Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Jul 2004 cj I want to know if anyone has any sleeping pills or where to get them.
22 Jul 2004 *another day inside my world* the hate you feel wont go away.
Your all programed to feel this way.
and your all programed to to die one day. you can make you do anything you want.
22 Jul 2004 Anarchy Well, I would suggest walking into the school cafeteria, shooting everyone (make sure you get more than 20 people dead) and then blowing your head to bits with a 18-gauge shotgun. If you live in America, this stuff will be easy to get a hold of.
Oh and remember to tape the whole thing whilst broadcasting it live on the internet. Go out with a bang!
21 Jul 2004 SAM life can be a b#### like i living it right now i feel sumtimes like i should kill my self theres anything i can do ill do it to kill my self

i dont know quite yet why i didnt do it maybe its becuse maybe their is sumthing out their thats wort while living 4 but u know maybe won day later in life i will be up their with god and i just want everyone to always remember me as a good person

sumtimeslife makes me wonder why do i suffer why do i botter i could take my life right now but i try hard to stay alive

hey u dont know i could reach for a gun shoot my self and end the missery but doesnt that just give more missery

i read about the mother whos son killed himself and reading her srticle helped but there will always be A TIME THAT I JUST WANNAAAAAAAAAAA KILLLLLLLLLLL MYYYYYYY SELFFFFFF


21 Jul 2004 fiona hi its me again as u know ive tried to kill myself 8 times and some jammy bastard has to wake me up everytime well i tried again who thought i would i got my other mate to smother me wid a pillow she got to the point when i was unconcious worried what she had done took the pillow of me and tried to revive me and it FUCKIN WORKED! i wanted to kill her she turned around and said she just couldnt do it.
21 Jul 2004 Fire Woman I really enjoy life with my husband and 2 beautiful daughters and many friends so I can say that I have a lot to live for.

But there may come a day when I will get sick of living and decide to end it all. If that day comes and I really want to die then I would either do an overdose on pills or something which is quick and painless or if I decide to die slowly and in pain then I would pour petrol on myself and light a match.
20 Jul 2004 Melissa Hello. my name is melissa and ever since the first day of 8th grade ive been trying to end my horrible nightmare, called **life**. What made me suicidal you ask? Well my mother is a loser. She is constantly yelling at my siblings and i, and thats not a very fun thing to listen to all day. Her voice is piercing it hurts to think that some people are so happy while i rot in my room all day. My brother always is with his friends and he barely knows that i exist. i hate it i wish i had more people who cared about me.
My father is an okay guy i guess. he just is prettty annoying. but that i can deal with. Im failing school almost and that really bothers me beacuse everyone i know is becoming a doctor getting scholorships and etc.. im not stupid its just that im not smart either. i wish i was. my parents are constant;ly reminding me of all that bad things ive done. and about my grades how they wish i got straight A's.
i have tried to kill myself several times by taking overdoses since both my parents are doctors they have buckets full of pills. Nothing ever works! instead of cutting my wrist i scratch.......ive got long nails when people ask i just say my neighbor scratched the heck out of me
My name is Melissa Brawn and i want to die.
please help me for i am also afraid of pain such as knives remember im 14 so i cant have a gun '''''''sigh'''''''
"I never thought id die alone i laughed the loudest who've known"
Blink 182 (adams song)
^^^that line is so me.^^^
20 Jul 2004 email me plz wow guys i cant believe i lived w/o this site before... jesus christ, i dont even no y i want 2 kill myself so bad, i feel bad for all yall whose lives really do suck and i no im selfish but im just searching for something more but i cant seem to find it... have u ever heard the song mad world by michael andrews?? well thats exactly how i feel... its like okay what the fuck am i doing, school is hard and we're just going nowhere, everything u do it doesnt even matter because ur just gonna die in the end anyway so why wait... y not just do it now and get it over with and spare urself all the shit ur gonna go through in the future... im sry im not trying 2 tell anyone 2 kill themselves, and i dont think its a weak thing 2 do all u fuckers who say that, b/c it takes strength to go through with it, hell, maybe suicidal ppl r the only ones who've got life figured out...plz ppl email me cuz i seriously need 2 talk 2 someone.. yep time to go cut myself, mwa
20 Jul 2004 holly Well, there was a question to answer on this website, which is why I went to it, I searched on google for ways to commit suicide, and I found this site... Everyone seems to be telling their storys, and Mine seems pathetic in comparison. I am 15 years old. for 4 years I have slowly grown into a person I hate and a person who frustrates me more than any frustration you can imagen. I have what you could probably call a good life. My parents dont mistreat me, Iv never been mistreated, We have plenty of money and everything is fine, I fit in at school Ok. But I guess its the little things that get me down. This past year has been so hard for me. I was serveirly bullied by a boy I once dated,and at the same time I was struggleing to pull up my failing grades to passing grades.I never had luck with boys and it always ended badly, but while this was going on, I found someone I fell inlove with, and he fell inlove with me. While relatives died and people I cared about left me, he stayed by my side. I couldent have wished for anyone better. Its sounds stupid and Like a love story but the love storys, when they happen, are really true. Have you ever heard that song by dido?
Drank to much last night,got bills to pay, my head just gives way, miss the bus and the'll be hell to pay, Im late for work again, and even if Im there theyll all imply I may not last the day, then you call me and its not so bad.
Thats sums it up completely. The world could have fallen down around me and I would have had something to live for. Him. He was my world, and to this day I love him with everything I have, and I would do anything for him. But I ruined it. We broke up due to one person who amnipulated me and made my life, while I was with the one I loved, unbearable. So I broke up with him. I am back with him now, but to this day that is the biggest mistake I have ever made. It will never be the same and I know he has never forgiven me.we dont have what we had before, and he dosent get me through the day anymore. Not only that he is leaving the country in a month. And I know its sad but I cant manage without him. I cant understand how I can make the next year without him by my side. I just cant do it. So this is it. I am not a strong person so I dont eve deserve to be alive. It hurts so much every single day. I cant bear it and there is no way it can be over. I dont want anyone to mourn for me, or think of me as selifsh, coz if you care you'll realise where iv gone my pain will be over...and Id want that for anyone I cared about.
20 Jul 2004 Mr. Void well, first, sorry if my english has some strange sentence or words; it's not my native language ...

Taking a large amount of pills to comit a suicide is a bad idea. What happen with food in your stomach ? It takes hours to digest something ... That's the same with these pills. Hours to digest it and have it go through your veins ... During this time someone can see you and call ermergency or take you to hospital... You won't die and that's enough so get some critical but not deadly organ wounds (brain, nerves and especially liver and kidneys). You already have so much pain in your mind, don't add more physical pain to that. Or do it properly, I mean, use something which will surely kill you.

I've got suicidal thoughts since I'm 7 years old, and now, I'm 24. I don't know how to explain it... It's like having my mind trapped by/in something, but I don't know what. Sometimes, I feel nothing, it likes I there was nothing in my mind/spirit/soul, only void and emptyness ...

I tried to commit suicide only one time, it was 4 years ago, with pills. I had to vomit, but a part of this mixture was in my stomach and I didn't went to an hospital. My hips and my belly were in pain for 4 weeks...

Now that's different. I'm a student in a university, and I'm trying to get a chemistry diploma... We've got chemistry practice in laboratory and we sometimes work with dangerous components. If, like 4 years ago, I reach the peak of my suicidal thoughts again, I'll get some chemical components at home and make some hydrogen cyanide gas. This time, with this poison, dear Grim Reaper won't miss me.

Mr. Void


If only suicide wasn't considered as a shame ... We could simply go to a suicide designer and ...
Movie: My Right to Ravage Myself
19 Jul 2004 Flamer. Sorry to let you all down, I didn't swear at all in... The best way to kill yourself eh?? Well let's see, there are about 6 and half billion people in the world right now... and soon each and every one of them, all 6.5 billion will be dead. Everyone who has ever lived has died. You will die too. Everyone dies, not everyone really lives. Why not give life a chance? Your death will come eventually, live your life while you still have it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19 Jul 2004 Ignorance is bliss To all the anti-suicide people. How about you either ignore this site of come on there with something useful to say (ie. some links to help sites or what not) coming on here and telling people they are losers and fuck-ups is only adding to their problems. Grow up and be constructive or, pardon my french, FUCK OFF
19 Jul 2004 augusto shet, I not speack.
18 Jul 2004 charlene hey my name is charlene and im 15. there are a few pretty fucked up ppl in this place! suicide is not a form of attention seeking in most cases! i have been a cutter for almost 3 years now and it is like smoking! once you start you cant stop.... you become addicted! i do it because it releases all my pain... it makes me feel good! i dont tell any1 i do it, and it was only a few days ago that my best friend found out about it. i normally wear loads of bracelets to cover it up but sometimes (because i do it so much) i run out of room to cut so i move down the arm and onto my legs! thats how i got discovered! my friend told me that i should stop it because it is a bad way of getting attention. "if you want attention do something that will make you stand out and dont hurt yourself in the process!" let me tell you all now.... this is no joke! this is real and whether you chose to see it or not heaps of people do it! its not for fun! so b4 you come on here and write some lame ass joke or make fun of the people who do happen to do it stop and think! (if you can-try you simple minded ppl i know you can get there if you just try!) these are real ppl you are makeing fun of! ppl suffering and in pain! your lives may be so perfect that you dont even have to think about it but others aren't that lucky! i do realise that some ppl have it worse than me but no matter how hard i try i cant get out of this habit! i has become a part of who i am! it is a way of releasing all my pain and sorrow! and to tell you the truth i pity all you sad people who can't think beyond your perfect lives and at least see what some other people go through!
18 Jul 2004 North carolina kid I'm only 14 now and my life has been pretty good. I mean my parents have a happy marriage and they're supportive. I've never had to go through anything too tough. Nothing like some of the posts that have been put here. But I've always been a very bleak person. As I was growing up my father took in his parents to live with us. They were going to help around the house and my parents would in-turn take care of them. Well my grandmother and my Grandfather never got along. I always remember them fighting. And it was always over the stupidest things. They would just start with raised voices until it became full out yelling. Well I think they moved in when i was 3 or 4. Well that was 10 years ago. In that 10 years my grandfather lost both of his legs and went through four strokes in the course of a year. But he stayed with us the whole time. He had to have been one of the most stubborn people I have ever known. This made helping him in his condition much harder. Well my grandmother wouldn't put up with it. Her health was also failing but that didn't seem to stop the fighting. Except now she was the one that yelled and my grandpa could only sit, watch, and think. He had to learn to talk again. Well he died in 98 i think and since then my grandmother has only been venting her anger on my father, mother, and myself. She was always pissed about something. Well she just faded and faded until she died. Actually that was just a month ago. I feel kinda happy she's gone but I mean she was my grandmother and she wasn't all bad. I guess i do miss her but now my parents and i can live by ourselves.

Well my father is a portrait painter and was successful until we had to start taking care of my grandpa. Now he's trying to salvage his career. It's like starting from scratch and he's 50. I can't imagine how bad it must be for him. He's a manic/depressive to add to the problems. Well my mother has been supporting our family with her job for as long as i can remember. And it's starting to get to her. She's more depressed than i think she lets on. And that pains me. I have to admit though that things are looking up. And I have no idea what im doing here. But i can't seem to escape being sad. I'm always depressed. My friends are there for me and they try to help. I appreciate the effort but they just seem to make things worse. I just feel like i want to get away from them every time they get near me. Then to top it off I fell in love with this girl. (i mean i think i love her. I wouldn't know off hand. It's not like i can compare it to anything) But i know it wasn't just a fling. Well we dated for almost 2 years. And i enjoyed her company and she always made me feel better. Then she decides that she wants to move on. Ironically she broke up with me on the same day that my grandma died.... And she couldn't even tell me in person. She wrote me an email. That hurt. Just like so many other things i just let her go. What's the point in fighting it. It's her decision and i want her to be happy, with or with out me.

Well, i've never been religious and I don't believe in an after life. The thought of going to a never ending, dreamless sleep consumes my waking moments. I wonder if death is more calm than life. Cause life is just tedious. It doesn't seem to have the fabled silver lining that every dark cloud should have. I want to be a painter like my father. To strike out on my own. But what's the point if life is going to be this bleak. I've been an on and off cutter for 2 years now. I blame it on accidents like if im making dinner ill cut my palm. Or i fell in school. Or some shit. I don't even know why i do it. It seems like the pain kinda wakes me up. It breaks up the monotony of my every day routine. I have considered suicide on a few counts. But i've never tried anything. I guess how much my parents care about me stops me from doing anything serious to myself. I guess i'm just tired of life. I hate waking up in the morning and getting ready to go to my fucking high school. To look at the same stupid jocks walk the halls and try to impose superiority on all my peers. I mean not all of our generation is like that but those people ruin my day. I don't get picked on in school but it's just a depressing place. I do well in my classes and every one seems to think i have this wonderful potential for my future. I just don't see it. Every day I feel more and more alone and every one's attempts to cheer me up just seem stupid. I don't want to push them away but i always do and i don't know why. I wonder if death can bring peace. But I know i would leave a life behind. And i know that too many people would be hurt. I do think that suicide is selfish, and I don't think i will ever be able to go that big step and just take my own life. Even if it does enter my thoughts a lot. But i could see how a lot of people just stop caring. I wonder if i'm there. I haven't felt emotionally sturred in so long i feel dead already any way. But I do find purpose in helping my friends if they have a problem. And I still love art. I'm sorry for taking up the space this meaningless post takes. It basically begins and ends in the same place. I guess i'm on an eternal fence. I can never make up my mind. I don't believe in a god but I think my conscience won't let me do it. For those resolved in killing themselves, I hope you find the calm you're seeking. I can only hope i can find it in life cause i guess i don't have the courage to just end it.

For any who listens, thank you. I guess it helps to write this. No body who hasn't had the same thoughts would understand.
18 Jul 2004 lisa i'm not uder 13. I'm a 39 year old woman who wants to die. if i say the truth in hospital i go. if i lie and say everything's fine I can not win for losting.
17 Jul 2004 Kat Hello out there its me again Kat ,
I am having a really hard time right now , my b/f in last month has beat me up several times , this time I think he fracured my skull, I have had a major head ache for almost a week now , my forhead has a huge lump on it and it hurts to even touch my head , The time before this be punched me on my right eye causeing it to bleed for days , I think I should have gotten stiches , The night he fracured my skull , he had hit me a hour prior right in the cheek, I have begged him to stop hitting me , and just kill me , he could so easiely do it , he strangled me till i was passed out , he is talking about getting a gun , I do not want that , He has a bunch of knives now , I know I will be killed soon , At least I will not need to suffer any more . I watch my children change everyday , more and more depressed , my daughter and son both dye there hair black, my son smokes , has a tattoo,he told me has done" Pot" . and he will only be 15 , I feel I am the reason they are like this , They have been through so much in the past two years , We went from living in a large house to being homeless for 6 months, to being in this shitty little house with little money or food, to seeing there mother being abused by a man they fell in love with and trusted, I do not have a place to go or even family to talk too, I have tryed to go , but no where to go, He has gone but just comes back, Everything about him he keeps as a secret, I do not know what is truthful or not, I found out yesterday he stole my wedding set from my jewlery box , the rings i was going to give to my son and daughter , Now I do not have them , the set cost 3500 and he got 80 at a damn pawn shop. He is making sure everything I have worked so hard for , I will loose, he has broken everything I have ever bought him , or he has given me , he has torn up pictue that can never be replaced of my children, and he has a away of getting into my comp , and he fucks it up almost every other day so i need to reinstall everthing, he keeps logs on me , and we do not have a phone in our house he only has a cell phone, that he has 24 /7
I do not know what to do or say any more, I have called the police they just let him go. So now what ???


2 get a needle fill it completly with air and inject into vein... instant heart attack...

Good Luck
16 Jul 2004 Jannah take your favorite cd - break it and slit your body as many times as you can. PRESS HARD!

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