Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Aug 2004 Kat Hi its me again ,
Not much going on here, the same ole thing just a different day, Still have a lump on my head from him, Will it ever go away? I have alot of headaches. He hit me the other day . I know i should leave, but no where to go, I tryed asking my father of all people for money to help me, but he never got back to me, tomorrow is my sons birthday and he will not get a birthday present , I feel worthless that I can not even get my kid a birthday present, He want a guitar , it only cost 200. I asked my b/f to get it for him, but he always says no money , i do not understand, i live without a telephone so i have no way to contact anyone, he has it so i can hardly go on the internet, its like i am a prisoner in my own home. i hate living like this and i think more and more of just sending my kids with their dad and just ending my life, they do not need to live like this, they are great kids and deserve much more than this, i am looking for a job and hopefully i get one, but hard to get one with no phone number to put on your application.
I have been so depressed i sleep all day, i am suprised i am up now . maybe i will go back to bed, i do not want to think of my son's birthday, he will be 15 , well sorry for eveything i do not need to bring everyone down with me,
11 Aug 2004 Andrea Aka Skittlez Finding your parents prescription pills.. taking all of wat you can find along with as much asprin you can find... then lay in your parents bed with a gutted stuffed animal (that you did out of anger and spite) thats holding a note saying "you did to this to me" in big letters painted in blood from your dog/cat that you killed (also out of anger and spite)
11 Aug 2004 Felicia The Great Gatsby What Is A Critic?

A critic is a person who pays attention to every detail you do. Maybe it's because they care or maybe it's because they hate you. In this website, it can go both ways.

Does it matter that I'm gay? What if I wasn't? Does it matter if I'm Asian or Hispanic? What if I was African American? Why is it that some of you have a gripe when I speak with Phil or Lucy or Bill or Todd? I truly adore Phil because he made me laugh out of my misery in this website (apparently he emotionally saved my life). For Billy the Freak, I honestly believe that he is a comedian who collaborates well with Lucy. Why? Because I feel it and that this man should seriously get into acting or writing books. For Todd, I don’t know what happened to him but I honestly think that he is a cutie. (Well, from a girl’s standpoint, he truly is.) And to the affiliates, you have a gift in creating such an opinioned website.

As for the comment from Cracker Jack; is making conversation truly wrong? Does the fact that humans conversing in harmony bother you? Is it because that when you find that something so weird and perplexing cause you a disturbance? Say something that brings you to this concern. And please don’t have the fear of becoming homophobic…. I believe that you are a heterosexual and will not consider you to be a homophobe. Since I live in the capital of a gay community, San Francisco, I have friends in both sides.

Take a look at the world around and open your eyes to culture. You do not have to accept it or you can take it with a grain of salt. I'm sure you have something of value that you would like to share with me and Phil OR if you choose not to, you can share your insights with others that can relate with you on the same level. All people do not have to think alike. Always make note that “people are entitled to their own opinion”.

Be discreet and show courtesy to the suicidal minded people. These people are finding ways to console themselves by finding help or keeping occupied. Maybe having them read this website can give them the incentive to keep on living,

This is a website where all people of ethnic diversities are welcome to post their concerns, humor, advise, insults, and more.

Don't hold back and remember that today is the first day of the rest of your life.
11 Aug 2004 mad-comic hahaha, yeah sorry... my bad. I didn't mean "faggot" as is gay person, just as a figure of speach....
um, but.. you know, you're welcome to try to stalk me bro, I am board as all fuck right about now...
Hmmm, well honestly, I'm sorry, I didn't mean that in an anti-gay way. I was just pissed off at reading what some folk say.... look, I'll even leave my email address... haha. come stalk me mutafucker!!!!!
10 Aug 2004 Shiqi I’m 21. My father doesn’t love me, he wishes I was a boy. But unfortunately, according to the one child policy every family can just have one child. My grandma hates me because my father isn’t that rich. She also hates my mother because her family isn’t rich, either. My dad treats my mom so badly because he looks down upon her, he never ever loves her. My childhood is filled with their fights-He’s yelling at her; He beats her. It always ends up with my mom’s crying while she’s picking up the broken furniture. When I was little I blamed it to myself for not being a good girl, so I studied hard and finally entered one of the best universities. But everything’s still the same. No body but my mom loves me. Most of my friends just take advantage of me. And now I find out that things have become worse. My father didn’t allow me to date until I entered the university-He even talked to the boy’s mother not to let her son talk to me. We were 14 that time. And now I even don't know how to talk to guys. I’m sick of the school life. Most of the people there are very snobbish. They’re fake when they’re with you. I skip most of the stupid classes, which would be unbelievable when I was in high school. Every night I go to sleep and hope I will never wake up. I’m addicted to rock. I live in my own world. I become an unsociable people. Can’t remember how many nights I’ve been sitting in the corner crying, wishing someone to help me or just shoot me. Someone to take me away from here, far far away. Life’s struggle but I’m not the right person. I’m very much assured that it’s too hard for people like me to survive in this world. My birth is a big mistake. I don’t belong here. I tried suicide last winter. I cut my wrist successfully but my friend sent me to the hospital. I still remember how the knife cut, how the blood bleed and spread on the floor and my jeans. It shouldn't have come to this… I know it breaks mom’s heart but I really don’t know what else to do. I want to shoot myself but I don't have any access to guns, actually no one except the people in the army are allowed to have guns. And this is why sometimes I hate my country though most of the time I love it. I’m suffering eating disorder and I have personality disorder-avoidant, borderline. I hate myself and I want to die.
10 Aug 2004 Harry Potter Hi everyone... I bet you are wondering why I'm suicidal... I bet you think I'm happy and sucessful... Why don't I just cast magic on myself to make me happy? Well, THINGS AREN'T ALRIGHT OKAY!!! I just want to cry sometimes!! I'm famous! I'm rich! Why haven't my balls dropped!?
Why does my winky always smell like dead fish?? I can't even pull the skin all the way back to see Mr Fireman Helmet... Why does that nasty old man Dumbledoor or whatever he's called, why does he always touch me like that?? I don't like it... (well, I do a little bit... sometimes.)
Why does that nice boy with red hair not like me anymore? Just cause I told him I'm gay. What's wrong with being gay? I like boys! You got a problem with that you goddamn Muggle bitch?!!
heheheh, damnit, i'm so stoned... pretty colours... hehehe.... wasted.
you know those fucking newspapers ran with the headlins "Harry Pot-Head" when that prince guy got caught smoking??? That's slander, those bitches!! I'm going to cast magic on those fucks!! They can't use my name like that!!!
10 Aug 2004 Harry Potter Be like me and try to fly from the top of a building with just a broomstick!! It works!! They do it in movies all the time!
09 Aug 2004   Go to Jesus Christ in prayer, things will get a lot better if you try.
09 Aug 2004 Scott By not doing it and realizing there is more to life than pretentious notions that it is romantic to kill one's self in a glorious death which will bring shame to all you know.
09 Aug 2004 Trik van guggenheim I don't think you understand, life is a big game, but just like any other game winning doesn't have to be the main purpose.

Why be the faggot who quits playing when he's a little behind, try being the asshat who stalls others instead. Trust me, you'll love it cos I do.
09 Aug 2004 Sarojin Rather than killing yourself, you can alienate yourself from all of the reasons you might want to kill yourself - and the method of this alienation has already been made and polished thanks to the Free Software Foundation. That's right, install Linux, problem solved. No more woes, no more life.
09 Aug 2004 Jason Sanders Tell you dad you don't want him to take "those pictures" anymore.
09 Aug 2004 Joe im 15 and personally i want to kill myself too, due to an overwhelming amout of life sucking and no parents or family and even the girl i love with some other bloke, i suggest a painful way out, i personally am going to slit my wrists, i already have 14 scares on my arm, none as of yet have been close enough to my wrist to do much damage, but with the amount of new bullshit thats come into my life recently, i am seriously considering it, death is the only way to make the pain go away, enjoy your self kiddo.
09 Aug 2004 craven 2 snorkels, 63 boxes of lime jell-o, and half a dozen rubber duckies... oh, wait, that's my grocery list. nevermind
09 Aug 2004 I Want To Die I am 22 years old. As long as I could remember I have wanted to die. I grew up being deformed and ugly. No one loves someone who is ugly no matter how nice they are. It has made me bitter and sad. I can't stand living anymore. I met a girl, her name was Maria, she was so beautiful and she loved me for 2 years. But her parents kept telling her to dump me because I am ugly all the time. All the time telling her that I am ugly until she finally dumped me. Now I am alone, all the time. The misery is too much to bear. I pray for death. My family is poor, I am ugly, I have no hope. Someone help me die. Someone help me... Give me a reason to live, or kill me...
I pray for death. I pray for it but there is no god and it never comes.
09 Aug 2004 Brid i imagine life as a person, someone desirable with long black hair. more than anything i want to cut the hair and twist it around the neck. i want to cut the hair, just to see what it really is, simply to know what is really there.

let me know how you feel
09 Aug 2004 Anhaedra The best way to kill yourself is by implosion of the skull, or by stepping into a pressure chamber that generates 6000 pounds of pressure per square inch.
09 Aug 2004 Ben Get a life, loser.
09 Aug 2004   God damn you are fucking stupid. I hope to god you do kill yourself and save us all the trouble of hearing about your stupidity.

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