets better you just have to do you best to make it better. Please before you do anything just think it through think about everyone who would be heart broken, even if you think no one loves you, there is always someone out there who loves you. If any of you that are serious about this and want to talk, im a great listener and i have been through it so please email me. I would love to help you!!! Thank you for your time!! Smile:) It does get better i promise!!
07 Aug 2004 Brid just fail to live

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